Fan Fiction

Negatives and Positives Love

by One

Chapter 3


Changmin was done for the day, with his florist job. It was now time for his second job. His shift ended at 3pm, and now he is headed towards the day care center. “Oh! Changmin oppa is here! Oppa is here!” A little girl shouted. “Yay! Oppa, hyung is here!” The little kids shouted. Changmin smiled as he saw the little kids running to him. “Hey guys! How are you doing?” He asked them as he lowered himself to their level.

“We were waiting for you! We want to play with you oppa!” The same little girl said with a cute smile on. “Jinjja? That’s great!” Changmin said and smiled. “I’ll go put my things away first ok? I’ll be back!” Changmin told the kids and they all nodded, going back to the playground to play.

After Changmin put his things away, he went out to play with the kids. “Oppa! Oppa! Push me!” A little girl with a bow on top of her head asked while dragging him to the swing. “Araso, here.” Changmin said and gave a gentle push, making her swing move. “Yay! Haha, so fun!” The girl said in excitement. Changmin played with the kids there, along with some other workers. Some sat down watching them, some played with them, and some were doing other things.

Changmin was exhausted from all the energetic kids, so he took a rest from playing with the kids. “Oppa! Oppa! Come and play!” The girl said. “Ah, I’m tired. Let me rest.” Changmin said playfully. The girl pouted but smiled. “Okay~ I’ll be waiting for you!” She said and ran off to the playground.

Changmin smiled as he walked to a tree and sat under the shade. He was peacefully watching the kids play around, but it seems that he was brought back to the memories that he couldn’t enjoy much when he was little. A tear rolled down his eye. It was painful back then. He couldn’t touch or even be near his hyung.

Changmin felt his heart ache. He didn’t want to let them see him crying so he buried his face into his lap and tried to calm down. “Hey, are you alright Changmin?” A lady came and asked. “Oh…ah I’m fine. Thanks.” Changmin said as he raised his head. “Are you sure?” She asked. “Yes, I’m fine. Thank you.” Changmin answered and smiled. “So, what are you doing?” Changmin asked her.

“Oh, I just came to check on you, but it seems that you’re fine.” She said and gave a smile. “Yup.” Changmin said and looked at the kids playing together again. “Their so energetic these days. Makes us grownups tired haha.” The girl said and chuckled. “Yeah, their really energetic.” Changmin agreed.

“Say, are you doing anything this weekend?” She asked. “No, I’m not doing anything. Why?” Changmin asked. “Hmm, well, I was wondering, we should go and have fun.” She suggested. “Hmm, sounds like fun. Where are you going?” He asked. “Well, I’m going with a couple of friends, so I guess we’ll be going everywhere.” She answered. “Hmm, who’s going?” Changmin asked.

"Ah, my boyfriend, and my two other friends.” She said. “Oh, hmm, sure. I’ll come, what time?” Changmin asked. “Well, it’ll be at 2pm.” She said. “Oh, ok then. Where are we meeting?” He asked. “You ask a lot of questions.” She said and chuckled. Changmin laughed too.

“Sorry, I just need information haha.” Changmin answered. “We’ll meet up at the mall. Section 4. You know where that is right?” She asked. “Yeah, I’ll meet you guys there then.” Changmin said. “Ok then, see you there.” The girl said and left to do something else.

Later that day, it was 7pm. The day care center was closing. And all the kids were going home. “Bye Changmin!” The kids waved and Changmin did the same. “Well, I’ll be going then.” Changmin said and bowed as he left. Going home, he felt the feeling of being useless, sad, and hurt again. It was cause Jaejoong was there.

It hurts him that he is there cause they can’t be together. Changmin was in deep thought, until his phone ringed. He took it out and answered it. “Yobeseyo?” Changmin answered. “Changmin? Are you coming home yet?” Yunho asked. “Yeah, I’m on my way home.” Changmin said.

“Good. Okay then. Bye.” Yunho said and hung up. Changmin put his phone away and continued walking. As Changmin was walking, he felt a presence that someone was following him. Although he didn’t want to stop, he wanted to see who was following him, but it was too dangerous. It was going to get dark soon, so he speeded his pace.

As he walked faster, he heard the steps going faster. Changmin stopped suddenly, causing the steps to be heard but stopped too. Changmin turned around but no one was there. “Yah! Get out here! I know someone’s following me! So just come out!” Changmin shouted. But there was no one. Changmin sighed and turned around.

But as soon as he did, a black paper bag was wrapped around his head. He struggled but he was too weak since he didn’t eat anything that whole day. “Ya---mhmadsag!” Changmin was pinned down and his hands were tied in the back. He struggled but couldn’t get out. “Shh…I won’t hurt you.” A soft voice said. Changmin stopped and calmed down. “Who are you?” Changmin talked through the bag, which was a bit hard to hear. Changmin didn’t hear an answer from him, only silence.

After Changmin was brought to a place. He was thrown on something soft, and the bag was pulled off.



Oh no! Minnie's kidnappped?!!!
Who could it be???? O_O