Fan Fiction


by geesoo


‘ Dear Diary; I finally went down to 100 pounds. ’

© * Hottest 작가Art & Story ‘09
Disclaimer; Story based off book “Diary of an Anorexic Girl” by Morgan Menzie. All rights reserved.



‘To my beloved granddaughter;
Happy birthday, a very happy birthday indeed. You’re at a great age – fifteen is a happy age; you’re not yet a woman, but not a girl anymore. Live your life now because you’ll never be this age forever. This journal is for you to write your soul into, for you to pour your secrets into, for you to write anything you please. You’re bright and intelligent, you always were. You’re so young, dear, but you’ll never be as simple as anyone else.
Remember I love you so much, and I’ll always want to see your smiling face.
Love, Grandpa’
{a/n; Letter written above inspired by one in the book}


Anorexia nervosa.

An eating disorder.

Taking away the greed of wanting food, it stops you from eating.

It has no specific prey; it targets anyone who’s insecure.

It blinds the victim, making them believe it’s what’s best for their body.

It shows them that the less you eat, the more people like you.

It rewires their brains, convincing the prey they need to stay with it.

It tells them ‘oh, you look absolutely wonderful, but maybe a little less over here and there.’

It causes an abnormal thinness.



Featuring Jang Wooyoung, Ok Taecyeon, and Fictional; 2PM and the rest of kpop as minors


Once again, the idea of an anorexic girl writing in a journal about her life is borrowed from the book mentioned above. The idea of inflicting pain on oneself is inspired by a friend of mine, who had cut herself in the past. She told me I was major help in her life through that time, even though I insisted I didn’t really do anything.

I doubt anyone’s going to read this, but if anyone does, let’s see if you can recognize my oh-so-non-fantabulous writing. I’ll reveal myself by the next chapter or so. I just want to see if anyone is going to click this link because they don’t know who the author is.

└ *Hottest작가; november twenty-fifth, two double-oh nine
BTW, 작가 means author {Hint: I'm Korean}