Fan Fiction

The Hippocratic Crush 2

by TVB_Lover

Chapter 1

“Honey hurry up or we’re going to be late,” Yu Jai shouted while fixing her daughter’s headband.

“I’m coming,” Yut Kin Tou shouted back. They were at home getting ready to go to Mei Suet’s apartment. “Plus you know that I’m always a punctual person, since when would I ever be late? And anyways I promised you that we would get there on time, and I always keep my promises, you should know that very well. And it’s my good brother’s marriage how can I get there late?” he smirked and gave a quick peck on his wife’s lips.

“Ewwwww! Mummy and daddy kissed in front of me,” Si Yi complained.

“Don’t do that in front of our daughter, you’re teaching her the wrong principles,” Yu Jai said while punching his arm.

“It’s ok, daddy will give you a kiss too,” Yut Kin Tou said playfully, and picked his daughter up and whooshed her through the air while planting a kiss on her cheek. Si Yi squealed with delight, and Yut Kin Tou headed out the door.

“Hey, careful you don’t hurt her,” Yu Jai reminded while attempting to lock the door as fast as she could before heading after him.

After arriving at Mei Suet’s place, Yut Kin Tou was set to look after Si Yi while Yu Jai helped her sister get ready. After helping her apply her make up the doorbell rang, and they were just in time.

Ben, Onion, Shui Wah, Desmond and Alex rushed in as soon as the door opened, only to find themselves blocked by a group of girls and a whole bunch of ribbons.

“Come on girls let us in,” the boys said while trying to push at the barrier.

“No way, not until you give us some money,” the girls chanted in unison.

“Awww come on, she’s my wife, I want to see my beautiful wife. You guys are blocking the way.” Ben whined.
“Who said she’s your wife?! She hasn’t even left home yet. Plus we know you have heaps of money.” the girls continued to taunt.

“What makes you think that?” Ben pretended to ask innocently.

“It’s obvious from your whole branded set of clothes. And anyways you’re a specialist, you have heaps on money!!” the girls exclaimed.

“Dude!!! It’s my big day, once in life time, of course I’m going to dress my best to bring my precious wife home. And plus you guys are doctors as well, you don’t need my money, I need it to pay off the love nest I just bought.”

“Nope, no excuses, you’re not coming in until you pay up, and that’s final,” Jing Jing told him.

“Ok ok, I’ll give you your precious money, how much do you want?” Ben asked, finally giving in
“We want $9999.99 in total thanks,” the girls teased sticking out their hands.

“Onion, Shui Wah help me I think I’m going to faint,” Ben joked pretending to collapse.

“Ok, we were joking about the $9999.99 just $99.99 for each of us thanks.”

Finally after paying the girls the guys were able to step into the apartment.

“Where’s my wife??” Ben started to ask just as Mei Suet stepped out of her room. “Wow, wifey you look so pretty today,” Ben was able to stutter after of initial awe of it all.

“Are you saying I usually look ugly? And who’s your wifey?” Mei Suet said glaring playfully as Ben.

“No, no I just missed you a lot in the past few days,” Ben replied, attempting to run and hug his wife.

Immediately, the group of bridesmaids blocked his way, “Hey, I just want to give my honey a hug. I gave you guys money already, didn’t I?” Ben asked.

“Yeah, you did, but we told you that was only to come in and see your wife, we didn’t say you could hug her. To do that you have to complete our challenges first,” Emily told him.

“But…..You didn’t say that at the beginning,” Onion complained.

“Too bad, do you want to hug your wife or not?” Kate challenged.

“Fine, I’ll do your challenges, as a doctor I don’t believe I can’t accomplish the challenges my subordinates set,” Ben challenged back.

“The first thing you have to do is pick out the matching mahjong piece as we hold up, with one of your feet only in this water and place it into this bucket,” Jing Jing explained.

“Oh, that’s easy,” Alex smirked, “that can’t challenge us boys.”

“I haven’t finished explaining,” Jing Jing told him, “While picking up the mahjong pieces you also have to sing a love song until you finish.”

“That’s still easy,” Ben dismissed without much thought.
“Ok then let the games begin!” Jing Jing announced.

Ben was the first one to plunge his foot into the water in an attempt to fetch the 9 man out the water. Almost instantly he pulled his foot back out.

“Why is this water so cold?!” he yelped.

The girls burst out laughing, “Do you think we would so easily let our sister go?” the girls replied in-between laughing.

The cold water made his feet numb, and it was proving harder to concentrate on getting the piece while singing. Those evil girls he thought to himself.

Finally he lifted the piece out of the water, and he smirked at the girls. Just as that moment the piece slipped out of his toes and fell back into the water, sending water droplets flying everywhere.

“Ahaha, silly uncle,” Si Yi giggled at her uncle’s childish behaviour.

After a long time the boys were finally able to fish out the pieces from the water.

But before they had time to rest, Michelle started explaining the next challenge.

“Oh, that’s easy,” Desmond boasted, “That challenge has been on Super Trio before. Just passing seaweed with our mouths, we’ve studied how they play that game before coming.”

“Your punishment if you drop the seaweed is eating super-hot wasabi filled sushi,”

“I have confidence we won’t need that punishment, save that sushi for your supper,” Shui Wah laughed.

The game began and Onion licked his lips before starting so that the seaweed would just slip off. As he picked the seaweed up he screamed out and dropped the seaweed.

“OMG!!!!!!! It stings ! It stings! What did you guys do to the seaweed??” Onion screamed out.

“Nothing,” the girls replied cheekily, “We just bought wasabi flavoured seaweed. What doesn’t it taste good? And too bad you just dropped that piece, I guess we won’t be having sushi for supper tonight.”

Obviously the game went for a long time as the groomsmen’s egos got in the way.

The last game was that the groomsmen had to answer question about their partners, their punishment for answering it wrong was kissing the other groomsmen.

Luckily they knew their partners pretty well and only resulted a few embarrassing kisses.

After the games finally ended they were able to head to the marriage registry centre in Tsim Sha Tsui.

In the marriage registry:

“I ask that everybody present right now to witness. I Lau Ping Chan am willing to take you Hong Mei Suet as my lawful wife. No matter wealthy or poor, happy or sad, healthy or sick, am willing to love you forever, protect you, for my whole life.”

“I ask that everybody present to witness. I Hong Mei Suet am willing to take you Lau Ping Chan as my lawful husband. No matter wealthy or poor, happy or sad, healthy or sick, am willing to love you forever, protect you, for my whole life.”

“The bride and groom may now exchange rings and a kiss.”
After the ceremony they all got in their cars and headed to the reception venue.

this took kinda long to write as i was trying to making everything build up towards later. and then the file went corrupt when i changed computers to post this, so i head to start again >_<
and i realised that the groomsmen to bridesmaid numbers were uneven so i'm adding fala chen as Yu Men Ting (Michelle)-housemen.
and it's actually really hard to portray romantic and moods through words. so i'm afraid it isn't as good as i'm imagining it to be. so tell me what you think and i can improve on :)
hope you like it so far.