Fan Fiction

♥Where Is Your Heart?♥[Completed!]

by bobbyjack

Chapter 19

Chapter 19

Hebe's Room-

She couldn't sleep what so ever.
She kept on twisting and turning. Do you know why?

Hebe's P.O.V
Little voice in the back of her head: Cause you keep on thinking about Aaron Yan! Dummy!
Hebe: Ahh who are you why are talking to me?!!
L.V.: Idiot! I am you! your conscience!
Hebe: huh? What did i do wrong? But seriously i don't feel guilty so why are you here again?
L.V: No you did do somethine wrong.
Hebe: and what is that?
L.V: Letting Jolin get Aaron.
Hebe: What?! She known him since i don't know and plus he loves her.
L.V: How do you know? Did you know that because of you he started to smile?!
Hebe: Er...
L.V: I have to ask you a you love him?
Hebe: Ahhh i really don't know! Those cold eyes. it makes me feel like i want to reach out to him and make him feel warm!
Plus he is just so so handsome! But too bad he doesn't like me back so i just want him to be happy so why not let him have what he wants.
L.V: Sobs: that is so so sweet of you! But hey don't you think he will like you back? You know you do have a chance. Plus honey you are so so in love with him!
Hebe: Urgh! Get out of my head! Let me go to sleep!
L.V: Watever! Then it started to sing Na na ne na na!
Hebe slammed her head into her pillow.

Aaron's Room-

He was sitting in his desk and looking over at Hebe's Room.
He couldn't sleep either.

Aaron's P.O.V
I can't sleep for some reason! Her image keep on haunting me!
Those big brown chocolate eyes. Confused and at the same time suprised! Hebe's eyes....she is the only one that can make me smile for no reason. Not even Jolin can do that!
L.V:{Aaorn's}: Of course not cause she is not "the one"
Aaron: I don't know but when i am around Hebe i feel her arura of happiness and warmth.
L.V: Yup you are totally in love with her! Why not just admit it!
Aaron: I...wait the second! Who am i talking too?!!!
L.V: yourself!
Aaron: EH?
L.V: Moron! Your conscience! For crying out loud! I have been with you ever since you were born!
Aaron: I know that!
L.V: Oh and did you know i was just like you until i met Hebe's conscience?
Aaron: Eh?
L.V: You see...when you meet someone your conscience meet their conscience. and Hebe's conscience made me smile at the same time when Hebe made you smile.
Aaron: Ohhh!
L.V: OI!! Enough about me and her conscience! What about you and Hebe!!
Aaron: But what about Jolin?
L.V: What about her?!!! Hello!! Does she ever make you smile like that? No! So now what do you think?
Aaron: URGH! I don't know!
L.V: Oi! It is getting late go to sleep we will carry on tomorrow.
So with that Aaron got up and went to his bed.


Hebe: Good morning! Huh? Where is granny?
Aaron: Chuckled oh let's just say granny was so tired that she slept in.
Hebe: Aww! You know Aaron your grandma is really funny!
Aaron: I know. Want some breakfast?
Hebe: oOo!! Of course!
Aaron: Hmm i don't see your two crazy friends running around here these days what is up?
Hebe: Sighs Ella has to work for her evil step mother and Selina need to take care of family problems.
Aaron: Frowns that doesn't sound to pleasent.
Hebe: Trust me it is not. she sat down in front of him.
Aaron: Really?
Hebe: Yeh...Well don't feel like a i am going to marry you for money but before we were engaged my family finaice was not the best.
Aaron: Ohh well since tomorrow we are both gettting out of lesson at the same time do you want to go some where? he asked caually.
Hebe: Her eyes brighten. Really?!!! Of course! i would love too!
Aaron: Laughed i can see someone gets bored in this house huh?
Hebe: You don't know the half of it.
Aaron: Raised a brow.
Hebe: Hehe i didn't say anything!
Aaron: I thought so. Ok so it is settled we are going out tomorrow tonight. I would make it tonight but my friends are coming over. he was about to get up
Hebe: Wait! Please just promise me one thing....please don't go to somewhere fancy!
Aaron: Smiled. of course not!
So then he left.

Hebe's P.O.V
Hmm he smiled more often today!
He looks really cute too!
End of P.O.V

Selina's Side-

Mrs.Ren: So what?! He shouldn't be going to school! He should work his ass off and give his money to me!
Selina: That is exactly why he is going to school!! He wants to get a good job that pays well! Please!! Mom!!! I beg you don't sell him!!
Mrs.Ren: NO!! I already signed the contract to the person who owns the casino.
Selina: sobs. Whhhat iffff iii take hiissss ppplaacce?
Mrs.Ren: Smiled. Fine then he won't be sold to them but now you are!
Selina then ran out and ran to Hebe's and Aaron's Place.

Ella's Side_
{This is happening at the same time.}


Mr.Walan: Ella dear! When are you going to move out of that dumpster?
Ella: Huh?
Linda: What he ment is why not you move away from your father and step mother and live somewhere else.
Linh: I know! She is making you work to pay the bill for her and your father.
Ella: But they are my family!
Mr.Walan: Your father is the nicest man ever but he just couldn't see through your step mother. When he is away she treats you like dirt but when he is around she treats you like you are her own child.
Ella: I know but what more can i do?
Linh: Easy! Marry a rich husband!
Ella: No way!
Linda: Or you could just come and live with Linh and me.
Ella: Nah! Plus i am not staying with her i am a maid at a friend's house so i live with her.
Mr.Walan Linh Linda: MAID?!!
Ella: Yeh i am sure you all heard Aaron Yan have a future wife and that is Hebe Tian who is my best friend! and the one that i am the maid for.
Linh: Phew! Hebe is a nice girl so we don't have to worry about her mistreating you.
Ella: Laughed. then sighs when she see her step mother coming in.
Mrs.Chen: Where is your pay check?
Ella: sighs and then digged in her pockets and gave it to her step mother.
Mrs.Chen: Haha ok goodbye my sweet heart! and then she walked out of the store.
Mr.Walan: Ella how can you stand her?!
Linh: That was the money you earn from sweat and blood!
Linda: You can't just let her take it like that!
Ella: shurgs but she needs it to pay the bills.
Mr.Walan: You don't even live with her anymore!
Ella: Sighs bye mr.walan linda and linh! indicating to them that nothing could be done.
So she left and walked back to Aaron's and Hebe's Place.

Aaron's Mansion-

Hebe was having her ice cream and Aaron and his friends were in the living room.

All of a sudden the front door burst open with a puffy red eye Selina with tears running down her cheecks.
She didn't care who was there all she saw was her best friend Hebe with spoon full of ice cream half way in her mouth and wide eyes.
She ran towards her flung her arms around her shoulders and cried.
Hebe: struggled to get the spoon out of her mouth. Finally when she got it out. Sighs. Sel i knew i should have never let you go and visit your mom today.
Selina: Sobs: NO i am glad you did or else .....
Hebe: Frowns or else what?
Selina: Merely nodded. But by stopping her selling my brother....i took my brothers place.
Selina: Please Hebe i dont have a choice!
Hebe: Shook her head violently. Yes you do yes you do!!! cries too. No i am not going to let her do this to you! what kind of a mother is she!
Selina: she was cut off because Ella came in.
Ella stared at the three boys then into the kitchen....there was her two best friend and one is crying on the other's shoulders.
Ella came barging in now.
Ella: what is wrong Sel!?
Hebe: Sniffed she mummbled her mother sold her.
Ella: Even though it was only a soft murred Ella heard it just fine. After she heard the word sold she dropped everything.
She joined in the hug and cried.
Ella: Sel tell us if there is anything we can do to stop this from happening?
Selina: It is too late. She already signed the contract. she shook her head sadly.
Hebe: She let go of her friends and stomped up. You know what girls?
S&E: What? they asked sadly.
Hebe: Ice cream!
S&E: 0.0
Hebe: I know this isnt the right time but you know we will need all the rest for tomorrow.
Ella: Huh?
Selina: Why? We don't have a game tomorrow.
Hebe: but...
Ella: Ohhhh!
Hebe: El you know what i am thinking?
Ella: I bet you i do!
Hebe: Of course you read me like a book!
Selina: URGHS! You know i hate it when you two go mind reading on me!
H&E: Laughs ok ok!
Hebe: Take some good times today cause tomorrow we are going to work our asses off to make enough money to buy you back!
Selina: Immpossible!
Ella: Now why is that?
Selina: mom owns the casino....6,000 dollors.
Hebe and Ella's eyes almost popped out of their eyes.
Selina: Yeh so don't even try. It will be useless.
Ella: Come on you! Cheer up for tonight and tomorrow we will see how it goes.
Hebe: If i have to i will try to find my way out of the my lessons and even cancel my date with Aaron!
Hebe: blushes slightly. Erm yeh?
Ella: Ok! Another reason why ice cream is needed right now!
Selina: I think that made me feel a lot better! And hell no you are not canceling!
Hebe: Fine! Ok then my two best friend go get the ice cream!
then they looked down to find that Hebe ate ice cream out of the canton and now it is all melted.
S.H.E: WIE!!!
Hebe: Hey i am innocent! It is because Sel distracted me so i forgot to put it up!
Selina: Oh sure blame it on me! And hey who ever said you can have ice cream after 9?
Hebe: Hey! I was hungry! Plus it is not like Ella don't do it!
Ella: Hey don't drag me with you!
Hebe: If i am going down i am taking you with me!
Selina: Oi! Stop arguing ok so now who will go and buy some more ice cream?
Selina: again...1....2...3
S.H.E: Not me!
Ella: ok then the old fashion way...1...2..3..
Hebe: Ok fine then how about we do this more maturly.
Selina: Fine with me!
Ella: I am ok as long as i don't have to buy it.
Hebe: Ok so the mature way is the answer!
S.H.E: rock paper scissors rock!
They all came out with rocks.
They did until....
S.H.E: I surrender!
Ella: You know what? How about we all go together?
So then they totally forgot about Fahrenheit and ran out the door.


Aaron: Ha the mature way is that?
Chun: Really! we need to take them to the eye doctor!
Jiro: I wonder if they are five years old sometimes.
Chun: Oh yeh Aaron so why didn't you tell us you have a date with Hebe tomorrow?
Aaron: Uh...shouldn't we be worrying about Selina?
Jiro: I can't believe her mother did that!
Chun: I wonder what casino.
Jiro: I don't know.
Aaron: Hey maybe she will get lucky! The casino is your family's Jiro!
Jiro: Shurggs i don't know.