Fan Fiction

Rated R One-shots

by Noneedforyoutoknow

Chapter 1

She sat at the back corner of the room, bored.

'Damn, this lesson is boring,' she thought to herself.

Jessica Jung was not a dumb blonde as most people thought and dying her hair blonde did not help her image much. She was intelligent. She did not need to be in class to ace every single test. She was just there because her parents wanted her to be.

She glanced towards the front of the room, staring at a boy's back. She wanted him, badly.

*ding dong*

The bell rang, indicating that it was lunch time. Jessica made her way out of the classroom and into the old building. Dashing into the isolated restroom, she pulled down her skirt and panties.

'Damn it, Jay Park. Why does your back make me so damn horny.'
(A/N: Yes, Damn is her favorite cuss word.)

Leaning against the bathroom wall, she spread her legs and rubbed her fingers against her clit. She did not bother hiding in one of the stall because no one visited the old building. There were no class in the old building for it was to be torn down in a few weeks.

Jessica moaned out loud. It felt good and kept her sane. It had become a habit of hers to run to the old building to masturbate and the idea of tearing it down saddened her. Where was she going to hide for her pleasure time. Home was not an option because she did not have the urge to do it at home. Only when she saw Jay would she have the urge. If only there was a way to avoid him...

Jessica continued to moan loudly, until she heard a voice.

"You know, you should at least lock the door," a male said.

'Shit...' Jessica thought.

Peeking through the small opening of the door, she saw "him". No longer able to hold in her desire, she pulled him in and pushed him against the wall, holding him in place with her arm.

"What are you doing here?" Jessica questioned her crush.

"I've been following you for the past few weeks. Naughty, naughty Jessica," he smirked at her.

She felt herself blush. Unexpectedly, he turned around and pushed her against the wall. With one hand, he closed and locked the door. With the other, he unbuttoned her blouse. Understanding what he wanted, she helped me remove his clothing.

"Did you bring a condom?" Jessica asked him.

Jay pulled one out of his back pocked, "Yes, my lady."

Once the two of them were completely naked, Jessica pounced on Jay, causing the two of them to lie on the dirty bathroom floor. The pair made out vigorously.

Jay gave her butt a strong squeeze and she winced in pain.


Jay nibbled on her neck and trailed down to her breasts. He licked her right breast while circling the other one with his finger.

"oooh!" Jessica yelled out in excitement.

Ignoring the other breast, his tongue reached her stomach and he used it to circle inside of her belly button.

Jessica pushed Jay away from her and positioned her mouth in front of his member. She placed it in her palm and lightly licked it.


Jessica placed the entire thing in her mouth and gently sucked on it. Sperm squirted out of him and into her mouth.

"Mmm... Yummy," Jessica said seductively.

Jay smirked at her and spread her legs. He inserted his tongue into her pussy.


"You're so tight."

"Deeper, Jay. Deeper!"

Jay pushed his tongue as deep as he could and roamed inside of her. Then, he used his fingers, and finally his penis.

"Jay, faster!" she begged.

Jay could feel her muscles contracting inside of her as he pumped in and out. The duo moaned together as they climaxed, his juice spilled inside of her.

"Shit!" Jay exclaimed after recovering his energy, "I forgot to use the condom."

Regaining her energy, Jessica hugged his back. He moaned softly from her hard nipples against his back.

"It's okay, I have some birth control pills."

*ding dong*

"Class time, see you here tomorrow," Jay said as he finished dressing and ran out the door.

Jessica stayed behind for a little while and smiled secretly to herself.