Fan Fiction

He's my bodyguard, She's my star

by XacksX

Chapter 14

Ep 13- First kiss

~Opening theme song~
Heartbeat- 2pm


~This song- 2am ~song fades in~

It was almost three o'clock in the morning. The pavement was so peaceful and quiet that one could hardly see a car on the road. The sound made by the cold breeze was the only thing you can hear clearly, but maybe not, the thumping sound of heartbeat was even louder.
Right under the street lamp pole, Chansung was dumbstruck and his muscles were all stiffened up. The sudden kiss from Uee was so unexpected that he could hardly breathe until she bit him on his lower lips till it bled a little, and fell completely onto his well-built chest.

CS: "...ouch..."
Chansung touched his broken lips with his fingers and hugged the fast asleep Uee, tightly in his arms.

~song fades out~

(Uee's bedroom)

Uee forced herself and got up from her bed. She wasn't feeling well because of the hang over from last night's heavy drinking and apparently, she had totally forget about what had happened last night. She then dragged herself to the bath room, turned on the tap and started splashing water on her face.

UE: "...Ouch!"
Uee cried as she feels a sting on her lips and she looked up into the mirror.

UE: "...What is this?"

Uee thought. She closed her eyes and tries very hard to recall what exactly happened last night. Seconds later, images started flashing in her head. She remembered clearly of her drinking and laying dead drunk at the roadside food stall and someone came and piggy-back her. And she slowly recollects the things she said to this blurry figure standing in front of her...

“I really hate this pair of attractive eyes watching me adoringly every moment…”
“And I hate this alluring lips talking back to me every second…”
“…but I know of a way to keep them quiet…”

Uee opened her eyes wide and was shocked in disbelief.

UE: "...What...what should I do? I really...kissed...him?!"
Uee questioned herself and dive her head into the sink which was overflowing with water.

(At the front porch)

Chansung waited patiently in the car.
Uee slides in to the car carefully and keeps her head as low as possible to avoid any eye contact.


UE: "Hello?"
KH: "Uee ah, comes straight to my office now. Chairman Kim will seat in too."
UE: "Grandpa?"
KH: "Yes and be prepared for a serious discussion when you arrive."
UE: "Ok."

Uee put down the phone and stared out of the window wondering what is the serious discussion going to be.

CS: "Miss Uee, so are we going to the office now?"
UE: "Huh?!"
CS: "Are we going to the office now?"
UE: "...Ye...yes."

Uee stuttered and almost every minute, she would peek over at Chansung from the rear-view mirror.

CS: "Is there something wrong with my face today? or am I really that good looking?"
Chansung teased while he's driving with his eyes fixed on the road infront.

UE: "...What?"
CS: "Then why are you looking at me from the moment you step in?"
UE: "...Do you think I am crazy?"

Uee retaliated. She put on her big sunglasses and looked out of the window pretending she is not looking at him. Chansung smirked and shook his head a bit as he continues to drive.

(In Kahi's office)

Uee and Chansung went in to Kahi's office.

UE: "Good morning unnie!"
KH: "What's wrong with you today?"
UE: "What?"
KH: "Why are you using such bright red shades of lipstick colour today?"
UE: "Huh?...Orh...because this is the latest colour."

Uee lied and let out a fake laugh and turned her head away while covering her lips with her hand.

KH: "Really? Hmmm...then I shall try getting one of those. But Chansung, what had happened to you last night? Why did you leave all of a sudden?"
CS: "...Because I wasn't feeling well."
KH: "Oh I see...but what happen to your lips too?"

Uee was shocked at the question. She took a glimpse at Chansung and pursed her lips.

CS: "..."
KH: "I think there's a bit of bleeding on your lower lip."
CS: "...well I guess I accidentally bit my own lips last night."
KH: "Really? Oh...then it must be painful because it looks quite serious."

Uee had never felt so embarrassed in her whole life that she would rather burry her head into the ground or evaporate into the thin air at this very second, than to stand helplessly and blushing like a lobster now, right next to him.


KH: "Hello?"
LZ: "Manager Park, what is happening? Why are there so many reporters at the lobby?"
KH: "What?"
CK: "Ahem..."
KH: "Ok I will come down later."

Kahi put down the phone once Chairman Kim walked in.

KH: "Oh good morning Mr Chairman Kim!"
UE: "Grandpa."
CK: "All of you follow me to the lift lobby now."

~To Her- 2am (feat. Chansung of 2PM) ~ song fades in~

Both Kahi and Uee were clueless and they walked with Chairman Kim into the lift while Chansung follows from behind.
Once they reached the ground floor and the lift door opens, horde of reporters rushed up and surrounded them, started taking pictures and recordings, followed by the security guards who have now bar those reporters from getting closer and Lizzy who was trying to squeeze through the crowd, finally caught up with them.
Kahi, Uee, Chansung and Lizzy were all startled by this sudden commotion.

Reporter 1: "Mr Chairman Kim, we heard rumors that there is good news from you, so could you tell us about it?"
CK: "Oh hahaha,Yes. I had a discussion with Chairman Joo earlier on and here I would like to announce that we have decided that Uee's engagement would be held end of next month."
KH: "What?"
UE: "My engagement?"

Everyone present was shocked by the news. And all the reporters started probing questions consistently.

Reporter 2: "So where will the engagement event be held?"
Reporter 3: "Miss Uee-ish, why the engagement is so sudden?"
Reporter 4: "Oh! Then are you pregnant?"
Uee gave a cold glare at the reporter.

CK: "For all your questions, Miss Park will have the answers."

Chairman Kim walked out the building with the help of the security guards and got in his car.

Reporter 5: "Miss Park please gives us some answers."
KH: "A press interview will be held shortly and all your questions will be answered but right now we still need to attend other important appointment. So please excuse us, Thank you."

Chansung shoved the reporters away and lead Uee to the car while Kahi and Lizzy follows from behind.

~song fades out~

(In the restaurant at King's Royale Hotel)

KH: "Mr Chairman, I thought we are supposed to have a discussion first?"
CK: "Manager Park, you should know where you stand and my words are the final conclusion."
UE: “Grandpa, how could you decide my marriage without my consent?”
CK: “I’ve already told you and what I am doing is not only for myself, it’s all for your future!”
UE: “Grandpa, what you did is only for your own benefits!”
CJ: “Jin Young hyung!”
CK: “Orh, Yong Gun!”

Chairman Joo and his son, Joo Won walked in and joined them at the table for lunch.

UE: “Please enjoy your lunch without me.”

When Uee stood up and was about to leave, Chairman Kim who was sitting next to her, hold on to her wrist and stand in her way.

CK: “Uee! Stop being rude!”
UE: “Your are the one who is at fault first!”


The furious Chairman Kim who was agitated by Uee’s words, at the very first time in his life, gave her a tight slap on her face right in front of everyone.
Uee touched her burning cheek and stomped out of the restaurant leaving everyone speechless and Chairman Kim who was also stunned by his own actions, fell back onto his chair.
Chansung who was outside the hotel waiting in his car, saw Uee dashed across the street and hopped on to a taxi and the subordinates of Chairman Kim were seen running out from the hotel searching for her. He noticed something was not right and he stepped on the accelerator and chased after the taxi.

(At the pier)

After searching hours for her, she was still nowhere to be found and everyone tried calling her, but she off her mobile phone.

Uee twisted her ankle while she was running away just now and she limps her way to the nearest bench and took out her mobile phone in her bag.

UE: “Shit…”

Uee sighed as her mobile phone’s battery was totally flat. After long hours of hiding and running away, she was thirsty and her stomach growl from hunger. She slouches and places her hand on her still burning cheek and stares far into the sea, watching the beautiful orange sunset and right at this wonderful moment, someone came from behind her and sat by her side.

“I’ve found you finally.”
(The man sighed with his deep manly voice…)

UE: “…Hwang Chansung?”

~Even If I Die, I Can't Let Go- 2am ~ song fades in~

Uee was surprised by his presence and was thankful at the same time. Both of them looked at each other tenderly and the moment Uee saw him, she just couldn’t control herself as she felt weak and her tears started running down from her puppy eyes and roll down on her red cheek.
Chansung was heartbroken watching her like that but he hold on to his emotions and took a chocolate out from his pocket, smiling.

CS: “Remember? A chocolate a day keeps the sorrows away.”

Uee wiped her tears away. She unwrap the chocolate and ate it.

UE: “Thanks. But do you always use this trick on girls?”
CS: “Why? You think this is a good trick too?”
UE: “Haha…Oh please…You better not because you will definitely get rejected.”
CS: “So…are you going to run away again?”
UE: “I twisted my ankle and I don’t think I’m able to walk any further.”

Both remains silence and watch the sun sets beautifully. She then lean her head slowly on to his broad shoulders and closes her tired eyes.

UE: “…I am really tired of my life and I am very unhappy today…”
CS: “…”
UE: “…Please bring me away…anywhere…please…Chansung oppa…”

Chansung took a glimpse down at Uee, but she was too tired and fell asleep. He watches this lovely lady who was sleeping sweetly on his shoulder and places his palm gently on her soft flawless cheek which was now pinkish and warm.
The sky is getting dark, he looked on his watch and it is almost time for him to go. He piggy-back her and bring her in to the car carefully.

~song fades out~

Minutes later, Chansung pulls his car over and got off from the car.
Uee who was sleeping through the whole journey, finally woke up and the moment she opened her eyes, she was shocked.


~Closing song~
Because of you- After school


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