Fan Fiction

Your Maid [ R ]

by Irony

Chapter 2

▌YoonA & Seohyun's Laundry Sex [ R ]

Taeyeon was sitting on the couch reading a romance novel. She pushed her glasses back up and flipped the page.

"Taeyeon unnie?"

Taeyeon looked up and smiled at the young girl dressed in a maid uniform. "Yes Seohyun, can I help you?" Seohyun placed a breakfast tray on the coffee table and gave a 90 degree bow. "Your breakfast, unnie." Taeyeon smiled and gave a nod. "Thank you, Seohyun. But I think you should relax a little since you're the youngest in the household." Seohyun pouted and shook her head. "Oh, no no. I prefer to work until you recieve satisfaction, unnie. Now I gotta do your laundry."

"It's okay! I got it!", another maid shouted from upstairs. Seohyun looked up and saw that she was carrying a basket of laundry. "Yah! YoonA unnie! I wanted to do it!" She ran up the stairs to chase YoonA, who ran to the laundry room at a quick speed.

Taeyeon chuckled and shook her head. She picked up the grilled cheese sandwich and took a bite. She closed her eyes and smiled. Seohyun always cooked for her and she enjoyed it because the young maknae cooks so well. Even better than her own mother. Taeyeon swallowed it down with a sip of hot chocolate.

The doorbell rang and she got up. She walked over to the door and opened it to reveal Tiffany in a tank top and short shorts. Tiffany smiled her eye smile at the petite girl and waved. "Hey Taeng! Wanna go shopping?" Taeyeon smiled and nodded. "I'll be right out." Taeyeon was completely unaware of Tiffany's 'slutty clothes' tactic and never noticed it, which made Tiffany lose hope into luring her in.

After Taeyeon stored her glasses away, she grabbed her coat off the coathanger. "SEOHYUN, I'LL BE OUT FOR A FEW!", she shouted.

"OKAY!", came a reply.

Taeyeon ushered Tiffany out and they were both headed to the mall.


"YoonA, I want to do the laundry!!!~", Seohyun begged with puppy dog eyes. YoonA rolled her eyes and ignored the pleading maknae as she threw the clothes into the washing machine. Seohyun continued to beg until YoonA became irritated and pushed the annoying girl to the wall. Seohyun was taken aback by the sudden movement. "YoonA unnie, wha-"

YoonA shut her up by crashing her lips on Seohyun's. Seohyun widened her eyes by the kiss. She was frozen and couldn't do anything. YoonA took the advantage by poking her tongue through Seohyun's lips and began exploring. Seohyun calmed her muscles down and let YoonA slide her tongue everywhere inside her mouth. She began to feel horny when YoonA rubbed her boob. Seohyun laid her hand on top of YoonA's and helped her squeeze her own breasts.

YoonA smirked and pulled away. She began to caress Seohyun's leg. When she reached to Seohyun's thigh, Seohyun became wet and was lusting for more. "Ahh~, unnie, stop teasing.." YoonA slipped Seohyun's dress off and unclasped her bra. She threw them to the side and held up Seohyun's hands. "Make me nude~", YoonA purred in her ear. Seohyun was a little nervous but she did as what YoonA did to her.

YoonA gave Seohyun's plump breasts a squeeze as she licked the younger girl's neck, sucking on her weak spot. Seohyun let out a soft moan as YoonA felt her wet panties. "Aigoo Seobaby, you're so wet", YoonA teased as she pressed harder against Seohyun's clit. She slipped off the maknae's panties and threw them aside. YoonA knelt down in front of Seohyun and stared at her gleaming womanhood. She placed her tongue on Seohyun's clit and licked her. She began devouring her pussy, making Seohyun moan in pleasure. Seohyun wanted more. YoonA poked her tongue in Seohyun's hole, swirling it around and tasting her inside. She licked her finger and pushed it inside Seohyun's prepared hole.


YoonA fit in two more fingers inside Seohyun and rapidly thrusted them. Seohyun squirmed and kicked around as YoonA's fingers twirled inside her vagina. She felt a hard hit against her g-spot and yelled. "YOONA, I HAVE TO-"

YoonA clamped her hand on Seohyun's mouth. "Shh, they'll hear us. Just quietly cum, okay dear?" Seohyun nodded. YoonA took her fingers out and Seohyun exploded all over her.


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