Fan Fiction

100 Fanfic Challenge

by LeeMur

Chapter 14

Story (Heechul/Leeteuk)

I wrote this before I found out devastating news. I might not write any more crack for a while until I can sorta get over this. It mightn't take too long, I hope, but thank you, my readers, for reading. I luv you all. Theme is Puppies (and also, if I don't say the theme in my note before the story, that means the title is the theme, just so you know. thnx)

Note: Heenim=Flower (Heechul's nickname)

'One upon a time, there was a handsome prince named Leeteuk whom all of the peasants loved with all their hearts. The prince had but one goal: to win the heart of the fairest princess in the land. Everybody called her 'Princess Heenim' for she was sweet and fair to everybody. . .'

"Hey, what are you writing?"
"Yah! Nothing!" Heechul shouted, flipping over the sheet of paper Leeteuk was leaning curiously over. He slapped a hand over the paper as to emphasize his words. "No looking!"
"Alright, geez." Leeteuk said, glancing suspiciously at the paper before handing Heechul a piece of paper. "Here's our schedule for this week, alright? Get to bed now. I want you to be able to stand during dance practice tomorrow."
"Fine, fine," Heechul grumbled, getting up and watching Leeteuk leave for the next room. As soon as he'd shut the door, Heechul dashed back to the small table in the hotel room and re-flipped the paper over again, pencil ready to write.
"Hyung, shouldn't we really be going to sleep now?" His room-mate asked.
"Ah, just shut up Hangeng! I've got a really good idea and I want to write it!" Hangeng eyed the paper doubtfully. Heechul had never been the 'writing type.' But instead of being stupid and speaking his thoughts aloud, Hangeng smartly stayed quiet and continued exercising.
. . .
'This may have been an easy task for the charming prince, but Princess Heenim lived on the other side of the land, and Prince Leeteuk, to get to her had to cross this land filled with evil fire-breathing dragons, mean enchantresses, and Kangin. This would be the single most hardest journey he had and would make, but to earn the love of the fair princess Heenim, he was willing to do it all.
'The next day, he told his people of the journey he was going to take, and although they were worried and sad to see him go, they all hoped he would return soon with his princess and they'd live really happy.
'"Son, before you go, I want to give this to you, and I hope it will aid you on your journey," said prince Leeteuk's dad, the current King, manager-hyung. The King held out his hand and gestured for servant Hangeng to come and bring forth his gift. Hangeng did so, and Leeteuk's eyes widened.
"Are you sure, my father?" He asked, and his dad nodded. Leeteuk took the gift, which was a magical potion, which would help him to'

Heechul put his pencil down and thought a moment, resting his chin on the table. What would the potion do to help him to his princess? He closed his eyes, envisioning the scene before him.
"Hey, why am I a servant?" Hangeng asked, leaning over Heechul's shoulder.
"BADHANGENGNO!!" Heechul shouted, covering the paper with his hands, but he was too late.
"That's your important story?" Hangeng asked, smirking. "'Prince Leeteuk. Seriously. And why is our manager the king?"
"He's the only one who's older than Leeteuk." Heechul replied in a small voice. Hangeng gave him a pat on the head.
"Well, I like the 'crossing the treacherous land with Kangin' part. Keep writing. I want to see how he faces it."
"Treacherous? Ooh, I like that word." Heechul quickly added it.
He stayed up all morning, finishing the story, and almost lasted until Leeteuk came in to wake him up, but, sadly, fell alseep a half an hour before he did.

"Hey guys, time to wake--" Leeteuk stopped at the sight of Heechul not in the bed, but his head on the table, slumped in a chair and drooling on one of many pieces of paper. He crept over and carefully slid the papers out from underneath Heechul, grimacing at the damp one. There were eleven papers in total, all filled with the tiny, almost impossible to read handwriting.
"'Once upon a time there was a handsome prince named Leeteuk'--what?! What is this??" He murmured. He looked back down at Heechul, the story, then at his watch, sighing. Technically, he should be waking the band up right now. Well, they could sleep a few minutes longer. . .
Leeteuk sat down on the bed and started reading.

*Five minutes later*
". . .W-wow."
"So you found it," Hangeng commented, sitting up in bed. Leeteuk jumped, thinking he'd been caught for a moment. "What happens in the end again?" Leeteuk looked from Hangeng to Heechul to the story.
"Umm," He couldn't think of anything else to say. "Right." Then he turned to Hangeng. "Was this what he was writing last night?" Hangeng nodded, as though it were simple logic.
"Hey, never said he couldn't write. Although I have to admit, it could be better." He said, leaning over Leeteuk's shoulder to look at the page on top.
"WHAT ARE YOU DOING??!" Heechul screamed, yanking the papers out of Leeteuk's hands. Leeteuk looked up, over his shock, at Heechul, who was clutching the story to his chest.
"Nice story." Was all he said before getting up to go wake the others. Or maybe not quite over it.
"Wait!" Heechul ran after him. "There is a completely reasonable explanation for this, I swear! You're the prince because--because I thought maybe you'd like it enough to let me get, a--a puppy! Please, Leeteuk, can we have puppies?"
"Puppies?? Where did that come from?"
"Hangeng got one!"
"He doesn't have it anymore." Heechul looked up at Leeteuk pleadingly. "I'll think about it. I have to go wake up the others now." He left, and Heechul fell onto the bed with a big sigh. Hangeng sat next to him.
"If you like him that much, you should just tell him," He commented. Heechul continued to stare at the ceiling.
"He doesn't like me like that. That would just screw up the band for life. And since when did you become some sort of love guru?"
"So just to hide the fact you're in love with our leader, you're going to get a puppy? And probably neglect it after you lose interest in it? Which would mean I would have to take care of it, even though it's not my dog, so you'd show it off to everybody 'oh, look at my cute little puppy! He's so easy to take care of!' Because you aren't taking care of it, I am. Which means, ultimately, well, I'm not even going to go that far. If you don't tell him, I will." Hangeng got up and started walking out the door.
"No! Wait, Hangeng!" Heechul grabbed Hangeng's hand. "Please don't. Just listen a moment." Hangeng raised an eyebrow, waiting. "Well--I'll take care of it if you're sick, or in the hospital. How about that?" Hangeng shook Heechul off and walked into the next room, where Leeteuk was unsuccessfully trying to wake Kangin.
"Hyung!" Hangeng called. Leeteuk looked up. "Please help me," He begged.
"In a second. Heechul wants to tell you about the puppies."
"Hangeng--wait!!" Heechul yelled as he ran into the room. Then stopped, looking at the two. "What?"
"Go ahead." Leeteuk said. Hangeng gave him a pat on the back. Well, kind of a bit of a shove. Heechul stumbled forward.
Finally, after a moment of silence, Hangeng spoke up, "Heechul likes--"
"Ummmmmm" Heechul interrupted, then sighed. "I like you."
"What??" Leeteuk and Kangin shouted at the same time.
"I knew you really were awake, you just wouldn't get out of bed!" Leeteuk yelled, swatting him with a pillow. Kangin pointed at Heechul.
"Did you just say what I think you said?"
"Yea." Heechul said confidently, then stalked over to Leeteuk, kissing him full on the mouth. "There!" Hangeng, Kangin and Leeteuk stared at him, bewildered. Yesung looked from person to person tiredly. "Good morning," He said.
"Ah!" Leeteuk screamed, jumping and turning around quickly. Yesung was right in front of him. "When did you get here?"
"I was sleeping in the bed next to Kangin's. Anyways, I'll just leave you guys to your whole lovers triangle or whatever it is going on here." He said. "Now, where's Ryeowook?" He muttered to himself as he left. The four boys looked at the door for a while, unable to think of what to say.
Finally, Heechul spoke up. "I know I kiss people all the time, but I kissed you because I really do like you. Come on, Leeteuk. Yesung and Ryeowook are together. I think. Think of all the others! Kyuhyun and Sungmin, Eunhyuk and Donghae, why not?"
"You've got a point there. The truth is. . ." Leeteuk had trouble saying the truth, so he just kissed Heechul back.
"Uhg, get a room." Kangin moaned, covering his eyes. Heechul pulled away and grinned wickedly at him.
"We're in one!" He started pulling Leeteuk to the bed.
"Ok, ok, we've got to go get the others now, alright? We're pretty far behind schedule now. Let's get going." Leeteuk said.
"Alright!" Heechul said happily. As they were leaving for the first location, Leeteuk turned to Heechul, whos hand was intertwined with his.
"Please tell me you didn't want that puppy after all."
P.S!! I've also been working on the Kyuhae story, so it will probably be the next one up.