Fan Fiction

We Got Married season 4

by Breezy_dream5


we got married decied couples.
junhyung (B2st) & Hyuna (4 minute)
'Charisamatic Couple'

Minhyuk (CN Blue) & NaNa (After School)
'Model couple'

Yoo Seungho (actor) & Park Jiyeon (T-ara)
' Cutie Pie Couple'

Jung Heechul (ZE: A) & Jung Jessica (SNSD)

' The Arrogent Couple'

More couples will be added during the story goes on.

Tony Ahn
Shin Shinyoung
Big Bang Daesung
Dalshabet Serri

this all started when the producers for We got married wanted to do another season of ' We Got Married'. they got everything ready and will start recording it after they find the right couple. this season for W.G.M will only have idols and young actors compared to the other two three seasons. what will happen as time goes on for these grateful couples that have been chosen? will
these couple's spark a real relationship or just stay as close friends like they use to be? read to find out... ^_^

Lame, isn't it? i tried my best though so yea. i hope everyone anticipates for the story.
people cannot bash and put adds on this story. i am sorry. if u want to give ideas for the story please do help yourself in the comment box. i might post a chapter after the poster or trailer is done but if i cant wait, i'll post sooner then i hope.