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TitleAuthor(s)Main Artiste(s)Last Updated
The Vow (BBFFMS) Part 1(Complete)Tink (Love My Phone)Yi Jeong ,Ga Eul16 May 2014
My Loved One (Moved) [Completed]ann_horXi Men & Xiao You5 May 2014
To Shatter A Heart Breaker [Completed]Ebru [NEW STORY]Hebe Tian, Aaron Yan and more8 Mar 2014
终极一班4:老大不好当 (Completed)Xue Qing林子闳 文雨非 终极一班3众演员26 Jan 2014
I Vow I'll Make You Mine, My Love [COMPLETE]http://www.asianfanfics.comYunjae WINGLIN BROKEN18 Jan 2014
Wayward Lover [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong, Wang Xinling, Lee Junki, Shibasaki K8 Dec 2013
Clue (Halloween Special) *Completed*magnolia_saraMyolie, Bosco, Raymond, Tavia, Kenneth, Bernice7 Dec 2013
A Complete FamilyRossLaura 5 Dec 2013
The Truth Hurts [Complete]Pearlescentexo Kai + OC4 Dec 2013
I Will Pray For You [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong, Wang Xinling, Kim Junsu, Godfrey Gao29 Nov 2013
Epiphyllum (Completed)akLouis Koo, Jessica Hsuan24 Nov 2013
My Little Taiwanese Wife [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong, Wang Xinling, Kim Junsu22 Nov 2013
Mr. Death & the Shepherdess [complete] BleedLikeMe Kim Jaejoong & Wang Xinling20 Nov 2013
Fighter: Know No Limits [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong, Wang Xinling, Lee Junki, Shibasaki K20 Nov 2013
Polar Opposites (Completed)meltedRuco. Tavia. Raymond. Michelle. Wallace.13 Nov 2013
Vampire †wins [complete]Sykotica&BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong, Lee Junki, Wang Xinling3 Nov 2013
Boys Next Door -Completed-MISTRESS_VALOYunJae3 Nov 2013
Tango -Completed-MISTRESS_VALOPark Yoochun/OC3 Nov 2013
A Race To My Heart (COMPLETE)EmerhelienaMax & other DBSK members21 Oct 2013
N E X Trilogy [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong & Wang Xinling20 Oct 2013
The Heart Was Made To Be Broken (COMPLETE)SJKMCWSong Joong Ki <3 Moon Chae Won20 Oct 2013
After Dark [complete]BleedLikeMeXinling, JYJ: Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun16 Oct 2013
Gaea's Locket (completed)NikkiKaoriHey! Say! JUMP & OC16 Oct 2013
Be With You *COMPLETE*justcrazyUChristian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go12 Oct 2013
The One (Completed)Shaylynn Jefferson 3 Oct 2013
Chance to Meet My Umma [COMPLETE]SpringmiyaYunjae, Changmin28 Sep 2013
The Legend of EXO - 2 Shots (Completed)theblupearlEXO members28 Sep 2013
Falling In Love Again (COMPLETED)joann12194Lee Teuk, Kang So Ra24 Sep 2013
SMTown's Little Sister ♥ [Complete]yslovessmtownMembers of SMTown19 Sep 2013
Long Long Wedding (Complete)Ling Mei MeiXY & XM, SC & DMS, MZ & XQ, JING & LEI18 Sep 2013
The Promise (REPOST + COMPLETED)joann12194Lee Teuk, Kang So Ra, Jung Jin Woon, Tiffany Hwang16 Sep 2013
Exchanged (completed)Aici 5 Sep 2013
You stole her heart.. and mine. [COMPLETED]clhqFala Chen, Bosco Wong, Niki Chow, Ron Ng1 Sep 2013
Breaking Silence [OS] COMPLETEDx3CandyAaron Yan & Hebe Tian24 Aug 2013
Nemesis (Completed)Xue QingGuigui Aaron Wangzi Hebe Genie Jiro Calvin19 Aug 2013
When I'm Scared (One-Shot) [COMPLETED]f1541Jung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong of DBSK (YunJae)16 Aug 2013
The Summer I Loved Again [COMPLETED]countryonmybackRachelle Ann Go & Christian Bautista15 Aug 2013
That Fateful Night (One-Shot) [COMPLETED]f154Yunho & Jaejoong (YunJae) of DBSK13 Aug 2013
My Boo Is All I Wanted [Completed]K-ssღKim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho. [YunJae]10 Aug 2013
Bosses' Love [COMPLETED]f153YunJae: Yunho, Jaejoong, DBSK, SNSD, Siwon6 Aug 2013
The Baddest Chick in the Game [COMPLETED]Lady AineeKim Jaejoong, Athena (OC), JYJ3 Aug 2013
Talk.Play.Love [COMPLETED]Take_FlightJunsu, Ri In, Changmin, Fictional Girl2 Aug 2013
Pay Back Time Kim Jaejoong (complete)VampirePrinceYunJae26 Jul 2013
GRAVITY [Completed] & Other FicsmemoryRyYunJae23 Jul 2013
Don't Say Goodbye (REPOST) COMPLETEjjtetetJung Yunho Kim Jaejoong Shim Changmin21 Jul 2013
Second Wedding (COMPLETED)joann12194Lee Teuk, Kang So Ra13 Jul 2013
protectors (COMPLETED)ayumi13chunjoe (ljoexchunji), nap (capxniel), changrick11 Jul 2013
Passers-by to Lovers (Completed)Block-sterHan Seungyeon, Lee Jinki (Onew), Jessica Jung, etc8 Jul 2013
Lost Memories (COMPLETED)joann12194Ok Taec Yeon, Wu Ying Jie(Gui Gui)6 Jul 2013
超能力爱情 *Completed*bubblygal六男,六女23 Jun 2013
My Heart Beats Only For You [REPOST] [COMPLETED]DarkAngelEunhyuk, Donghae and Fictional21 Jun 2013
Partners In Crime (PIC) [Completed]alibbHebe Tian, Aaron Yan, Fala Chen, Raymond Lam21 Jun 2013
I Love You Jae [COMPLETED]f15YunJae: Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, DBSK, Kim Junho19 Jun 2013
Homeless (Yaoi) [R] [Completed]AyuYunJae,YooSu,Changmin15 Jun 2013
The Story Of Us [Completed]ann_horKen Zhu & Rainie Yang11 Jun 2013
Bad Company*(Completed)*stoccboy05Bekah Kim, Taecyeon OK, 2PM, After School, others7 Jun 2013
Unfaithful [completed]moonliteYunjae4 Jun 2013
[COMPLETED] Merciless LoopfreakymondayKojima Haruna & Oshima Yuuko4 Jun 2013
Reckless Hearts [M] (Complete)didiFRH, S.H.E, Pets, Xiu, YingJie(鬼鬼), YiZhen(五熊)29 May 2013
LOVE PACT [Romantic Comedy] [COMPLETED]Berna.^^Kwon Jiyong x Sandara Park29 May 2013
Birth Of Passion (Yaoi) [R] [Completed]AyuYunJae21 May 2013
Mr & Miss [pretentious] Perfect [COMPLETED!}crunch:) Ninomiya Kazunari &&& Toda Erika :)17 May 2013
My Love In Seoul (complete)caizhe serenadesoo young,jung yong hwa,yoo seung ho16 May 2013
The Third Wheel (Completed)meltedKenneth Ma. Tavia Yeung. Selena Li.15 May 2013
Trauma [completed]alienacassYunjae14 May 2013
Just the Two of Us / completedjungsyunho/jaejoong, yunho/junsu13 May 2013
=Cold Bloody Love= [Completed]XibiYanAaron, Hebe, Jiro, Danson, Wang Zi, Wu Chun, Ella13 May 2013
Possessive Lies (COMPLETED)alibb aka tiancaiTavia Yeung, Raymond Lam,Ron Ng, Fala Chen10 May 2013
My Scallywag Senior or Serious Sensei!? COMPLETEDcrunch/th1rd3ye:) Sakurai Sho &&& Keiko Kitagawa :)7 May 2013
Broken Glass (One-Shot) *COMPLETED*S.A ChenSuzy Bae & Kim Soo Hyun3 May 2013
My First Love [COMPLETED]f152ndYunho/Jaejoong DB5K Siwon/Changmin Heechul/Donghae30 Apr 2013
I LOVE YOU, MISS !!!!! [ONE-SHOT] [COMPLETED]XibiYanAaron Yan & Hebe Tian29 Apr 2013
Simple Life (Completed)xiaopanzzArron Yan and Hebe Tian23 Apr 2013
Mr. Jung (Yaoi) [R] [Complete]AyuYunJae Minor!YooSu Changmin17 Apr 2013
Ocean Sky: Short Nautical Fantasies [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong & Wang Xinling14 Apr 2013
Let's Dance! [Complete]•°•.Ka-lii.•°•Yoosu[<-Main]-Yunjae- Changmin11 Apr 2013
I Think I Can Love You [one-shot] [completed]XibiYanAaron Yan & Hebe Tian5 Apr 2013
Two seeds. Me and You. Roots of LOVE*COMPLETED*PinkyPotatoAaron, Hebe, Sulli, Taemin3 Apr 2013
Broken Beyond Repair (Yaoi) [R] [Completed]AyuYunJae,YooSu,KiMin30 Mar 2013
Winter Love [COMPLETED]BoscolieevaBosco Wong and Myolie30 Mar 2013
Love Rain [one-shot] [completed]XibiYanHebe Tian and Aaron Yan29 Mar 2013
Secret Feeling [one shot] [Completed]XibiYanAaron Yan and Hebe Tian24 Mar 2013
It's You [One-Shot] [Completed]XibiYanHebe Tian and Aaron Yan20 Mar 2013
King and the beauties - COMPLETEDmaigirl2001Raymond, Qian, Myolie, Bosco, Michelle and Ron10 Mar 2013
InCompleteviaJung Yunho YunJae Kim Jaejoong10 Mar 2013
Cupid Sister's [Completed]XibiYanGenie Zhou, Hebe Tian, Aaron yan and others21 Feb 2013
Cupid's Mom Said So [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong, Wang Xinling, and the Boys3 Feb 2013
Open Up (completed)alteringviewsYunho, Yoochun, Changmin24 Jan 2013
Love Above All (Yaoi) [Completed]AyuRicDy,Cameo:YunJae19 Jan 2013
You Belong With Me (Complete)T!nkGui Gui, Aaron Yan Ya Lun14 Jan 2013
When love finds you (Complete)T!nkGui Gui, Aaron Yan Ya Lun13 Jan 2013
For the Love of Him (COMPLETED)T!NKJi Hoo F4 Ga Eul Jandi other11 Jan 2013
Youngest of Pieces - [Black & White] - COMPLETEdevonalias5 Pieces (fictional) SM Town FT Island k-pop, more11 Jan 2013
I will be Waiting... [COMPLETED]BoscolieevaTavia Yeung and Ron Ng6 Jan 2013
Maybe, Perhaps, Possibly. Completed.teeAaron Yan, Hebe Tian, more5 Jan 2013
Let Me Hear Your Voice [Complete]LaurenGeeJay Park, Clara (fic)31 Dec 2012
OH NO!? Love My Name! [COMPLETED]crunch:) Ohno Satoshi &&& Maki Horikita :)26 Dec 2012
Love Like a Snowflake (One-Shot: Completed)silveroak_smChangmin, Junsu, MinSu26 Dec 2012
Locking In Love (COMPLETE)StaRcodeShow, Rainie, Aaron, Hebe, Jiro, Cyndi26 Dec 2012
X-MAS GIRL (One-Shot) (Completed)XibiYanHebe Tian and Aaron Yan24 Dec 2012
Complete Our Family PortraityuichiJaejoong Kim and Boa Kwon24 Dec 2012
White Lies [COMPLETED]shinhwaveeYunjae23 Dec 2012
If Only [oneshot] (Completed)CElivesinmyheartWu Chun & Ella Chen23 Dec 2012
{completed} Mood SwingslildragongurlJung Daehyun & Han Sunhwa18 Dec 2012
{completed} Her & ThemlildragongurlJang Wooyoung, Kwon Jiyong, Min Sunye17 Dec 2012
Don't Say Goodbye [Completed]ChunheartsEllaChun and Ella17 Dec 2012
Humble Wishes,Tender Kisses (Yaoi) [Completed]AyuYunJae13 Dec 2012
C L I M A X [R] - [Completed]Berna.^^Kwon Jiyong , Sandara Park, Ahn Sohee12 Dec 2012
Journey To The Past (Yaoi) [R] [Completed]AyuTopRi,JaeHo8 Dec 2012
Make It Uncomplicated (Yaoi) [R] [Completed]AyuTopRi,JaeHo8 Dec 2012
Best Friends->Enemies->Friends->Lovers [Completed]LuzChaHebe Tian, Aaron Yan, S.H.E., Fahrenheit, and more8 Dec 2012
Somewhere Between Friendship & Love -[COMPLETED]-freakymondayKojima Haruna & Oshima Yuko2 Dec 2012
Love through Ages (R) (one-shot) [Completed]moonliteYunjae, Yoosu, Changmin22 Nov 2012
P e r f e c t Moment (One-shot/Completed)Block-sterHan Seungyeon and Lee Jinki (Onew)11 Nov 2012
Miss Numb (One-shot*Completed)Block-sterAngie Black (OC)9 Nov 2012
The Deal [Completed]ann_horXi Men & Xiao You6 Nov 2012
✖ YAOi HiGH ✖ [COMPLETED]Tan Xue LeiDBSK SuJu F.T.Island Big Bang SHINee5 Nov 2012
After long months... [Completed]Paola♥Yunho + Jaejoong = YunJae ♥3 Nov 2012
Unexpected Thing a.k.a Love - [Completed]Byul MiYunJae31 Oct 2012
My Love For You - [Completed]Byul MiYooSu30 Oct 2012
Just the Two of Us [completed]moonliteYunjae27 Oct 2012
Healing Hearts,Fading Scars (Yaoi) [Completed]AyuYunJae24 Oct 2012
One Soul [complete]BleedLikeMeKim Jaejoong, Wang Xinling, Ashida Mana20 Oct 2012
爱的主旋律 (Love Theme) -COMPLETED-7717CN Blue 郑容和, SNSD 徐贤15 Oct 2012
Ugly [completed]moonliteYunjae12 Oct 2012
SURVIVAL - completedbunny earsGillian Chung, Edison Chen11 Oct 2012
Maze (COMPLETED)alovesjKim Jaejoong, Shim Changmin, & Fictional5 Oct 2012
Secret Only I Should Know [COMPLETE]RaichuLoveChangmin (DBSK), Junno (KAT-TUN)25 Sep 2012
Pieces of Love (Oneshot) -COMPLETED-celestineblueSong Joongki, Moon Chaewon, Park Siyeon (Nice Guy)24 Sep 2012
The Promise [complete]PearlescentKai + OC20 Sep 2012
[One-shot] Will He Ever Smile Again? [Completed]ErrICCA_sjhJongKey [Jonghyun x Gwiboon]17 Sep 2012
Ngumiti Ka Na <3 *completed one-shot*potato2424Christian Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go16 Sep 2012
Once upon a Shooting Star (COMPLETED)pumpkin2424Christian Bautista, Rachelle Ann Go16 Sep 2012
Dancing In The Dark -complete!-agumonXIA Kim Junsu, JAE Kim Jaejoong, JYJ13 Sep 2012
My Heaven - COMPLETEDoliveYou, Kim Jaejoong11 Sep 2012
Dreaming of You [COMPLETED]shinhwaveeYunJae, Yoosu - Special Appearance by Shinhwa11 Sep 2012
One Fine Dream (Completed)raindrop_symphonyKim Junsu and Female OC5 Sep 2012
Love in Andalusia (one-shot) [Complete]AmihanaYaotome Hikaru x OC, Yabu Kouta, Takaki Yuya31 Aug 2012
Darkened Heart (completed)yjjychosu, slight yoosu28 Aug 2012
SuJu.JR!A Happy Chaos [REPOST] -COMPLETED-FoxxieLexxieSuper Junior Couples27 Aug 2012
The Laughable Marriage *COMPLETE*PurpleXiaobashiJung Yunho, You (the Reader) and others26 Aug 2012
My Wishes - CompletedskullboyYunjae26 Aug 2012
He's Got A Halo [Short FanFic Completed]Lady_AineeJung Yonghwa, Seohyun, CNBlue24 Aug 2012
Forever Mine [Completed]yunjae1804Yunjae ! Jung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong :)18 Aug 2012
A Forgotten Love (COMPLETED)joann12194Nichkhun, Victoria, Chang Min and Yoo Na17 Aug 2012
True love exists COMPLETED ONESHOTvintageforever2No Minwoo Park Eunji (fictional character)17 Aug 2012
That one cafe (oneshot) COMPLETEDvintageforeverKwangmin from Boyfriend, You17 Aug 2012
Loving You Forever - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond Lam and Charmaine Sheh15 Aug 2012
Wanting You (Two-Shot) [[Completed]]LynnHaeSakurai Sho & Horikita Maki11 Aug 2012
Entrapped into Love (Completed)OnyxAriezzYunJae (main) Yoosu (minor)11 Aug 2012
Chinese Exchange Students (Yaoi) [R] [Completed]AyuSiHan YunJae KyuMi YooSu HenWook MinKhun3 Aug 2012
It Started with a Wedding [Completed]Lady AineeKim Jaejoong, Reader, JYJ25 Jul 2012
Apocalyptic Red [complete]BleedLikeMeShow, Cyndi, GD, CL, TOP, Minzy, Sugizo, Kou19 Jul 2012
Angel, Your World (One-shot) [COMPLETE]minhosgirlygirlLay (Yixing) You as Kimberly Chung Chanyeol19 Jul 2012
Rooftop Prince - Park Ha's Love Story [completed]OlivePark Ha - Yong Taeyong14 Jul 2012
The Worst Gift (Completed) - One Shot StorycathyhatehimGuiLun (GuiGui, Aaron Yan)11 Jul 2012
Attention [One-Shot] - CompletedCherriopeiaYunho & Jaejoong (YunJae)8 Jul 2012
Someone Like You (Completed)DearICJung Yunho & Kwon BoA26 Jun 2012
Down To Mars a fantasy story [COMPLETED]JD ViasonDown To Mars Group23 Jun 2012
Until We Meet Again (COMPLETED)YuchanInoo Kei, OC22 Jun 2012
YOU BET!!! [COMPLETED]Xiao ZhenChun, Ella, Jerry Yan, SHE, Fahrenheit, GuiGui16 Jun 2012
Love Is Ouch [Complete]LaurenGee2NE1, Taemin&Key(SHINee), Kim JaeJoong, Lee Minho15 Jun 2012
Four Seasons (Cont'd) - CompletedminimulanSM (SJ/DBSK/SNSD)13 Jun 2012
One BIG Family [complete]peachpiggsuper junior & fictionals12 Jun 2012
I Love you...Always [T.O.P & DaeSung] (Complete)Cheese_Ohmyx!Daesung, T.O.P & Big Bang11 Jun 2012
The Bittersweet [Completed]He &IHebe Tian; Aaron Yan8 Jun 2012
I Need You In My Life [COMPLETED]A N A H ilee chaerin│kim jaejoong│park yoochun│2NE1&DBSK6 Jun 2012
爱,不用说(completed)谜雪,chocolate布丁炎亚纶,吴映洁6 Jun 2012
It Takes Two [Complete]LaurenGeeLee Seungri, Kim Heawon (fic), Big Bang1 Jun 2012
m a m a . oneshot [completed]taorisyeoltao . kris31 May 2012
Dear Princess, a fairytale story [complete]BleedLikeMeShow Luo, Cyndi Wang30 May 2012
P L E D G E [R][Completed]XiahticwiveKwon BoA, Kim Jaejoong, Lee Donghae, Sandara Park30 May 2012
Twisted Fairytale Land [complete]BleedLikeMeShow Luo, Cyndi Wang28 May 2012
Within Your ArmstinkobellEUNHAE * Super Junior - [COMPLETED]28 May 2012
Connected Souls [Complete]CrashedANGELKey, Fictional, SHINee26 May 2012
Acrontyllia [COMPLETED]akai-no-rubii & rurida~慧HSJ & chosen girls25 May 2012
Under the Desk (one-shot) [Completed]moonliteYunjae24 May 2012
Orphanage Love (Completed)KiJaeChulYunJae20 May 2012
【纯纯的爱情】[COMPLETED]summer_snow鬼鬼 , 王子 , 丫头 , 小薰 , 阿伟18 May 2012
The Real Deal (COMPLETE)zygnetChun and Ella16 May 2012
Different Love (Completed)momofuku2PM15 May 2012
Mission YunJae: Accomplished (Completed)KiJaeChulYunJae (other SuJu & DBSK Couples)15 May 2012
He All That [Completed]Kimbab ssi_김밥ღKim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, HyunJoong [Main: Yunjae]15 May 2012
Where Love Should Be (Completed)Nicole Colene ChuaAaron Yan, Gui Gui, Wu Chun and Ella Chen14 May 2012
Lessons from Cupids (Completed)Nicole Colene ChuaGuiLun and ChunElla14 May 2012
A Match Made in Heaven (AA Challenge) CompletedNicole Colene ChuaWu Chun and Ella Chen14 May 2012
You're the One I've Been Waiting For (Completed)Nicole Colene ChuaWu Chun and Ella Chen14 May 2012
Finding You (Completed)RaichuLoveYamapi, Ryo, Shoon, Yunho, Junno, Jaejoong14 May 2012
Is it even possible with him? [ Completed ]exaltedheartscreamSuper Junior, you(Soo Yun)13 May 2012
L.O.V.E (One-Shot) [Complete]kwonx3BoJoong (Kwon Boa - Kim Jaejoong)8 May 2012
Heartbreak Warfare [COMPLETED]XiahticwifeKim Jaejoong, Kwon BoA8 May 2012
I Love Him But Does He Love Me? ~COMPLETED~BEASTistheB2STKi Kwang and Junhyung~JunKwang~ *YAOI*6 May 2012
Almost Lovers [One Shot - Complete]ObscuredmadnessWu Chun and Ella Chen4 May 2012
Tell Me Goodbye [Completed]Cheese_ohmyx!Big Bang4 May 2012
My 6 PlayBoys [R]ated[S]mut (COMPLETED)Niina StarrzBeast , Keoni Lang (FIC)3 May 2012
Only you are in my heart (Completed)kpop_fanLee Joon and Chae Yeon30 Apr 2012
My Christmas 'PRESENT' [COMPLETED]C andy . C anesJAEJOONG &&. YOU30 Apr 2012
Sashimi Boy (one-shot) [Completed]moonliteYunjae, Maeda Atsuko29 Apr 2012
Make me remember you (complete)absennumber22TOP, fictional, G-Dragon, Bigbang, 2NE127 Apr 2012
Love Of Yakuza *completed*KijaraYunJae25 Apr 2012
Such is Life [Completed]teetreeNicholas/Raymond/Ron/Charlene/Joey/Tavia25 Apr 2012
Niga Jeil Joha [I Like You The Best] [COMPLETED]SooYeon92Fictionals, B2ST (mainly Doojoon) & Kpop idols24 Apr 2012
Tattoo (one-shot) [COMPLETED]moonliteYunjae23 Apr 2012
Heechul and his boyfriends COMPLETEDjungsHankyung/Heechul ; Heechul/everyone (Super Junior)22 Apr 2012
Stand by You (COMPLETE)cerberusjump27Inoo Kei X OC20 Apr 2012
im just another person(complete)percy michaeltaemin and you with SHINee19 Apr 2012
Chase Me (Completed)Lopsidemaniac(Yaoi +18) Mblaq Lee JoonX Beast Kikwang18 Apr 2012
New Day, New Year [COMPLETED]catnhatElla Chen, Wu Chun17 Apr 2012
IncompleteAviPWoNderLyfWonder Girls, BIg Bang and mOrE!!!16 Apr 2012
Our Accidental Baby [Completed]StoriesWriterTiffany Hwang Choi Siwon16 Apr 2012
An Appetizer for Breakfast [R] (Completed)changlineDonghae and female character10 Apr 2012
It. (Complete)KaiDBSK (TVXQ), SHINee, Super Junior9 Apr 2012
This is Utopia [Completed]DeviLaughJaejoong, DBSK, and any other kpop group8 Apr 2012
To Kill Or Love (complete)JooJaelee JooYeon Kim JaeJoong6 Apr 2012
Café Hanuel (Completed)Dindin96Sulhu ( x-5 ), Ann ( Fictional )3 Apr 2012
The Man in Front of You [Completed]JokinglangMinho, Sandara, Jiyong (GD)28 Mar 2012
Chasing Dreams - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond and Charmaine28 Mar 2012
Hotdog [completed]moonliteYunjae25 Mar 2012
I'll Meet You... In Heaven [complete]shineegirl4everJunsu, , Park Yeonhee(OC)21 Mar 2012
Don't leave me *****(@COMPLETED@)*****kaddictKris Lawrence and Rachelle Ann Go21 Mar 2012
When ♥ knocks into you and me...*COMPLETE*PinkyPotatoAaron Yan, Hebe Tian, Serena Fang, Jiro Wang18 Mar 2012
♡{{[[-----♡ Too Different ♡-----]]}}♡ [COMPLETED]sweetestcookiePark YooChun DBSK & CL 2NE117 Mar 2012
Destiny(Completed)XtremeShow Luo, Aaron Yan, Rainie Yang, Hebe Tien16 Mar 2012
my fairytale (completed)aprilRainOC, 2pm16 Mar 2012
I love You Forever - [Completed]Byul MiYunJae13 Mar 2012
Snowberries Love Story (Complete)butterdilyskang jiyoung (KARA) & Minho (Shinee)13 Mar 2012
I do ; I do . [One Shot] COMPLETEDx3CandyAaron Yan & Hebe Tien11 Mar 2012
Noona... Saranghae...*Complete*ChaeTaeKeyLee Taemin, YOU and Kim Kibum (Key)10 Mar 2012
Your T Y P I C A L Rich Boy *complete*disfuncshionalD-NA and You8 Mar 2012
My Story/ One Shot Collection/ *complete*disfuncshional, MICKEYVarious Kpop and Jpop artists8 Mar 2012
Heiress of L O V E *Complete*disfuncshionalB2ST/ Beast and Fictionals8 Mar 2012
步步惊心之步步为营 (completed)Nicole步步惊心 卡司7 Mar 2012
fated(completed)amanda teoselina ,hebe ,ella7 Mar 2012
勾勾手 (Completed)chocolate布丁炎亚纶,吴映洁6 Mar 2012
Intertwined Destinies [complete]jaceniJaemin / Minjae, Hosu, Yoosu, DBSK5 Mar 2012
The Hardest Thing (One-Shot; Complete)ChristAineXtineWu Zun and Ella Chen3 Mar 2012
Fights or die… [Completed]SoneaYeongDBSK - JaeMin2 Mar 2012
Day of Vengeance [R] (Completed)ChaeYoKwon Hwae Ri [YOU] & Junhyung & Hyun Seung1 Mar 2012
Lost and Found (Completed)joann12194Nichkhun Horvejkul, Victoria Song1 Mar 2012
An Unwanted Child *completed*babyangelholicYUNJAE~!!28 Feb 2012
OUR COLOR - Completed -Nakajima KagamiHey!Say!JUMP23 Feb 2012
A Valentine's Day Special [Completed]miss_vickyB.A.P (OOC) & Fictional Girls~22 Feb 2012
Insanely Sane [ONE SHOT~ COMPLETED]ICEDCOFFEEKim Jaejoong; Fictional17 Feb 2012
Eventually, I got you. [COMPLETED]CarameLatteYunjae vs Homin17 Feb 2012
Love Like Roses *Completed*daffy_duckElla (S.H.E.), Wu Chun (Fahrenheit), Jerry Yan16 Feb 2012
Dream Come True [COMPLETE]vHeMRaQXLR8, vHeMRaQ, POP Girls16 Feb 2012
[completed] of music bank and reunionssummertangerinedbsk/tvxq, YunJae, YooSu, OT515 Feb 2012
HEART (COMPLETE)loveloveyunjae2yunjae15 Feb 2012
♥ S P I C A ★ The Brightest Stars (COMPLETED)h i m i t s ufictionals & kpop13 Feb 2012
Desire - CompletedSusanJerry Yan, Barbie Hsu13 Feb 2012
Love-rador *COMPLETED*yalWu Chun, Ella Chen13 Feb 2012
MAILS-CALLS-MEET UPS (Completed)loveloveyunjae1DBSK pairing is a secret :)10 Feb 2012
Who should I love?(Completed)dotbebu or GuiLun????9 Feb 2012
Diary of a not so popular girl-CompleteddotHebe and Aaron =bebu5 Feb 2012
My Guardian Angel (Completed)dotHebe Tian & Aaron Yan2 Feb 2012
Teukie Umma Told Me TO! *Completed*rukia1335Leeteuk Yesung Kyuhyun Siwon YongHwa1 Feb 2012
Before Shen Yin and Pi Li MIT (Completed)TikisomiaAaron Yan1 Feb 2012
Please Come Back 2~COMPLETED~SuJuDBSKKhunYoung,TaecHo1 Feb 2012
Timeless Love (One-shot)-CompleteddotAaron and Hebe=bebu!!!!30 Jan 2012
Chemistry Forever (Completed)~Betty~Wu Chun & Ella Chen (Forever Couple)30 Jan 2012
Oppa^^ (COMPLETE!!)MinahOc's ,TVXQ5 & other idols25 Jan 2012
You Struck a Chord in My Heart [COMPLETE]KazuYamashita Tomohisa x OC + NEWS23 Jan 2012
Hilarious events of trying to win love(Completed)dotHebe Tian, Aaron Yan, Mike He, Rainie Yang22 Jan 2012
Wounded Angel [Two Shots] [Completed]winterdeerYunho Jaejoong YunJae OC21 Jan 2012
Double Combo [R] (Completed)SoWeGD & TOP and OC21 Jan 2012
Beautiful Girl(M)-CompletesailortrinityElla Chen as Chun Wu?18 Jan 2012
HOMECOMING Completedmeteor1F4 & Barbie Xu18 Jan 2012
The Shadow of a Fate so Cruel (COMPLETE)h i m i t s uKim Heechul (Super Junior) + You (OC)18 Jan 2012
Love vs Death~(completed)possessedpopheechul15 Jan 2012
First Love (Completed) - (Finale chap edited)StaRcodeShow Luo and Rainie Yang15 Jan 2012
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g h o s t w h i s p e r s . (completed)kazzy. (akashiadanielle)▌ahn sohee (+) gasoos (&) nongasoos ▌5 Jan 2012
Miss Cinderella (Completed)dotAaron Yan, Hebe Tien4 Jan 2012
Remember This Day (Completed)娜娜Wangzi 王子 Gui Gui 鬼鬼4 Jan 2012
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Undying Love(49 Days Imaginary Sequel)*COMPLETED*Jung SuHero Jaejoong,Moon Geun Young,Kim Bum,Nam Gyu Ri3 Jan 2012
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I'm A Lesbian Oppa ; That's Okay [COMPLETED]Niina StarrzChoi Minah (FIC), yang yoseob , BEAST, OC1 Dec 2011
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【原来我们早就喜欢彼此了...】 [ONE-SHOT][COMPLETED]summer_snow鬼鬼,炎亚纶,丫头,王子24 Nov 2011
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Don't Count On It [COMPLETE]sw33tfruitylo0Lee Min Jeong (You), Kim JaeJoong, Nichkhun25 Jun 2011
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~Le Désespoir~ YAOI (R) [complete]schreientYunho, Jaejoong [YUNJAE] Jonghun, Hongki [JONGKI]22 Jun 2011
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★ ★ ★ Catch That Star ★ ★ ★ [COMPLETED]little_stars★ GuiGui ★ WangZi ★ WeiYu ★ HongShi28 May 2011
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One Night Stand (R) (COMPLETED)♥XOXO♥GuiLun, Fahrenheit28 May 2011
Mr.Annoying(COMPLETE)CTLSAki Torio and Faith Saji-in28 May 2011
Music Box - COMPLETEDyehl :)Taeyang, G-Dragon, You28 May 2011
Have you ever thought? (Completed)Bibi_loveGuiGui, WangZi, Guiwang27 May 2011
To See Your Smile [COMPLETED]ObsidianTheatreShim Changmin (DBSK) Original Character27 May 2011
The Pretty and The Hottie [Completed]♥cherishGui Gui and Aaron Yan17 May 2011
Love Is...Eternity (Completed)DolphinRaymond Lam, Linda Chung, and Other TVB Artists16 May 2011
Jugular Vein (One-shot) [Completed]heaDeVil^23Jonghyun and a Fictional Character, SHINee13 May 2011
Destined Choices [COMPLETED]th1rd3yeKIM BUM&SO EUN! Kim Ki Bum(SJ) & BOF cast.13 May 2011
Not Alone ~~COMPLETE~~naeddnaDBSK: YunJae and YooSu, *NC-17* ~Yaoi~11 May 2011
Please see what you have instead of what you had…naeddnaSS501: 2HJ, MinKyu *Yaoi* ~~COMPLETE~~11 May 2011
Snow Love [Completed]Yunshi HimuraYunJae, YooSu [Minor]11 May 2011
Annyeong (Completed)chuforyouChu Ga Eul and Kim Sang Bum10 May 2011
Cheating [COMPLETED]princessjulietteTaemin, Minho, TRAX Jungmo (2min and JungTae)9 May 2011
I Hate You But I'm Falling For You *COMPLETED*annjunseobYang Yoseob, Gayoon, Son Dongwoon and SoHyun6 May 2011
误上冤家的床(complete)今生今世♥鬼纶王道♥炎亚纶&鬼鬼5 May 2011
LAB(COMPLETE)CTLSArkin Del Rosario,Alai San Pedro3 May 2011
Divide by Zero [Complete]miss_yoosuYOOSU2 May 2011
Fatal Attraction (Completed)MalkomSHINee [2Min, JongKey]2 May 2011
Umma, we have a problem. [ Completed ]lennyeatscarsKikwang + Chansung + IU2 May 2011
You Again ♥COMPLETE♥PurpleSocks (GinaBean)Yun♥Jae (YAY!)1 May 2011
Lust In You - CompletedBoongieYunhoyaYunho, Changmin, Homin, TVXQ, Yaoi30 Apr 2011
The Play [One-shot] completed•°•.Ka-lii.•°•[Yoochun x Junsu] Yoosu30 Apr 2011
DôNG BāNG SHíN Kï (R) *completed*TVXQfangirl85DBSK + fictionals30 Apr 2011
To Protect Someone... (Complete)KaienHey! Say! JUMP30 Apr 2011
Just Not Over You [COMPLETED]MyxmusicAaron Yan 炎亞綸/ Hebe Tian 田馥甄29 Apr 2011
Noona, 사랑해 ♥ [one-shot][Completed]123starS o o n g J o o n g K i x Song J i H y o28 Apr 2011
Reborn (Complete)SheriokaHey!Say!JUMP & Applicants26 Apr 2011
SUJU .. DORM .. SISTER ?*completed*diyamir14super junior big bang25 Apr 2011
Beyond the Clouds [Completed]rayyTavia Yeung, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Bosco Wong25 Apr 2011
Unexpected Wish (Complete)cutie2shoeYunjae24 Apr 2011
Mirror Mirror [complete]Goingangnam4minute, Jeon Jiyoon, Kim Hyuna24 Apr 2011
I need you OS *Completed*XiaoErWu Chun and Ella Chen23 Apr 2011
Jerk Off! [COMPLETED]omodinoLee Kiseop, Kevin Woo, OC(s)23 Apr 2011
Killer Smile:Len's fairytale(COMPLETE)CTLSCaleb Santos,Len Domingo21 Apr 2011
Wonderful Life*complete*PinkyPotatoHebe, Aaron, Genie, Calvin, etc...20 Apr 2011
Starcrossed [Completed]KayohsJerry Yan & Ella Chen19 Apr 2011
Players Beware [Completed]OhNo_U_DidntAaron, Hebe, Bebu, SHE, Fahrenhiet & more18 Apr 2011
Do You Remember? [MF Challenge] - Completed.Block-sterChoi Minho, Krystal Jung18 Apr 2011
Wedding Dress (Completed)SheeverElla Chen and Wu Chun17 Apr 2011
Making Of Destiny-One-Shot **Complete**Tha●33You & Kim JaeJoong(JYJ)17 Apr 2011
This Ain't a Fairy Tale (COMPLETE)SHINETIGERB2ST/BEAST16 Apr 2011
SUGAR TASTE SALTY(completed)yamahaskiesyunho yuri jaejoong tiffany15 Apr 2011
Tomorrow's Not So Far Away {Yaoi} {COMPLETED}SweetSacrificeVSHINee {2MIN}15 Apr 2011
Stand and Live...Even If It Hurts [Completed]shadowkitsune13Lee JongHyun (CNBLUE) + Reader (One-Shot)14 Apr 2011
My Love 2 (Complete)Choi GinaBig Bang & You (Lee MinHo as: Joseph)14 Apr 2011
Duck Lake (completed)Avery AveretteTackey, Ryo, Jin, Pi and Tsubasa13 Apr 2011
Plan B (completed)Avery AveretteTackey & Tsubasa13 Apr 2011
Ulterior Motives (completed)Avery AveretteTackey & Tsubasa13 Apr 2011
Arigatou (completed)Avery AveretteTackey & Tsubasa13 Apr 2011
One for me [Completed]Carol & InesuSHINee12 Apr 2011
The Unsolved Sudoku (One-Shot) [Completed]heaDeVil^23Jonghyun and a Fictional Character12 Apr 2011
Taking the Risks [completed]cmbabydollRaymond, Ron, Bosco, Kevin, Tavia & more12 Apr 2011
Stuck In The Middle-COMPLETEDbluestoneJaejoong,you,Yoochun,Max9 Apr 2011
dont cry for me. (completed)smileygirlxoxofictional ft. lee seunghyun9 Apr 2011
Keep in mind that i love you [Completed]TSCGui gui , Aaron Yan& Reen9 Apr 2011
Friendly Marriage [Completed]Schedulex2TOOBIN8 Apr 2011
Betrayed (One shot) [Completed]TSCAaron Yan, Gui gui8 Apr 2011
My Bride - COMPLETEDyehlTOP, G-Dragon, Big Bang, you8 Apr 2011
We Don't Want To Get Married (COMPLETED)HersheyLee Joon(mblaq), IU, Junsu (2pm)7 Apr 2011
Twinkles [COMPLETED]lee minjaeOCs + KPOP7 Apr 2011
My Only You (completed)devilHua Ze Lei & Teng Tang Jing6 Apr 2011
After STAR RISING - MIO & ONLY (COMPLETE)devonaliasMIO & ONLY (fic), k-pop artists, more fictionals6 Apr 2011
The Great Jung Yunho - COMPLETEDyoojiyoolJungYunho, Kim Jaejoong6 Apr 2011
I Hate Storms.KadriahPadfootYunJae [One-Shot] {COMPLETED}4 Apr 2011
The Only Way (COMPLETED!)Kassyyy :)OC, Yong JunHyung, Lee KiKwang4 Apr 2011
From A Distance (One-shot) [Completed]FADOne_shotKwon Jiyong & Park Sandara2 Apr 2011
*** Kidnapped Wife - Part 1 (Completed) ***romantic_swan_lakeWu Chun & Ella Chen1 Apr 2011
His Last Song - MI Challenge [COMPLETED]SerendipityDBSK & Gillian Chung1 Apr 2011
MOON (new sm artist) (COMPLETE)charlie28Moon, fictionals, SM artists, k-pop31 Mar 2011
Waiting Room -R, Complete-lucid_liesDBSK - YunJae29 Mar 2011
Who Would've Known? (Completed)♥Malkom & Sungyo♥SHINee [2Min]28 Mar 2011
Arranged- Sequel- PART 2-COMPLETEDbluestone13Jaejoong,you,Khun, Taecyeon28 Mar 2011
Castles in the Air (COMPLETED)mono02Taemin [SHINee] Jiyoung [KARA]27 Mar 2011
King Of Hearts {MI Challenges} (Completed)sunshine_girlCalvin Chen ft. Fictional27 Mar 2011
Unconcealed Confession (completed)yuichiJaejoong Kim and Boa Kwon27 Mar 2011
Even The Heavens Cried For Me (One-Shot) Completedaphroditty.Changmin + OC27 Mar 2011
[COMPLETED] The Witches of 21st StreetKer2NE1 & BIGBANG27 Mar 2011
Gomenasai, JUMP (COMPLETED)RenyTakaki Yuya + JUMP26 Mar 2011
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{ Her Last Photograph } ㅣCompletedㅣJAYleneChoi MinHo, Fictional26 Mar 2011
The Bookstore Lovers [Completed]Shinki-MonkYunJae <324 Mar 2011
Forever and Always [Completed]♥cherishWang Zi, Gui Gui, Blackie24 Mar 2011
The Art of Suicide. [COMPLETED]XiahbooKim Junsu [JYJ] & Fictional24 Mar 2011
Phantom Memories (COMPLETED)hagocimitSandara Park with Kwon Jiyong, Park Bom&Lee Minho24 Mar 2011
The Shadows (COMPLETED)hagocimitKwon Jiyong, Sandara Park, Kim Jaejoong and Sulli24 Mar 2011
Unmask (M) (COMPLETED)hagocimitBigbang, 2NE124 Mar 2011
The Selfless Love (COMPLETED)hagocimitDara Park and Taeyang24 Mar 2011
Entangled Web (The Spiderweb of Love II)COMPLETEDhagocimitTopBom, RiRin, Daragon24 Mar 2011
Stubborn Hearts (COMPLETED)hagocimitG-dragon, Dara Park, Wooyoung24 Mar 2011
The Spiderweb of Love (COMPLETED)hagocimitTOP,Dara Park♥G-dragon,CL24 Mar 2011
The Hidden Love (COMPLETED)hagocimitDara Park and G-dragon24 Mar 2011
Donghae's Hyukkie Package [R] (Complete)dbsj0001HaeHyuk (DonghaexEunhyuk)22 Mar 2011
After School *Completed*StefuWooTaeWooTae & JunHyo & Another SNSD & 2Pm members22 Mar 2011
Vampire's Love [Completed]TSXNGui gui , Aaron , George , Reen22 Mar 2011
Welcome to high school of SEX and HELL! Completedamy91luvKeyShinee; DBSK; Suju; SNSD; Fictional21 Mar 2011
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My Past And Future Has You In It [COMPLETED]yoojiyoolKim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Shim Changmin20 Mar 2011
A Friend's Observation [Completed]♥cherishGui Gui, Aaron Yan, Jiro Wang20 Mar 2011
War Of Love (completed)JongRiKim JaeJoong/Joo yeon/(fic)Dae-ho/Chohee19 Mar 2011
the person i love the most (completed)annjunseobyong junhyung , yoon doojoon and yuki19 Mar 2011
I love you and it will never change completedTSXNGui gui , Aaron Yan & Reen (one shot)18 Mar 2011
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The Truth Revealed in Letters*Complete*BunniesOnTheMoonYunjae16 Mar 2011
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What We Had *Complete*BunniesOnTheMoonYunjae, Yunho, Jaejeoong16 Mar 2011
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环保出恋情2 (COMPLETED)Xue---_----Qing唐禹哲 王子 炎亚纶 Hebe 卓文萱 & more16 Mar 2011
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I'm Yours, Forever [Completed]Michi_no_SukiYunJae14 Mar 2011
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MEANT TO BE [NC17/COMPLETED]rieyoYunJae13 Mar 2011
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(First Series) Will Our Love End [COMPLETED]Chiyoko VangChunElla12 Mar 2011
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Igeon Jinli Ingeoda (This's the TRUTH) [COMPLETED]yoosu_minnieKyuhyun and Changmin,Yoosu10 Mar 2011
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Do You Remember? [M.Footsteps Challenge] CompleteRossEurekaChoi Minho, - Jung Krystal10 Mar 2011
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Our Eternity [Completed]cmbabydollRaymond Lam & Tavia Yeung7 Mar 2011
Jiyong or G-dragon? [completed]alicebeejiyong + yaemi7 Mar 2011
[COMPLETE] Parfaits and ChocolatesSivSemaKwon Jiyong x Sandara Park7 Mar 2011
My Beautiful[COMPLETED]DeliaCDelia,Emmi,Nicole and Beast7 Mar 2011
Keeping A Promise [One-Shot] [Complete]sw33tfruitylo0You, Kim Jonghyun6 Mar 2011
Vague Reason (completed)yuichiJaejoong Kim and Boa Kwon6 Mar 2011
倾听爱 ♥ Complete ♥choco-kele鬼鬼,炎亚纶和王子4 Mar 2011
The Not so classy diary of Rose COMPLETEDEmiFictional & Greek Goths3 Mar 2011
사랑전쟁 Love War [COMPLETE]luvu4lifeDongho-UKISS& Jae In-fic ft Suzy-MISS A& Soohyun1 Mar 2011
Rumor *One-shot: Complete*cherry.pineappleHyuna (4minute) & Minho (SHINee)1 Mar 2011
† Incomplete †MatsukenninolJonghyun, Sun Hi (Fictional), Jessica Jung, SHINee26 Feb 2011
December 1st [COMPLETED]WonderBinnieNichkhun & Victoria = KhunToria25 Feb 2011
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FTCF 2: The Boy Is Mine [Completed]MalkomSHINee [JongKey VS JongKyung]21 Feb 2011
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Styled To Love You {completed}JustYourQTLee Hana (reader), Kim Jonghyun, and SHINee !20 Feb 2011
It's Meant 2B {completed}JustYourQTChoi Yuna (reader), Lee Junho, and 2PM !20 Feb 2011
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Smile with me....Laugh with me (completed)emJames Reid and Devon Seron (Jaevon)18 Feb 2011
*♥繼續愛♥* ~Completed~x3White炎亞綸 鬼鬼 飛輪海 more~17 Feb 2011
Take Care Of My Eyes -Sad One Shot- {COMPLETED}Cindyy~ 16 Feb 2011
Until Whenever [Complete]LaurenGeeBig Bang15 Feb 2011
Our Faith in Love [Completed]cmbabydollRaymond Lam, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung15 Feb 2011
한 사람만을 (The One I Love) [completed]nappeunyojaKyuhyun (main) + Fictional (main) + Others15 Feb 2011
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Unforgettable Memories (Complete)RossEurekaWu Chun - Ella Chen11 Feb 2011
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Hot Chocolate & Ice Cream (completed)PearlescentLee Taemin + Fictional10 Feb 2011
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Hyung[Complete]Elizabeth8DKiseop(main) + Ukiss.9 Feb 2011
AnSexAddicted InLove Impossible[R]ight?(Completed)Latinita_Kpop<3You & Jaejoong And Others9 Feb 2011
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Sunsets[R] COMPLETEDSerenadeJaejoong, oc5 Feb 2011
Superstar or Jinx next door*complete*PinkyPotatoHebe, Fahrenheit, Selina, Ella4 Feb 2011
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[Repost] Misery of Life [COMPLETE]rining_melodyJung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong3 Feb 2011
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Mischievous Magic ~*Completed*~NonaNana, After School, L, JoKwon1 Feb 2011
Expect The Unexpected (COMPLETED)RenyYabu Kota and the other JUMP's members as extra31 Jan 2011
"Even So...I Love You" [ONE-SHOT] (Completed)JessicaLuthienOkajima31 Jan 2011
I Love You [one shot] [completed]KookieAaron and Gui Gui31 Jan 2011
A half my soul leaves me(one shot)[complete]SunflowerAaron yan & Gui gui30 Jan 2011
Seuss: Terrified [complete]RuweeChun & Ella30 Jan 2011
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A Christmas to remember [R] [one-shot] [completed]kookieGuilun28 Jan 2011
I bloody hate you. [COMPLETED]EHHLLIIE(:Yunjae28 Jan 2011
Memory Loss [Complete]TaeyeonieluverSNSD, DBSK, BB, SJ, WG, 2ne1.............26 Jan 2011
when you're gone... [complete]babyangelholicYUNJAE, HOMIN26 Jan 2011
the end of forever;; {completed}JustYourQTKahi (You), 2PM, and SHINee !26 Jan 2011
What is so Good about Changmin? [Completed]*** Nana Yu ***Changmin (DBSK), Fictional Girl24 Jan 2011
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Timeless Sorrow [Completed]Anonymous__facadeRon, Raymond, Charmaine, Tavia, Linda, Jacky23 Jan 2011
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Without You[One shot] [Complete]xiao_mei_meiguilun22 Jan 2011
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Spell Bondage*Continue**Completed*sailortrinityChun, Ella and Rainie.21 Jan 2011
Through the Pouring Rain [Complete]WiNd0wPaiNChu Ga Eul, Song Woo Bin, So Yi Jung20 Jan 2011
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The Birthday Present [ONE-SHOT] [COMPLETE]ghettoelectroLee Kiseop and Fictional character/You20 Jan 2011
Living with famous idiots! ~*Completed*~sujudork602Kyuhyun, Donghae, rest of suju, fictional girl19 Jan 2011
The Royalists[Complete]13suju15YOU, Infinite, ZE:A19 Jan 2011
Along the way, //CompletedteeHebe Tian, Aaron Yan, Ivy Chen, Mark Chao19 Jan 2011
Forever With You [Complete]LaurenGeeBig Bang, Gyuri&Jiyoung (KARA), Dara Bom CL (2NE1)17 Jan 2011
Of blowjobs leading to love confessions(completed)kik_kyYunjae (R)17 Jan 2011
Am I That Stupid? - Completed -Kim HeeChulLee Taemin & Lee Jinki (OnTae)17 Jan 2011
I Don't Know Anything But To Fall For You~COMPLETE★OnlyDubuStarG-Dragon And You [ONE-SHOT]17 Jan 2011
First Snow, First Kiss (One-Shot) COMPLETEstarryeyedloveOnew + Sarah (fictional)16 Jan 2011
Memoirs of Us ~ONE SHOT~COMPLETEDsweetestsjJung Yunho + YooJin(fic or you)16 Jan 2011
Fame (complete)NickelInfinite15 Jan 2011
I'll Be There [COMPLETE]supersJunho (2PM) & YOU & Rain14 Jan 2011
Unforgetable Birthday Present (COMPLETED)RenyInoo Kei (HSJ) and Ryoka Nina14 Jan 2011
Just Like Now [Complete]taehaeTaeyeon & Donghae13 Jan 2011
Just beside you (R) (COMPLETED)iheartchewycookiesLee Dong Hae and Im Jin Ah of After school12 Jan 2011
Never give up ! [COMPLETED]hearts2NE1, DBSK + YOU12 Jan 2011
Just you and me (Complete)Akihime93TKA cast, Xiang Qin, Zhi Shu11 Jan 2011
Fatal Attraction (R) COMPLETEDChristyuntitled girl, untitled boy10 Jan 2011
Youngest of Pieces 2 (COMPLETE)devonalias5 Pieces (fictional), SM artists, more K-pop10 Jan 2011
My Cyborg Professor (Rated) (Completed)Mister PotatoKim JaeJoong, Park ShinHye9 Jan 2011
Get Married, Dara! --completed--nizzyoolSandara Park, Kwon Jiyong, Cheondoong9 Jan 2011
Just Don't [Completed]OhNo_U_DidntSHE, Fahrenhiet & more9 Jan 2011
FML [Completed]MalkomSHINee [2Min]8 Jan 2011
The Hitman's Angel [one-shot] (COMPLETED)alexiekim hyunjoong, son dambi, im yoona7 Jan 2011
Dear Santa [Completed]teeHebe Tian && Aaron Yan6 Jan 2011
You Are Mine (Yaoi) (Completed)lopsidemaniacTaeminxThunder- KeyxTaeyang6 Jan 2011
Love the way you Lie {COMPLETED}TaeyeonieluverKim Taeyeon, Kim Jaejoong, SM Town6 Jan 2011
Tokyo Love Story ONE-SHOT *completed*StarlightinYamada Ryosuke (HSJ), Hongo Kanata & fictional5 Jan 2011
Oh, Brothers ! [Completed]kookiegui gui and Fahrenheit4 Jan 2011
My Cutie Jaejoongie (Completed)BearpanthYunjae4 Jan 2011
Oretachi no Kizuna [COMPLETED]JessicaLuthienHey! Say! JUMP4 Jan 2011
I'm Sorry - One Shot COMPLETEDmikimika101Dongwoon, Heeyoung (fic), Onew, Kyujong, Eli4 Jan 2011
Last Chance //completed//jaeheartsyouKim JaeJoong and You{reader}3 Jan 2011
How I Become A Key [oneshot] --completed--nizzyoolSHINee Key2 Jan 2011
Interrogated II [oneshot] --completed--nizzyoolShim Changmin2 Jan 2011
Too Late (one-shot) [COMPLETED]MitchieeWu Chun and Ella Chen2 Jan 2011
A Game of Fate [Completed]sweetgirlDara Park, Jiyong, Seung Hyun, Young Bae1 Jan 2011
~♥相信愛♥~ *completed*x3White鬼鬼 炎亞綸 hebe 王子 Fahrenheit1 Jan 2011
Loving My Christmas Angel: Changmin (Complete)HiMonkeyHiFishyKibum + Changmin = KiMin1 Jan 2011
Christmases Aren't Special Until .. (completed)sunnachen27bebu :))31 Dec 2010
Fall for a Robot [Completed]heaDeVil^23SHINee and fictional31 Dec 2010
Married to Imperfect (COMPLETE)chixkissG-dragon & Dara31 Dec 2010
from 2O1O to 2O11 [ complete ]mindeejaeeunk-pop scene &+ fluffy bunnies31 Dec 2010
STAR RISING (COMPLETE)devonaliasSTAR RISING (MIO & ONLY), fictional, kpop31 Dec 2010
Rooftop (Complete)RossEurekaChun Wu and Ella Chen31 Dec 2010
You Complete Me [COMPLETED].Leggo~Kim Jaejoong & fictional.31 Dec 2010
Please Stay With Me [COMPLETED].Leggo~Kim Jaejoong & fictional.31 Dec 2010
Romeo, and romeo COMPLETED (oneshot)PatcheYunhoxJaejoong (Yunjae)30 Dec 2010
You like me <3 [One-shot] [Completed]kookieGui Gui and Wang Zi30 Dec 2010
The L Word [Completed]Numweis & NumrakBig Bang, Super Junior, 2PM30 Dec 2010
More Than Meets the Eye (completed)Avery AveretteTackey & Tsubasa30 Dec 2010
More Than Memories (Pi's version) / completedAvery AveretteTackey and Yamapi30 Dec 2010
More Than Memories (Takki's version) / completedAvery AveretteTackey and Yamapi30 Dec 2010
Sweet and Scary (completed)Avery AveretteTackey & Tsubasa30 Dec 2010
Aishiteru Ze (Behind-the-scenes) / completedAvery AveretteTackey & Tsubasa30 Dec 2010
Let's Kidnap Him From Bang Bang Tang! [complete]guiwang_4everGui Gui, Wang Zi, Xiao Jie(B), Xiao Jie(G), BBT29 Dec 2010
Divine Love Sanctuary Collection [COMPLETED]CeceliaSFictional Characters29 Dec 2010
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Death, Life,and Happy Endings [ONESHOT(COMPLETED)]PatcheYoochun+Junsu=YooSu28 Dec 2010
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I wish you in my dreams (Completed)Shinku0610Ella Chen, Wu Chun, Aaron, Gui Gui27 Dec 2010
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You Promised Me (Repost) -OneShot- [Completed]rukia1335You (Reader) and Yoon Doo Joon26 Dec 2010
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I Wanna Fall in Love This Christmas [complete]CreativeMindYoona , Yoochun25 Dec 2010
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"Rawr" means "I love You" in Dinosaur (Completed)blueberry_iceSM dinosaur siblings (Amber, Donghae, Jonghyun)10 Dec 2010
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Monsoon 「one shot ; completed」BoBoLi0us aka akimotochiaki「 ft. kim jonghyun 김종현 & you 」14 Oct 2010
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Boyfriend(s) for Hired! [R??] [COMPLETE]мίko_:) (sυииγ_γυииγ/Yυи:)Sohee, Jaejoong, Yunho, G-Dragon, Yonghwa & Mika13 Oct 2010
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` E C L I P S E ` [Completed]grapestrawberryKim Junsu and OC; rest of DBSK - extras28 Sep 2010
Incomplete Marriage [Complete]J'adoreShoesShim Changmin & Fictional (Yoon Eun Hye)28 Sep 2010
Mujigae [Part One + Two Merged] -completed-vanillaboxyunjae~yoosu~min...28 Sep 2010
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Cold Hearted Men [COMPLETE]Beastly.Oppas!You and MBLAQ27 Sep 2010
The Unconscionable Bet - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond and Charmaine27 Sep 2010
why are you so different? [completed]GeeDeebig bang + fictional girl25 Sep 2010
Recollecting Memories (Complete)ObscureGalElla Chen and Chun Wu25 Sep 2010
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OmoIFellForAGuy!AmIDreaming?*pinch*OW! (Completed)AzHiieTaeKey and others24 Sep 2010
My HOT Master![completed]PerfectlinaBeast, you23 Sep 2010
Sorry, I Don't Love You![completed]PerfectlinaYou, Taemin, Onew23 Sep 2010
⌐⌐ R E V E N G E ⌐⌐ (R) Completedamy91luvKeyKim Jaejoong; fictional23 Sep 2010
Love Too Late [ Complete M . F Challenge ]mindeejaeeunNG, Yang Yoseob, Kim Kibum23 Sep 2010
In My Room [Key's Special B'day FF] *COMPLETED*dreamteamOnKey couple22 Sep 2010
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Never Forget You {One-Shot} [complete]xiao_mei_meiaaron yan, guigui19 Sep 2010
Romancing You <3 CoMpLeTe <3Gina4DaWinHero JaeJoong & U-Know (YunJae^.^)19 Sep 2010
I'm not PERFECT, I'm a woman! [R] Completedamy91luvKeyEunhyuk; Jaejoong; TOP; Yong Hwa (CN Blue)19 Sep 2010
MY POEMS completeako_ito 19 Sep 2010
My Mille-Feuille For You *OneShot* [Complete]rukia1335Max Changmin and Fictional (played by Yeon Hee)19 Sep 2010
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A Burden *complete*sandyybabyychoi seunghyun (top) and you19 Sep 2010
We Were Only Meant to Say Goodbye *complete*sandyybabyylee ki kwang (beast) and cho hae won (you/fic)19 Sep 2010
Freefall [One-shot (Complete)]Hm...YooSuYoochun/Junsu, hinted Nickhun/Wooyoung18 Sep 2010
I wish... [completed]araucariaYunjae18 Sep 2010
To Love One Is To Hurt One [COMPLETE]B2STly-Junhyung♥Yong Junhyung &&` You &&` Yoon Doojoon18 Sep 2010
§ Living Life in the SHINee World § COMPLETEyookyung819SHINee (mostly Onew) and YooKyung (fic)18 Sep 2010
W.O.W. [What Once Was][Yaoi!]M[COMPLETE]rssj1314Cho Kyuhyun, Kim Yesung, Moon Geunyoung, SuJu17 Sep 2010
By Yours Truly [Completed]rssj1314Rainie Yang, Cho Kyuhyun, Hangeng, Super Junior17 Sep 2010
Incompletegeesookpop gasoos and nongasoos16 Sep 2010
Call Me Cinderfella {Completed}SungyoChoi Minho & Lee Taemin [2MIN]14 Sep 2010
Two Miracles (completed)LN_serenityYunjae, Yoosu, Changmin, DBSK14 Sep 2010
Love at First Sight (One Shot Complete)Park Min SunCho Kyuhyun, Park Sangmi (Fic), Leeteuk13 Sep 2010
Not Young (One Shot Complete)Park Min SunShin Dongho, Park Sangmi (Fic)13 Sep 2010
I'll Die Without You... *Yaoi*Complete*BlueRoseJung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong.13 Sep 2010
Love in the Ice (Completed)lovedbsk89Jaejoong and you (reader)13 Sep 2010
Mr.Cinderella;AWondrousModernFairytale (Completed)heaDeVil^23SHINee and fictionals13 Sep 2010
A Doll [Completed]urblacksmileSungmin and You12 Sep 2010
My Heart Sings For You {Completed}SungYoVarious SHINee Pairings12 Sep 2010
霹雳MIT 2 (completed)BeBu & GuiWang lover炎亚纶 王子 鬼鬼 Hebe 汪东城 Selina11 Sep 2010
w i n g m a n [ completed ]- gongjuL. Joe & Fictional Teen Top11 Sep 2010
Flavours Of Love (Completed)DecadenceBebu11 Sep 2010
Once Upon A Fairytale (Completed)A I K A▌The Almighty Key & SHINee ▌ VOTE! SEQUEL?11 Sep 2010
My Chicken Curry (Completed)baehyunSong Baek Kyoung and Dong Young Bae10 Sep 2010
Inside Our Worlds(yaoi) (completed)lopsidemaniacMBLAQ and BIGBANG10 Sep 2010
YulTeuk Rated One-Shot (Completed)MeKwon Yuri (SNSD)& Leeteuk (SUJU)10 Sep 2010
Oppa, I Love You! (COMPLETED)MeKwon Yuri (SNSD)& Leeteuk (SUJU)9 Sep 2010
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B e a u t i f u l R e v e n g e [Completed]blindlight&secondsawayInfinite;KPOP & Fictionals7 Sep 2010
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Rivals [Completed]Electric BleuBEAST/B2ST and 6 dancers.[apply closed]6 Sep 2010
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Wrong Love -COMPLETE-SuperJuniorGirlYOU, Hero Jaejoong25 Jun 2010
Keep In Mind That I Love You [ONE-SHOT COMPLETED]elejacJaejoong from TVXQ25 Jun 2010
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I Didn't Mean To Rape You [COMPLETE]jaesulover[YOU] Jaejoon DBSK & other25 Jun 2010
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Hesitate to Ask ~Completed~TVXQ~DollYunho and JiRin (Fictional) DBSK, Super Junior21 Jun 2010
It Can't Go Cold Completedrssj1314Kim Yesung Moon Geun Young OC21 Jun 2010
The Love Bus (one shot) Completedkanhosa301Cherry (fic), Yunho, Doo Joon21 Jun 2010
My Food 4 U (Completed)DearICChangmin and YOU (reader)21 Jun 2010
Falling for you… (rated) COMPLETEDamy91luvKeyDBSK; Super Junior; fictional21 Jun 2010
He Winked-one shot-complete-*teukielover*HanChul21 Jun 2010
More Than Friends, Not Up To Sex (R) (Complete)SilentxReaderJaejoong, OC, Yunho (minor)21 Jun 2010
[OS] Burning Tears (COMPLETED)bluestarsElla and Chun21 Jun 2010
Mianhe *complete*sandyybabyyfictional and random kpop21 Jun 2010
The Devil's Toy (R) *COMPLETE*babygigglePandara(fictional) TOP, and big bang20 Jun 2010
Chosen For A Reason *Complete*ShygirlSung Kang as Henry; James Kyson as James; etc20 Jun 2010
For the Love of Chocolate! [One Shot / COMPLETED]Magixtic♥ Park Jaebeom, OC ♥20 Jun 2010
Romantic [One-Shot] [COMPLETED]DesertedDessertJiyong "G Dragon" Kwon and Sandara "Dara" Park20 Jun 2010
Birthday Present (complete)♥ eunie ♥Ryeowook, Eunyoo (fic)20 Jun 2010
If Only... (COMPLETED)Yalun<3Aaron, Hebe20 Jun 2010
Love. Free Style [Completed]teeAaron Yan, Hebe Tian; Sophie, Timmy (Fictionals)20 Jun 2010
Magic in the Stars * CompletedKimiAaron Yan & Gui Gui Wu20 Jun 2010
Willing to Love You ~ONE-SHOT~ (Completed)AlzinaAaron Yan, Gui Gui, GuiLun20 Jun 2010
The Hidden Wife♥ -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everJunhyung (BEAST), You, Jaejoong (DBSK)19 Jun 2010
Fall for You {Complete}nevereverlove{ KEY + Shinee } Fictionals...19 Jun 2010
best friend [completed]ChubbyChominbum [shim changmin-kim kibum]19 Jun 2010
Time Capsule - completedjajjangSHINee's OnKey19 Jun 2010
I thought I came back for you (COMPLETED)twinkletoeYou;Park Jaebeom;Nichkhun; Yoona; Taec;Junsu19 Jun 2010
You are like a little diamond [COMPLETED]VanheartsujuYoona Donghae SuperJunior SNSD Others19 Jun 2010
The Last Dress [Completed]teechungGillian Chung and Edison Chen19 Jun 2010
~~Aishiteru~~ (Complete)natsuko_samDBSK18 Jun 2010
When a Princess meets her Prince ------- COMPLETEHEEDRAGON loverHEEDRAGON18 Jun 2010
Digital Love (Complete)France & RuweeWu Chun & Ella Chen [S.H & the rest of Fahrenheit]18 Jun 2010
Color Me Scared (one-shot) [Completed]dolceYe Sung and OC18 Jun 2010
Cubix (Application) [Completed]SH_i_wanK-Pop guys & NG's [closed]18 Jun 2010
The Warmth Underneath (Completed)-elmo-TOP, Kim So Eun18 Jun 2010
Broken Angel (One Shot - Completed)-elmo-Leeteuk, Sunye, Donghae, Sungmin18 Jun 2010
Polar Differences (COMPLETE)Hikari TeiruzuYunJae, Yoosu, EunHae, etc.17 Jun 2010
Her Voice - One-Shot (Completed)Blossy a.k.a SensitivegalJapanese Original Characters17 Jun 2010
Ms. Independent (Compilation of OS'; Completed)RuweeWu Chun & Ella Chen17 Jun 2010
Love Coach [complete]kiyomu-chiiSi Wan (Ze:a) and Fic Girl [with DNA's Ga Ram]17 Jun 2010
Two Hearts (COMPLETE)KaienHEY!SAY!JUMP/OCs17 Jun 2010
Kim Junsu, My Forever Crush.... {Completed}qis22You {The Reader}, Kim Junsu, Yunho, Jaejoong16 Jun 2010
Super Junior One-Shots (Yaoi) (COMPLETE)zara16Super Junior16 Jun 2010
Crazy4AaronYan [Completed]Crazy4aaronyanAaron, Hebe, and Gui Gui16 Jun 2010
Fabric Magic [COMPLETED]th1rd3yeft. Onew Lee Jin Ki (SHINee) & YOU (fictional)16 Jun 2010
Raindrops [One-Shot] COMPLETEAna--16 Jun 2010
The Shooting Star (Completed)Eternal FlowerKim Jaejoong and YOU, the rest of TVXQ14 Jun 2010
Enduring Endless Pain [R] [COMPLETED]sweet_love_23Big Bang and Fictionals13 Jun 2010
sweety you (completed)KlyticYou (reader) & Yoochun (DBSK)/Junsu (DBSK)13 Jun 2010
Marrying My Enemy [Completed]AyuSolbi,TOP,Andy,Ye Eun,Hyung Joon,Hankyung,Siwon13 Jun 2010
In The Club [COMPLETED]Mch0nzDara Youngbae Seunghyun(TOP) Big Bang 2NE113 Jun 2010
Peacock Feather [COMPLETED]SerenityShow Lo and Rainie Yang12 Jun 2010
My Other Half (Completed)Lindatr2011Nichkhun and Yuri ( other 2pm and snsd)12 Jun 2010
Glass Prison (COMPLETE)Hikari TeiruzuOnew and Key [Onkey]12 Jun 2010
Romeo's Cinderella (completed)mblaq8Reader & Kim Jonghyun & Park Jaebum.12 Jun 2010
Forever Is A Long Time {Completed}SungYoSHINee + TVXQ12 Jun 2010
...Come Back To Me... [COMPLETED]grpstrwbrry15Yoochun & Junsu --- YooSu ♥12 Jun 2010
Demon in My Dream *Yaoi* [COMPLETED]CerinityKSDBSK & SuJu (MinSu, YunJae, Chunx?, KyuHae)11 Jun 2010
The Ghost of You - One-Sh♥t (COMPLETED)Oh!Kim Jaejoong (DBSK) & You11 Jun 2010
Heartache (completed)heartsGui Gui, Aaron Yan,SHE,Fahrenheit11 Jun 2010
Snow Flakes - CompletedMidoriMayuNichkhun and Yoona.11 Jun 2010
Fumed Firefly Without Ashes. COMPLETED!th1rd3yeLEE HONG KI & YOU/FIC & KIM JONG HYUN11 Jun 2010
Fighting For A Guy Named Kim Jae Joong *Completed*CamyliaFictional girl, DBSK, SNSD and SHINee11 Jun 2010
Cry (One-Shot) [COMPLETED]BoBoLi0us[O8O9O9] For Jay Park Jaebum [박재범] & YOU11 Jun 2010
Russian Blue Love (COMPLETED)The SpecieKim Heechul, YOU, Lee Sungmin, Super Junior10 Jun 2010
Thank You For Loving Me (Completed)afhilangieCalvin Chen and Hebe Tian (CalBe)10 Jun 2010
Our Butterfly[COMPLETED]PerfectlinaBEAST, you9 Jun 2010
*Holding back the tears* (completed)hotdbsk.grYoochun, fictional, Junsu9 Jun 2010
You're mine (COMPLETED)JnsterJay, Nicole, and Taecyeon9 Jun 2010
Gone. [COMPLETE]onigiri_ricebuddyJang WooYoung & You (reader)8 Jun 2010
Dear Kim Jaejoong.... [Completed]sweetnessaJaejoong & BoA6 Jun 2010
Wishful Thinking (Incomplete)xangel429xYou, Kim Jaejoong, Kwon Ji-Yong, Yoobin, others6 Jun 2010
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confessions over the radio (completed)diamant de saphiryunjae, yoosu, changmin / oneshot.6 Jun 2010
Love In The Ice (Rated) [Completed]Her Royal RandomnessKim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Kim Junsu6 Jun 2010
i feel lyk a pedo next 2 him..but im his WIFE-.-lyricalliestaemin and you(COMPLETED)5 Jun 2010
kim ANGEL{two-shot}*COMPLETED*lyricallieskim jonghyun and you5 Jun 2010
I'm his WIFE...yes its a crime-.-*COMPLETE*lyricalliestaemin and you5 Jun 2010
i aint letin U steal my wife juz cos i use 2 luv Ulyricalliesshinee jjong and you (COMPLETED)5 Jun 2010
a short poem for jay~*COMPLETED*lyricalliesfor park jaebum(was written quite long ago)5 Jun 2010
I might not know you...but wanna be friends?lyricalliestaemin and you extra:shinee*COMPLETE*5 Jun 2010
WE NEED AN FBI AGENT(COMPLETE)nooryunjae,yoosu,minbum and suju other couples4 Jun 2010
Two Strings Attached [Completed]minifantasyHebe Aaron Selina Jiro4 Jun 2010
My New Guardian Is...?(COMPLETE)Hommie A is in DA HOUSE!!!Fictional, FT Island, Super Junior, N other stars4 Jun 2010
I Am Stuck With A Jerk (COMPLETED)ldyxdavilS.H.E and Fahrenhiet2 Jun 2010
Guilt and Forgiveness (Completed)BlitzAaron & Gui Gui2 Jun 2010
A Christmas Dream [Completed]BlitzGui Gui ¤ Aaron Yan2 Jun 2010
Mission Makeover [Completed]BlitzShow Luo, Selina, Ella, Hebe, Jolin, Jiro Wang2 Jun 2010
Tick Tock...-COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everBeast/B2ST and 6 girls1 Jun 2010
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2 Weeks Love (Completed) - One Shot StorycathyhatehimGui Gui ~ Aaron Yan (GuiLun)1 Jun 2010
Love Story (ES Challenge) *COMPLETED*precious_star32Arron Yan & Gui Gui1 Jun 2010
Married by Accident [Completed]Pink DouHuaYunJae, slightly YooSu1 Jun 2010
Finally Realizing Sequel [Completed]tangerineMin Sunye, Dong Young Bae, Sunmi, Park Jaeboem1 Jun 2010
Trigger Game (Complete)RobinSuJu-1331 May 2010
Silent Heartbeat [oneshot] -COMPLETE-'NiiiKim Key ;; Park Songyee31 May 2010
Five Dads, One Mom. (Completed)CU29QTYou, SHINee, Big Bang + More.31 May 2010
Quiet Screams [COMPLETED].Leggo~Kim Jaejoong & fictional.31 May 2010
fighting for love (completed)JenKey, Onew and Shin Hye.31 May 2010
Only A Shard Of You COMPLETE azn14Park Yoochun ;; DBSK ;; Fictional31 May 2010
You, Me, And The BABY?! {COMPLETED}SuPeRjUnIoR05TRILOGY: Maybe This Is Love/Neorago Donghae/Reader30 May 2010
The Man-Hater (Completed)weepingangelWu Chun and Ella Chen30 May 2010
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Memento Of Ours... (Complete)Susan Lee :]Dae Sung and MinKyung (The Reader)29 May 2010
How Do You Gift Wrap a Man? [R] (Complete)changlineChangmin and OC29 May 2010
When Love and Hate Collide (COMPLETE)crazyforBeBuYou(reader) Aaron Yan ,rest of FLH&SHE28 May 2010
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Magical Love(SEQUEL OF WHIFILWY) *COMPLETED*precious_star32, _Chunella_Cute_Girl_JirElla, ChunElla, Jirlina, Chunlina27 May 2010
Mistletoe[Completed]Kiyoko;<3You Kevin[U-Kiss] Key[SHINee]26 May 2010
~Is starts with one hello~ *Completed*precious_star32, zygnetS.H.E.A and Fahrenheit26 May 2010
What A Tangled Web Of Love! -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYou, Beast (B2ST), ZEA (ZE:A)24 May 2010
In The End, It was I--[Complete]SHINeeStarsJongHyun(SHINee) , Fictional Girl , Onew(SHINee)23 May 2010
...Between Love & Friendship...*YC* ~Completed~LittleHeroYou[reader], Park YooChun23 May 2010
365 Days Being His Maid ~Complete~HeartAngelYou(Reader) & Jaejoong22 May 2010
[COMPLETE] Can you see me?ChunyaYoseob,Beast/B2st and Fictional girls21 May 2010
Loving you was my favorite mistake~Complete~KhimmeYou (reader), Jaejoong & other kpop21 May 2010
Distracted Escape [Completed]GeneandTinKwon Jiyong (Big Bang), Lee Chaerin (2NE1)21 May 2010
.::Reputation::. (completed)hotdbsk.grPark Yoochun__&&__ Kim Junsu20 May 2010
Un....Breakable Vow[Completed]bunny1018Hebe Tian and Aaron Yan:D BeBu!20 May 2010
LOVE OR HATE~complete~GUILUNLOVERfahrenheit guigui ella genie zhou, rainie yang20 May 2010
M&Ms-Remember [ Completed ]SHINeeFeverSHINee [ 샤이니 ] & YOU20 May 2010
Reversed Fate-COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYou, Jaejoong, Boa, Lee Minho19 May 2010
That girl & Those boys -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYOU, Jonghyun (SHINee), Kikwang (BEAST)19 May 2010
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Love's Way [Complete]lilazn1417SHINee17 May 2010
Love between two worlds[ COMPLETED ]loveweiyu2pm - AOM - Wild princess17 May 2010
Within A Rose (Complete ^^)YS_LoV3DBSK and some SUJU17 May 2010
But No R (One-Shot) (Complete)Susan Lee :]Yesung and You17 May 2010
*A Little Spot Lie*//completed//aLoNE giRL*Aaron Yan*Gui Gui*Wang Zi*17 May 2010
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A Typical Fairytale [Completed]idOL_fanaticDongwook x Jihoon (Se7en ♥ Rain)16 May 2010
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♥ Flair & Fleur & Key ♥ [COMPLETED!]th1rd3yeSHINee's Key Kim Ki Bum & YOU / FIC16 May 2010
Don't Say Goodbye {Complete}AnneJiro Wang/ Selina Ren/Yesung /Hebe Tian15 May 2010
Seperate Hearts, One Tracked Minds [COMPLETED]thechibitenshiSHINee, 2pm, & Others15 May 2010
Stories from the Heart - One Shots [ completed ]writers of SftHKPOP Artists && You [ REQUEST ]15 May 2010
My story with a guy named KANGIN [COMPLETED]QhicaraKimKangin and Me15 May 2010
Between Yunho, Siwon and Jaejoong [YAOI] COMPLETEDpika-chanKim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho and Choi Siwon15 May 2010
gray sky (completed)friends_01chun and ella14 May 2010
The True Legend (Completed)heaDeVil^23SHINee and fictional14 May 2010
. n i j i . [completed]jiiGoo Hara ♥ Kim Jonghyun14 May 2010
Help [rated/yaoi/bl] *Complete*RussianRouletteYunjae13 May 2010
My happy Ending {completed}kibumluvsmeDonghae, Tiffany, Sulli and etc12 May 2010
Completely Terrified To Love YouChristine!~[Scared to love you sequel]12 May 2010
A Typical Drama [Completed]idOL_fanaticMBLAQ (Joon x Seungho)11 May 2010
I've changed for you [completed]mblaq7Reader. Yun.Doojoon. LeeKikwang. KimHyunah.11 May 2010
♫Replay The Music♫ -Completed-KeyliciousYou (The Reader), and SHINee!11 May 2010
Yeppou High School; ~ completed ~CrasykikkiMBLAQ, B2ST, Chung Lim & fictional characters.11 May 2010
(Vampire) Love is...dangerous --COMPLETED--SPJNxSMLx4xEVASuper Junior, Jaejoong, Taemin, Taeyang (foreword)10 May 2010
Sacrificed To You~~*COMPLETED*~~Fallenqueen_222Changmin (DBSK)10 May 2010
Time Forgets [oneshot] [COMPLETED]RAINxcloudsKim Key [SHINee] & You [Reader]10 May 2010
Players Vs Nerds(COMPLETED)Xiao WenCaLega/CalGen & GuiLun9 May 2010
My Knight In Shining Armour (COMPLETE)mrsshimchangmin;]Kim Jaejoong, fictional9 May 2010
[OS] Wild Silence (COMPLETED)bluestarsElla and Chun8 May 2010
Fly High, Dreams come true -complete-mickieSHINee, author, 4 friends8 May 2010
My Everything (COMPLETED)celestineblue ^-^Kim Junsu & Jang Ri In (Yoochun, Heebon)8 May 2010
★ Coma - Controverises - Choice ★ [[COMPLETED]]th1rd3yeYOU 2PM SHINee DBSK SuJu Kara f(x) SNSD 4Minute7 May 2010
Gravity [R] (Completed)Etonnant67Kim Junsu (DBSK) and Fictional7 May 2010
Not As It Seems. [completed]Ji_YoonYOU[APPLY] ANY KPOP IDOL YOU WANT.5 May 2010
Let Go. (one-shot) completexNgocRinYou.5 May 2010
Treasure my Memories *Completed*zaraHebe Tien, Aaron Yan5 May 2010
I Love to Hate You (COMPLETED)hayleyKim Jaejoong, Lee Yeonhee, SNSD, SUJU5 May 2010
Love Hurts [ One Shot ] **completed**a y i n g`Park Yoochun && Fictional5 May 2010
Number One Fan - completedAvery AveretteTackey and mystery celeb to be revealed4 May 2010
It's kinda like Romeo & Juliet -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYou, Kikwang (AJ of BEAST/B2ST)4 May 2010
`` Just Another Cinderella Story `` - COMPLETEDgrapestrawberryJaejoong & Sun Yee (OC); Junsu, Changmin4 May 2010
Lies (Completed)Oblivious To The ObviousKwon Jiyong Dara Park Se7en Park Han Byul4 May 2010
Saline Tears [One-Shot/Complete]ChristineYamashita Tomohisa and Eri Aizawa [fic]3 May 2010
Forsaken Love ~Valentine's Special~ (Completed)celestineblue ^-^Kim Junsu // Jang Riin // DBSK3 May 2010
Betrayal (complete)irisdenceKim Jaejoong, Lee Yeonhee, Jang Ri In, Lee Ayumi3 May 2010
[A][B][C] *COMPLETED!*th1rd3yeChoi Jung Hoon (F.T. Island) & Fictional Girl/You2 May 2010
Figment [COMPLETED]th1rd3yeft. Lee Tae Min [SHINee] & You [Fictional]2 May 2010
Bad Romance (One-Shot) CompletedFrenchShaWallace Huo and Penny Lin2 May 2010
Love is *Completed*XiaoErS.H.E and Fahrenheit2 May 2010
Of Fire and Air (Yaoi) [Completed]CerinityKSDBSK: MinSu (ChangminxJunsu),YunAra, JaeOFC, Chun?2 May 2010
I Owe It To Math *COMPLETE*pulotpukyutan01Kwon Jiyong (G-Dragon), Sandara Park1 May 2010
Hourglass (Completed)narutocute_11Yunjae30 Apr 2010
My Dream [Complete]♥ ♥ && M i r I s L o v e `MBLAQ//5Girls [no apply]29 Apr 2010
Miss or Mister P e r f e c t ?{two-shot};completekey's manoorah♡Amber (f(x))29 Apr 2010
♡ don't blame me if I love you♡ [COMPLETED]achungg_maniacs *NOW WITH TRAILER!!*YOU!! SHINee [Key] and Suju [DongHae]29 Apr 2010
Lacrimosa Terra [Completed].flavoredSuju, SS501, DBSK, Applicants & Fictionals28 Apr 2010
Alice from Wonderland! -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYou, Jaejoong (DBSK & other artists)28 Apr 2010
I Bet You ... [ Completed ]` n i k k iYunJae, Yoosu Min + Foodd27 Apr 2010
Secret Wonders [Completed]MTeaserWonder Girls27 Apr 2010
Love Shock (Completed)avashuckguigui ya tou YOU wang zi aaron yan xiao yu27 Apr 2010
Telephone / complete .cnelififtynine.ukiss .26 Apr 2010
This Weird Thing We Call LOVE! [COMPLETED]Yalun<3Hebe, Aaron26 Apr 2010
Super Junior - Full House (My Version)-CompletedSuper GirlSuper Junior, Kayla (fic) and DBSK cameos!26 Apr 2010
Autumn - COMPLETEDIdijottJaeChun26 Apr 2010
Lucifer :UNTOUCHABLES: {COMPLETE}bluebearTVfXQ : HERO : micky : u-know26 Apr 2010
[OS] If Only (COMPLETED)bluestarsElla and Chun26 Apr 2010
Confused...Love {COMPLETED}SeonnieSeonnie,MinHo,DongHae25 Apr 2010
One Last Time (COMPLETED)miki-chanEunHae Lee Hyukjae , Aiden Lee25 Apr 2010
My Sex Teacher [Completed] Chen Wu Chun Jerry Yan25 Apr 2010
Twisted Fate (completed)HyeonnieHey!Say!7 + Daiki & Chosen Girls (apply closed)24 Apr 2010
My Two Love, My True Love (Completed)weepingangelChun and Ella, Arron and Ariel24 Apr 2010
Esse Aut Non Esse [complete]HibiscusAriel Lin, Danson, Mike He24 Apr 2010
A Plea in Vain -COMPLETED-GoMrFineShineSeung Ri, OC Soon Bok, Big Bang24 Apr 2010
Mirotic[COMPLETED]secretsoulYoosu- DBSK23 Apr 2010
I'm Obsessed with You*COMPLETED*bigbanggirl09_0DBSK, Big Bang, fictional girls23 Apr 2010
One in a Million ☆ [COMPLETED]jwyl2PM's Wooyoung & Fictional ☆23 Apr 2010
Minho Vs Minho [Complete]Purple_4everYOU[Reader], Choi Minho, Lee Minho23 Apr 2010
Love Like This [Completed]mechekoKim Hyun Joong, SS50123 Apr 2010
Don't Play With Me [ y a o i ) - COMPLETEDubu_and_MeLee Onew && Ok Taecyeon22 Apr 2010
Wrong Number [Complete]SarenaYunho and Jaejoong [Yunjae x jaeho]22 Apr 2010
Kiss the Rain [oneshot] -COMPLETE-'NiiiLee TaeMin ;; READER21 Apr 2010
My Soccer Star and other ONESHOTS (COMPLETED)DearICJunsu and You / Yunho and You/ Jae and You20 Apr 2010
Players of Deception - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond and Charmaine20 Apr 2010
Loving Through Time [COMPLETED]wintercandlesYunjae20 Apr 2010
Illusions and Memories [complete]cutterpillowNewS19 Apr 2010
Memories To Remember(COMPLETED)Jessica [originated by me]Kim Bum, Kim So Eun & Kim Joon19 Apr 2010
From Tokyo, with Love [completed]cutterpill☺wNishikido Ryo19 Apr 2010
Without You - completedcnelififtynine.ukiss .18 Apr 2010
The Key (slightly R)~COMPLETED~BeBeYBTOP big bang +YOU(Da Mi) + Hero dbsk18 Apr 2010
Last Angel (Completed)BLV13JaeHo, HoMin, Bo7en (stuff changes)18 Apr 2010
Christmas Morning [completed]dolceYunJae18 Apr 2010
★Transfer Star★ -COMPLETE-SuperJuniorGirlYOU, Yuya Tegoshi18 Apr 2010
Out To Make You Jealous (Completed)娜娜Wangzi 王子 Gui Gui 鬼鬼 棒棒堂, 黑Girl, Aaron Yan18 Apr 2010
Wife 4 Hire (Completed)afhilangieGuiGui and Aaron (GuiLun)18 Apr 2010
By Your Side [VSTMC Challenge] *COMPLETED*th1rd3yeft. Choi Min Hwan from FT Island & YOU18 Apr 2010
Sweet Seduction (completed)irisdenceKim Junsu, Jang Ri In, Lee Yeonhee, Kim Jaejoong18 Apr 2010
{winter olympics.} / completedcjolympians ; twopm ; g-dragon17 Apr 2010
Daisuki*COMPLETED*Amanda(YoochunKawaii)DBSK and Amanda Walmsley17 Apr 2010
The Path of Enmity [completed]Yukie23Seung Hyun, Hyun Joong, Jaejoong, Kim Tae Hee17 Apr 2010
Complicated Love [COMPLETED]SJCCJSLeeteuk & You17 Apr 2010
Chained Desires (R18) ONESHOT [COMPLETED]fiCtiOnLovErElla Chen, Jiro Wang and Aaron Yan16 Apr 2010
Seasons of Love [COMPLETED]fiCtiOnLovErElla. Calvin. Jiro. Chun. Aaron. Danson.16 Apr 2010
The Meadow [One-Shot] *COMPLETED*L.TLee JaeJin & Kwon YuRi16 Apr 2010
Why Can't we? (R) (complete)xyzKim jaejoong Lee Yeonhee16 Apr 2010
♥ Somewhe[r]e In the Sky ♥ [completed~]vanillaboxYoosu♥Yunjae♥Minfood♥others15 Apr 2010
This Thai Prince (Completed)KanginsFutureGFNickhun, Wooyoung, Taecyeon, Junho, Yoona, Minho15 Apr 2010
Love does hurt [completed]xChiwaDBSK // fictional girl15 Apr 2010
MY Yunnie's Diary - Completed -Kim HeeChulJung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong (Yaoi)15 Apr 2010
Blooming Friendship [Short Story] -Completed-miia186`Kim Heechul`Moon Miseon(You)15 Apr 2010
+ Destiny + (Completed)DTLCTJacky Chu, Wei Ru, Ehlo Huang, Xiao Jie, Johnny Y.15 Apr 2010
GyeoulNeukdae's Story - COMPLETED -Lumienarc HanayukiChoi Siwon, OC14 Apr 2010
Anger in Sickness*COMPLETED*Amanda(YoochunKawaii)Me, My Friends, and DBSK14 Apr 2010
I'll Love you Until my Last Breath[COMPLETE]yoochunnieLOVER..JAEJOONG>YOU14 Apr 2010
Girls Over Flowers (G4)[COMPLETE]yoochunnieLOVER..You and SHINee14 Apr 2010
Nothings gonna change my love for you *COMPLETED*_Chunella_Cute_Girl_Ella Chen,Wu Chun and Selina Ren14 Apr 2010
Forsaken Love (COMPLETED)celestine blue ^-^Junsu & Ri In & Taeyeon14 Apr 2010
Everything Changes. [completed]Ji_YoonYOU AND KIM JONGHYUN[SHINEE]13 Apr 2010
Dangerous Siblings?! (COMPLETE)Ch3rR!3sYou+SHINee (Mainly Key)13 Apr 2010
Losing you.... COMPLETEJaemingirl & CherryChocol8JaeJoong & ChangMin + rest of DBSK13 Apr 2010
☻When Romeo meets... Romeo?☻ (Completed)lollipop93YunJae/JaeHo, Tiffany (SNSD)13 Apr 2010
Go to hell,darling! (YAOI) [R] [Completed]AyuSiHan,YunJae,YooSu12 Apr 2010
Another Week With You [COMPLETED]silverheartXimen, Xiao You12 Apr 2010
One-shots and Short Stories (Completed)~ YM ~K-pop members & You!! and Yaoi Pairings12 Apr 2010
falling slowly (completed)lalaland123yoona and taecyeon (2pm and snsd)12 Apr 2010
Maid from Foreign Country -Completed-HeyhellooBig Bang && Fictionals12 Apr 2010
Luvthematic (Valentine's Special) --CompletedteeAaron Yan, Hebe Tian11 Apr 2010
Unexpected Encounter *Completed*karmie_se7enJaeSu, Jaejoong & Junsu11 Apr 2010
Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? [Completed]iluvjaejoongieKim Jaejoong, Kamenashi Kazuya, Kim Taeyeon11 Apr 2010
猜不透 [Completed]YingXueYan Yalun, Calvin Chen, Xie Yu Han, Xia Zi Xun11 Apr 2010
Queen Of Darkness~~*COMPLETED*~~Fallenqueen_222DBSK, mostly Jaejoong,Super Junior10 Apr 2010
Listen to My <3 Beat Pt. 2 -completed-VietguhYOU (Reader), Woo Young, Nichkhun, 2pm (minor)10 Apr 2010
Scars for Life *COMPLETED*sweetybeccy and sweetrenDBSK and others10 Apr 2010
Eyes on Me + COMPLETED +chiiSaiKim Jaejoong and Lee Ayumi9 Apr 2010
Blood Pact (Completed)Xue---_----QingHebe Arron Jiro Selina Wangzi Guigui9 Apr 2010
Suicide(Complete)susanyuenkimYou and BIGBANG9 Apr 2010
What if..? (YooSu version) (Completed)lilies_BxBYooSu (main) YunJae, HanChul, MinKyu, KangTeuk,9 Apr 2010
One Moment Can Change Everything~~*COMPLETED*~~fallenqueen_222DBSK, Super Junior, Fic. Girls8 Apr 2010
The Forgotten Life~~*COMPLETED*~~Fallenqueen_222DBSK, SuJu8 Apr 2010
YunJae Secret Meetings [COMPLETE]hydraheiressYunho, Jaejoong7 Apr 2010
Last Fairy -complete-bloodyroseDBSK : yoosu,yunjae, kimin (yaoi)7 Apr 2010
Bitter-Sweet Transformation (R) CompleteSoMinty(Jaejoong VS Yunho) + You=?7 Apr 2010
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My Dorky Next Door Neighbor (Completed)afhilangieAaron Yan and GuiGui Wu (GuiLun)3 Apr 2010
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v-day special: Love Letter (one-shot) COMPLETEDwhattimeisitnowtaecyeon, nichkhun, 2PM, fictional girls11 Feb 2010
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The Kawaii Koi 2*COMPLETED*Amanda(YoochunKawaii)Park Yoochun & Shim Changmin10 Feb 2010
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Akame one-shots [COMPLETED]bebechanakanishi Jin/Kamenashi Kazuya(KAT-TUN)9 Feb 2010
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COMPLETED - I'll leave first [CCM CHALLENGE]angelynnnnnShim Changmin, Hong Sung Mi (Dana), Jaejoong, Lina9 Feb 2010
My Concealed Heart [Complete]superstar15Lee GiKwang (B2ST) & OC9 Feb 2010
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Angelic Love. [COMPLETED]Ji_YoonB2ST and YOU[APPLY]7 Feb 2010
Love After Love... [[Completed!]]SungYoYooSu, YunJae, & ChangBum (Yaoi)7 Feb 2010
The Curse [COMPLETED]JA3J00NGYOU[the reader] DBSK, Fictionals and other7 Feb 2010
Wedding Dress [Completed]LuciaTaeYang + Fic boy&girl7 Feb 2010
The Unbreakable Promise [COMPLETED]~~~HaN~~~Choikang Changmin, You (Reader), DBSK7 Feb 2010
Claimed [ Complete ]XickyDBSK,YunJae7 Feb 2010
I fell in <3 w/ my Bestfriend My Fishy [Completed]jstcallmeunish :) & sujudbsklover :)Lee Donghae and you(fictional name)7 Feb 2010
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My Honey Bunny Sweety Monkey [COMPLETED]nyanKim Jaejoong and Lee Yeonhee7 Feb 2010
Music Of Love(Completed)Xiao WenWang Zi,Gui Gui,Xiao Yu,Ao Quan,Da Ya,Xiao Man6 Feb 2010
Endless Love Sequel,The Movie(Completed)Xiao WenGui Gui, Wang Zi, Aaron Yan and Hebe Tian6 Feb 2010
Ready, set? Don't go. *complete*shycapri8Jaesu6 Feb 2010
Fragile Memories [Complete]TheWeirdest.LeaBig Bang & 2NE16 Feb 2010
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Repeated Love [One-Shot] *Completed*SKueYou, Kim Jaejoong & Fictionals.6 Feb 2010
Little Joongie's Song [One-shot] [Completed]nossleon aka nic88@LJChibi Yunjae6 Feb 2010
You Are My Everything (Complete)FallenAngelx007Yunjae Yoosu Changmin (Yaoi)6 Feb 2010
He Stole my first kiss![Completed]lilogirlOnew,you(fictional girl), and Key6 Feb 2010
Years and Pasttimes (Completed)sincerelymeLee Joon & You5 Feb 2010
Playing With My Heart [MS Challenge] - *completed*ShadowYinChoi Minho5 Feb 2010
Forever and Always [COMPLETED]iMortalKim Jonghyun & Lee Onew ♥ YOU5 Feb 2010
You're my angel, whisper softly. *Completed*sujusarangOnew and Fictional girl. ONESHOT.5 Feb 2010
A step. (completed)mblaq2YOU, JangWooyoung, Nickhun.5 Feb 2010
[Already] F A L L E N (Completed)teechungEdison Chen & Gillian Chung4 Feb 2010
2PM Unstoppable Love? [COMPLETED]geoulTaecyeon, Jaebeom, 2PM, fictional character4 Feb 2010
Place Your Bets [COMPLETED]-n3ya08-Bae Seul Gi, Jung Yunho [YunGi]4 Feb 2010
[ONESHOT]Forgery Forfeiting[COMPLETED]Jess A.K.A Kyouya-samaYunJae4 Feb 2010
Loving You Backwards [Complete]BaekhoParkJaebeom ll RiYong ll KimJunSu3 Feb 2010
Things Chansung Hates [COMPLETED]jtoasn2Pms Chansung Jaebeom for SOM challange3 Feb 2010
C A P T U R E D ~Completed~noddyReader & Jaejoong, DBSK and others3 Feb 2010
[ONESHOT]I Was Wrong, Please Forgive Me[COMPLETED]Jess A.K.A Kyouya-samaYunJae3 Feb 2010
1OOO paper cranes;grant my D E S I R E [completed]【nica †】you `reader` & DBSK3 Feb 2010
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Every Sunset Needs Its Moonrise (BL) [COMPLETED]xkuroxhimex (黒姫)YunJae (main), YooSu (side couple), Changmin, OC1 Feb 2010
{OneShot ; NC-17} Enjoying the Movie [COMPLETED]_____YunJae1 Feb 2010
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14 Days - One Sh♥t (COMPLETED)Oh!Kim Junsu (DBSK) & You1 Feb 2010
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CHARM *COMPLETED*Tulipetalsapply closed.31 Jan 2010
Love Isn't Fair{{Completed}}MusicLOVEPainterDBSK, Suju (Not Yaoi)31 Jan 2010
Just Say It Already (Completed)juliada3Gui Gui, Aaron, Xiao Gui31 Jan 2010
天使守候的季节[转贴] Completed蓝羽洛[转贴]--JingMeiChoi Minho,Key Kim,Reader/You31 Jan 2010
My First Kiss [COMPLETED]JowynS.H.E & FAHRENHEIT31 Jan 2010
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[ONESHOT]Dolphin Love That Jerk[COMPLETED]Jess A.K.A Kyouya-samaYooSu + TVXQ31 Jan 2010
☆M a k i n g M y D r e a m☆ [Completed]ChaeYoOnew, Park Min Young (Fic), Hankyung30 Jan 2010
Be My Angel (T H I S ♥ L O V E) [Completed]moopie29Wonder Girls & Big Bang30 Jan 2010
Assumptions (BL/Yaoi) [Completed]RobinDBSK30 Jan 2010
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SECRET GAME [COMPLETED]Jess A.K.A Kyouya-samaTVXQ30 Jan 2010
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*One-Shot *♥THE RANSOM♥{COMPLETED}purple_silent♥♥JUNG YUNHO♥♥30 Jan 2010
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Club (COMPLETE)rawr1223333You & Jaejoong29 Jan 2010
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Say that you love me.[completed]Shweta.Ariel Lin,Joe Cheung,Kang Hye-won,Han Ji-eun.27 Jan 2010
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Midnight Romance (Yaoi) [COMPLETED]CerinityKSDBSK (JaeMin, HoSu, JunChun)25 Jan 2010
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Never Been Kissed. [COMPLETE]TJYOU - READER / BIG BANG / DBSK7 Jan 2010
Forbidden Love ♥ [completed]CJaiiAaron [Demetri], Hebe [Angel], Selina, Jiro7 Jan 2010
0230的约定 [Completed]YingXueYaLun, Calvin, YingEn, XiaoXue7 Jan 2010
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Top Wanted Couples[COMPLETED]BebechanYunho/ Jaejoong(DBSK)- Akanishi/Kamenashi(KAT-TUN)2 Jan 2010
I caught an... Angel [Completed][ ]Son Dong Woon, Moon Seung Jin (fic)2 Jan 2010
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6 Best Oppas and Just Mi [One-Shot] ~Completed~azndominationB2ST and Fictonal: Mi Eun1 Jan 2010
* s t r a n d e d [ COMPLETED ]BbyChink (ColorsxSprinkle)2PM; Big Bang; DBSK; SHINee; Chosen Girls1 Jan 2010
♥ Angel of my Heart [One-Shot] - COMPLETEDPaige FiqahYamashita Tomohisa & Horikita Maki1 Jan 2010
Love, Don't Go! (COMPLETE)lolitaYunjae, YunChul1 Jan 2010
A Deep Love ( Double Shoot) *COMPLETED*lau4yunjaeKim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho *YAOI*1 Jan 2010
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Falling In Love With Kim Keybum[Completed]Lee_Eun_HaSHINee Yaoi1 Jan 2010
365 (completed)mblaq1You, JayPark, JangWooyoung.1 Jan 2010
[R] Naughty Snowman (completed)HazyKim Jaejoong, Genie Zhuo, Christmas Special.1 Jan 2010
~*~Love Knows No Boundaries~*~ COMPLETED*Lavender Jade*Vicki Zhao, Ruby Lin, Alec Su, Jimmy Lin1 Jan 2010
Under The Mistletoe [One-Shot] - COMPLETEPaige FiqahChoi Seunghyun31 Dec 2009
Not Enough Love [oneshot] -COMPLETE-'NiiiLee TaeMin ;; READER31 Dec 2009
Let's Not...(Complete)Susan Lee :]Lee Donghae And You31 Dec 2009
Reset (complete)Susan Lee :]Lee Donghae and You31 Dec 2009
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First Snow {COMPLETED}BoBoLi0usJay Park Jaebeom 「박재범」 & YOU31 Dec 2009
What friends are made of [COMPLETED]Hirza and MatildaNakaken, Misaki, Nino, guest : HSJ31 Dec 2009
The Reason I Left <'3 [ COMPLETED]loveweiyu<3GuiGui Wang Zi Ao Quan Tong Tong Xiao Man Xiao Yu30 Dec 2009
Forever and a day (Completed)SuperSapphireYou(Reader) + Park Jaebeom30 Dec 2009
One Less Lonely Girl (Completed)SuperSapphireYou(Reader) + Kyuhyun30 Dec 2009
Lavender {One-Shot} [Completed]류인SuYin - Jang Ri In, Kim Junsu.30 Dec 2009
_are you a good gi(R)l?_ one-shot (COMPLETED)andrieMicky Yoochun and fictional girl30 Dec 2009
_Dance Floo (R) _ one-shot (COMPLETED)andrieLee joon and Fictional Girl30 Dec 2009
B.lack M.oon D.estiny [[COMPLETED]]th1rd3yeL.eila R.on N.g M.ichelle Y.ip R.aymond L.am30 Dec 2009
Christmas's Desire -CompletedMidoriMayuG-Dragon and Sandara Park.30 Dec 2009
Fade to Black (Complete)HibiscusAriel Lin29 Dec 2009
As we walk [Completed]BlueMikuYamaki - Yamapi & Maki29 Dec 2009
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Fungyi Love (completed)FallenAngelRaymond Lam Tavia Yeung29 Dec 2009
Oh Score! (Complete)iloveyunhoOnKey (Onew+Key)29 Dec 2009
The Good and The Bad *Completed*zaraHebe, Selina, Aaron, Jiro29 Dec 2009
Am I Just a Toy to You? [COMPLETED]ilovekrnpopJaejoong [ from DBSK ] & The Reader.29 Dec 2009
{ 365 days. } from me to you. [complete. )tealeaf.{ kim jaejoong. }29 Dec 2009
F I R S T L O V E [Oneshot] [COMPLETED]Amethyst ♥ GirlYou (The Reader) & Jae Joong Kim29 Dec 2009
we're NOT friends! [completed]guiwang_4everGui Gui, Wang Zi29 Dec 2009
Invisible Letters - CompletedhaebieLee Donghae, Fictional/Reader28 Dec 2009
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Alice from Wonderland 2- COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYOU, Jaejoong (DBSK)28 Dec 2009
Soccer Princess (Completed)T!nkguilun28 Dec 2009
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3 Years Later. (Completed)SapphirexBlueNichkhun & You ( reader)28 Dec 2009
Its more than Hate, Its Love -Complete-OhMyG-DragonYOU(Reader) JAEJOONG and more28 Dec 2009
I Love You, Goodbye [One Shot] (Completed)Amethyst ♥ GirlJae Joong Kim & BoA Kwon28 Dec 2009
Sorry for Tonight, Girl [One-Shot] -- completed --baboracoonPark Yoochun »박유천 « & YOU28 Dec 2009
Lost without you - CompletedEli =)Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson27 Dec 2009
Under Our Mushroom Umbrella(M)(complete)sailortrinity(?)Ella Chen and Chun Wu27 Dec 2009
A Captured Heart *completed*MIzconfuz3dS.H.E - Fahrenheit- fictionals27 Dec 2009
The Meaning Of Half(Repost!Complete~)babbykrazi4uKim Junsu(DBSK), Song Nee Ki (OC)27 Dec 2009
I Just Met Jaebeom[One-Shot]{Completed}jakolovpark jaebeom27 Dec 2009
The Last Time [One-Shot; COMPLETED]BoBoLi0usLEE JUNHO 「이준호」 & YOU27 Dec 2009
Saturday Morning [COMPLETED]DBLOVERJung Yunho // Shim Changmin27 Dec 2009
[Completed] One-shot: One Weekitsumademoft. Matsumoto Jun x OC (along with Arashi)26 Dec 2009
K-Pop Mash-Up [OneShot] [Completed~]SHINeeFan926SooMin (fiction), MANY K-Pop Artists are MENTIONED26 Dec 2009
Arranged Love. COMPLETEJi_YoonSHINee and You APPLY.26 Dec 2009
[COMPLETED] The Only Girlviolet_rose94Choi Sooyoung x Shim Changmin & DBSK SUPER JUNIOR26 Dec 2009
Entwined (One-Shot) [Completed]RyuuCL x G-Dragon26 Dec 2009
~The Name I Loved~ CompletedhaebieOnew, fictional girl26 Dec 2009
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White Christmas . (completed) ^^CJ2pm bigbang ftisland shinee mblaq beast mychildren25 Dec 2009
SURPRISE [R] {Completed}TammyKPOP's Horny Bachelors!25 Dec 2009
Locked [R] *--Completed--*genieKimKim Jaejoong, Lee Junki and Kim Haejin25 Dec 2009
The Only One For You Is Me [maybe R] -COMPLETED-omi-tanG-Ri couple25 Dec 2009
Held By Melody (One Shot)[Completed]Kairi_samaJin Akanishi and Kazuya Kamenashi25 Dec 2009
Me and My Juliette [COMPLETED]_niXIAHSHIM CHANGMIN25 Dec 2009
Possessive *Completed! ++Bonus ChapterZeey'Jung YunHo and Kim JaeJoong (Yaoi)25 Dec 2009
Blue Christmas [OS] (Completed)kimchilover26Wu Chun and Ella Chen25 Dec 2009
Feelings Change (COMPLETED)AshleyTiffany & TaeYeon (SNSD) + Bryan (fictional boy)25 Dec 2009
A collection of one shots .completed.`loveeeeeKwon Jiyong and Fictionals25 Dec 2009
Long-lasting Love??♥COMPLETED♥MewzikkGui Gui, Aaron, Wang Zi and MORE!25 Dec 2009
noona, you make me go c(R)azy! one-shot(COMPLETED)andrieMax Shim Changmin, Son Dambi, DBSK25 Dec 2009
CHECKMATE [Completed]D14TVXQ and Fictional25 Dec 2009
Lonely Christmas (Two-shot) [COMPLETED]LovecubeAaron, Guigui, Wangzi25 Dec 2009
My Christmas Present (COMPLETED)smrenheitGuiGui Aaron = GUILUN :D24 Dec 2009
Darkness Eyes -Completed-BLV13YooSuMinHoJae and all other configurations24 Dec 2009
[One-Shot] This Christmas COMPLETENo.1 HottestDiamondSeung Ho (mblaq) and You24 Dec 2009
[One-Shot] All I Want For Xmas is You COMPLETENo.1 HottestDiamondNichkhun and You24 Dec 2009
True Confessions [One-Shot Story] Completed!~jinkYou; Junsu; Jaejoong; Fictional24 Dec 2009
Last Christmas[COMPLETED, ONESHOT]YOUstoriesPark Jaebem, reader24 Dec 2009
Story of Us: The Bodyguard (COMPLETED)zuttonatsuYamashita Tomohisa, Inoue Mao24 Dec 2009
Christmas Present *~Completed~*YooMin_YunJaeChansung (2pm) x Yoseob (B2ST)24 Dec 2009
Aww... You're such a Santa! (One-shot) CompletedAzHiieYou, Yunho, Siwon24 Dec 2009
Photograph Memory (Christmas Special) -COMPLETE-Hyo Min ^^DBSK OT524 Dec 2009
♫♥Sweet Nightmares♥♫ (COMPLETE)someone_prettydanson tang & YOU (reader)23 Dec 2009
Ladies Night *Completed*ChristineJE boys and OC's23 Dec 2009
If Only There Was More Time... ~COMPLETED~Love_JoongieKim JaeJoong and Park Yumi (Fictional)23 Dec 2009
Happiness in Holidays [COMPLETED]` r a a n n e e eSHINee (&) OC (CHRISTMAS SPECIAL)23 Dec 2009
Key To His Heart (One-Shot) -Completed-miia186`Kim JaeJoong`You(_____)23 Dec 2009
Duck Lake (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey & Tsubasa23 Dec 2009
Love Kills (One Shot) CompletedVi3tjcnAhn Sohee, Kwon Jiyong, Min Sunye23 Dec 2009
Love Life At School (completed)ratana and brendaArron Jiro Calvin Wu Chun Selina Hebe Ella Angela22 Dec 2009
Code Blue SP: Aizawa's Failure? [Completed]ChristineCode Blue Cast and Fictionals22 Dec 2009
Charms For My Father. (Rated) *COMPLETED*its_2pm_babyJayHyun ; JayKhun and rest of 2pm and some SHINee.22 Dec 2009
L.O.V.E completedastroxtammyHEBE,AARON,TOP,AND YOOBIN!22 Dec 2009
CONFOUND LOVE *YURI* COMPLETED~~~unppaAMBERAmber F(x) & YOU & others22 Dec 2009
心跳恋爱社[转贴] Completed郭妮[转贴]SHINee and Reader22 Dec 2009
Broken ~Complete~natsuko_samYou, DBSK22 Dec 2009
Love Like This ~YAOI~ [COMPLETED]CLOUDSHINee -JONGKEY♥~22 Dec 2009
One Love [Completed]s a b e l x33Super Junior [슈퍼 주니어]21 Dec 2009
my personal angel (complete)T!nkguilun21 Dec 2009
Can Love Overcome All? [YAOI] COMPLETEaznxbabeYunJae, HanChul +More21 Dec 2009
it's our baby, Yunho (COMPLETE)lolitaYunjae(main), Yoosu, Minfood21 Dec 2009
The Day They Met [complete]AnimeuverYunho, Jaejoong (Yunjae)21 Dec 2009
My Dream - one shot- [Completed]D14Jung Yunho and You21 Dec 2009
Love; Installed and... deleted?! {COMPLETED}appleMINCho Kyuhyun21 Dec 2009
You and Me, Forever [COMPLETE]yoursilhouetteGui Gui, Wang Zi. GUIWANG<3 oneshot20 Dec 2009
Spending My Christmas Eve with My Husband-CompleteDorky KyuHebe Tian & Aaron Yan20 Dec 2009
Infamous and Elite. (COMPLETE)mrsshimchangmin;]Choi Seunghyun (TOP of Big Bang)and Fictional Girl20 Dec 2009
7 Years of Love [COMPLETE] [ONE-SHOT]Yoon.ZCho Kyuhyun & Jung Nicole (KARA)20 Dec 2009
The Teacher [*COMPLETED*]Pretty BitchHorikita Maki Kim Jaejoong Yamashita Tomohisa19 Dec 2009
The First and Last One {Two-Shots} [Completed]tubbyGENx3Nickhun {2PM} & Kim Mi Young {Fictional}19 Dec 2009
♫♪♥♪♫~The Santa Girl~♫♪♥♪♫_(completed)_♥♥♥PinkishBubble♥♥♥♥♥♥Yamada Ryosuke + Nakajima Yuto + OCs♥♥♥19 Dec 2009
Thesis. Antithesis. Synthesis. -Completed-BLV13MinHo, Yoosu, RainxJaejoong18 Dec 2009
亲亲我的野猪王子(转贴) Completed朵朵[转贴]SHINee and Reader(You)18 Dec 2009
It Was A Dare [Two-Shot] * Completed :D*JustAVIP♥ Kwon Ji Yong & Ahn So Hee ♥18 Dec 2009
Painted Emotions[A M Challenge] [Completed]한성 아 // Sung Ah ;DFT Island & Fictional18 Dec 2009
L a b y r i n t h [*COMPLETED]BoBoLi0usS H I N e e & R a i n18 Dec 2009
I'm Your #1 Anti-Fan -Complete-LilKidAznYou (the reader), Ok Taecyeon, other K-Pop artists17 Dec 2009
The Secret of Jonghyun's Death [Complete~]SHINeeFan926SHINee + Extras (Example. News Reporter)17 Dec 2009
Who Is The Killer? [COMPLETED]- MORE READERS PLIZ!shimjjang_min~DBSK~ [A THRILLER]17 Dec 2009
Blind Emotions [Complete SecretMelodies Challenge]infinity&oneShim Changmin, Ahn SoHee, Nichkhun & fictional17 Dec 2009
Shining Stars ♫ [complete]_shiney*B2ST[Beast] & Choosen Girls16 Dec 2009
The YunJae Book [One-shot] (Completed)Joceline7Kim JaeJoong and Jung YunHo ----- YunJae <316 Dec 2009
Flower Academy (COMPLETE)Panda BearSHINee, Me/You (HyoAe), and applicants!! (<3)16 Dec 2009
Love and Basketball **Complete**d3d1Fictional: guys represent DBSK and the girl is you16 Dec 2009
Dreams[Secret Melodies Challenge] COMPLETEDJingMeiJessica Jung(SNSD) and Onew Lee JinKi(SHINee)16 Dec 2009
My Last Request (One Shot) [COMPLETED]_niXIAHShim Changmin16 Dec 2009
Manage my love [COMPLETED]visualshockDBSK, SuperJunior, BigBang and FictionalCharacters16 Dec 2009
♫♪♥♪♫~Midnight Express~♫♪♥♪♫[COMPLETED]♥♥♥PinkishBubble♥♥♥♥♥♥Yamada Ryosuke and OC♥♥♥~with trailer15 Dec 2009
The Right Love::sequel::The Wrong Love [COMPLETE)M i r I s L o v e 'TOP, Onew, Taek [YAOI]15 Dec 2009
BAD boys NEXT exit [completed]parkshinlee7jiyong, go ah ra15 Dec 2009
Just Another Love Story (Completed)afhilangieAaron, Calvin, Jiro, Chun, & Fictional Girl15 Dec 2009
Unforgettable Memories [One-Shot] -Completed-`bLackMiracLes(: aka `xCARAMEL-Super Junior; Donghae & Eunhyuk (Eunhae)15 Dec 2009
The Ice Princess[COMPLETE]Amoeba[JeTi] Jessica Jung, Tiffany Hwang (SNSD) [JeTi]15 Dec 2009
Balloons [one-shot; special for Junsu`s 24th b`day] ~COMPLETED~13nzKim Junsu [TVXQ]14 Dec 2009
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My love is...him??? (COMPLETE)lolitayunjae..14 Dec 2009
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Twin [Complete] - OneShot ADDEDZoeyDBSK, JunChun (Yaoi)14 Dec 2009
Seigi no Mikata oneshot, afterstory (completed)HyeonnieYoko (Shida Mirai), Riku (Hongo Kanata)14 Dec 2009
[COMPLETED]CUPIDITYOblivious To The ObviousdaraXgdragon bigbangxfictional14 Dec 2009
{ • Promise in the Night - COMPLETED • }• HONEY •▪ YOU ▪ immortal JAEJOONG ▪14 Dec 2009
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Neighbors In Love[YAOI][R] **Completed **HeeMinLover~HaeMin, HanChul, Slight Dbsk&Suju.13 Dec 2009
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Incomplete♡ 나비{ --- kpop + ng(come appy!)}12 Dec 2009
A Sweet Saviour(Completed)xxYasuLovesSuJuxx, Alodia_GosiengfiaoKim Ryeowook, Lee Donghae, Soo Jin(ME or YOU)12 Dec 2009
The Other Side *Completed*lotusRaymond Ron Bosco Moses Tavia Bernice Sharon11 Dec 2009
You're My Everything (Complete)one-shotVampirePrinceYunho, Jaejoong, made--up girl11 Dec 2009
99 Paper Cranes Prequel: Valentine's Day -CompleteweepingangelCalvin Danson Arron Jiro Chun + Fic girls11 Dec 2009
School Life (School Holidays Special) *Completed*MonKevin C, Raymond L, Linda C, Tavia Y, Charmaine S11 Dec 2009
*~*Just a White Lie*~*[completed]PinkishBubbleHS7,arioka daiki,shida mirai and OC11 Dec 2009
The Doll Girl and the artist - [Completed]SeoKyuluvrSeohyun[snsd] Kyuhyun[Super Junior] Twoshot11 Dec 2009
I Wanna Be With You [ R ] *completed*babypaopaoBIG BANG (TOP && FC)11 Dec 2009
Cockroach VS Junsu (completed)Diamant de SaphirYoosu11 Dec 2009
Unexpected Love (Complete)Myself_211198You; the Reader,Yoochun & Jaejoong10 Dec 2009
Falling In Love With Kim Jonghyun(Yaoi)[Completed]Lee_Eun_HaSHINee Yaoi Pairings10 Dec 2009
turning back the clock [complete]PINKBERRY4EVERyoosu, yunjae, changmin, Taemin, minkhun10 Dec 2009
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Why not Me? [Complete]ShinKey SHINee9 Dec 2009
Wedding Dress [VSTMC Challenge] *completed*ShadowYinRyeowook You9 Dec 2009
Not Again(completed)Mary VangJung Yunho.Jeon Hye Bin9 Dec 2009
I Love You Too (one shot) Completed..IcEkingKim Taeyeon & Jung Jessica (TaeSic)9 Dec 2009
Forever, Yours. {R} *Completed*NajLolAhhaJaeJoong, Ji Yong (G- Dragon) and You8 Dec 2009
Silence and Solitude. [One-Shot, Completed]00:00amKim R Y E O W O O K8 Dec 2009
Letting Go [MS challenge] {COMPLETED}_niXIAHPark Jaebeom8 Dec 2009
Phantom Rider [COMPLETED]BoBoLi0usJay Park Jaebeom 「박재범」 & YOU7 Dec 2009
Friends *COMPLETEDappleMIN 7 Dec 2009
Miracle {OneShot} - COMPLETEDpink_potKim Hee Chul (SuJu) and Ahn So Hee (WG)7 Dec 2009
Blue Tomorrow [Completed]KimChiLoveRyeowook7 Dec 2009
Sweet Imprisonment(R) [Completed}changlineChangmin and fictional7 Dec 2009
Scandals [COMPLETE]kassykassKey (SHINee), Taemin (SHINee), You6 Dec 2009
Ladder of Success ~Complete~noddyJaejoong, DBSK and You (reader)6 Dec 2009
This Love [COMPLETED]Kim Joo EunYou. Jaejoong. Yunho. Siwon.6 Dec 2009
K o i z o r a *complete*XaraChangMin & JaeJoong (joongshim/jaemin)6 Dec 2009
Goong TVXQ ! *COMPLETE*Xaramainly YunHo, JaeJoong, ChangMin6 Dec 2009
Yearning Heart [COMPLETE]Paige FiqahYamaPi HorikitaMaki KimJaejoong(dbsk) ErikaToda6 Dec 2009
The christmas gift (completed)Diamant de SaphirYoosu6 Dec 2009
::♥Already heartbroken ♥:: [Completed]CJaiiFahrenheit+S.H.E6 Dec 2009
Guapan Gaji Saranghangoya (Completed)BLV13Yunmin,Yoosu Jaejoong and Boa5 Dec 2009
Destined *COMPLETED★SOJUNishikido Ryo & Horikita Maki ft. NewS + DBSK5 Dec 2009
I think i love you *COMPLETE*Lalala•You, Jaejoong,Yunho5 Dec 2009
Save Me! [One-Shot] {Completed}tubbyGENx3Amane Misaki {Fictional}5 Dec 2009
When in a Love Situation [COMPLETE]HeartbreakYunjae Yoosu Jaemin5 Dec 2009
[Oneshot] Colours To Your Life. [Completed]xinggMBLAQ Lee Joon5 Dec 2009
~~BELIEVE~~ [complete]enthanf4~YUNJAE~YOOSU~CHANGKI~5 Dec 2009
恶魔前传[转贴短篇] Completed郭妮SHINee5 Dec 2009
Slow Motion (One-Shot) *COMPLETED*BoBoLi0usKIM JUNSU [JUN.K (김준수)]5 Dec 2009
The Unkindest Cut of All (Completed)PseudonymKim Jaejoong; Fictional Girl4 Dec 2009
To Be Or Not To Be (Completed)PseudonymKim Jaejoong/Original Character4 Dec 2009
天使街23号[转贴] Completed郭妮--[转贴]SHINee and Reader/You4 Dec 2009
Love Story, (Love's Confusion) [COMPLETE]IsabellaSS5014 Dec 2009
Fizzle Sizzle, And It's All Gone [complete]AnimeuverEunhyuk, Donghae (Eunhae)4 Dec 2009
Angel Figurines [complete]AnimeuverKim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun (JaeChun, Soulmates)4 Dec 2009
Lovers and Strangers (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey and Tsubasa3 Dec 2009
When Friendship Turns To Love *Complete*Nine-ChanJonghyun, Gi Kwang + SHINee and B2ST & OC3 Dec 2009
The Perfect You [Repost] [Completed]tubbyGENx3Kwon Jiyong & Im Yoona3 Dec 2009
incompletepompom.tavia raymond bernice kevin myolie bosco 3 Dec 2009
Do you love me?-COMPLETE-AlwaysMeChoi Minho and SuhJin3 Dec 2009
July 26th [Oneshot] [Completed]Star-chanft. Horikita Maki3 Dec 2009
Spread Your Wings [Oneshot] [Completed]Star-chanft. Lee Jinki3 Dec 2009
Rising Sun [COMPLETE]secretsoulYoosu2 Dec 2009
Married to 5 Vampires -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYOU, SHINee2 Dec 2009
FoReVeR aND aLWaYS Complete!!!alison13Taylor Swift and Jonas Brothers2 Dec 2009
N i g h t f a l l ; Complete DarknessMinzyne{ -- big bang & fictionals.2 Dec 2009
OMG! My Principal is 18 !!!!!!!! (completed)snowHebe & Arron1 Dec 2009
Kono Monogatari (COMPLETED)Twinkle PichiChinen Yuuri, Kawashima Umika1 Dec 2009
Sweet Surrender [ COMPLETE ]Karin (Appple)Aoi (The GazettE)1 Dec 2009
Look Only At Me [xCompletedx]Babbykrazi4uJiyongxHee Rin(OC)1 Dec 2009
Love Is Not What It Seems (R)*some yaoi* completedGrandeOdalisqueG-Dragon, Lee JungHyun, Jaejoong, TOP, CL, Seungri1 Dec 2009
[oneshot/complete] Last ChristmasHikariBig Bang's Top and She30 Nov 2009
Can't Live Without You (Two-Shot) (Complete)KarloYoung Bae, Ji Yong, Fictional30 Nov 2009
♥ Changed (Completed)♥ Lovecube♥ Aaron Yan, Guigui, Wangzi30 Nov 2009
undecided love **completed**crazykpopss501 kyujong kyuhyun song ji hyo,goo hye sun,30 Nov 2009
My 100 days mission {COMPLETED}_niXIAHKim Kibum and Eun Soo [fictional girl]30 Nov 2009
Endlessly (Completed)AnonymousFictional Character30 Nov 2009
The Cure for Their Yearning Hearts [completed]GeneandTinKwon Ji Yong [GD] and Lee Chae Rin [CL]29 Nov 2009
Toys For Sale {R} [COMPLETED]sweet_love_23DBSK & FLH & CHOOSEN GIRLS29 Nov 2009
Nothing can stop me from loving you. (COMPLETE)di2da★YOU ★ SHINee (Mainly KEY and ONEW)29 Nov 2009
Your Voice Is My Bet - one-shot [completed]araucariaJaejoong29 Nov 2009
..FriendLove..//completed//aLoNE giRL..Gui Gui..Hebe..Aaron..Wang Zi..29 Nov 2009
One Year Later(one-shot) completedYOUstoriesNick Khun and you (reader)29 Nov 2009
You're My Forever {Completed}jumpybbEunhyuk Donghae - HaeHyuk29 Nov 2009
Baby, My Heart Beats For You[R](Complete)youngbae_wifeyMir (MBLAQ) &+ Fic(Lee Eun Soh)28 Nov 2009
One More Shot @ Saranghae [Completed]azndomination2PM + (AZIN) Fictionals!28 Nov 2009
A Love to Chase After ♥Completed♥Love_JoongieKim JaeJoong, Fictional Girl, DBSK28 Nov 2009
Let Me Walk With You` (Completed)SapphirexBluePark Jaebum28 Nov 2009
*~*Cupid:angel’s in mission*~*[completed]PinkishBubbleYamada Ryosuke,Morimoto ryutaro,Hagiwara Mai,OC28 Nov 2009
Endless Forlorn (completed)Mariel D.Guilun! >> GuiGui & Aaron Yan28 Nov 2009
The Next Happiness [Completed]BestWishesTop Combine - KennyxMars Xiao Wu, Bird, Caesar27 Nov 2009
Love is a Four Letter Word (Completed)Avery AveretteTakki x Yamapi / TakkiPi27 Nov 2009
Dreaming (Complete)KarloTae Yang, Big Bang, Fictional27 Nov 2009
The boys in the school garden (YAOI)[R][Completed]AyuYunJae SiHan KhunJay 2PM DBSK SuJu Big Bang27 Nov 2009
Unerased Memories [ONE-SHOT][COMPLETED]Stepha.niePark Yoochun , You27 Nov 2009
Under the cherry blossom [M] [Completed]kagoyahimeYamaki story26 Nov 2009
The Past (one-shot) [Completed]hlnouHebe Tian Jaejoong Kim Aaron Yan26 Nov 2009
Bleeding Ultraviolet ~Completed~TVXQ~DollKim JaeJoong, (Fictionals), DBSK, Possibly others26 Nov 2009
Baby, i'm a fool. (one-shot) [completed]iHeartKHUNNIckhun and Fictional26 Nov 2009
Hush Hush Love [COMPLETED]xdorkyxMinho(SHINee) SooYoung(SNSD)26 Nov 2009
A Day With You[Completed]Babbykrazi4uJaejoong, You(reader)26 Nov 2009
Our Ordinary Saturday Mornings [Completed]. / / j u i mJung Yunho & Shim Changmin25 Nov 2009
Friday The 13 [PG?] [Completed] [One Shot]AznxCowYoonYul/YoonRi/Yoona And Yuri25 Nov 2009
Lift Stimulus (Completed) [R]changlineJunsu and Fictional25 Nov 2009
Don't Let Me Go - COMPLETEDhaebieOnew x Sung Rin (fic) x Key25 Nov 2009
Blind Emotions [SM Challenge] *completed*~ YM ~Shim Changmin, Fictionals25 Nov 2009
My Immortal-CompletedAnneJiro Wang/Selina Ren & Arron Yan/Hebe Tian24 Nov 2009
Our the end(one shot) -completed-miss_purpleJung Yunho & Kim JaeJoong24 Nov 2009
ஓMy Foreign Affairஓ - completed -bloodyroseDBSK : yoosu,yunjae, kimin (yaoi)24 Nov 2009
Playing Love♥(Completed)SneakerZG-Dragon , Reader [you]24 Nov 2009
i miss you (Completed)yummyliciousSiHan(Main), EunHae, KyuMin24 Nov 2009
My Cruel Stepbrother (completed/smut)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
So Cute It Hurts (completed/smut)Avery AveretteYamapi x Takki24 Nov 2009
Blackmail, Cats and Pineapple (completed/smut)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
Some Things Never Change (Completed)Avery AveretteYamapi x Takki24 Nov 2009
I Don't Know Many Things (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
Birthday Present (completed)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
I Want You (completed/smut)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
Lunchtime Workout (completed/smut)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
When contempt and disdain collide (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
Puppy Love Ranger (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
'No. You can't have him.' (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
Pasta + Chaahan = Venus Ramen (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa24 Nov 2009
When a Cat Loves a Dog (Completed)Avery AveretteTackey x Tsubasa23 Nov 2009
Love so sweet *completed*BlueCanHey! Say! JUMP + You23 Nov 2009
Survival Couple-COMPLETED-AARON/SeoHyun/JingMeiK-POP and My Girls!/One Shots(APPLY!!!)23 Nov 2009
My Dear Twin [Completed]minifantasySelina & Aaron & Jiro23 Nov 2009
My Boy (Completed)JustPeachyBoA Jaejoong others23 Nov 2009
[ 9 M o n t h s ] *COMPLETEDJA3J00NGYOU[the reader], Jaejoong, and other23 Nov 2009
Last Gift -COMPLETE-love_korean_musicTaemin, Key, Honggi and fic girl23 Nov 2009
ONE SHOT : A Thousand Tears [COMPLETED]iMortalChoi Minhwan & YOU22 Nov 2009
Too Good for You (Complete)~Andi~DBSK; Changmin + OC22 Nov 2009
Changed. (OneShot) Sequel - Completed.UnknownVietft. Lee YunJoo(Miki) & Lee ChiHoon - The Ulzzangs22 Nov 2009
She's My TEMPTRESS [ One-Shot (R) ] *completed*babypaopaoDong Young Bae && Fictional22 Nov 2009
Best Friends (complete)edita lacsamanaG-dragon , Dara - 2ne1 bigbang22 Nov 2009
(completed)just between U and ME(completed)kim mel rosekim bum(so yi jung) kim so eun(chu ga eul)21 Nov 2009
Sweet Dream *One-Shot* (COMPLETE)Jenny ThaoKim JaeJoong and Lee Taru (fiction girl)21 Nov 2009
Live Fast, Die Pretty (COMPLETED)nom d'écran .NICHKHUN 「닉쿤」 & YOU20 Nov 2009
~Love Training ClaSs~ [Completed]Xiao Feng19Arron Yan and Hebe Tian (Bebu)20 Nov 2009
Our little princess <33333 -COMPLETED-dbskgirl4everYou, DBSK20 Nov 2009
Perfect. Just Too Perfect (completed)JEdesuOC, Yamashita Tomohisa, and more20 Nov 2009
S.P.I (completed)star_dust*SHINee, Fictional girls and FT Island20 Nov 2009
Met Through Food -COMPLETE-Ji_YoonYou(APPLY) 2PM19 Nov 2009
Operation Boyfriend! [Completed]CrashedANGELJaejoong, Fictional, DBSK19 Nov 2009
Her Dangerous Oppa (COMPLETED)LaurenLCDBoaXJonghyun, GD, Hero (DBSK, BB, SHINee minors)19 Nov 2009
Twist of Fate: The Assassin Completedmikimika101Kim Jaejoong and You19 Nov 2009
From the Wrong Side of the Tracks {Completed}BLV13YunJae, Yoosu, Min7en18 Nov 2009
When Death Spoke To Her [COMPLETED]The Unfaithful OneElla Chen and Wu Chun18 Nov 2009
Your My Worst Nightmare {R} [COMPLETED]sweet_love_23jaejoong hebe arron jiro selina18 Nov 2009
Lets Bath Together !! (Completed)mankadiSiHan (Siwon+Hankyung)18 Nov 2009
Affair [completed]ChubbyChoDBSK (Yaoi)18 Nov 2009
End of A Dream [COMPLETED]BoBoLi0usSHINee & Rain18 Nov 2009
The Trap Of Love (YAOI) [Completed]Lee_Eun_HaJongKey, MinKey, TaeHyun18 Nov 2009
5 Days (one-shot) [completed]iHeartKHUNNickhun and YOU17 Nov 2009
Glorious *COMPLETED.★SOJUNishikido Ryo & Horikita Maki ft. NewS17 Nov 2009
The Cute-Innocent Run Upon Silly-Wilful(completed)snowDBSK & S.H.E17 Nov 2009
Butterflies (Oneshot) [COMPLETED]xjaeminxPark Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong, Kang Yurim (OC)17 Nov 2009
终极一班II *COMPLETED*Happy Penguin终极一班卡士 S.H.E17 Nov 2009
Instantaneous Death [One Shot - COMPLETED]icecreamiie 17 Nov 2009
Jung Yunho, Do I have a Heart? [Complete]eternalheartsChangmin x Yunho16 Nov 2009
Challenge: Student Council [R] {COMPLETE}fAnTaSy-PeRfUmEDBSK, kibum, kyuhyun, and girls13 Nov 2009
a Promise to Remember [Completed]Mcmpsly7Lee Yeon Hee, Micky Yoochun, Kim Jae Joong13 Nov 2009
★~Away We GO~★[COMPLETED]BangBangVIP2PM, Apply[CLOSED]13 Nov 2009
Second and Last [One-Shot] [COMPLETED].JENNiSM_Jay Park. <313 Nov 2009
The House by the Beach [COMPLETED]KoreanKimchee"You're Beautiful" mostly Jung Yong Hwa12 Nov 2009
Follow You Until The End *COMPLETE* :)GDYB_FansGRI,GDYB12 Nov 2009
You've Stolen My Heart [COMPLETED]YSLOVERYoosu, Yunjae . Kimin12 Nov 2009
Be with You * COMPLETED *LYTTYoosu, Hyuksu, Yunjae. Changmin.12 Nov 2009
Arranged Marriage [ COMPLETED ]LYTTYoochun & Junsu, Yoosu, Hosu, Yunjae12 Nov 2009
Between Shelves (Completed)changlineChangmin and fictional12 Nov 2009
Mistress At Your Service. ---Completedtee.Hebe&Aaron ft. Genie&Calvin12 Nov 2009
♥Love Is Hard♥ (COMPLETED)momoxsoflyyJaebum Monica Emily Khun Others11 Nov 2009
Glimpse of Heaven - Oneshot - R [COMPLETED]AfterxthexRainJaejoong, OC11 Nov 2009
This Couldn't Be Love - COMPLETEhaebieOnew, Fictional Girl11 Nov 2009
Scared to love you[COMPLETED]ChristineKim Jaejoong, OC11 Nov 2009
Carbon Copy and/of My Love [R] (Complete)JaeSu fanHye Jin, Junsu, Yoochun & others10 Nov 2009
Angel in Disguise [ One-Shot (R) ] *completed*mow [ edtd by babypaopao ]TOP & Fictional Character (w/ Big Bang & FC)10 Nov 2009
I Wrote a Song for You {complete}Autumn LetterKwon BoA and Kim Jaejoong10 Nov 2009
One More Try (Completed)AmethystDBSK YunJae10 Nov 2009
Without A Heart - Completed -Kim HeeChulJung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong (Yaoi)10 Nov 2009
Always Together Forever [COMPLETED]SerenitySS5019 Nov 2009
A Place In My Heart - COMPLETEDsimconRaymond, Charmaine, Ron9 Nov 2009
The Dating Game 2: A Whole New Game (Completed)DTLCTThe same cast as Part I9 Nov 2009
机器女友 *Completed*迷你炎亚纶 吴映洁(鬼鬼)9 Nov 2009
Dream (one-shot) [completed]`r. m., vGuigui, Aaron Yan, Hebe Tian8 Nov 2009
Can I Say Uncle Yet?! (Complete)SAIASuper Junior H Eunhyuk OC8 Nov 2009
A Powerful Bond (One-shot) (Complete)AndiShim Changmin and fictional girl; DBSK (cameos)8 Nov 2009
Living with A Fish Named Donghae -COMPLETE-MeiliDonghae and YOU8 Nov 2009
Every second counts [COMPLETED]appleMINHebe Tian, Arron Yan (BEBU)8 Nov 2009
And goodbye {AM challenge} *COMPLETEDappleMINLee Sungmin. (Side story of 'Remember me..')8 Nov 2009
[Complete]Rivals(Yaoi/NC-17)Patra86Big Bang+some from the YG family8 Nov 2009
Suggestion *R* - OneShot (Complete)YJLuverTVXQ!8 Nov 2009
Abandoned Love (one-shot) *completed*ShadowYinEunhyuk Fictional Junsu8 Nov 2009
The Lover That I Bought! (YAOI) [Completed]Lee_Eun_HaJongHo , MINKEY ( SHINee)8 Nov 2009
His Heart ♥ (Completed)Micah_Micky Park YOOCHUN__♥__Xiah Kim JUNSU_8 Nov 2009
Hello [COMPLETED]maiSandara Park(Dara), Kwon Jiyong(GDragon)8 Nov 2009
L.O.V.E. (One-Shots) *COMPLETED*MouseeMBLAQ7 Nov 2009
My Liquid Dreams (Complete)JaeYunShiiJung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong7 Nov 2009
Your Sweater (Completed)sh3_is 7 Nov 2009
Girl Meets Boy *COMPLETED*One Of HottestYOU ; Taecyeon; Jaebeom; rest of 2pm; others7 Nov 2009
Royal Princes [Complete]Yunshi HimuraDBSK and SuJu (Yaoi)7 Nov 2009
A Lie, A Betrayal [COMPLETED]Purple HorizonJaemin, Yunjae [YAOI]7 Nov 2009
[Completed] Autumn Memories [One Shot]Star-chanft. Kim Ryeowook6 Nov 2009
Only one true love *Complete*Mayumijunsu, oc, riin dbsk, taeyeon, inhwan6 Nov 2009
TheTaleOf ThePrincessAndDragon♥COMPLETEDRahRahBear♥(Saroha)SoHee-JiYong-SunMi-SeungRi~WB♥6 Nov 2009
~Unacceptable Love~ *Completed*bubblygal~Aaron & Gui Gui~6 Nov 2009
♥A journey of love♥[completed)Hyeonniehey say jump and girls (apply closed)6 Nov 2009
Changmin's lucky day{completed}ChanYou and Changmin6 Nov 2009
That was how we started *completed*---GuiLuness---WznazGuiGui,Aaron,WangZi6 Nov 2009
The Last Moment [COMPLETED]mariko-chandonghae and yoona5 Nov 2009
This Promise*Completed*peach_gerl16Jaemin(yaoi)5 Nov 2009
HURT [REPOST] -completed-ynaluvjaeyunjae, yoosu, min/?5 Nov 2009
can't stop thinking about you(completed)by:Mary VangChoi Siwon and Im Yoona5 Nov 2009
We're best friends. Not lovers. -COMPLETED-EHHLLIIE(:YUNJAEHO4 Nov 2009
From enmity to reverence*COMPLETED*azzhuljaejoong and fictional character4 Nov 2009
Just like others (ONE-SHOT) (COMPLETED)PrinceLee Joon (MBLAQ) + YOU (READER)3 Nov 2009
My Two Face Wife (Complete)Suyin_LoveJunsu, Liyin, Tae yeon, DBSK3 Nov 2009
=One Thousand Stars=(one-shot)//completed//aLoNE giRL=GuiWang=GuiLun=3 Nov 2009
Stay With Me For Better or For Worse (Completed)biniBningPunkistaIkuta Toma, Inoue Mao and others3 Nov 2009
You're My A N G E L [ One-Shot (R) ] *Completed*babypaopaoYoung Bae && Fictional Girl [ w/ TOP ]3 Nov 2009
Final Chapters [Completed]miss_tiff15/teechungEdison Chen & Gillian Chung2 Nov 2009
Playboy's Love(Short story)-(Completed)GabriellaHero Jaejoong, YOU2 Nov 2009
I Hate You (complete) genre: comedy romanceedita lacsamanadara park/g-dragon . feat. BB and 2ne12 Nov 2009
Random Stories,Music & Thoughts {Completed}AnneFahrenheit and SHE1 Nov 2009
My Birthday Wish [completed]ILYHorikita Maki and Yamashita Tomohisa1 Nov 2009
The End. (OneShot) Completed.UnknownVietft. Lee Yun Joo (Miki) & Lee Chi Hoon1 Nov 2009
Devotion [One-Shot] [COMPLETED].JENNiSM_You decide .1 Nov 2009
Deadly Mistake (Completed)mangoRAYMOND/TAVIA/RON/BOSCO/LEILA/SAMMUL/LINDA31 Oct 2009
My Gangster Lover -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everjaejoong, you (dbsk&rain too)31 Oct 2009
Hate that I love you, BOY~ [COMPLETED]KwonLeederJiyong Kwon-Lee Chaerin31 Oct 2009
White Horse. [Completed].ShwetaJoe Cheung, Ariel Lin, Dean Fujioka, Rainie Yang.31 Oct 2009
Saved By An Angel (COMPLETE)rgpponciErika Toda, Hiro Mizushima, Oguri Shun30 Oct 2009
Am I Too Late?....(short story)(Completed)lilies_009Park Dara (2ne1) & Kim Jaejoong (DBSK)30 Oct 2009
Love the Second Time Around *Complete*dbsk408YOU (The Reader), Yunho, rest of DBSK, and others30 Oct 2009
Silver String of Emotions (COMPLETED)iLuveLLa, and 2 friendsWu Chun and Ella30 Oct 2009
Questionable Fluff [Completed].flavoredKim Bum & Kim Soeun30 Oct 2009
She Will Come Back [ONE-SHOT ; COMPLETED*]BoBoLi0usOk Taecyeon 「옥택연」 & YOU30 Oct 2009
Forgotten Memories [COMPLETED]mg6991**/StephiiiiiLee Jin Ki (Onew) + Fictional Girl + Kim Jonghyun30 Oct 2009
My Wife is a Gangster (sequel) (Completed)jazzgillianGillian Chung Kim Jae Joong30 Oct 2009
Forever Love ♥ {YAOI} - CompletedyantingLee D O N G H A E && Lee H Y U K J A E ♥30 Oct 2009
Beyond the Unreasonable Doubt {COMPLETED}_niXIAHLee Sungmin29 Oct 2009
Angel In Disguise (Completed)ajaeluvsjoongieKim Jaejoong and You(Reader)29 Oct 2009
Love Letters (Sequel to Love and Life){COMPLETE}DriftingMoonGui Gui Aaron29 Oct 2009
Idlip [complete]cutterpillow ♥ CMHYamashita Tomohisa, Inoue Mao, Nishikido Ryo29 Oct 2009
Saving Kim Jae Joong's Ass [complete]cutterpill☺w + help from _niXIAHKim Jae Joong and Lee Yeon Hee29 Oct 2009
Crescendo of Silence (completed)kon_konN.Ryo, Y.Tomohisa, H.Maki, I.Toma29 Oct 2009
One More Chance [three-shot, completed]YOUstoriesreader, Jay Park.29 Oct 2009
It Suffices [5 ONE-SHOTS COMPLETED]blueballoonSuper Junior [mostly]28 Oct 2009
Rainbow of my Life [Completed]ShadowYinLee Taemin28 Oct 2009
Porcelain Tear [One-shot] [Completed]LillyrainTiffany Hwang28 Oct 2009
Attraction (COMPLETED)nez1987Lee Seunggi, Chaerin (TOP Dara GD Bom Teddy etc)28 Oct 2009
Shinku Minami (Completed)biniBningPunkistaUeto Aya, Mao, Shun, Toma, Ando, Joe Odagiri, etc.28 Oct 2009
Total Eclipse of The Heart. {one shot; COMPLETED}appleMINP A R K J A E B E O M28 Oct 2009
Momentum (One-Shot) *COMPLETED*BoBoLi0usJay Park Jaebum [박재범]28 Oct 2009
Time Waits For No One(One-Shot) [Completed]ElfPark LeeTeuk & YOU [[repost]]28 Oct 2009
What!! [COMPLETED]Mi.kieYUNJAE27 Oct 2009
The You Inside Me (completed)littlekayJun...Mao...27 Oct 2009
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Then There Was You [completed]tftcproductionsTVXQ (Yunjae)26 Oct 2009
Angst is everywhere (Ficlets, Oneshots) [complete]aiko103DBSK [Junsu, Yoochun, Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin]26 Oct 2009
You in Wonderland(COMPLETED)FanStoryYou And Yunho!!!!25 Oct 2009
Son of Dracula {One-Shot} ((Complete))Masked_PrincessU(READER)/Hero/YeonHee/JunKi24 Oct 2009
You've Forgotten About Me [Short Story][Completed]LaLaLa...YOU and Kim Jaejoong24 Oct 2009
1:59 PM [ Oneshot ] [ Completed ]`Jojo.2PM's Park Jaebeom && YOU24 Oct 2009
Challenge Entry ~COMPLETED~babeyelmoK/J/TPOP23 Oct 2009
Dream On [one-shot] LS Challenge (Completed)M&MkwonღKwon JiYong && Ahn SoHee (Minor: SunMi)23 Oct 2009
Loving You Once Again {COMPLETE}Dorky KyuCuppyCake & Kim Hyun Joong23 Oct 2009
Hallucination [One-Shot] [COMPLETED].JENNiSM_Jay Park. <323 Oct 2009
Wash Your Tears Away [COMPLETED]Oblivious To The Obvious21Bang (2ne1 and Bigbang)23 Oct 2009
Hello♥ (completed)sjkoizoraGD&BIGBANG&NG23 Oct 2009
The Ultimate Power of Earth [Complete]nekonotangoYamaShi, Fukuda Mayuko, HSJ22 Oct 2009
A Secret Relationship [COMPLETED]bluestarsElla Chen and Wu Zun22 Oct 2009
恶魔变天使 ~~ completed ~~yunGui Gui Aaron 鬼鬼 亚轮22 Oct 2009
11 Roses [One-Shot] [COMPLETED].JENNiSM_Jay Park. <322 Oct 2009
Linger_Oneshot (completed)rosalynwuKyu Hyun, Ryeo Wook (KyuWook)21 Oct 2009
鬼王-Short Stories/One-Shot *COMPLETED*Lucifer_Star吴映洁 [鬼鬼]-----邱胜翊 [王子]21 Oct 2009
This Song *Oneshot *Completed*BoBoLi0usPark Jaebeom21 Oct 2009
Distant [One-Shot] [COMPLETED].JENNiSM_Jay Park. <321 Oct 2009
Kissed By An Angel (2 Shot) (Completed)JustPeachyBoA & Jaejoong20 Oct 2009
One in a Million(Completed)GabriellaHero Jaejoong, YOU(The Reader)20 Oct 2009
Remember me *COMPLETEDappleMINGirls, Minor(s): Lee Sungmin, Cho Kyuhyun20 Oct 2009
Broken Record -Completed-CammieJonghyun [SHINee], Kim Jae Eun [Fictional]20 Oct 2009
Only You (Oneshot) [Complete]AlicesandraPark Jaebeom/Jay Park & YOU18 Oct 2009
hana kimi 2: a fanfic sequel [COMPLETE]irish bellehana kimi (taiwan) cast18 Oct 2009
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Dangerous Mind (RATED) COMPLETED!dbsk_luverDBSK, SHINee, 2 PM18 Oct 2009
I'm Already Gone *One-Shot* *COMPLETE*Jenny ThaoKim Junsu,Ae Li (fiction)18 Oct 2009
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Boys Around Me *COMPLETE*k_11Kim Bum,So Eun Jaejoong Kibum fictional charac,etc18 Oct 2009
Of Caramel Latte & Blueberry Muffin ~COMPLETE~alexieKiBum (U-KISS), SooKi (Fic)18 Oct 2009
Love Bye Love[COMPLETE]ayminlovereader , Changmin &other DBSK members[minor parts]18 Oct 2009
(r). You [ COMPLETED ]nom d'écran .KIM JONGHYUN 「김종현 」 & YOU17 Oct 2009
My Shelter is You [Completed]Pink DouHuaYunJae17 Oct 2009
Unexpected Romance [Completed]bluefairy19Choi Minho (SHINee) & OC17 Oct 2009
2nd Chance(Day 1 Chanz II) [COMPLETED]xdorkyxOnew (SHINee) Taeyeon (SNSD) Wooyoung (2PM)17 Oct 2009
You Are the One (completed)Gabbie (friend) posted by me :DSuper Junior's Eunhyuk and an ordinary girl17 Oct 2009
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Falling For You, Again?!:Sequel [COMPLETE]asianCUHHKhun;Yuri16 Oct 2009
Falling For You, Again?! [COMPLETE]asianCUHHNichkhun Yuri Donghae16 Oct 2009
Recollecting Memories -Sequel- *Complete*KhimmeYou (Reader), Jaejoong, Jessica, Yunho,Key & DBSK16 Oct 2009
Saranghae, and I Love You[COMPLETED]Chin YuDonghae and Eunhyuk (EUNHAE)16 Oct 2009
The Next Day (Completed)oliviaAaron Yan and Hebe Tian16 Oct 2009
Key To Her Heart [//completed][r.m.,v`] 'p a n g. p a k k ;]Your choice.15 Oct 2009
For Tomorrow. {COMPLETED}appleMINLee Sungmin.15 Oct 2009
My Destiny [REMIX] {completed}jaerynCHANYUNJAE, YOOSU, CHANGMIN[minor]15 Oct 2009
{Complete} Hauntings For TomorrowBaekho2PM Park Jaebeom Jay14 Oct 2009
At Yesterday's I found my happily everaf-complete-MissaYunJae(main) Yoosu14 Oct 2009
Take Care Of My Eyes *One-shot* (Complete)Jenny ThaoYunho,Fictin girl14 Oct 2009
Backlash of the Words *COMPLETED*AyuJunsu and TaeYeon13 Oct 2009
I Don't Care [Completed]s a b e l x33Lee Donghae [이동해], Lee Hyuk Jae [이혁재]13 Oct 2009
999 Roses *OneShot* (Complete)Jenny ThaoJaeJoong and Lee Taru (fiction girl)13 Oct 2009
Desperate Moments (Completed)DTLCTTVB, ATV, TW actors & actresses13 Oct 2009
Meant 2 Be (complete)MuAh~SaranghaEKwon Ji Yong13 Oct 2009
Love or Hatred (R) COMPLETED!SyaSuperJunior, SNSD, DBSK, fics13 Oct 2009
Singing Confessions (completed)TaeHee<3SoHee and TaeYang with WonderBang13 Oct 2009
` Serenade Me. [ one-shot ] [Completed]EpicAsianHongKi & YOU.13 Oct 2009
Me and My Oppas [Completed]s a b e l x33Lee Donghae [이동해], Lee Hyuk Jae [이혁재]13 Oct 2009
Girl's Desire (COMPLETED)nom d'écran .Taecyeon 「옥택연」 + GD 「권지용」 + YOU.12 Oct 2009
Mistaken Happiness (Completed)HainexazienKim Bum, Kim So Eun, Kim Hyun Joong, Koo Hye Sun12 Oct 2009
Hello Again *One-Shot* *completed*MinnieK I M J U N S U12 Oct 2009
Blood Difference {Completed}TimerAaron, Gui Gui, Xiu, Wu Xiong12 Oct 2009
In Love [mini story-completed]ChubbyChoYoosu12 Oct 2009
Ultraviolet (Completed)emilyglhYoochun/Junsu (Yoosu)12 Oct 2009
Lost in my own world[YAOI] (Complete)MarkieYunJae- and other couples ;)12 Oct 2009
Love In the Ice -Completed-BLV13Yunmin,Yoosu Jaejoong and Boa12 Oct 2009
I Hate You [ one - shot ] [ complete ]` c r a z i i v i py o u , y o u r c h o i c e12 Oct 2009
Revenge Tastes So Sweet (COMPLETE)frosty_cakesDBSK11 Oct 2009
Beg [Die Dir en Grey One shot]COMPLETEladyushioDie11 Oct 2009
TRIANGLE (COMPLETE)jelouvillssandara park and kim jaejoong11 Oct 2009
No, we can't fall in love -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYou, Jaejoong (DBSK/others)11 Oct 2009
Because of Pity [Completed]Melody XiongMicky Yoochun && Xiah Junsu11 Oct 2009
Let it Out (One-shot) *Completed*Kairi_samaJin Akanishi and Kazuya Kamenashi11 Oct 2009
I Am Loving My Sister's Girlfriend [Completed]imperfectionist XDHebe Tian, Arron Yan, GuiGui Wu11 Oct 2009
i will forever be yours !! (complete)lurbAaronAaron+you[reader]10 Oct 2009
Kiss Me Goodbye [ONESHOT] COMPLETEIdijottYooSu10 Oct 2009
Icecream (Completed)gyaru-chuSeunghyun, Fictional10 Oct 2009
Bestfriends Forever(Completed)chisa_zutto2Nishikido Ryo & Toda Erika10 Oct 2009
再見了,最愛的人。(One-Shot, Completed)stykutluvaaronAaron Yan 炎亞綸, Selina Ren 任家萱10 Oct 2009
Love and Pain [Complete]BigBangLover123Kwon Ji Yong & Kim Soo Yin (FC) {+Others}10 Oct 2009
Seoul's Elite(Completed)GabriellaHero Jaejoong, YOU(Reader)10 Oct 2009
A Broken Love's Sonata [COMPLETED]_niXIAHSiwon, Ryeowook, fictional girls and Super Junior10 Oct 2009
Only You [ one - shot ] [ complete ]` c r a z i i v i py o u , y o u r c h o i c e9 Oct 2009
GottaGetThatGirl~COMPLETED~Saroha(BrownieZ)SeungRi and SunMi/WonderBang~9 Oct 2009
Secretly In Love[R]*COMPLETED*girlinurdreamsYoon Eun Hye, Horikita Maki, DBSK9 Oct 2009
single or couple?(COMPLETED)FaRaHSuper Junior and You9 Oct 2009
Angel [ one - shot ] [ complete ]` c r a z i i v i pfeat. Park JaeBeom & You8 Oct 2009
Everything You Do [one-shot] *completed*mokonanokawaiiBEBU: Arron Yan ♡ Hebe Tian8 Oct 2009
We Ride [ one - shot ] [ completed ]` c r a z i i v i py o u , y o u r c h o i c e8 Oct 2009
Breaking Through [COMPLETED]secretxsoul156yoosu7 Oct 2009
A way to happiness (NC-17) [COMPLETED]KinraFictional, JaeJoong, Changmin,DBSK7 Oct 2009
I don't like you, I love you. (Oneshot) [COMPLETE]dbsk_fan_loverJunsu and Yoochun (Yoosu)7 Oct 2009
Swept by you - CompletedEli =)KIMERALD6 Oct 2009
K-Pop Style Kidnap. ( completed )` n i k k iDong bang shin ki ( apply closed )5 Oct 2009
Boys Or Mannequins?!-COMPLETED-Ji_YoonSHINee, DBSK and You(APPLY)5 Oct 2009
Setbacks Of A Winglin Author (ONE-SHOT ; COMPLETE)nom d'écran .dedicated to all winglin authors.5 Oct 2009
I Love You. Always Did and Always Will.[completed]Thay Noona~Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho5 Oct 2009
Just A Dream [One-Shots] (COMPLETED)IHeartWangZiWang Zi and Gui Gui <35 Oct 2009
For You, I'm Willing To Do Anything [COMPLETE]IHeartWangZiGui Gui & Wang Zi and more :)5 Oct 2009
Sparkling Fragments [COMPLETED]thesexyorangeDBSK, Cassiopeia5 Oct 2009
A second too late (complete)VampirePrinceYunjae4 Oct 2009
Broken Heart (complete)VampirePrince(Junsu and Yoochun)4 Oct 2009
Distance (complete)VampirePrinceYunjae4 Oct 2009
Three Kisses (complete)VampirePrinceYunjae4 Oct 2009
The love of a star... (COMPLETE)CherryChocol8Shim Changmin & fictional (+ other K-pop artists)4 Oct 2009
I Hate to Love You [COMPLETED]xdorkyxJonghyun(SHINee) and Wonyeon(fictional)4 Oct 2009
MOMents (One-shot Completed)Chen MinHeeTaemin and fictional character4 Oct 2009
Mystery Girl (Complete)Dorky KyuLuv_aaron & Eunhyuk3 Oct 2009
Destiny: Delayed (COMPLETED!!)WootnessJoe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Minors3 Oct 2009
I Fallen In Love With Steph (Complete)Dorky KyuSteph Umma & Wookie Appa & I'M SORRY~3 Oct 2009
Last Goodbye [One-Shot] (Completed)HuggiesHebe & Aaron [Bebu]3 Oct 2009
A Decade [ COMPLETED ]BoBoLi0usJay Park Jaebum [박재범]2 Oct 2009
Whatever They Say [COMPLETED]secretsoulyoosu - yunnjae2 Oct 2009
Philosophy on Love (Completed)RoseKimerald (Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson)2 Oct 2009
ஐClub Warஐ - completed -bloodyroseDBSK : yoosu,yunjae, kimin (yaoi)2 Oct 2009
special to me [one shot] completejaeri5yoo jeon(afterschool) tae goon1 Oct 2009
Beach House (Completed)AnneKimerald1 Oct 2009
Neorago (It's You) ~*~*COMPLETE~*~*SuPeRjUnIoR15Donghae & You(Reader) Sequel to Maybe This Is Love1 Oct 2009
Betrayal is an Old Friend {completed}wondershinkiPark Yoochun, Min Sunye1 Oct 2009
Unwanted Princess - completed -stalecookieSuper Junior (동해 Donghae, 이특 Eeteuk, 혁재 Hyukjae)1 Oct 2009
Collection Of One Shots + completedstalecookieFRH / DBSK / SuJu1 Oct 2009
Love In Remembrance [FF Challenge] (Completed)themorningshinesKim Jae Joong, Hebe Tian, Aaron Yan1 Oct 2009
Lost of Hope (Completed)AnnieEunhyuk and Donghae30 Sep 2009
Love In The Ice[Completed]Kiyoko;<3You&Kibum[SuperJunior]+more30 Sep 2009
不完整的旋律II (The Incomplete Melody 2)stykutluvaaronAaron Yan 炎亞綸, Selina Ren 任家萱30 Sep 2009
Y.A.M.E! (OS) *COMPLETED*precious_star32Wu Chun and Ella Chen30 Sep 2009
The Kawaii Koi[Completed]Amanda(YoochunKawaii)Yoochun+Changmin29 Sep 2009
Time For Confessions ( COMPLETED )nom d'écran .JUNG JINWOON [정진운], JUN.K [김준수] & YOU!29 Sep 2009
The Teddy Bears (completed)elilarTaemin, f(x)29 Sep 2009
The Curse of the Zombie (One-shot) [Complete]` omiiOk Taecyeon + Lee Hongki + Lucia (fictional)29 Sep 2009
Over You - (COMPLETED)JKim and Gerald29 Sep 2009
Till My Last Breath (One-Shot) *COMPLETED*jyyms (SC Challenge)Kim Junsu, Jang Ri In29 Sep 2009
Love Hidden In The Notes [complete]AnimeuverPark Yoochun, Kim Jaejoong (Jaechun, soulmates)29 Sep 2009
A Make Believe Brother (complete)elilarYoochun, you29 Sep 2009
A Place Called Home (R) {Complete}AndiTVXQ, fictionals, BoA, Super Junior (cameos)28 Sep 2009
Goodbye... [COMPLETED]Starioaa Goodbye novel...28 Sep 2009
Fighting Love(Oneshot complete)noriko618Key(SHINee) Danielle28 Sep 2009
Where Might You Be?(completed)shardauneiHorikita Maki, Oguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Yamapi28 Sep 2009
Just So You Would Love Me [COMPLETED]sweet_love_23Arron & Hebe27 Sep 2009
IncompleteCaptainGSparrowft kpop & applicants [new link posted later]27 Sep 2009
Like A Mockingbird [AM Challenge] [COMPLETED]oh!soobinFT Island / Fictional27 Sep 2009
Yunho's Lesson (COMPLETED)ryc-hyukkieYunJae Yunho Jaejoong Siwon27 Sep 2009
lovely fairy and gothica witch(COMPLETED)PINKcherryHEY!SAY!JUMP-CLOSE FOR NOW~27 Sep 2009
Confessions Of A Slut ( COMPLETED )h e e z y x b b y .KPOP + YOU<3.26 Sep 2009
You belong with me [One Shot] COMPLETEDNAOzKIM KEY & YOU26 Sep 2009
Feelings Towards Him?!?!?! No way!!! [Completed]babyautumnArron Hebe Jiro Selina Chun Ella Calvin and Rainie26 Sep 2009
Hard Love [Completed]Yalun_LovedArron Yan & Guigui `GuiLun26 Sep 2009
Only One Person One-Shot {complete}chibi-chanYui Aragaki, Jin Akanishi, Miura Haruma25 Sep 2009
My Heart Belongs to You (completed)kmx-GuiLun-25 Sep 2009
love means more than thousand wordsChocolateFondue_Rachelhey!say!jump+girls[completed]25 Sep 2009
Possessively Yours -COMPLETE-QueenBee!You, Jaejoong, and Donghae24 Sep 2009
Hearing You Out *Completed*Love_JoongieYou, Kim JaeJoong and minors24 Sep 2009
Last Letter *completed*ShadowYinLeeteuk23 Sep 2009
Without Me [Complete]l_ai_lDBSK [YooSu &YunJae]23 Sep 2009
Love In The Dark [FF Challenge] *COMPLETED*JowynWu Chun and Ella Chen23 Sep 2009
:: Her Last Letter :: [completed]araucaria:: Jaejoong ::23 Sep 2009
Prince In Love [COMPLETED]amyramyrameowwXiah Jun Su, Jang Ri In, Yoo Chun, Yeon Hee23 Sep 2009
~*my player*~ [completed]icecreamsundaiiYOU (the reader) and JAEJOONG!!22 Sep 2009
*One-Shot* Always Keep the Faith *Completed*ileeJaeyeon22 Sep 2009
Birthday Bash!![One-Shot][COMPLETED]onewsyeojachinguHAPPY BIRTHDAY KEY!!!!!!!22 Sep 2009
Only You [ One-shot ] ; Completedbecause im J a e min. [MrsMochi]Nichkhun, Minhwan & F I C - Jaemin22 Sep 2009
Bridge (Completed)AnneKimerald22 Sep 2009
Does Love Always Hurt?(completed)*changed title?*saranghaeyoyou(the reader) Micky Yoochun dbsk Kwon Jiyong21 Sep 2009
Till Death Do Us Apart(COMPLETED)Ji_YoonDBSK Danielle 2NE1 BigBang21 Sep 2009
Normal Life... Isn't It? (Complete)Panda BearKPOP, moi, and chosen girls [APPLY CLOSED]21 Sep 2009
ღ Be My Princess ღ ☆ One Shot Special Completed ☆dEEaNNa☆ Inoo Kei ღ Yoshikawa Yui ☆21 Sep 2009
I like you*completed*hana01Yuchun, fictional21 Sep 2009
Love's Cruel Fate [R] o-Complete-ousagichanDBSK//Niddie [OC]21 Sep 2009
Illusions - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond and Charmaine21 Sep 2009
My Brother's Incestuous Love For Me (INCOMPLETE)SunJaeKim Yoobin and Kim Jaejoong21 Sep 2009
Eternal Love Doesn't Exist (One Shot) *Complete:D*Just A VIP♥ Kwon Ji Yong and Ahn Sohee :) ♥21 Sep 2009
When S.H.E. met ARASHI (Completed)mistralSHE & A r a s h i (Jun, Ohno, Ella-centric)21 Sep 2009
Re-Love (Complete)SarraEunhyuk, Donghae (EunHae)20 Sep 2009
Cold Love(Based on a true Story) ( complete )P e p e r m i n T(Omi)NichKhun and YOU(reader)20 Sep 2009
Magical Kingdom (Completed)Dreams_TechnologyHey!Say!7 + You20 Sep 2009
A Helping Hand [COMPLETED]mon monBernice, Moses, Matthew, Kate, Tavia, Ron20 Sep 2009
It Ends Tonight -Complete-qiinqiiinInoo Kei & OCs20 Sep 2009
7 Days ( COMPLETED )nom d'écran .LEE JUNHO (이준호) + YOU.19 Sep 2009
(¯`*»True Love«*´¯) *COMPLETE!*ღ♥ღ♥°*LuckySt@r*ღ♥ღ♥°(¯`*»Raymond Lam & Michelle yip«*´¯)19 Sep 2009
Symptoms of Love *COMPLETED*PromisesElla & Hebe19 Sep 2009
Goodbye (oneshot) CompletedLooberBabyJaebeom, Sohee, 2pm19 Sep 2009
Be my girl (oneshot) COMPLETEDgirlsgobadLee Sungmin, Lee Nicolie(fic.)19 Sep 2009
Unspoken [BP challenge] - Completed -LegoArron yan, Gui Gui, Prince19 Sep 2009
Love Continues *Completed*bubblygal~_Gui Gui & Aaron_~18 Sep 2009
~I.N.S.E.P.A.R.A.B.L.E~ [COMPLETE]DDlovesBB&2PMJaeBeom(2PM) & YoungBae(BB) [SUPPORT JAY!]18 Sep 2009
The Pretend Game.[Completed].ErikaChangmin and You[reader].18 Sep 2009
Sleeping with the soul.....(One shot)(COMPLETED)AyumiJang Ri In & Kim Junsu18 Sep 2009
And Goodbye (AM One-Shot challenge) *completed*ShadowYinRyeowook17 Sep 2009
Pitching Tents [AM Challenge][Completed][ ]Heo Young Saeng [SS501] & Fic. Girl17 Sep 2009
Paperplanes. {COMPLETED}appleMINN I C H K H U N16 Sep 2009
Love Differs [Completed]imperfectionist XDJiro&Selina,Hebe&Arron16 Sep 2009
Wish Upon A Tree (COMPLETED)twinkle91prodMaki Horikita, Aaron Yan, Kobayashi Ryoko, etc.15 Sep 2009
My Ridiculous Marriage (Rated)-CompletedpinkaliciousJaejoong, Eunhye15 Sep 2009
Clown Love [COMPLETED]xiaoxiKim Junsu, Jang Ri In, Park Yoochun, Han Ye Seul15 Sep 2009
Too Many Lies [completed]Thay Noona ~Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho14 Sep 2009
Holding Back the Tears~COMPLETED~lurvejaeYOU(reader) jaejoong,DBSK, kim hyun joong14 Sep 2009
Secret Santa (BL) ~one-shot~ [COMPLETED]xkuroxhimex (黒姫)YooMin (main) + JaeYunSu as supporting characters14 Sep 2009
Pure Blood (Yaoi) [Completed]aw.shinPark Yoochun & Kim Junsu14 Sep 2009
Dedicated (Valentine's Day Special - Completed OS)ctanonymousBebu. <313 Sep 2009
Cliqueing Not = Everything(COMPLETE)Ji_YoonBig Bang, 2PM and You(apply closed)13 Sep 2009
The Last Trust [Completed]LovecubeAaron Yan, Guigui, Wangzi13 Sep 2009
Untitle (YooSu) [Complete]aiko103Park Yoochun♥Kim Junsu, Jung Yunho♥Shim Changmin13 Sep 2009
I Fall In Love With My Tutor [COMPLETE]omi-tanOnew and Fictional Girl (Choi Raeri)13 Sep 2009
A Homeless Girl Can Be Beautiful(Complete)Jenny ThaoJaeJoong ,Lee Taru fiction girl,Park Jaebeom11 Sep 2009
Lessons For Love (Complete)Jenny ThaoJaeJoong,OC11 Sep 2009
~★~ Pacta Sunt Servanda ~★~ COMPLETED*♫* Wasur3naid3 *♫*Yunjae/Jaeho: Kim Jaejoong ♥ Jung Yunho11 Sep 2009
If Only (COMPLETED)phurplleghurllKim So Eun, Kim Bum, Im Yoona and Kim Joong11 Sep 2009
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♥ My Unforgettable First Love ♥ (Completed)moopie29Wonder Girls & Big Bang10 Sep 2009
How to change a playboy's heart -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYou, Jaejoong, Kim Bum, Lee Wan, Baek Seung Hyun10 Sep 2009
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You'll Be the Death of Me... TaeYang-sshi.COMPLETEDDlovesBBBig Bang (TOP & TaeYang) & a surprise 2PM member10 Sep 2009
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I'm Sorry (Completed)AnnieEunhyuk and Donghae9 Sep 2009
Deciding Which One - CompletedBananaconverseYunjae Yoosu, Max9 Sep 2009
Learning How to Let Go *Complete*dbsk408YOU (The Reader), Jaejoong, rest of DBSK9 Sep 2009
On and On *complete*RinTae Yang & fictional9 Sep 2009
Let the music control your feelings [Completed]SammerdfishyJay & Nichkhun9 Sep 2009
A T T R A C T I O N [` R ; Completed `]s__h__t__w____Jung Yunho && Park Lynn (OC)8 Sep 2009
Case # 666: Sadist. *COMPLETEx♥HSJ→ Various J. Artist *SHORTSTORY7 Sep 2009
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I fell in love w/ my own brother - COMPLETE-Khimmeyou,jaejoong,dbsk & other korean artist7 Sep 2009
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You are the one [one-shot] [complete]KawiiGui gui & Wang Zi6 Sep 2009
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What happen when fire meet ice ?[complete]kawiiGui Gui and Wang Zi [BBT boys and Hei girls]6 Sep 2009
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Our New House *HORROR* -COMPLETED-MisteryesWondergirls*GD*Seungri*Donghae*Sungmin*Kyuhyun6 Sep 2009
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Accidentally In Love *Complete*JSDonghae, Yoona, Kibum5 Sep 2009
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Best friend for you. Boyfriend for me. [Complete]ZoeyJunChun (YooSu)1 Sep 2009
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다만 친구(Just A Friend) COMPLETEDYOUstoriesYou(reader), Super Junior and some SNSD31 Aug 2009
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Are We Meant To Be Together? *COMPLETED*jyymsShim Changmin, Soo Kyung (fictional), Kibum (Suju)30 Aug 2009
"our surgical romance" [Completed]FeLiCiAChun,Ella, Selina,Hebe,Joe Chen,Joe Cheng and more30 Aug 2009
BattleAgainstBandBattleAgainstFriendship[Complete]Panda BearSHINee, Super Junior && Fictional Girls29 Aug 2009
His bodyguard?! 2 (sequel)-COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYOU, Jaejoong (DBSK) (other stars)29 Aug 2009
Revenge? Or falling back in love? -COMPLETED-SUPERFISHY1Lee Donghae You! Suju SNSD Fictional29 Aug 2009
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愛來過﹣Dedicated to S.H.E [Completed]靜瑜Ella and Chun (An English Fic)29 Aug 2009
Forever Yours [Completed]arcencielChun and Ella29 Aug 2009
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i'm the girl,you're the boy-complete-guilunloverguigui,aaron,bang bang tang,hey girl28 Aug 2009
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I Miss You *Complete*KawaiiMinMinChuYOU [The Reader] Jaejoong,Yunho,yoochun28 Aug 2009
Love Gone Bad~*COMPLETE =D*~Just A VIPBig Bang & SNSD & Carmen( or you ) & Joanna28 Aug 2009
My Guardian Angel (Complete)ldyxdavilSuju & Yoon Eun Hye28 Aug 2009
Mistaken Faith ( Completed )HainexazienKim Bum, Kim So Eun, Kim Joon28 Aug 2009
The Perfect Crime (Completed)娜娜Wangzi 王子 Gui Gui 鬼鬼 棒棒堂&黑Girl27 Aug 2009
winter's snow [completed]youYunJae27 Aug 2009
A broken Promise (one shot) ~completeLYJJung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong27 Aug 2009
A Love Too Late - One Shot (Completed)Emm_JayGoo Hye Sun & Kim Hyun Joong27 Aug 2009
The Phantom [Complete]Asianloverdonghae, aniya(fictional character), kibum, others26 Aug 2009
//Internet Romance { COMPLETED } \\WinterNightSelina Ren & Jiro Wang & {FHT&SHE}26 Aug 2009
~Hunting~ (Completed)AutumndreamerYunJae, Yoosu, Hanchul, Hongjin, Kyuwook26 Aug 2009
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Why Is It Always You?! [COMPLETED]secretxsoul1yoosu25 Aug 2009
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♥can I love you?♥[COMPLETE**]♥kawaiistrawberry♥hebe and arron25 Aug 2009
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Love Hurts [completed/oneshot]xxtrasmallG-Dragon/Minzy25 Aug 2009
Don't Feed the Animals (One-Shot) [Complete]AndiDong Bang Shin Ki and OC25 Aug 2009
They Call Us Brats [COMPLETED]amyramyrameowwHero Jae Joong, BoA, Kyu Hyun, Tiffany, TVXQ25 Aug 2009
Falling For You Again [Completed]s a b e l x33Lee Donghae [이동해], Lee Hyuk Jae [이혁재]24 Aug 2009
The Long Road Home {Complete}JessiShun, Yamapi, Ryo, Jin, OC, Maki, Mao24 Aug 2009
Lily Flowers [uncompleted]n a r u n a nYunjae24 Aug 2009
Is It Just Me Or Is She Hot? Part 1(Completed)2PM_BaBy(You and Sophea)2nd PART:You and JayBeom23 Aug 2009
Voice ~~[COMPLETE]~~nwurkygurlYOU, Yunho, Jaejoong & kpop stars23 Aug 2009
Love Story (Completed)Xiao WenGui Gui, Wang Zi and Ao Quan23 Aug 2009
All I want is your love ^one shot^ [complete]M.s.B.a.n.a.n.a.P.a.n.c.a.k.e.Yamapi and YOU!(reader)23 Aug 2009
The Missing Piece Of My Heart [COMPLETE]ArCoUz08♥•♥KIM JAEJOONG♥•♥23 Aug 2009
Poise: Prince's Powers (PART 2) *completed*MIzconfuz3dIm Yoona-Kim Junsu-Jang Ri In-Kim Kibum-Eunhyuk23 Aug 2009
Signs Of Silence.[One-shot][Completed]Shweta.Joe Cheng, Selina Ren.23 Aug 2009
Afterlife (R) [Complete]Team AwesomeTVXQ and FC22 Aug 2009
Pretty Princess Junsu (Complete)AndiJunsu, Midori, and three little munchkins ^^22 Aug 2009
Can't Take It [One Shot] (Completed)aquividensTegoshi Yuya, OC22 Aug 2009
Forever Together {One-Shot; Completed}AapleJiro Wang , Selina Ren22 Aug 2009
Us Against The World (COMPLETED)jazzgillianEdison Chen and Gillian Chung w/ Hero Jae Joong22 Aug 2009
The Dare (One-Shot) [Completed]Cindy and AnnieEunhyuk, Donghae, Heechul, Hankyung, Siwon22 Aug 2009
Reflection II: With You, Forever [COMPLETE]iluvjaejoongieJaejoong (DBSK), Taeyeon (SNSD)22 Aug 2009
Precious Love (completed)Sw33tie101Wang Zi, Gui Gui21 Aug 2009
Loss of Love (completed)Hunny_117Jaemin, Yoochun21 Aug 2009
Filth In The Beauty - Complete - qiinqiiinHey!Say!Best,GazettE and My Chosen Girls★21 Aug 2009
Betrayal One Shot Yaoi Slightly Rated *Completed*MizJaejoongYou Yunho Yoochun21 Aug 2009
The Demon Within [Completed]ChristineJLKim Jaejoong and You.21 Aug 2009
You've Got To Be Kidding Me~COMPLETEIsaSHINee & OC ^__^21 Aug 2009
Our Distance [One-Shot; ATO Challenge; Completed]xJaNxKim Kyu Jong & Fictional21 Aug 2009
Divorce Me! (YAOI) [R] [Completed]AyuSiHan,MinKhun,ToRi,TaeBum20 Aug 2009
Soulmates One-Shot [Completed]ChristineNishikido Ryo and Inoue Mao20 Aug 2009
Accept Me {Complete}90210Super Junior fic19 Aug 2009
An Uncomplete StoryMao Leefictional characters19 Aug 2009
The Sun and the Moon {completed}wondershinkiYunho, Sunye, implied Wooyoung/Sunye19 Aug 2009
Fighting Love(Completed)GabriellaHero Jaejoong, YOU(Reader)19 Aug 2009
Love in Silence (R) {COMPLETE}AndiDong Bang Shin Ki and fictional girls19 Aug 2009
Mission CompleteKira & NocturneSuper Junior + M & Chosen Girls18 Aug 2009
Coming True [COMPLETE]TrUeHeRoLoVeRG-Dragon ; Sohee ;TOP ;Yoobin18 Aug 2009
Married to the Devil Named Kim Junsu *Complete*dbsk408Kim Junsu, YOU (The Reader), rest of DBSK, and etc18 Aug 2009
Poong-Seon (completed)ellaine_maeYoosu (DBSK)18 Aug 2009
Call Me, Please (Completed)OnlySuYoo Su18 Aug 2009
Only for You (Completed)(UnknownUser) Annie and CindyEunhyuk and Donghae17 Aug 2009
A Different Perspective~COMPLETEIsaKim Jonghyun, SHINee & OC CLOSED ^_^17 Aug 2009
Reflection [Completed]iluvjaejoongieJaejoong, Taeyeon, Rest of DBSK, Yuri, Tiffany17 Aug 2009
CRY *completedappleMINLee Sungmin17 Aug 2009
Letter: a one shot (COMPLETED)raindrops28Kim Jun Su & Zhang Li Yin17 Aug 2009
Loving You...Is Forbidden {COMPLETE}charumJaeho/yunjae and dbsk members16 Aug 2009
CBT (completed)Xue---_----QingFahrenheit Danson SHE Genie Xiaogui BBT HSM16 Aug 2009
Atashi no Kazoku [completed]hannKAT-TUN & YOU16 Aug 2009
A Bit[e] of Love [COMPLETED]HanabiJaejoong Junsu Changmin OtsukaAi Boa YoonEunHye15 Aug 2009
Paramours (complete)HibiscusYoon Eun Hye, Ariel Lin, Inoue Mao15 Aug 2009
Heated StarTaiTsuki and MaiDBSK, BigBang, INVY (fic girlgroup)~ COMPLETED14 Aug 2009
A Short YUNJAE One Shot [completed]hannKim Jaejoong to Jung Yunho14 Aug 2009
chance of love ~completed ~Unknown09Tora {Alice Nine} Hinata {fictional}13 Aug 2009
Tokyo Serendipity [completed]cutterpillowNishikido Ryo (Sequel to FTWL)13 Aug 2009
Looking Back (Completed)Micah_Micky Park YOOCHUN__♥__Xiah Kim JUNSU_13 Aug 2009
The Long Lost Sister [completed]LoveMe2PM's Junsu and Fictional13 Aug 2009
Horror House (A Comedy/Horror Oneshot) *COMPLETE*applebuddiesVarious K-Pop Artists13 Aug 2009
Wish come true. [One shot-COMPLETED]7alltheway-KEY&KHUN<3Lee Taemin&&Hwang Jaemin13 Aug 2009
Lovin' You One-Shot (COMPLETED)ryc_hyukkieYunho Jaejoong YunJae12 Aug 2009
He Still Doesn't Understand [Completed]yuzhouxiaojieFahrenheit DBSK Boyz Twins S.H.E12 Aug 2009
The River {Complete}AndiPark Yoochun, Kim Junsu and OC12 Aug 2009
bodyguard and slave-COMPLETED-MissaDBSK(Yunjae Yoosu Changmin+OC male)12 Aug 2009
Milk, Grapes, and Cocks (Completed)twinklesnowflakeYunjae, Yoosu, and Min12 Aug 2009
An Angel (completed)Thay Noona~Kim Jaejoong12 Aug 2009
I Ran Away From Home Now I have To Marry HimCofePriincessHero Jaejoong and (COMPLETE)12 Aug 2009
Angels on Earth......(COMPLETED)AyumiYamashita Tomohisa Maki Horrikita Kim Jaejoong12 Aug 2009
His Drama Queen Juliet(COMPLETE)Ji_YoonSHINee, You,Super Junior Others (APPLY CLOSED)12 Aug 2009
Loveletter Oneshot [COMPLETED]StardustChoi Siwon & Pinky Savika12 Aug 2009
If I was your Vampire -COMPLETED-MissaYunho Jaejoong Yoochun Xiah (yaoi)12 Aug 2009
Miss Devil and Mr Angel [New Ver.][Completed]imperfectionist XDHebe Tian and Arron Yan12 Aug 2009
Me & My Pink Prince (*COMPLETED*)MeiliSungmin and YOU11 Aug 2009
Love Vs.Love? (Complete) :(Trisha (bubblegum_pop)Mainly Dongahe and Leeteuk Suju + You (reader)11 Aug 2009
Take This Willingly~~COMPLETE~~MusicLOVEPainterDBSK, Suju, 2PM, Fictional character11 Aug 2009
One more, just one more chance [Completed]mangalover93Ji Yong+Seung Ri (GRi) Big Bang - YAOI11 Aug 2009
Crying Heart (completed)DamnitsX3sherFictional & Dbsk & fictional friends11 Aug 2009
Lost without you (completed)letsplayYou and Jonghyun11 Aug 2009
Just me and the boys [Completed]Hillary =]Big Bang + Fictional + some Donghae11 Aug 2009
Have you ever thought...?[Complete]xXLa_La_La_LaXxChangmin,You and DBSK10 Aug 2009
Our Love Story Goes On -Sequel- [COMPLETED]_niXIAHJunsu-You, DBSK and SuJu10 Aug 2009
Vanity (One-shot) CompletedMoon MistressHebe Tien and Aaron Yan10 Aug 2009
Fate [one-shot] [completed]ThaoKim Tae-Hee [fictional] ; NichKhun10 Aug 2009
A Rain Drop (A Tear Drop) *Complete*Suyin_LoveKim Junsu, Zhang Liyin, Kim Tae Yeon10 Aug 2009
Going to Korea for the Summer Holiday [COMPLETE]starrie_angel & ~cupid's angel~S.H.E & Fahrenheit feat.DBSK9 Aug 2009
Pastel Candies (Completed)HeekoBig Bang, F.T ISLAND, DBSK, some SJ members9 Aug 2009
The Forever GoodBye [RATED-R][ONE-SHOT][COMPLETED]RaineFictional Girl, Jaebeom (2PM), & Jaejoong (DBSK)8 Aug 2009
Music Is... [Completed]Akari-ChanKwon Ji Yong (Big Bang)8 Aug 2009
A Simple Vacation *Completed*cHocOMuSiCSome Suju and DBSK + Fics [closed]8 Aug 2009
Dream Guy[Completed]Kiyoko;<3You&Kibum[SHINee]+more8 Aug 2009
complete me (repost)11912yi jung and ga eul8 Aug 2009
Destiny Interferes[COMPLETE!]bunny1018SHEA and Fahrenheit8 Aug 2009
Fate turns in unexpected time (OS-Completed)beicechun, ella, jerry, charlene8 Aug 2009
His Happiness/ Mr. Death (completed)Sophie YoruYooSu, Changmin7 Aug 2009
Arranged Marriage[complete]miakiiroChoi Siwon,Park Min Rin(fic)7 Aug 2009
Fallen (YAOI)~completed~kanikunJung YunHo, Kim Jaejoong7 Aug 2009
The Other Half One-Shot (Completed)AnnieEunhyuk and Donghae6 Aug 2009
Confessions of a Delinquent (Completed)EvaFT Island (~Yaoi~)6 Aug 2009
{Complete} Soul's Requiem {Yaoi}Shades_Of_NightJaeho, Minsu (Minor Minhae and JaeMin) {Yaoi}6 Aug 2009
Wrong Kiss! -COMPLETED-Miss AhnYoobin, TOP, Hyori, Sunye, Taeyang6 Aug 2009
Hysteria (Completed)emilyglhPark Yoochun & Kim Junsu (Yoosu)6 Aug 2009
Culmination: Completed.heartsongElla Chen. Chun Wu. Ariel Lin.6 Aug 2009
Stuck [completed]secretxsoulyoosu6 Aug 2009
Love Can Be Bitter. Love Can Be Sweet. (COMPLETED)BlackxTiexAffairAaron & Hebe5 Aug 2009
More Than A Dream [One-Shot] [Completed]sunnySKIES.Kwon Ji Yong & Cha Ji Soo5 Aug 2009
Endless Trip For Two [COMPLETED]oh!soobinFT Island, Fictional Girl (maybe more groups)5 Aug 2009
because of... love ingredient.? [COMPLETED]you2yunjae5 Aug 2009
Unforgettable -COMPLETED-AllisonBig Bang, fictional characters4 Aug 2009
A prisoner on the run *Completed*MarkieYou+super Junior+others4 Aug 2009
One Last Time (One Shot) (Completed)JustPeachyBoA, Donghae & JaeJoong4 Aug 2009
Something Is Missing [Complete]ArCoUz08_2Kim JaeJoong, Jung Yunho & You4 Aug 2009
Pinky Promise (one-shot) ~COMPLETED~sammy_chanSHE and Fahrenheit (BEBU)4 Aug 2009
The Black Widow Spider (Completed)D. FizzleHebe Tian, Kim Jaejoong, Aaron Yan, Ayumi Lee4 Aug 2009
I've been apart of you... (COMPLETED)bright eyesLeeteuk and fictional character (Jee Yun)4 Aug 2009
Unforgettable (Completed)raindrop_symphonyFictional characters4 Aug 2009
True love ?? [ completed]kawiigui gui & wang zi3 Aug 2009
I Promise (Completed)AnnieEunhyuk and Donghae3 Aug 2009
Prince vs Girls<3 [COMPLETED]Loveweiyu<3Gui Gui , Wang Zi , Xiao jie's Ya Tou , Ah Wei3 Aug 2009
Kim Jaejoong (One Shot) - Completed -Kim HeeChulJung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong (YunJae; Yaoi)3 Aug 2009
The Mouse VS The Dolphin [complete]AnimeuverMicky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu (Yoosu)3 Aug 2009
Starry Night {DBSK YAOI} completed.enchanted1312/cool_1312{DBSK YAOI} yoosu . yunjae . minjoo .3 Aug 2009
Sealed Within A Promise [COMPLETE]HotaruHoneyPark YooChun (DBSK) & fictional3 Aug 2009 precious...[Completed]karmie_se7enJang Ri In, Xiah Junsu3 Aug 2009
Tempting like the Devil *Completed*EriiSHINee >YAOI< Big Bang (minor 2PM)3 Aug 2009
My best friend the jerk (YAOI) [R] [Completed]AyuSiHan (Siwon & Hankyung),RicDy (Eric & Andy)3 Aug 2009
Lies 2:Brought Back To Earth[Completed]Kiyoko;<3You,Yunho,Jaejoong,+more2 Aug 2009
Living On A Prayer {SC Challenge} CompletedjyymsHan Kyung, Jang Ri In2 Aug 2009
It's Too Late (Complete)~candycaneland~fictional2 Aug 2009
1 0 Y e a r s L a t e r ( Complete )~candycaneland~H e b e & A a r o n ( B e b u )2 Aug 2009
my girls's a playboy *~completed~*$hann!@YUNHO AND YOU2 Aug 2009
Mommy, Baby, and Daddy (Complete)loveFORyunhoSHINee's JongHyun and OC1 Aug 2009
Laundry Boy {complete 1st season}kami-no-kamiTVXQ - YunJae, YooSu1 Aug 2009
His bodyguard?! -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYOU, Jaejoong (DBSK) (other stars)1 Aug 2009
Hero [Completed]yuzhouxiaojieDBSK, Hebe Tian, Boa Kwon1 Aug 2009
Cupid's Love Story (Completed)Kairi_samaMaki, Yamapi, Ryo, Aya, Jin, Toma and others...1 Aug 2009
KAIBIGAN NAG KAIBIGAN [COMPLETE]_Chunella_Cute_Girl_*CHUNELLA* Gillian Chung and others1 Aug 2009
Masked with Love [COMPLETED]YoonHeeSuper Junior and Girls (Application closed)1 Aug 2009
My Dear, This Is Not Love (Completed)yuzhouxiaojieFahrenheit, Guigui, Rainie, Danson, Mike1 Aug 2009
~Crazily.Pretty~ [ONESHOT] COMPLETESum1Lovely (aka Pepsi48)DNT & Reader (You)31 Jul 2009
MY PRINCE (COMPLETE)JaejaeluvTaemin+Airi31 Jul 2009
The Stranger...R *Completed*Vanilla_bloodYoochun, Yunho, Ayumi Lee, Kim Ki Bum, Bae Seul Gi30 Jul 2009
First Love [One-Shot][Completed]imperfectionist XDArron Yan and Hebe Tian, Bebu30 Jul 2009
loving to be hated [vampire yaoi] [completed]LonelyOneyunjae, jaechun, jaesu, jaemin30 Jul 2009
Kingkas my ass! (YAOI) [R] [Completed]AyuSons of SiHan MinKhun YunJae OnKey TaeBum30 Jul 2009
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. Don't . Cry . My . Love . ONE-SHOT . COMPLETED.mIzzCuTieShaDowMicky Park Yoochun & YOU29 Jul 2009
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Vanished, without goodbyes. {Completed}Pink PrincessJ A E J O O N G, Y U N H O.28 Jul 2009
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I Love You [Completed]Melody XiongMicky Yoochun && Xiah Junsu19 Jun 2009
I'll Be There For You [Completed!]Melody XiongMicky Yoochun && Xiah Junsu19 Jun 2009
True Self [COMPLETED]Melody XiongJaeJoong && Seul Gi19 Jun 2009
Does age matter? [Completed]Melody XiongYooSu19 Jun 2009
Truth (COMPLETED)Melody XiongYunho && Seul Gi19 Jun 2009
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Forever... Come With Me ***YAOI*** [complete]XaraTVXQ [ jaemin joongshim ] Couple!10 Jun 2009
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To Be Cinderella.(completed.)cola.(:KimSoeun&KimBum, GooHyesun&LeeMinho, Seulgi&Siwon9 Jun 2009
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Love Is Forever [Completed]cHocOMuSiCKyuhyun and Fic9 Jun 2009
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A Devil For Sure *Complete*Jenny ThaoJae Joong & OC9 Jun 2009
[TE challenge]Technology [One-shot & Completed]for3v3rArron Yan . Hebe Tien9 Jun 2009
Flashback. [ One-Shot ] *COMPLETED; cho h y e s u n !Lee Seungri && Fic9 Jun 2009
My Destiny -{Complete}-Angel, Bobo, Isabelle, ZoeyDBSK <3 CSJH The Grace9 Jun 2009
GuiLun FOREVER (Completed)THE_AnGeLArron Yan,Gui gui [GUILUN]9 Jun 2009
I'm sorry I need you......I'm sorry I love you [wifey's for life [completed]Seo hyun (SNSD), Jonghyun (SHINEE) etc....8 Jun 2009
~*Friend*~ (Completed)SalwaJung Gyuri(Fictional) & Jung Yunho8 Jun 2009
Still Sit Here Alone (Completed)minifantasyAaron & Selina8 Jun 2009
When Time Comes..I Have To Say GoodBye3 :Complete:qiinqiiinHey!Say!JUMP + Fictional8 Jun 2009
Silence??? who?? +completed+Yu-chanHEY! SAY! JUMP+Silence+light8 Jun 2009
Perfect Baby (completed)snowHebe & Arron8 Jun 2009
Can't Contain It [COMPLETED]bbbbrenda !GUIWANG. GuiGui & WangZi8 Jun 2009
If I can see again [ completed ] [SC Challenge]SueWeyKim Junsu && Jang Ri In8 Jun 2009
命中住定我爱你 *REPOST* COMPLETEDxIaojO敖犬 小煜 王子 虚构人物8 Jun 2009
DBSK: Melting [complete]raynegrlDBSK!!!8 Jun 2009
Not Meant To Be (completed). s . n . o . w .Aaron, Hebe7 Jun 2009
love means more than thousand wordschocolatemaniahey!say!jump+girls[completed] APPLY FOR KEITO7 Jun 2009
Love On Pusan Island(COMPLETE)April Vang/A2DeV/april1234567890SooNi(fic).SHINee.Others7 Jun 2009
~Ever Ever After~ COMPLETEIsaKey(SHINee)&OC ^_^7 Jun 2009
Change her, Can you? [COMPLETED]imperfectionist XDArron Yan, Hebe Tian, Chun Wu, rest of FLH, S.E7 Jun 2009
Mending the Pieces[Completed]Ice QueenArron Yan & Hebe Tian AKA BeBu7 Jun 2009
The Quiet Playboy(Completed)GabriellaYOU(the reader), Hero Jaejoong6 Jun 2009
Switch -Completed-bloodyroseDBSK : yoosu,unjae, kimin (yaoi)6 Jun 2009
I'm Yours, Can You Please Be Mine? [COMPLETED]silverheartKen, Rainie, Meteor Garden casts6 Jun 2009
*ღ* Bukas Nalang Kita Mamahalin*ღ* COMPLETED✿Abi and Richellin✿Kimerald (Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson)6 Jun 2009
* Without You * (Complete)MayumiKim Jae joong, Kim Junsu, OC DBSK5 Jun 2009
Admired by You [Completed]Hee SeokYunJae YooSu Changmin5 Jun 2009
Sunsets [Completed]Ice QueenArron Yan, Hebe Tian, Wang Zi, Gui Gui4 Jun 2009
I'm With You -completed-jes.bananaAuthor, TVXQ, SJ, SNSD, Kim Jeong Hoon3 Jun 2009
Where I Found You (Completed)minifantasyChun & Selina3 Jun 2009
Because You Make Me Believe [Completed]Cindy and AnnieEunhyuk and Donghae3 Jun 2009
I miss you (completed)lazybutt4everBig Bang3 Jun 2009
We Were Once...(Complete)jjloveKim Jaejoong Jung Yunho3 Jun 2009
7 Things I Hate About Onew(Repost)(complete)Jae-Hae_MinJaeSHINee(ONEW) and OC3 Jun 2009
Separated By An Illness [Completed]mg6991**Hero Jaejooong+Fictional Girl (DBSK as minors)3 Jun 2009
My Life and My Love [[completed]]Bhaby_aiya09Aaron Yan and Gui Gui3 Jun 2009
Learning to Love (Completed)JessieSo Yi Jung - Kim Bum; Chu Ga Eul - Kim So Eun2 Jun 2009
Pickle Flowers - One Shot CompletechaolyvueFictional Characters2 Jun 2009
May I Kiss You? ~{COMPLETED}~I{heart}DaeEun~Big Bang & Wonder Girls2 Jun 2009
Complicated Love ~*COMPLETED*~Tiffee;;♥BBBig Bang;;Fictional Characters2 Jun 2009
When Tears Equals To Love *COMPLETED*DarkAngelSungmin, Eunhyuk & Fictional2 Jun 2009
Mugen (complete)lilinuyashafictional2 Jun 2009
No Regrets [YAOI] COMPLETEDZACJung Yunho & Kim Jaejoong [REPOST]1 Jun 2009
~In My Room~ COMPLETEIsaSHINee & OC ^_^31 May 2009
I FEAR HIM. BUT HE LOVES ME. [Completed](BBF challenge)hebe tian and aaron yan31 May 2009
4th of June [ completed ]meL-cHunmicky park yoochun and fictional girl31 May 2009
Happy Birthday Micky (COMPLETED)ReinDBSK and Super Junior31 May 2009
Promises of Forever [COMPLETED]3m0ynengSUJU (EunHae) Donghae,Eunhyuk,Hankyung and others31 May 2009
My Pretty Dongseang [Completed]Jenny VueKibum, SuJu, Shin Dong Wook, fictional characters31 May 2009
Love Is Majorly Complicated [COMPLETE]*mwuah*^_^ & ~cupid's angel~Arron♥Hebe & Jiro♥Selina30 May 2009
Take My Arm~*COMPLETED*~brownieZYiJung and GaEul30 May 2009
Love Story; No Matter What (completed)kon_konYamapi, Maki, Erika, Shun, Kame, Mao30 May 2009
C O D E [completed]kon_konYamashita Tomohisa, Horikita Maki, Kim JaeJoong30 May 2009
Revenge or Love (COMPLETED)ReinYunho Jaejoong Heechul Kyuhyun30 May 2009
Her simple peasant [ One shot ] [ Completed ]SueWeyKim JaeJoong && Ayumi Lee30 May 2009
My Aphrodite (COMPLETE)ChubbyChoYunjae,Yoosu,Kimin30 May 2009
Making the Cut (One Shot) [Completed]ikangJaejoong, Changmin (non-yaoi)30 May 2009
Forbidden Stare *completed*tvxqfeverDBSK,You29 May 2009
~Heart's Desires, Players, & Liars~COMPLETEIsaSHINee, BoMI(fic) DBSK & OC ^_^29 May 2009
Two Blinded Fate (COMPLETE)changminXmcFictional29 May 2009
Nobody's Princess [completed]fellicinaeken zhu and rainie yang29 May 2009
Investigating Love {Completed}bhaby_aiya09Aaron Yan and Gui Gui29 May 2009
Your Fame; Our Love `Completedkawaii_love2pm + Fictional28 May 2009
~Always There For You~`Completed`Half_Angel_Me~Hebe and Arron~28 May 2009
Problem Child[Completed]bangbangvipBig Bang, Ji Yong28 May 2009
Stay With Me 2 [R] [COMPLETED]Sweet_Love_23SHEA & FLH & Others27 May 2009
For Love,For You-one shot-[complete]miakiiroKim Jaejoong & Shin Min Neul (fic)27 May 2009
Tu me manques (Valentine's Special) [[COMPLETED]]bling*blingCharmaine Sheh && Raymond Lam + Minor Characters27 May 2009
You Belong with me (oneshot) COMPLETEILUVKANGTEUKJaebum and Kim Songhee a present for Dongsaeng27 May 2009
+_+You Complete Me+_+teddy_bear001Robi Domingo and Rona Libby27 May 2009
On and On [SM challenge]XD[COMPLETED]Changmin's wifeyKim Junsu, Jang Ri In27 May 2009
I Love You (Completed)cutielolly143GuiLun, BeBu26 May 2009
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A Melancholic Confection ♥O♥ {completed }ONE.HAPPY.SMILEwang zi, fictionals, a ton of random minors25 May 2009
Marrying You {Completed}한꽃 (HanKkot)Kim Junsu & Jang Ri In (Zhang LiYin)25 May 2009
To Arron:MISS ME?? ~Your 300 lb. Ex-BFF [Complete]minniieArron Yan, Hebe Tien25 May 2009
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My Angel COMPLETEDApple*CiderMicky Yoochun + Xiah Junsu = YooSu DBSK =]24 May 2009
It's Only You (Completed)RubyTaecNew, MinKhun and WooHo (YAOI)24 May 2009
Chain Letter [Completed]kokong123Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong24 May 2009
-Summer Bliss-(Completed)YOUstoriesYou(reader) Arron Jiro Selina24 May 2009
Retribution [Completed]mokonanokawaiiIkuta Toma Inoue Mao Matsumoto Jun24 May 2009
Perspherus Private Academy[complete]90210Shinee! Apply[closed] minor: DBSK, Super Junior24 May 2009
my seoul garden [complete]youngbaebabe23big bang23 May 2009
My 5 Stepbrothers-COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYOU & DBSK (as well as other stars)23 May 2009
Show Me How To Misbehave *Completed*EriiSHINee > YAOI <23 May 2009
《 一棵破碎的心 》 - completedSomeONE吴映洁 (鬼鬼) 炎亚纶 (亚纶)23 May 2009
我还想她 [One-Shot] -Completed-SomeONE鬼鬼 亚纶 GuiLun ~ ❤23 May 2009
Selling Cinderella (Completed)A Silly ProductionElla Chen and Wu Chun23 May 2009
captured; [R] *COMPLETEkeerainBigBang {lee seungri && Choi Seunghyun <33}23 May 2009
Goldilocks; BigBang version. *completekeerainBig Bang23 May 2009
Underworld [Completed]MaltezersKim Jae Joong, DBSK & Gillian Chung23 May 2009
Can't Help Falling in Love ( Completed)Beng/DarbyMike He and Rainie Yang22 May 2009
.::Protecting You::. ~ One Shot / Completed ~TheCowGoesMooAaron Yan / Hebe Tian22 May 2009
Confessions of a teenage nerd [Completed]mushiromigalHebe~Arron~Guigui~Wangzi~22 May 2009
‘You’re my freak; I’m your idiot’ [COMPLETE]nineprincessArron Yan and Hebe Tian22 May 2009
High School Romance [ONE-SHOTS] -completed-love_korean_musicLee Taemin(이태민) and YOU!!!!22 May 2009
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I'll Be Waiting For You -completed-love_korean_musicYunho and Friends(DBSK), Seungri, and YOU....22 May 2009
Love Finds a Way ( completed )Beng/DarbyMike He and Rainie Yang21 May 2009
On and On {SM challenge} *COMPLETEDPink PrincessKim Junsu, Jang Ri In, Jung Yunho21 May 2009
LUNA [R] *completed*Purple_4everEun Hye, Junsu, Yoochun, Sunmi21 May 2009
Black Pearl (completed)Choi Soojin & Kwon YuMiLee Hongki & Kwon Yuri20 May 2009
Destined to Meet [COMPLETED]Mii SunYunJae - Kim Jaejoong & Jung Yunho20 May 2009
When We Met completedyour.silent.readerTaeMin x OC :: FT. DBSK20 May 2009
Precious Family {Complete}JaeSu fanDBSK, Inhwan and Fictional character20 May 2009
If I Were Your Heartbeat *CompletedPink PrincessLee Sungmin & Anna Lee20 May 2009
Ghost Story Turning Real? (One - Shot) [Completed]JACFahrenheit boys19 May 2009
Don't Leave... [COMPLETED ONE SHOT]3m0ynengDonghae and Eunhyuk (minor: SJ members)19 May 2009
P.S. I Love You [Completed]niXIAHyou & Junsu.:)19 May 2009
Calloused Hands (One Shot) [Completed]ikangJaejoong19 May 2009
Warm Abode (One-Shot) [Completed]ikangChangmin19 May 2009
First and Last ballet shoes ( complete)arloveHebe Tian and Arron Yan19 May 2009
Spring's Melody (RePost) COMPLETEDME!!!! :)fictional18 May 2009
When Time Comes..I Have To Say GoodBye2-Complete-qiinqiiinHey!Say!Jump + Girls18 May 2009
曾经的爱,现在的苦,将来的陌*[One-SH0T Series] *COMPLETED*小樱桃Various Artist.-- (:17 May 2009
The Point of No Return {one-shot} (completed)Puppy_1073Hebe & Arron -Bebu17 May 2009
Between Love and Death (Completed)Kairi_samaMaki, Yamapi, Jin, Toma and others17 May 2009
MyTwinsSonis aGangster andTheir father.[Completed]BadEnglish a.k.a Grammar ErroRchunella, mocomichi, jin, S.H.A.J:)16 May 2009
A Hundred and One Days (Completed)narutocute_11Yunjae, Yoosu, Changmin16 May 2009
Beauty behind those Glasses [Completed]AyuTranceYunJae, maybe YooSu16 May 2009
Friday the 13th [Completed]Phoebe a.k.a PhebsDBSK, mainly Kim Jaejoong, Kim Junsu; Han Hyo Joo.16 May 2009
Later [complete]Desperate_Soul from Guatemala aka RuweeChun, Wu & Chen, Ella16 May 2009
[CoMpLeTe] A WeeK As TeDDy...white_rabbitDBSK (Jaejoong, Changmin) and fictional girl16 May 2009
The Telephone Operator (One-shot) (Completed)iToots and detay.:]Wang Zi and Gui Gui16 May 2009
Vanilla Mocha [One Shot] CompletedBysaeYunjae15 May 2009
In A Demon's Kiss [COMPLETED]KrazyAnnaChangmin/ Kibum, YunJae, Yoosu15 May 2009
Accidental Love (Complete)VampirePrinceMade up15 May 2009
Forget-me-not (Completed)*aries*Ariel Lin, Kim Jaejoong (DBSK)15 May 2009
30 Themes: Hugs & Kisses [Complete]DorKaBLeDBSK - JaeHo (YAOI)15 May 2009
Her Silence (Complete)im-meFahrenheit & S.H.E (Ella & Chun)14 May 2009
My Prince Charming is a ...... (Completed)pillowsrockHS7, Arioka Daiki, ON/OFF, OC13 May 2009
My strange dream (one-shot) (Completed)Sin YanAaron (mainly) Gui Gui/Wang Zi (Minor)13 May 2009
一顆心的距離 *completed*❤zenfic楊奇煜(小煜) ❤ 郭潔祈(MeiMei)13 May 2009
Sweet Sunshine (Snark) [COMPLETE]catNhatLee Dong Gun, Jang Nara, Dennis Oh13 May 2009
Memories [english] (One Shot) (Completed)♥x-flyAWAY;Arron Ghost13 May 2009
Memories-[chinese]-(One-Shot) (Completed)♥x-flyAWAY炎亞綸 鬼鬼12 May 2009
When A Player Marries A Flirter [complete]sweetcandieMinwoo Lee and Eun Hye Yoon12 May 2009
The 99th Doll [COMPLETED]Xiaosi!Kim Jaejoong - Xiah Junsu - Fictional12 May 2009
Out of Reach (Completed)aw.shinKim Junsu, Park Yoochun, Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong12 May 2009
Labyrinth [A Monochrome-Colors Challenge] COMPLETETaeMin<3SHINee (main)+DBSK+Big Bang (minors)+fic12 May 2009
How could I have loved her [one-shot] {Completed}Bet.On.It.XDGuigui Aaron Hebe{BEBU}12 May 2009
??????(Complete) That's all I writeDarkSnowUni116Read and see for yourself10 May 2009
Sweet Serendipity [COMPLETED]gloriousdreamerLeeteuk & Super Junior Ft. DBSK & Super Junior M10 May 2009
A Continuation (Completed!)relativestrangerJessica Hsuan, Louis Koo (DIF IV Cast)10 May 2009
Can you love me.? [Completed]ShyretteWu Chun and Ella Chen10 May 2009
Getting My Revenge And Loving Him Again(completed)AARONArron,Ex-GF(Bebu)(Sequel to You Have Mistaken me)10 May 2009
Tough Girl [complete]usagichanDBSK//Big Bang//Fictionals9 May 2009
The Bully is my Best Friend [completed]choco_yummyjang ri in, junsu, rest of DBSK9 May 2009
The Fallen Star (Completed)mokonanokawaiiYamashita Tomohisa & Horikita Maki9 May 2009
Come back(completed).ErikaWang Zi and GuiGui9 May 2009
Not Just A Momentary Thing (Completed)娜娜王子 鬼鬼 棒棒堂, 黑Girl, Aaron Yan9 May 2009
Being Daring 2 (Completed)Mon..Raymond, Charmaine, Bosco, Myolie9 May 2009
(COMPLETED) Day Moon ~ハルダル~ {Mature}ChibiliciousDBSK and others {YooSu, YunJae, SiMin and others}8 May 2009
Love Is Everything I Need From You (completed)MyrandomlifeDBSK (mostly JaeJoong)8 May 2009
Childish Chaos [ Completed ]NikkiYunJae, Yoosu, Kiminnnie!7 May 2009
1000 Roses Oneshot [COMPLETE]joms_hpYunJae7 May 2009
whatever they say, i don't care... [completed]capricorno2bebu6 May 2009
Canvas Castles [ Completed ] *Sequel link in FinalSeo.Tai.Mi << AyBee /AB/ AbbyBrian Joo && Abby [Fic.]6 May 2009
From Yawns Down to Sleepless Nights [COMPLETED]gachapin18Akanishi Jin, Fictional Character6 May 2009
fated rival COMPLETEDmikiaaron, gui gui, wangzi6 May 2009
From Now Until Forever ( Completed )BengMIke He and Rainie Yang5 May 2009
Memories Last Forever (COMPLETED)Lyselmae AtienzaGuigui & Aaron Yan - Guilun <35 May 2009
Tears From My Heart (Completed)HainexazienAaron Yan, Gui Gui , Wang Zi5 May 2009
I'd lie [one-shot] (Completed)Bet.On.It.XDHebe,Aaron =BEBU4 May 2009
In Denial Or In Love [completed]ChiaElla Chen & Chun Wu4 May 2009
~My Movie Drama Romance~COMPLETEIsaSHINee, DBSK, Big Bang, SuJu& OC4 May 2009
Again & Again [ completed ]x2PM♥☆2PM x Fictionals4 May 2009
To Love a Traitor [complete]sweetcandieJoon Ki Lee and Sang Mi Nam4 May 2009
Beautiful Days ^Completed^meganFahrenheit & fictional characters4 May 2009
Just For One Day [Completed]SooRi JeNyJaejoong-Jessica, Donghae-Yuri, Tiffany-Wooyoung4 May 2009
King of Hearts (Complete)Janelle Airene MoranOnew, Minho, Siwon + fanfic girl4 May 2009
IRREPLACEABLE :: completed ::Jung JaeheeYunho, Eunhye, Yoochun4 May 2009
World They Own ( R ) - COMPLETEDbutterflyLDBSK(Jaejoong) & Han Ji En ( fictional girl )3 May 2009
me(completed)meuii 3 May 2009
My road to love [completed]susanbig bang and fictional3 May 2009
You have mistaken me~complete~comment for sequel!AARONArron,Ex-Girlfriend3 May 2009
Are You Suffering? [Completed]gloomy sundayLee Jun Ki, Yoon Eun Hye, Kim Jae Joong3 May 2009
Eight Dimensions(Completed)MariconEdison Gillian Fahrenheit Jay etc3 May 2009
White lilies {One-Shot - Completed}retrospect.Kim JaeJoong, Soo Min (OC/ You), DBSK (minors)3 May 2009
Fate & Destiny [Completed]ArCoUz08Hero Jaejoong & YOU [reader]3 May 2009
Innocence Cures A Player (COMPLETE)Jenny ThaoJaeJoong and OC2 May 2009
my lovable stepbro[COMPLETE]samchun and ella2 May 2009
Treasured Generation {completed}YuMi_kwon [권유미]Hongki && Yuri (FTisland&SNSD)2 May 2009
Love Can Kill (Completed)Anneka VangKhangBae Seul Gi & Jung Yunho One-Shot2 May 2009
❤永远的爱❤ -completed-Yumi小鬼鬼鬼,亚纶,王子2 May 2009
.: Bearing The Pain :.~OneShot/Completed~SweetPotato♥ AKA TheCowGoesMooHebe Tian / Aaron Yan2 May 2009
we're same but different status [Complete :)]riz-2611wu chun and ella chen [ChunElla]2 May 2009
My True Love Story [Complete]Amazing_pangieKim Junsu and Fictional Character2 May 2009
A Midsummer Night's Dream (OS) COMPLETE1504CE, BEBU1 May 2009
You were my first in Everything~Complete~jjloveKim Jaejoong Jung Yunho1 May 2009
Watching you love another...*R/YAOI**COMPLETED*Vanilla_bloodYunho,Ayumi Lee,JaeJoong..1 May 2009
Faithfully Yours - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond, Charmaine and others1 May 2009
The Caller I Fell In Love With(one shots)completedblae_007Aaron Yan and Selina Ren1 May 2009
The Bracelet (Completed)LittleLouis Koo, Julian Cheung, Gigi Lai, Athena Chu30 Apr 2009
Unforgetable Moment *COMPLETED*Mariel D. (MFD)GuiLun, Chunella, JoeAriel30 Apr 2009
My First and the Last (Completed)Mystery GuestKim Junsu, Zhang Liyin,Kim Hyun Joong,Kwon Yuri30 Apr 2009
[Poems] Day by Day [COMPLETED]xxKVPxx 29 Apr 2009
Blaming it on you (Complete)bigbang101wonderbang and BoA29 Apr 2009
New school [R] [COMPLETED] Sequel soon!!^_^MinYoungSHINee-BigBang-DBSK-2NE1-SJ-Fictional29 Apr 2009
Silence (Completed)ZaireHebe Tien Chun Wu29 Apr 2009
My V.I.P Boyfriend (Two Shot ~ Completed)SiogeHebe & Arron29 Apr 2009
Learn To Let Go ~One Shot~ [[COMPLETED]]GuiLunForeverGui Gui Aaron Yan Wang Zi28 Apr 2009
My Stubborn Husband!~ (Complete)Suzukii-ChanDBSK, BoA, Younha, Bae Seul Gi & more28 Apr 2009
Gokusen: Everlasting Change [Completed]ReisaGokusen 1 cast, fictional28 Apr 2009
Marry me! (YAOI) [Completed]AyuSihan (Siwon & Hankyung),MinKhun,ToRi28 Apr 2009
My Fanboy brother[complete]brokenaznangelYunjae,Yoosu27 Apr 2009
Secret Santa (OS) {COMPLETED}XfactorChun, Ella and many more27 Apr 2009
I Changed A Player's Heart(Completed)CindyAaron Hebe S.H.E.R. FHR27 Apr 2009
Bizarre Love Triangle- completedNikkiPBrandon Flowers27 Apr 2009
ROMANTIC- -My Gift to You [COMPLETE]TaeMin<3SHINee && <327 Apr 2009
revenge of the nerd (completed)sassyleilachangmin and dbsk27 Apr 2009
Those Days...[one-shot stories]-Complete-qiinqiiinHey!Say!Jump + Girls27 Apr 2009
Twist of Fate (Short Story) [COMPLETED]QiaoKeLiWu Chun and Ella Chen w/ others27 Apr 2009
One Day In Your Life-CompletedAnneJiro Wang/Selina Ren/Rainie Yang27 Apr 2009
Precious Romance[two-shots][COMPLETED]-+clary_gem05+-ChunElla and many more27 Apr 2009
T.C.I [completed^^]mushiromigalHebe.Arron.Rainie.Mike.27 Apr 2009
love is only a feeling (completed)froggie_cutejun and mao26 Apr 2009
~♥~Look At Only Me~♥~(COMPLETED)Mimie_AleeyaJi Yong, Seung Ri & Eun Ki(fictional) etc.26 Apr 2009
Is this what they call "Love"? [COMPLETE]iluvmatsujunBig Bang and Fictionals26 Apr 2009
One Step At A Time (Completed)envyislandgurlGui Gui <3 Aaron Yan GuiLun25 Apr 2009
Love Me As A Woman, Not A Younger Sister.SapphirexBlueLee Donghae ; Hwang EunMi [ Completed]25 Apr 2009
First Class II - completedkatie13raymond tavia kevin bernice bosco myolie25 Apr 2009
A to Z (Completed)PeachesBoA Jaejoong ect24 Apr 2009
Royal Love That Is Forbidden [Completed]imperfectionist XDArron Yan and Hebe Tian24 Apr 2009
A Life For A Life [Completed]ann_horXi Men & Xiao You24 Apr 2009
Electric Guitar(one-shot)~completed~kimchilover26Chun and Ella23 Apr 2009
Do You Really Love Me? {COMPLETED}wonderbangfan10wonderbang- big bang and wondergirls23 Apr 2009
Stranded Love (Completed)yantingLee Donghae && Lee Hyukjae [YAOI]23 Apr 2009
confession day (COMPLETE)shidchilgui gui and wang zi (GUIWANG)23 Apr 2009
The Promise (One-shot) {Completed}QiaoKeLiWu Chun and Ella Chen23 Apr 2009
Harana (Serenade) [one shot/completed]shardauneiInoue Mao, Koyama Keiichiro22 Apr 2009
Don't Leave Me (One-Shot) CompletedspRAiN 22 Apr 2009
flyAWAY; She's Mine (One-Shot) [Complete]♥x-flyAWAY;Wang Zi [Prince]22 Apr 2009
My Cinderella Story ~ [` COMPLETE !]`!___Missy AnnaaArron&Hebe. + JS & CA !!22 Apr 2009
From a distance *completed*mushiromigalhebe tian,arron yan22 Apr 2009
What were you THINKING? [seven-shot] ~completed~Bet.On.It.XDHebe-Aaron-Guigui-Wangzi-XiaoXun-XiaoYu22 Apr 2009
flyAWAY; 9-Teen Years (One-Shot) [Completed]♥x-flyAWAY;Gui Gui [Ghost]21 Apr 2009
Make Up (One-Shot) COMPLETEDTaeBinloverKim Junsu Jang Ri In21 Apr 2009
✖Between Light & Dark✖- completed -bloodyroseYoosu Yaoi21 Apr 2009
I Won A Contest & Fell In Love (Completed)xKAME (:kimSOEUN (chuGAEUL) & kimBEOM (soYIJUNG)20 Apr 2009
‘I Never Knew Love’ -Complete-xKAMEdonghae // suju20 Apr 2009
What if...? - COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everYou, SHINee, DBSK, Big Bang20 Apr 2009
My Lost love (complete)_Chunella_Cute_Girl_S.H.E & Fahrenheit and minors ^ _^ (CHUNELLA)20 Apr 2009
My Best Childhood Friend (completed)Eulyn Jill a.k.a JiershinazeChun and Ella20 Apr 2009
You Were My All (Completed)KiKiBig Bang & Fictional Characters19 Apr 2009
This Is My Now (One Shot) COMPLETEDsmileehunnie3*** Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson (Kimerald) ***19 Apr 2009
Harsh (One Shot) (Completed)~Betty~Wu Chun & Ella Chen19 Apr 2009
Perfect ♥COMPLETED♥ms.fastfoodchainkimerald19 Apr 2009
-LOVE- is the purest sin [Completed]Windsey김 시아준수♥Xiah Junsu - Micky YooChun♥박 믹키유천19 Apr 2009
The One I Love The Most Is You (completed)Eulyn Jill a.k.a. JiershinazeChun and Ella18 Apr 2009
Lead Pencil (One Shot ; Completed)xKAMEKim Jun Su (Dbsk) ; Zhang Li Yin18 Apr 2009
*5 Ways to Get the P E R F E C T Guy* (COMPLETED!)chEEzyBIG BANG...Ji Yong...18 Apr 2009
A perfect plan for a PERFECT GIRL*COMPLETED*kg4lyfKIMERALD....<318 Apr 2009
Help Me...(Complete)shy_girl29Kibum and Yoon Hae [fic]18 Apr 2009
Sorry Sorry - Completed [BTF Challenge]YJiVIPDong Hae and Ki Bum Super Junior18 Apr 2009
Our Infinite Playlist (junk ending) *complete*azndominationJaejoong(DBSK), and ????(Wonder Girls)18 Apr 2009
Dark in his eyes[complete]AmberYoochun18 Apr 2009
[Completed] Labyrinth [A MC Challenge]shadowkitsuneCho KyuHyun Minor: Lee Kira and other SuJu boys17 Apr 2009
Love's Aftermath - CompletedteeFahrenheit, S.H.E ...17 Apr 2009
Static Shots Of Lovee (complete)StaticSunshineeDong Bang Shin Ki One Shots17 Apr 2009
Rush Over Me ***COMPLETED***RyoKa NishiJiriRyo Nishikido & Erika Sawajiri17 Apr 2009
Hostile Bodyguard [Completed]Star-chanYou&Jaejoong ft. Yunho&Yoochun17 Apr 2009
I Trusted You But You Lied ~Completed~Love_JoongieKim JaeJoong and Lee YeonHee16 Apr 2009
当黑咖啡遇上香草甜桐♥ Completed*♫*MiYuki小煜@BBT 幼琳@Fictional16 Apr 2009
原来你一直都在我身边 (Completed)kuiZheng Yuan Chang, Ella16 Apr 2009
No Matter What COMPLETEDJadedSuper Junior, DBSK,Big Bang16 Apr 2009
Tears From the Heart (Complete)♥Vanessa♥☺Hebe Tian, Arron Yan, Jiro Wang, Rainie Yang15 Apr 2009
flyAWAY; S E C R E T (One-Shot) [Completed]♥x-flyAWAY;GuiGui Wang Zi15 Apr 2009
The Secret Room ~2 shot~completed~hebe4everS.H.E15 Apr 2009
My Bestfriend ~Completed~NaaRa72JaeChun dbsk (Yaoi)15 Apr 2009
kimerald one shots(completed)janekim chiu,gerald andeson15 Apr 2009
First Love (Completed)mokonanokawaiiInoue Mao Matsumoto Jun15 Apr 2009
What I Had Promised {one-shot} *COMPLETED*juryaKim Jaejoong15 Apr 2009
Welcome To My Life*completed*Linlin and SallyGuiLun, FLH, SHE, Hey Girl, Lollipop15 Apr 2009
~~It hurts... ~~ [YAOI] -COMPLETED-Mei mei && Eprinces :]]JaeJoong/Yunho/Yoochun/ Junsu/ Changmin/SUJU14 Apr 2009
L.O.V.E [COMPLETE]Alice HwangFahrenheit & GIRLS14 Apr 2009
Mirotic Drama (Completed)_*J^^*DBSK- Main= Xiah Junsu14 Apr 2009
I wont say I love you. *COMPLETEDPink PrincessCho Kyuhyun & Lee Kira14 Apr 2009
Gone One-Shot (Completed)xxHKxxAlex <3 Shinae (AlShin)14 Apr 2009
The Last Gift [complete]janale6Leeteuk, Lee Jae Hyo, Donghae14 Apr 2009
I Should've Kept My Mouth Shut (One Shot Complete)SiogeHebe, Jiro, Ella, Arron13 Apr 2009
I'm Sorry, But I Have To Leave You (completed!)chinky_girlFT Island and other (fictional)13 Apr 2009
Linked Bonds (Completed)mushroom_bananaElla, Chun, Hebe, Jiro13 Apr 2009
[Completed] Childhood Sweethearts : 'Paper Boats'simpl3r0ck3rFT Island's Choi MinHwan13 Apr 2009
Blinded memory. [completed]ShadowYinMiura Haruma, Miura Shohei, Takaki Yuya13 Apr 2009
Farewell. [oneshot] [completed]rawr_ish_linhhSeungRi (bigbang) && you!13 Apr 2009
Keyword (Completed)Micah_Micky Park YOOCHUN__♥__Xiah Kim JUNSU_13 Apr 2009
Just Another Korean Drama (COMPLETE)SharonTOP & Yoobin13 Apr 2009
Mad For Nothing **COMPLETED**...:::+ellimac+:::...Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (KIMERALD)12 Apr 2009
My Appa and My Daddy [completed]tine_cheeseYunho & Jaejoong12 Apr 2009
Love will lead you back (COMPLETED)louiyhanna / joylibeeKim Chiu and Gerald Anderson12 Apr 2009
Lovestory[Completed]mokonanokawaiiHorikita Maki & Yamashita Tomohisa12 Apr 2009
Happily N'ever After (Completed)damdumdadumInoue Mao and Matsumoto Jun12 Apr 2009
Lost Love, Found True Love {Completed}pillowsrockDBSK, Fahrenheit, S.H.E.12 Apr 2009
flyAWAY; [Completed]♥xflyAWAY-GuiGui Wang Zi11 Apr 2009
What is Love [One-shot] Completed`bLackMiracLes(:Arron Yan ; Hebe Tian11 Apr 2009
You're my Galaxy. [Completed]JACKiiEx33Lee Jae Jin, Fictional11 Apr 2009
one step closer to you(COMPLETED!!)sammy091785chun,ella,danson11 Apr 2009
my wife is geeky or not?(complete)jthao and nvangkim jae joong fiction girl and dbsk11 Apr 2009
Believe Love ~ CompletedEmikoShindong, Lee Shi Yeon, Tang Wei,11 Apr 2009
Spring Day Boyfriend (One Shot) [Complete]ChristaLuvsDramaElla Chen & Wu Chun11 Apr 2009
~My Fairytale Romance~ COMPLETEIsaSHINee, DBSK & OC ^_^10 Apr 2009
Be Gentle (complete)MexicanAnallamaYoochun, Junsu10 Apr 2009
Love Slave?! JAEJOONG!![COMPLETE]takiyaDBSK's YunJae KISS ChangMin YooSu10 Apr 2009
The Bet [COMPLETED]catNhatWu Chun, Ella Chen10 Apr 2009
PRETEND.......... (completed)meKimerald10 Apr 2009
Elite -COMPLETE-dbskgirl4everJaejoong, You, Taeyang ( DBSK/BIG BANG)9 Apr 2009
Can I Ever Love Again??? {Completed}heartbrokenAarron Yan, Danson, Hebe Tian9 Apr 2009
Bizarre Love [COMPLETE]emnisu and and my friends8 Apr 2009
Hatsukoi: Love Can Kill (Completed)Kairi_samaYamapi, Maki, Aya, Toma, Jin, Sato and Others8 Apr 2009
DBSK Oneshot Collection (Completed)aw.shinIndividual DBSK members and You. (Repost)8 Apr 2009
♫♩The Incomplete Melody 不完整的旋律♪♬[Eng Ver]Original: stykutluvaaron Translation: ShadowAaron Yan, Selina Ren; Hebe Tian, Ella Chen, etc.8 Apr 2009
When Time Comes..I Have To Say GoodBye+Complete+qiinqiiinHey!Say!Jump + Girls8 Apr 2009
Missing You;; (ONE SHOT)[COMPLETED]Sarang_ChangminChangmin and Fictional7 Apr 2009
Jay Chou, you bitch! [ completed ]Mosquito_GurlElla Chen, Jay Chou, Hebe Tian, Hangeng(Hankyung)7 Apr 2009
꿈 (Dream) One-Shot COMPLETEDTaeBinloverPark Yoochun Jang Ri In Kim Junsu6 Apr 2009
默默的愛 (completed)鬼綸戀<3炎亞綸 鬼鬼 小鬼6 Apr 2009
Promise me You'll live well (completed)Cass90Hero Jaejoong and Hebe Tian(S.H.E)6 Apr 2009
About Time { Completed } (BBF Challenge)TimerHebe, Aaron, Gui Gui, SHE, FLH, etc6 Apr 2009
Sunrise ~Completed~dbsk_luverJaeMin, DBSK, Jessica (SNSD)5 Apr 2009
不完整的旋律 (In English & Chinese) COMPLETEDstykutluvaaronAaron Yan 炎亞綸 Selina Ren 任家萱 (Fahrenheit, S.H.E)5 Apr 2009
泪了 (COMPLETED)OOXX呼延觉罗•脩 & 韩克拉玛•寒5 Apr 2009
You Belong With Me. (Completed)heartsongWu Chun, Ella Chen5 Apr 2009
I've Fallen For You CompletedEmm-Jay [co-editor Spreezy]Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu5 Apr 2009
The 5 star wives (completed)~~xiahn20~~DBSK fic girls APPLY!!! (application closed)4 Apr 2009
A month turns into forever[completed]imperfectionist XDArron Yan, Hebe Tian,S,E,rest of fahrenheit4 Apr 2009
Before my last breath stops.. [COMPLETED]♥ s.h.y.r.e.t.t.e ♥Wu Chun and Ella Chen4 Apr 2009
♪♫♥♥♥~SM Entertainment AUDITION~♥♥♥♫♪ [COMPLETED]NaomeaStarlightDBSK/TVXQ, Naomea & others [APPLY CLOSE]3 Apr 2009
Every Moment Without You {Completed}-JinAe_Kim Junsu; Park Yoochun; OC3 Apr 2009
12:00 Kiss( Grow Old With You) (Completed)Charlene Yeechen qiao en,lin mingdao3 Apr 2009
A Stroll in Seoul (Why I Like You)[Complete 1shot]501stExileJiro Wang & Selina Ren3 Apr 2009
ANGEL [completed]fellicinaeken and rainie3 Apr 2009
~♥♥prince IN disguise♥♥~ - completed-bloodyroseDBSK yaoi2 Apr 2009
Omg I have a baby[complete]brokenaznangelYunjae,Yoosu2 Apr 2009
In Your Arms, Where I Belong [Oneshot][Completed]creampuffcookieYunJae2 Apr 2009
tragic joke(one-shot)(completed)bluefrentzBeBu2 Apr 2009
Heavenly Song [Completed]~RyuRyu~Read to find out & Comment1 Apr 2009
Arashi Writes a Fanfic [Completed]shardauneiArashi1 Apr 2009
The Phone Call [one-shot] (Completed)shardauneiRyo Nishikido, Maki Horikita1 Apr 2009
Through the Guitar (completed) one-shotshardauneiNinomiya Kazunari + fictional1 Apr 2009
Once Again (completed)shardauneiSho Sakurai + fic girl1 Apr 2009
Different In The Snow *Completed*MoniqueMatsumoto Jun and Ohno Satoshi1 Apr 2009
Your Love is Sweeter than Ice Cream *(COMPLETED)*bhaby_aiya09Aaron Yan and Gui Gui1 Apr 2009
My missing piece [COMPLETED]AyuTranceYunJae; rest DBSK1 Apr 2009
Sealed Heart of An Angel [Completed]Phoebe a.k.a PhebsKim Junsu, Jang Ri In, Yoona, Yeon Hee; DBSK1 Apr 2009
Her Memories--Dont Forget Me--CompletedBlueHaru(DBSK)Jaejoong, fictional character1 Apr 2009
zero index. COMPLETEkeerainSHINee1 Apr 2009
What About Her? (one-shot) - CompletedKimkimKimerald, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson1 Apr 2009
valentine surprise ****COMPLETED****hunny/anne1011kim chiu and gerald anderson31 Mar 2009
But You Said[COMPLETED]JunsuShiiYunJae YooSu30 Mar 2009
"BACK TO YOUR HEART"-[COMPLETED]chunnie_chennyWu zhun- Ella Chen- Genie Zhou- Hu Yu Wei30 Mar 2009
Because I Love You [Completed]Windsey김 시아준수♥Xiah Junsu - Micky YooChun♥박 믹키유천30 Mar 2009
Battle Royal with cebes -completed-sujuloveDBSK and others30 Mar 2009
Silver Lining In My Cloud {Completed}twinkle91prodMaki, Yamapi, Jun30 Mar 2009
Great You Lost the Divorce Papers! (Complete)TaiwangirlHebe-Arron-Genie-Danson29 Mar 2009
Can bestfriends be lovers?-completedarianne javier_xoxoRobi Domingo and Rona Libby29 Mar 2009
My Angel *COMPLETED*<3 SUPER GENERATION <3Donghae Yuri Minhwan SeoHyun29 Mar 2009
W r o n g . T u r n (One-Shot COMPLETED)LadyMChoi Seunghyun ft. fic. (V-day Special!)29 Mar 2009
Boy's Wardrobe [COMPLETED]Silver NoteChangmin, Jaejoong [JaeMin] + [2Min]29 Mar 2009
A Woman-Hater's First Kiss(One-Shot)Completed:)Snow Bang♥NoraebangKim Jaejoong; Yoon Eun Hye28 Mar 2009
Now and Forever (COMPLETED)SachikoElla and Chun28 Mar 2009
Heaven [R] - One Shot Collections *completed*Blue_HeartFT Island and Girls28 Mar 2009
High School Life[BBF Challenge]+Complete+qiinqiiinRyutaro❤Mayuko. With HSJ and Other girls28 Mar 2009
I Love Him The Most[BBF Challenge]+Complete+qiinqiiinHikaru Yaotome & Rin[qiinqiiin]28 Mar 2009
Forbidden Love [complete]sweetcandieJiro Wang and Hebe Tian27 Mar 2009
College Mayhem:The Blackmail(One-Shot) (Completed)ikangYunho, Jaejoong27 Mar 2009
TOP and His Donuts (COMPLETED)echoi94TOP feat. YG members27 Mar 2009
The Turbulent Times - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond, Charmaine, Myolie, Bosco27 Mar 2009
Missing(one-shot)-COMPLETED-superjuniormain:yehwook, eunhyuk minor: suju27 Mar 2009
I Wish.. (Completed)mrz-jaereen (raerinh)Kim Jaejoong, Kwon Boa27 Mar 2009
No Way Out [one-shot] COMPLETEDChristAineXtineBaron Chen, Ella Chen, Wu Chun26 Mar 2009
overdosed. {R} one-shots. *completed*keerainJAPANESE & KOREAN ARTISTS ;;26 Mar 2009
Day Before Valentine's (One Shot ~ Completed)SiogeHebe & Arron26 Mar 2009
Waking Up Early [one-shot] [completed]EonisHankyung / Heechul26 Mar 2009
I Love God(completed)Deus ServusArthur and Stephany26 Mar 2009
Yunho-ah, Thank you (one-shot) -COMPLETED-peiluvjaeYunho Jaejoong26 Mar 2009
Purple Line of Passion [COMPLETE]morninglory17Junsu, Minkyung, DBSK25 Mar 2009
H o w C a n I D e a l W i t h H i m ? (COMPLETED)sillygirlJiyong and Sohee25 Mar 2009
STRAY PUPPIES [completed]fellicinaeken & rainie and jerry & barbie25 Mar 2009
Wishing on a Star. [COMPLETED]DorkyMickyx3DBSK. <324 Mar 2009
C-I-R-C-L-E-S (FINALE UP-Completed)ShikaramaKim Junsu, Zhang LiYin, Kim Taeyeon24 Mar 2009
Annihilation (Completed) NEW!ZaireArron Yan Kim Jae Joong Amber Kuo24 Mar 2009
time to let her go 1 shot (COMPLETED)bunny_01kim chiu ang gerald anderson24 Mar 2009
Nice To Know You -completedsqueezyx3Mike He and Rainie Yang23 Mar 2009
My One and Only...(completed)xdorkyxJonghyun(SHINee) and Seohyun(SNSD)23 Mar 2009
Final Goodbye? ♪COMPLETED!♪Love_JoongieDBSK and fic girl23 Mar 2009
You're My First [Complete]Susu // Ji HyeonJunsu, BoA, Changmin, & OC22 Mar 2009
-angel on earth (COMPLETED)-munchkinariel lin, mike he22 Mar 2009
False Sense of Security (Completed)ikangJaejoong22 Mar 2009
I Got Raped By My Student!?!? [ Completed ]Hwatxx4xxYooSuyoosu yunjae kimin kyumin eunhae kangteuk21 Mar 2009
I LOVE YOU{One Shot}{COMPLETE}bernadette_sweetbunnBEBU21 Mar 2009
Love always finds it's way [complete]ice_drop, peace out--IMALITERALLY: Rainie Yang, Mike He, Ken Chu21 Mar 2009
Quadrilateral Affection [COMPLETED]e.c.jereza_stargazerEdison Chen & Gillian Chung w/ Wu Chun & Ella Chen21 Mar 2009
Last Heartbeat [One-Shot] {COMPLETED}azn14Kim Junsu ; ; Fictional20 Mar 2009
In love with my tutor (Completed)YoonHyunnieYoonA, SeoHyun20 Mar 2009
I'm Breakin' My Rules Again...(Complete)JJLuver33YunJae/JaeHo20 Mar 2009
Winter Stars[Completed]GuiLun41Gui Gui Aaron Yan GuiLun20 Mar 2009
The promise we made (Completed)MidoriMayuYamaki {Yamapi & Maki}20 Mar 2009
I Hate You - Koh Jid Mal (Complete)xKAMEChu Ga Eul + So Yi Jung20 Mar 2009
She is my toy but i'm her lover (completed)snowHebe & Arron20 Mar 2009
Time of Love (5 in 1 story) [Completed]~~>jerissa<~~DBSK, Yoon Eun Hye check story to see other artist20 Mar 2009
Our Fate [Complete]BSMfanGui Gui and Wangzi and other BBT and HSHMM20 Mar 2009
A Love To Remember (Completed)gdbabyKwon Ji Yong * Lee Myung Hee19 Mar 2009
Marrying That Pretty Boy? [ Completed ]Sinister NikkiiYunjae, Yoosu and Changminnie!19 Mar 2009
= 爱在桐话 = Love Fairy Tales = [ Completed]小橘^^[ Gillian ] [ Jaejoong ] [ Twins & TVXQ ]19 Mar 2009
Behind The Scenes (Completed)AmyEdison Chen & Gillian Chung19 Mar 2009
Be, Be Your Love [complete]ruweeWu Chun and Ella Chen19 Mar 2009
When Love Is Over (completed)Eulyn Jill a.k.a JiershinazeChun and Ella19 Mar 2009
*dream incomplete**doobop*SHINee (apply) and (audition)19 Mar 2009
last chance [completed]majahkimerald19 Mar 2009
My one and only Yoochun! (complete)S.H.Y=SamanthaYoochun and YOU!! and DBSK18 Mar 2009
You're My Melody -[completed]-Isabelle, Angel, Zoey, BoboDBSK <3 CSJH The Grace18 Mar 2009
Girlfriend [completed]Boeun.Kwon Jiyong of Big Bang18 Mar 2009
Her Passion, My Melody, Our Love [COMPLETED!]Dante... VergitoKim JaeJoong and Fictional18 Mar 2009
CRAZY LOVE(completed)maimouaayumi , ki bum, si won,kim tae hee18 Mar 2009
恶作剧-completed-Yumi小鬼鬼鬼,炎亚纶18 Mar 2009
My Apple Pie - completedJoeslineRainie Yang & Mike He18 Mar 2009
Another Chance to Say I Love You.COMPLETED.♥SHOT.cheatoot :]Christian Bautista and Rachel Ann Go.18 Mar 2009
Can You Change It? (Rated) ~Completed~dbsk_luverYooSu, YunJae, Changmin and Onew from SHINee17 Mar 2009
Deep in my heart [COMPLETE]HirinF.T.Island, fictional17 Mar 2009
7:07 AM *completed*sophie yoruYunJae/ onesided HoMin/ MinBum17 Mar 2009
Callous Heart (Completed)AutumndreamerYunJae, Junsu, Yoochun, Changmin16 Mar 2009
Aishiteru. Sayonara... {COMPLETED}~Nee-chanKim Jaejoong & fictional character16 Mar 2009
ღVANILLA LOVEღ-^o^{complete]^o^pandakriONEWღFIC girl [SHINee+SNSD]15 Mar 2009
When We Were Young *completed!!!*saranghaeDSTae yang from big bang14 Mar 2009
Mahal Kita *one-shot story* ~COMPLETED~louiyhannaKim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (KIMERALD)14 Mar 2009
A.MI.GO! [[complete<3]]DBsujuBBftiSHINee<3r//key's manoorah♡Kim Kibum (SHINee) && Jessica Jung (SNSD)14 Mar 2009
A Day With DBSK (Completed)dbsk_luverDBSK, Taemin14 Mar 2009
Ice-Cream LOVE<33 +++Complete+++qiinqiiinHikaru Yaotome and Me14 Mar 2009
Photograph {VIET} {One Shot} {COMPLETED }Mary517Anh Minh & Doan Phi14 Mar 2009
LAST ANGEL ~*~COMPLETED~*~akimotochiakiBoA, Chiyuki, DBSK, SJ, Lee Junki14 Mar 2009
Lake of Forbidden (Completed)aw.shinPark Yoochun & Kim Junsu (Yaoi)14 Mar 2009
The Change Of My Life(COMPLETED)poppies 14 Mar 2009
Musical Fate *Completed*azn_lvndMichelle, Raymond, Ron, Tavia, Bosco & Leila13 Mar 2009
Between the dead and alive [COMPLETED]dark_flowerHebe Arron Gui Gui13 Mar 2009
Beautiful Days Final [COMPLETED]meganFahrenheit & Fictional13 Mar 2009
-=I Still Love You,Why?=-[Sequel] (CoMpLeTeD)rh0bzcutefAhRenHeiT aNd S.H.E.R13 Mar 2009
Bigger Than Big Boy (Completed One-Shot)ActingAReactionSeung Ri, T.O.P and Fictional Girl12 Mar 2009
LoCkER LeTtEr (^_^)v Completed(^_^)vRinzi_16Chun&Ella12 Mar 2009
*♥* A Cassiopeian Dream *♥* (COMPLETED)★ AnGeLiNa ★ (TVXQ White Valentines Contest)*DBSK/TVXQ* Jaejoong *❤* Cassiopeian (readers)11 Mar 2009
The Love Below [COMPLETE]superstarDBSK,SHINee,Big Bang,Apps11 Mar 2009
[OS]Your Vision is my Type(M)-completesailortrinity..the one and only.*long sigh*Chun and Ella stalking eachother o.O11 Mar 2009
Come and Elaborate(M)completesailortrinityWu Ji Zun to Chen Jia Hua11 Mar 2009
Stupid Superficial(M)completesailortrinityElla Chen, Chun Wu, Jimmy Lin, Ayaka Komatsu,etc11 Mar 2009
Complex Fantasy(M)completedsailortrinityElla Chen taken by Chun Wu11 Mar 2009
Accidental Love [[COMPLETED]]Venus Nguyen aka susuloverDBSK & OC10 Mar 2009
i love you 'till the end [COMPLETED]nya'moekim junsu, zhang li yin10 Mar 2009
D i a n X i a o E r ~ W a i T e R [Completed]501stExileAaron Yan & Hebe Tian10 Mar 2009
The Wedding Game [completed]imperfectionist XDArron Yan Hebe Tian10 Mar 2009
Beyond the Mirror ( Completed )OnlySuYun - Jae10 Mar 2009
My Dad His Boyfriend Their Crazy Friends[COMPLETE]DBSJ / x2PM♥My Dad, His Boyfriend, & Their Crazy Friends cast.10 Mar 2009
Cause you're Unforgettable [COMPLETED]azn14Changmin, Fictional, Jaejoong, DBSK10 Mar 2009
One Shot - Kesenai (COMPLETED)mouriTegoshi Yuuya and 'you'9 Mar 2009
Lost in Love 2 [Completed]purplemonster101Wu Chun and Ella Chen9 Mar 2009
Searching For Him [Completed]ILikeCheese <3Hebe Tian and Arron Yan8 Mar 2009
Behind Romeo {CompleteD}JustNikiS.H.E feat. Aaron Yan8 Mar 2009
Black In White CompletedNiieYoosu Yunjae Kimin8 Mar 2009
你会爱我吗?(COMPLETED)OOXX薰王8 Mar 2009
Holy Crap(M)-completed (finally..haha)sailortrinityChun Wu with Ella Chen occupied by Tank.7 Mar 2009
Behind the Curtain ~*~ Completed ~*~lotusTavia Selena Bernice Fala Raymond,Bosco,Kenneth7 Mar 2009
The Birthday Wish *Complete*JamieKimerald<37 Mar 2009
An Unexpected Twist of Fate *COMPLETED*NonaMai93TVXQ, Super Junior and Fictionals7 Mar 2009
Music of Night(Completed)Xiao Wen & Ah WeiGui Gui,Aaron Yan,Xiao Jie(G),Xiao Yu and others7 Mar 2009
A playboy is a playboy(One-shot){Completed}hlx3bb~ArRoN yAn & HeBe TiAn~ ^^(Valentine's special)7 Mar 2009
Love Me the Way I Am [COMPLETED!!!!]min_jookieyoobin & youngbae6 Mar 2009
Faithful Aaron.. *One Shot* (Completed)sayu.Aaron Yan and Hebe5 Mar 2009
There are 2 Sides to Every Story...(Completed)ctanonymousGuiwang. <34 Mar 2009
What's More Improtant Love or Friendship?CompletedMich3ll333GuiLun Gui Gui Aaron More3 Mar 2009
Lip Gloss *One Shot* (Completed)sayu.Aaron Yan and Hebe3 Mar 2009
Sunny Rainy Kiss [Completed]AiynArron Yan, Hebe Tian3 Mar 2009
My Favorite Loser [ Completed ]xXSkyliteXxHebe , Arron , Chun & Ella3 Mar 2009
Love RULES (Completed)xrainynightsGui Gui Arron Yan1 Mar 2009
Elstephy *Completed*~Genuie Cari~Alex Stephy1 Mar 2009
❤王子爱上鬼❤[complete][NeHc.AnNa]王子,鬼鬼,黑社会美眉&棒棒堂1 Mar 2009
I Loved You Just The Way You Are (COMPLETED)forsythiaCharlene Choi and JJ Lin1 Mar 2009
Heaven [COMPLETED]SerenityDong Bang Shin Ki1 Mar 2009
Appa, Saranghae *COMPLETED*Jung YunJaeYunho, Jaejoong, other DBSK+SuJu member1 Mar 2009
Wedding .one-shot. completedfor3v3rArron Yan . Hebe Tien1 Mar 2009
Hero in the darkest of nights [COMPLETE]devilheart && M&MBig Bang1 Mar 2009
I'm Nothing Without You (Completed)RL4EVERRon, Leila, Bosco,Natalie, Raymond,Tavia, more28 Feb 2009
You're My Song [COMPLETED]MaltezersDBSK & Gillian Chung28 Feb 2009
Torn (partly R) *COMPLETED*bestkeptsecretDanny(1TYM), Changmin(DBSK) & SM&YG!!26 Feb 2009
In Two Thousand Nine [COMPLETE]iHeartHankyungAyuWon, HaeGi, Yoona/Key, SunYe/TOP26 Feb 2009
first class -completedkatie13bernice, tavia, myolie, kevin, bosco & raymond26 Feb 2009
Lovers [Completed]AnnaKrazyYooSu26 Feb 2009
Terminus (One-Shot) CompletedblackisprettyArron and Hebe25 Feb 2009
Midnight Crystal [COMPLETED]KrazyannaYunJae YooSu SuJu couples25 Feb 2009
His betrayal (Yaoi) (Completed)aw.shinJunsu, Yoochun, Yunho and Jaejoong25 Feb 2009
Yearning for love 2 *Completed*Suki ChanRaymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Leila Tong24 Feb 2009
Tired of Being Sorry... [COMPLETED]RandomnessRon Ng, Raymond Lam, Leila Tong and many more24 Feb 2009
Lethal Love - COMPLETEDSimconRaymond, Charmaine, Joe, Jessica, Bosco, Myolie24 Feb 2009
Beautiful Life CompletedNiieYoosu Kimin Yunjae24 Feb 2009
Through His Eyes (RATED) COMPLETEDdbsk_luverYunjae, DBSK, OC23 Feb 2009
This Is Me... *~!Complete!~*CrashedANGELYamada Ryosuke, Fictional, Nakajima Yuto23 Feb 2009
Friends Forever? [ C O M P L E T E ]white_lilyHSJ: Ryosuke, Daiki, Yuto [COMPLETE]23 Feb 2009
We =*COMPLETED*=sabredollDBSK and some fictional characters23 Feb 2009
The Letter - Completed FFA ChallengeSushiKim Jeong Hoon, Charlene Choi23 Feb 2009
-The Reasons Why We Broke Up?-Completed-two shot-Half_Angel_Me-Hebe- -Arron- {Bebu}23 Feb 2009
The Arrogant && The Beauty*COMPLETED220209*MariposaKim Chiu && Gerald Anderson[Kimerald]22 Feb 2009
If Love Was Real [[completed!!]]tcoobieJung Yunho & Bae Seul Gi22 Feb 2009
Rain On Me [COMPLETED]Kyn, xtsamyHebe Tian . Aaron Yan22 Feb 2009
~The Impostor 1~Complete~HidayahF♥Arron Yan♥Gui Gui♥Hebe Tian♥Mike He♥21 Feb 2009
Valentines day*one-shot (completed)snowHebe, Arron21 Feb 2009
Not Their Ordinary Day (completed)SachikoElla and Chun21 Feb 2009
Milestones one-shot CompletedJtoasnIkuta Toma (Hana Kimi)21 Feb 2009
A Dream Come True [OneShot] *COMPLETED*TeuKiaLee Teuk & Eun Mi (fictional)20 Feb 2009
Driving Against The Rain [COMPLETED]Ocean-JMika Nakashima & Minwoo Lee20 Feb 2009
Until Then *completed*Sharonje927/Lady WakefieldKim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (Kimerald)20 Feb 2009
寂寞暴走 (Valentine's special) (COMPLETED)OOXX鬼鬼,亚纶20 Feb 2009
Hebe and Aaron the lovers (completed)Cutie (Bi Bi) 20 Feb 2009
Curiosity Or Love (Completed)ShimZJung yunho+Kim Jaejoong (Yunjae)20 Feb 2009
4 love story *(Complete)*APMKim Bum, Fujii Mina, Wu Ying Jie, Inoue Mao20 Feb 2009
Promising Ballerina [COMPLETED]Pink PrincessLee SungMin & Anna (OneShot)19 Feb 2009
Special Valentines Day (One Shot, Completed)♥ GUI-Gui Gui Wang Zi Guiwang19 Feb 2009
A promise tarnished by a secret ~completed~bubblesAaron Yan, Hebe Tian, Fahrenheit, SHE, Rainie18 Feb 2009
[*(Fairytale Endings)*][*(Complete)*]43vr_y0ur_g1rl_x3Jerry Yan and Barbie Xu17 Feb 2009
A Basketball Love [Completed]EriiSHINee- > Yaoi- > JongKey, OnKey and 2Min17 Feb 2009
Star (Completed)weepingangelWu Chun as Zuo Yi Quan17 Feb 2009
Dong Bang Junior [[Completed]]love2lovekpopAll DBSK and Super Junior Members17 Feb 2009
Too Cute For My Liking [Completed]MinGiXLeeYumi-->Sungmin + Seulgi<--16 Feb 2009
Beautiful you [COMPLETED]SakuyaDBSK, other artists & my OC16 Feb 2009
Under One Roof (COMPLETED)biniBningPunkistaAkanishi Jin, Ueto Aya16 Feb 2009
The Four Seasons of Love (Completed)weepingangelFahrenheit16 Feb 2009
传说。爱 (COMPLETED)Librax@z飞轮海、SHE、唐禹哲、卓文宣16 Feb 2009
Choice (Completed)dream2sorrowJiro Selina16 Feb 2009
Growing to Love (COMPLETE)ebyul29Yunjae/Jaeho && little bit of Yoosu16 Feb 2009
5 Words For The One I Love (COMPLETE)Jenny ThaoJaeJoong and OC15 Feb 2009
I'm your evil wife 2 (COMPLETE)Jenny ThaoDBSK and OC15 Feb 2009
Hey... Dreamboy! [Completed]ChristineJLKim Junsu & Lee Minah (fictional)15 Feb 2009
Nobody But You **COMPLETED**Sharonje927Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson, Kimerald15 Feb 2009
Eternity (Completed)ctanonymousWang zi, Gui Gui15 Feb 2009
My Mermaid Captive (Rated)(COMPLETED)NoRulezKim JaeJoong , Sung Yuri, Xiah Junsu15 Feb 2009
The Other You (Completed)LemsaineYun Ho & Jae Joong (YunJae)15 Feb 2009
Silent Love (One shot) - CompletedShimZYunjae, Yoosu and Changmin15 Feb 2009
Loved By You [ One Shot ] [ completed ]SueWeyKangin && Fictional Character15 Feb 2009
Accelerating Engagement (one-shot; complete)Ruwee & FranceElla Chen15 Feb 2009
Love In a Single Heartbeat. (COMPLETED)syraliciousKim Jaejoong, DBSK and Fictionals15 Feb 2009
Finding Love... Keeping Love ~COMPLETED~Ging518Kim & Gerald14 Feb 2009
JUST ONE KISS (Completed)JinxKen, Rainie, F3 & Barbie14 Feb 2009
chocolate fondue [R] -complete-keerainSeunghyun; bigbang14 Feb 2009
Pets INC (Valentine's Special!) [COMPLETE]xtsamydongxuan :]14 Feb 2009
I Promise (Completed)ayesacatherinePark Yoochun(Main), DBSK members, fictionals...14 Feb 2009
Bitterness in Sugar~Complete~jjloveKim Jaejoong Jung Yunho14 Feb 2009
Fly Away, Fly Away, Love (Oneshot) -Completed-Lady JamYunjae, implied Yoosu14 Feb 2009
Perilous Connection (Yaoi) (Completed)aw.shinPark Yoochun, Kim Junsu, Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong.14 Feb 2009
Why Have I Fallen In Love With You? {Completed}한꽃 (HanKkot)Kim Junsu, Jang Ri In14 Feb 2009
Eternal Love (RATED) and COMPLETEDdbsk_luverJaejoong, Yuhno13 Feb 2009
through good and bad - completed-bloodyrosedbsk YAOI13 Feb 2009
•Until That Day•[Completed]Bunny1018Fahrenheit,SHE,Angela Zhang13 Feb 2009
Will you just pls.Love me forever{COMPLETE}bernadette_sweetbunnCHUNELLA13 Feb 2009 ba yun?...*COMPLETED* ONE SHOTS!clarencekim chiu ang gerald anderson13 Feb 2009
I have lost him... [COMPLETED><]whenpigsflyHebe~Arron~!13 Feb 2009
Home-Sitting {Complete}Nittle GrasperKim JaeJoong ++ Fictional (HORROR!)13 Feb 2009
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Mafia, My Beloved [Complete]usagichanGolf & Mike12 Feb 2009
Thank You (One-Shot) [W-M Challenge] *COMPLETED*~lovelydisaster~Jaejoong and Yunho12 Feb 2009
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大玩笑 *completed*❤zenfic小杰 丫头 王子11 Feb 2009
. . . stolen HEART ♥ {Completed}yanting. . . lee DONGHAE & lee HYUKJAE ♥ [YAOI]11 Feb 2009
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A new light...-completed-Ayumikim jaejoong&seulgi dbsk and others...11 Feb 2009
Repertoire of Love [Completed]kuroii_himeS.H.E, Fahrenheit, Jay, Jolin11 Feb 2009
All I want for Christmas is YOU (complete)hiMitsuYamapi and Masami (with a bit of NEWS)11 Feb 2009
恋爱巴士 (Completed)娸娸♥翊洁 鬼王♥ 王子 鬼鬼10 Feb 2009
♥♥♥LoNg DIstAnCe LovEr♥♥♥(COMPLETED)^^~CuDbuRRY~DBSK,Kim Jaehwan,Jillian Mikagami10 Feb 2009
The New World {Complete}JessiJohnny Entertainment boys and OFC's10 Feb 2009
Gone...Is My Second Chance *COMPLETED*mangoTavia Yeung, Bernice Liu & Raymond Lam9 Feb 2009
Everything you did for me ♥ ~Completed~`&simplicity.x3 aka Maggie LamJiro Wang & Selina Ren ♥9 Feb 2009
i got you~[completed]jennsannggggSeungri; seqeul to BFDTEOE9 Feb 2009
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One Look Was All It Took (now it's COMPLETE!)娜娜王子 鬼鬼 棒棒堂& 黑澀會美眉9 Feb 2009
Vogue (behind the scene) COMPLETEAngelaBig Bang, fictional, (other artists as minor)9 Feb 2009
♥ Highschool Romance ♥ [Completed]Sharon @ Simply TVB♥ Arron ♥ Hebe ♥ Jiro ♥ Selina9 Feb 2009
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Acceleration (One-Shot COMPLETE)happilyinsane13Henry Lau, Donghae8 Feb 2009
Food Analogies (One-Shot COMPLETE)happilyinsane13Henry/Donghae, Siwon/Hankyung, Kyuhyun/Zhoumi,Wook8 Feb 2009
The Pain Of Loving You (Repost) [[COMPLETED]]cutekitty318 (posted by K.Star)Arron Yan and Hebe Tian=BeBu ^^8 Feb 2009
The English Princess (Complete)englishrose85Fahrenheit, SHE, Show Luo, Fictionals8 Feb 2009
Don't Take My Sunshine [COMPLETE]happilyinsane13Kyuhyun,, OC Girl, Changmin7 Feb 2009
Fragile heart[complete]kimchilover26Wu Chun and Ella Chen [ChunElla]7 Feb 2009
Accidentally in Love ( Completed)Beng/DarbyMike He and Rainie Yang7 Feb 2009
Running Away .One-shot.Completed.for3v3rArron Yan . Hebe Tien7 Feb 2009
Sparks of Love [Completed]ApathyAriel Lin, Joe Cheng7 Feb 2009
終極一街 (Zhong Ji Yi Jie) ~Completed~AngelLove5終極一班+終極一家的演員+ 虛構人物6 Feb 2009
(¯`°ღ The Broken Promise ღ°´¯) *COMPLETE*ღ♥ღ♥°**Luckystar**°♥ღ♥ღRaymond Lamღ Michelle yipღ Linda Chungღ Frankie6 Feb 2009
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Breeze Love(COMPLETE)Xiao WenGui Gui, Wang Zi, Xiao Jie, and other BBT and HSH6 Feb 2009
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We're Complete Oppossites!! (APPLY)SaneKyoDBSK, Big Bang, SHINee, SUJU5 Feb 2009
ACA2: A Cloying Addiction (M) *Completedx.shuang.dao.xAo Quan, Xiao Yu, Monkey & original cast from ACA5 Feb 2009
THE SIREN (Completed)reginacastroKim Chiu and Gerald Anderson ; Kimerald5 Feb 2009
Smile Again Dedication to funnymonkey106 COMPLETEDwinglin authorsfunnymonkey and other artists (dedication to her)4 Feb 2009
Why Do I love u? (COMPLETED)SunnyBae Seul GI, Lee Sungmin, Lee teuk4 Feb 2009
I Miss You. [Completed]JACKiiEx33SHINee, Big Bang, SuJu, DBSK [[APPLY CLOSED]]3 Feb 2009
~Is The Feeling Enough?~COMPLETEIsaSHINee and OC ^_^3 Feb 2009
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Doushite Kimi wa Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou - CompleteRyeoNa ParkJunSu Kim . RiIn Jang3 Feb 2009
Faded Fate (one shot)-completedbikiElla Chen and Wu Chun2 Feb 2009
The Greatest Gift [R] (Completed)changlineJung Yunho and fictional2 Feb 2009
You are mine forever(Completed)YunjaeYunho and Jaejoong2 Feb 2009
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Remember [COMPLETED]leslie232seung ri and eun hee [fictional]1 Feb 2009
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CurSe lOvE[COMPLETED]ilovedreamsDBSK or SUJU and YOu(APPLication closed)1 Feb 2009
香浓咖啡馆 [Completed]小橘子[ Yoochun ] [ Charlene ] [ Twins ] [TVXQ ]1 Feb 2009
你快乐吗?-completed-Yumi小鬼鬼鬼、王子、MEIMEI、小煜31 Jan 2009
Petals in the Wind [complete]whysperBoA, Se7en, Rain, SM Ent. and YG family31 Jan 2009
Like Never Before [Completed]Yuki 31 Jan 2009
我们是明星 We Are The Star (Completed)Mystery GuestSM Entertainment and Readers31 Jan 2009
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Series of One-Shots Vol. 1 [COMPLETE]e.c.jereza_stargazerHorikita Maki and Yamashita Tomohisa31 Jan 2009
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Babysitting Jaejoong *COMPLETED*tvxq_dudethe DBSK oppas~~ especially Joongie!!!31 Jan 2009
*** LOST *** - a Kimerald ONe-SHoT (Completed)S.F.Kim Chiu Gerald Anderson31 Jan 2009
Saving Changmin! (COMPLETED!!)dbsk_luverChangmin, Yoosu, Jaejoong, Yunho, others31 Jan 2009
Sunbae?SUNBAE?WHAT HAPPENED TO OPPA?[COMPLETED]Changmin's wifeyKim Junsu, Jang RiIn, Park Yoochun30 Jan 2009
C r u s h [COMPLETED]Aay-ishYUN/JAE [DBSK coupple Yaoi ^.^]30 Jan 2009
All I Want For Christmas Is You. (Completed)heartsongWu Chun, Ella Chen.30 Jan 2009
In a New World [Completed]ILikeCheese <3Hebe Tian and Arron Yan29 Jan 2009
a YOOSU tale *Complete*yoosu=LOVEdbsk29 Jan 2009
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Me, My Life and the Boys! [COMPLETED]ESCHankyung. Boa. Donghae. Super Junior29 Jan 2009
Brothers or what? [YAOI] COMPLETEDZACKim Jaejoong & Jung Yunho29 Jan 2009
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Scandal (Complete)ShepardloverTVXQ (Mainly Changmin) and Fictional28 Jan 2009
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Twice and no more (Sequel to Miracle) [COMPLETED]EsteeAaron, Guigui28 Jan 2009
A Silent Heart Beating (COMPLETED)MoonlitLee Ayumi, Kim Junsu, Kim Jaejoong, Park Yoochun,27 Jan 2009
Their Royal Highnesses [COMPLETED]SerenityF.T. Island26 Jan 2009
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Lovers In Paris CompletedNiieYoosu Yunjae Kimin25 Jan 2009
You Are My Destiny(Completed)KristaTae Yang, Fictional24 Jan 2009
Egoistic Love [ Completed ]-Light-Jae Joong, Yoona, Yoochun24 Jan 2009
☆完美男友。perfect boyfriend☆[COMPLETE]NeHc.AnNa不能说的秘密(jkjk)鬼王24 Jan 2009
::.Enticement.:: CompletedAutumndreamerYunJae (rest dbsk)24 Jan 2009
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情事偵探   (Completed ~)Jinni鬼鬼 王子23 Jan 2009
Appreciate Your Love (One Shot) {Completed}한꽃 (HanKkot)Kim Junsu, Jang Ri In23 Jan 2009
-=HiGh sChOoL LiFe- - -LoVe=- (CoMpLeTeD)rh0bzcutefAhRenHeiT aNd S.H.E.R23 Jan 2009
It all started with a TOAD?! [Completed]Simple ShirleyShirley Yeung ★ Jack Wu23 Jan 2009
Even If There's Only One Chance [COMPLETE]JaeCherryDBSK and fic. girls [Girls Chosen]22 Jan 2009
L o s t M e m o r i e s . . . [repost]{Complete!}DBsujuBBftiSHINee<3r//key's manoorah♡Xiah~Jae Joong~DBSK~Fictional Girl22 Jan 2009
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3 Reasons; COMPLETED!! (:SydneyJaeJoong of DBSK, Fictional, & Key of SHINee22 Jan 2009
[CoMpLeTe] 143, Maybe...chibi_greenYunho-DBSK-SuJu-Yuri22 Jan 2009
[CoMpLeTe] Irresistible temptation (RaTed & YaOi)white_rabbit aka chibi_greenYunJae/ JaeHo/Yunho/JaeJoong (DBSK)22 Jan 2009
Best Place -{SHINee ♥ Story} `Completed`HappyonewSHINee, Mainly Onew& Fictional21 Jan 2009
Open Wounds [C-M Challenge] (Completed)SleepiiDreamerCalvin Chen and Hebe Tian21 Jan 2009
Twilight [MF Writing Challenge] ~Complete~xXxephemeraxXxShim Changmin, Kim Taeyeon21 Jan 2009
When it was us [Complete]Sarani and ElizabethSo Hee, G-dragon, Sun Ye21 Jan 2009
Stay Close To Me..[R] ~~Completed~~fuyusakuraYunho, Leeteuk, fictional21 Jan 2009
A Little Too Not Over You [one shot] [ completed ]-id24451-junsu,nakamaru yuichi - minors roles21 Jan 2009
A Friend From Different World [Completed]ann_horKen & Rainie / Xi Men & Xiao You, etc21 Jan 2009
What Have I Gotten Myself into [complete]Im-meCharlene Choi & Wu Chun21 Jan 2009
Tale of Two Cousins (Complete)KymLy_MunDBSK, and Fictionals(Main) and SuJu20 Jan 2009
Unnoticeable Feelings.[Completed]` xDefiine`arronYAN , hebeTIEN, jiroWANG20 Jan 2009
To Be Married [BP Challenge](Complete)Wookie'sWifeyKim Junsu, Jang RiIn20 Jan 2009
HYUNG!! I'M HUNGRY!!(FOOD VOODOO)HELP!!*COMPLETED*shycapri8Changmin, Jaejoong, DBSK and whoever else lol19 Jan 2009
Just for you (Yaoi) Sequel I love you ll CompletechangminXmcDBSK Members JaeMin!19 Jan 2009
Stolen Heart [BP Challenge] [Completed]cherry.rella/heechullvrKim JunSu, Jang RiIn19 Jan 2009
The Recollection (Completed)biniBningPunkistaMizushima Hiro and Aoi Yu19 Jan 2009
My Only Wish This Year (Complete)raindrop_symphonyKim Junsu and fictional19 Jan 2009
B r o k e n M a n [BP Challenge] (COMPLETE)`G0RGE0USxASiANTae Yang ; Yoo Bin19 Jan 2009
WE NEVER ARE MEANT TO BE TOGETHER (Completed)DreamMy Dream Collections19 Jan 2009
Hero's Story (COMPLETE but editing 2/6/10)pinayhobbitKim Jaejoong, DBSK18 Jan 2009
One Boy, One Girl - COMPLETEDhunny a.k.a. anne1011Kim Chiu & Gerald Anderson - KIMERALD18 Jan 2009
MU at Ligawan Blues (completed)JixxyKim Chui and Gerald Anderson17 Jan 2009
Double-Sided Affairs *Completed*BreezeRaymond Lam, Tavia Yeung, Linda Chung & Ron Ng17 Jan 2009
~Love In The Ice~ [Completed]x-BlueHolic-xYoosu ,Yunjae,Kimin17 Jan 2009
Love Hurts [COMPLETE]white_lilyArioka Daiki ღ Fictional Character17 Jan 2009
Broken Love[Completed]Ice QueenArron Yan & Hebe Tian Ft. Others17 Jan 2009
Her Secret [Complete]Im-meCharlene Choi & Wu Chun16 Jan 2009
Broken Man [BP Challenge #1] *complete*XaraYunJae [Jaejoong+Yunho] feat. Stephanie CSJH16 Jan 2009
Can I...? [ One- shot ] §COMPLETED§HiYoRiNKim Junsu, Jang Ri In16 Jan 2009
~*Silent Tears*~ COMPLETEDmz_lilFan Bing Bing & Nicholas Tse15 Jan 2009
.:In My High School - The Vampire:. {COMPLETED}~*Starlight*~Arron Hebe15 Jan 2009
gray sky (COMPLETED)sammy091785chun and ella15 Jan 2009
Love (I Think...) (OneShot) {Completed}한꽃 (HanKkot)Kim Ryeowook, Kim Jongwoon (Yesung)14 Jan 2009
Words That'll Never Reach You [COMPLETE]JaeCherryDBSK and fic. girls [Chosen]13 Jan 2009
Too Kind [Complete]roxxilolYamada Ryosuke, Some of HS7 Inoo Kei & OC13 Jan 2009
It TaKeS TiMe To FoRgEt [cOmPleTeD]KuTiE_sTaRsAaRoN HeBe JiRo SeLiNa CaLvIn GeNiE13 Jan 2009
Between love and friendship....completed..AyumiBae Seulgi,Kim Jaejoong, Lee Chaeyeon12 Jan 2009
Black Coffee (One Shot) [Complete]DorkyPrincessTiffany (SNSD) & Jaebum (2PM)12 Jan 2009
You Know You Love Me ~Complete~Ming MingBig Bang & 5 Girls12 Jan 2009
-B L I N D D A T E ?-ShikaramaKim Jaejoong&Lina CSJH (ONE SHOT-COMPLETED)12 Jan 2009
DBSK: Thin Ice [COMPLETE]raynegrlDBSK!!!12 Jan 2009
My Gang Leader is a Nerd??? (completed)snowHebe & Arron12 Jan 2009
If Only You Knew [Completed]xJaNxArron Yan, Genie Chuo12 Jan 2009
Twilight [Midnight Fantasy Challenge] - Completed!red.loveShim Changmin and Fictional Character12 Jan 2009
Maze [COMPLETED]LinzerDinzerTVXQ, mainly Jaejoong and Yoochun12 Jan 2009
I Wanna Be With You [completed]Psshh...Vi3tGur1Kim Jaejoong, Min SeonYe, Kim YuBin, Park YaeEun11 Jan 2009
Story of My life(completed)candycaneaaron, hebe11 Jan 2009
My Gay Best Friend [ One Shot ] ( Completed )mickys_minnieYoochun and Mika [ Fictional ]11 Jan 2009
Ten Christmas Wishes (Completed)Angel15Show Luo & Jolin Tsai11 Jan 2009
[爱情三角恋] -completed-SomeONE鬼鬼,王子,小薰,亚纶,小煜11 Jan 2009
Destined Blood ~Completed~savior86 & blackespritjaejoong, bomi, junsu & ri in11 Jan 2009
The Letter ~!~COMPLETED~!~Ms.Heartbroken_4_everNone10 Jan 2009
I Love My Bracelet!! ~!~COMPLETED~!~KikayStar03 & Heartbroken_07&Angelica_YalunAaron Yan,Jiro Wang And Fictional..10 Jan 2009
I'm your evil wife (complete)Jenny ThaoJaeJoong and OC10 Jan 2009
Your love is all I need(COMPLETE!)S.H.Y=SamanthaDBSK and others10 Jan 2009
The Wish Prophecy - Completed -JAYleneS.H.E , Fahrenheit, etc.10 Jan 2009
[New Year Special] The Sixth Year --Completed--TerminatorArron Yan, Gui Gui10 Jan 2009
Love's Ride [FF Challenge] {Complete}Ruwee \:D/Chun, Wu & Chen, Ella9 Jan 2009
When You Look Me In The Eyes- COMPLETED~kat~kimerald9 Jan 2009
Am I A Bitch ? [R] *completed*Blue_HeartYoobin, Jessica, Yoona, Jaejoong, J.G Seuk, Yunho8 Jan 2009
April 17 [One-Shot] {COMPLETED}forever_sfhHebe & Aaron8 Jan 2009
The Violin and the Piano (~Completed~)olebadeDBSK/TVXQ, Fictionals8 Jan 2009
I Love You My Friend (COMPLETE)EmerhelienaJaejoong & other DBSK members8 Jan 2009
This Christmas (Christmas special) - completed -LegoArron yan & Gui gui7 Jan 2009
<3 Cindershoella <3 [COMPLETE]KimiGui Gui, Wang Zi, Arron Yan, Hebe Tian, Xiao Xun7 Jan 2009
Kiss the Rain♫ [COMPLETED]CandyXxKim Junsu, Jang Ri In6 Jan 2009
Wishful Thinking [Completed]FanficWriter_Kim Jaejoong & Yoon Eunhye6 Jan 2009
oh my god! i got her pregnant! [ COMPLETED ]rainie101aaron yan and hebe tian5 Jan 2009
My Child Hood Friend {Completed}KazuyaKAT-TUN , Lisa,Jing ,, Yumi , Karin, Yuki, Ect..5 Jan 2009
Love Love Bakery The Sequel [COMPLETE]BeijingRice & JaeCherrySun Mi, Yoobin, Seungri, & Daesung5 Jan 2009
To be with you (Completed)aw.shinKim Junsu & Park Yoochun5 Jan 2009
Deal With the Devil {Completed}한꽃 (HanKkot)Kim Junsu (Xiah) & Jang Ri In5 Jan 2009
Forbidden Desire [Completed]claritycheckJung Yunho. Kim Jaejoong.4 Jan 2009
When the Rain Falls in the Ground (B-P Challenge)LunLuverBeBu- Arron and Hebe (Complete)4 Jan 2009
Hidden Lies [Completed]HeviDBSK, Fictional4 Jan 2009
Do You Love Me or Want me? [R] *COMPLETE*dsbs_loverSelect BB, DBSK, SJ & girls that applied.4 Jan 2009
ღBEFORE YOU--(completed)---<3kristy thaoJae Joong♥Yeon Hee4 Jan 2009
♥True Love Is Here♥ *COMPLETED*LazygirlseLLa&cHuN...etc...etc4 Jan 2009
24 hours[complete]kimchilover26Chun and Ella4 Jan 2009
If You Fall for a Beauty [One-Shot] CompletedlikeloversChoi Minho (SHINee), Gu Hara (KARA)4 Jan 2009
D@RE Game! { R } ~Completed~~Rei~DBSK, jaemin, yoosu, jaeho/yunjae and more4 Jan 2009
Its the CONTRACT tat brought us together[complete]yappieArron Yan Hebe Tian [S.E and FLH]3 Jan 2009
Day One Chance (COMPLETED)xdorkyxOnew (SHINee) Taeyeon (SNSD)3 Jan 2009
Red Balloons [one-shot] COMPLETExmewxmonsterxGo Ara, and Shim Changmin3 Jan 2009
Win a Date with Park Yoochun [Completed]pf(YooSu) Yoochun, Junsu3 Jan 2009
Forgotten love [COMPLETED]ayutranceyunjae & yoosu (DBSK)3 Jan 2009
:The Mystery:Little Teeks [W-M Challenge]Completedlildragongurl~ aka devilishgiirlArron Y. Hebe T. Jiro W. Selina R. WangZi GuiGui3 Jan 2009
Hana Kimi 2 (Taiwan) [completed]xienQuan & Rui Xi aka Bryan & Joey / Chun Ella3 Jan 2009
If Only You Knew (M-M Writing Challenge) CompletedBalloonsAaron Yan, Hebe Tian, Mike He3 Jan 2009
o.nly in my d.reams ;;completedclaraErika Toda & Ryo Nishikido3 Jan 2009
Always By My Side...<3(One Shot)[[Completed]]DBsujuBBftiSHINee<3r//key's manoorah♡Lee Donghae && fictional2 Jan 2009
♥I'm falling for you♥ {COmPLeTe}♥HCOgurlie♥♥Chae Yeon & Kim Kibum♥, ♥U-Know & Bae Seul Gi♥2 Jan 2009
Ring Tone [Twin 1 for Halloween] (Complete)RuweeWu Chun & Ella Chen2 Jan 2009
I Let him go {oneshot} [complete]tine_cheeseKim Jaejoong2 Jan 2009
Devils VS Devils **[COMPLETED]**Half_Angel_MeS.H.E.G & Fahrenheit2 Jan 2009
The Day It Started {Completed!}onigiri_ricebuddyChoi MinHo [SHINee] &Lee Mina {fic}2 Jan 2009
I love my brother (completed)sruthijayadevanYunho Jaejoong Yunjae2 Jan 2009
Everything Has Beauty [Completed]Creative Minds.Hebe Tian Fu Zhen & Arron Yan Ya Lun1 Jan 2009
His cold, Shes warm. COMPLETE!LonerBishx3GuiGui/Wangzi && Hebe/Aaron1 Jan 2009
Summer In Winter.「one-shot」; completed*bao「 Jung Yunho . Bae Seul gi 」1 Jan 2009
Obscure Light (Completed)SleepiiDreamerChun Wu and Ella Chen1 Jan 2009
Rose Petals In The Wind [Complete]JaeCherryKim Jaejoong, Kim Yoobin, and minor characters1 Jan 2009
Garbage [Complete]Jang HanaDie and fictional1 Jan 2009
Us Against the World [complete]x2PM♥SunMi & NichKhun [oneshot]1 Jan 2009
Perfection is Flaw [One-Shot] [Completed]Hime ChamaKim Jaejoong and YOU (ft. Yunho)1 Jan 2009
His Silhouette CompletedNiieYoosu Yunjae Kimin Simin1 Jan 2009
rambunctous rhapsodies [R] *completed.keerainBig Bang1 Jan 2009
That bottle of milk = Completed =Pokiwiki~Jiro Wang <3 Selina Ren31 Dec 2008
Worthless Trust (COMPLETED)LaoPo (老婆) Wifeys<3;Aaron Yan. Hebe Tian.31 Dec 2008
Breaking News! ~completed~Yellow~RosesDBSK & fic girls31 Dec 2008
Countdown to Love (New Year) [COMPLETED]catNhatArron Yan, Wang Yi Wen31 Dec 2008
Counting the Days [COMPLETE]happilyinsane13Henry, Ryeowook (Henwook), SuJu M31 Dec 2008
First Love of Mr. Arrogant [COMPLETED]``xiao mei``Fahrenheit and S.H.E31 Dec 2008
Be My Escape CompletedJtoasnSuper Junior and fictionals.31 Dec 2008
爱情圣诞节(Short Story)-Completed-OOXXArron <3 Gui gui31 Dec 2008
Midnight Rainbow (completed)EmilyyTavia Yeung, Raymond Lam & Leila Tong31 Dec 2008
Help me Forget Him? ~*Complete*~Ji HyeYoosu/Yunjae31 Dec 2008
Melting the Ice ( Completed)YulSic_loverSoshi Royal Couple: YulSic31 Dec 2008
Best Friend? Or Boyfriend? (Completed)@m@nd@Kim Junsu & Zhang Li Yin30 Dec 2008
Silent melody [Completed]NatashaJaejoong && Yunho..YunJae (Yaoi)30 Dec 2008
~PIANO~ (new year 's one shot)[COMPLETED]~sweet angel~WU CHUN & ELLA CHEN30 Dec 2008
Love Can Have Different Meanings (COMPLETED!)GuiLunForeverAaron Yan, GuiGui, WangZi30 Dec 2008
I'll be back. [OS] CompletedLBK.Arron Yan. Hebe Tian. Jay Chou. SE.30 Dec 2008
☆. A Winter Wish .☆ (completed)BlueMelonKey , Onew && Fic.30 Dec 2008
J Dean [Sequel 1] [COMPLETED]Ms J DeanJejung (Tohoshinki) & Fictional Girl30 Dec 2008
So Near Yet So Far (Completed)Gina Joy JonsonHey!Say!JUMP + Tori Saionji30 Dec 2008
[COMPLETED] I Love You?violet_lily94Micky Yoochun and fictional girl30 Dec 2008
CRAZY LOVE (One Shot) (18 Parts) (COMPLETE)EmerhelienaDBSK Boys30 Dec 2008
♥Realizing Your Feelings♥ [COMPLETED]jwyl♥DBSK and fictional girl30 Dec 2008
The Best Christmas Gift [ One Shot ] ( Completed )mickys_minnieYoochun and Mika [ Fictional ]29 Dec 2008
The Girl I Once Knew (complete)AMP 29 Dec 2008
Under 1 Roof [Complete]x2PM♥2PM - Fictionals29 Dec 2008
True Love 真実の愛 [COMPLETE]DBSKBoADBSK, some SuJu, & BoA29 Dec 2008
My Bad Boy, Kim Jonghyun [completed]amira_masriKim Jonghyun ;)29 Dec 2008
Shut Up! You're My Boyfriend! (YAOI) completed!YunjaeHolicYunjae Jaeho dbsk etc28 Dec 2008
ஐ A Rose For You ஐ =one-shots= (completed)BlueMelonSHINee (closed)28 Dec 2008
Gone With The Wind [COMPLETE]CrystalPrincessChun Wu & Ella Chen28 Dec 2008
The Christmas Gift [COMPLETE]CrystalPrincessChun Wu & Ella Chen with Minor Characters28 Dec 2008
From now till then +COMPLETED+bratinellaJoe Cheng and Ariel Lin27 Dec 2008
Kidnapping DongBangShinKi!!! { R } ~~Completed~~~Rei~ and Mei MeiDBSK and you!!! (got our girls)27 Dec 2008
Do You Dare?! ♫__♪ COMPLETED ♫__♪little_starsGui Gui Wang Zi Aaron Yan27 Dec 2008
Black and White [Christmas Special] ; Completed*teeAaron Yan Hebe Tian Jiro Wang Selina Ren27 Dec 2008
The Girl I will only ever love -Completed-MidoriMayu.Tomohisa Yamashita and Horikita Maki .27 Dec 2008
One Day in Rome, One Night in Singapore-CompletedSeventhStarWu Chun & Ella Chen27 Dec 2008
Unforgettable (With Trailer)(Complete)Shepardlover and Homicidal Hot ChocolateTVXQ and Fictionals feat. BoA and SHINee27 Dec 2008
I'm So Sorry But I Love You (COMPLETED)nhiiieeAaron and Hebe27 Dec 2008
A Player [COMPLETED]xbabi3xnikixBig Bang // Jiyong26 Dec 2008
You're my only source of warmth [A-A Challenge]changminXmc (COMPLETE)Jaejoong, Selina, SooJin, Seul Gi (COMPLETE)26 Dec 2008
Surrender - CompletedSushiKim Jeong Hoon, Charlene C, Jiro W, Rainie Y26 Dec 2008
The Rebel Prince [COMPLETED]%uhoh%YunJae/JaeHo26 Dec 2008
Married to his Mistress Secretary [Completed]`__k a z z a*Edison & Gillian26 Dec 2008
Broken Innocence *COMPLETED*AyuTranceYunJae/JaeHo26 Dec 2008
Beyond This World (completed)Lil DaisyYamashita Tomohisa, Horikita Maki, Nakamaru Yuichi26 Dec 2008
Regression (Completed)SleepiiDreamerBae Seul Gi, Choi Si Won, Jung Yun Ho26 Dec 2008
I am the Luckiest Girl in The World (completed)Sapphire SkaterDBSK oppas26 Dec 2008
L.O.V.E [One-Shot] [Complete]xbabi3xnikixKim Jaejoong // Kwon BoA25 Dec 2008
Wrong melody (Completed)HeviDBSK [Song Requests]25 Dec 2008
Lack of Inspiration.(COMPLETE)Nikki_ft. YoungBae & fictional girl.25 Dec 2008
When Two Worlds Collide (Complete)xyaytrayceeBig Bang25 Dec 2008
You're his dad & I'm his mum!(One-shot) -Complete-MidoriMayuYamapi & Maki25 Dec 2008
A Princess's Dilemma.[Maha's Present]-Completed-Shweta.Maha, Ethan Ruan.25 Dec 2008
Pursuing Ariel. (Christmas special.)-Complete-ShwetaJoe Cheung, Ariel Lin.25 Dec 2008
Last Gift [One Shot] (Completed)Monkey Girl[H]ebe [T]ian and [A]rron [Y]an25 Dec 2008
Red and Green [Christmas Shot I] {complete}ruweeChun, Wu & Chen, Ella25 Dec 2008
Dear Santa [Completed]mangoBobby Au Yeung, Jacky Wong, Raymond & Tavia25 Dec 2008
Blood+/Fated [Completed]rei_ryochanYamada Ryosuke,Nakajima Yuto25 Dec 2008
A Normal Life [Completed]HiddenxDBSK Kangin Hongki Fictional24 Dec 2008
Can You See Me? [Complete]ChibsyJiro Wang and Selina Ren24 Dec 2008
Isn't too late? completed....AyumiKim Junsu& Jang Ri In24 Dec 2008
Girlfriend for Christmas [One Shot] {Completed}shallowgurlArron Yan.::::.Hebe Tian> BeBu24 Dec 2008
My not so Turkey, Turkey day. Thanks. *COMPLETE*shycapri8DBSK24 Dec 2008
Have you ever wondered? -One-Shot, Completed-Yan (AKA Nic)Wangzi, Guigui24 Dec 2008
8th of May *COMPLETED*DarkAngelSungmin, Eunhyuk and fictional24 Dec 2008
Years Of Misunderstandings (OneShot) -Completed.UnknownVietfictionals.23 Dec 2008
Thedocument that changed our relationship COMPLETEbabesAaron and hebe23 Dec 2008
Vacation Days 휴가 일수 [COMPLETE]DBSKBoAYunho, Changmin, Junsu, Jaejoong, & Yoochun23 Dec 2008
The Daughter Of An A-List Gang Banger (COMPLETED)Island_DivaBig Bang, Jae Joong, and Ami Lee (Fictional)23 Dec 2008
1000 Paper Cranes [Completed]x2PM♥[ONESHOT] Onew & YOU23 Dec 2008
Will I marry you? (COMPLETED!)GeenaBig Bang, Fic, other artist(Minor)23 Dec 2008
637 (Always And Forever) COMPLETED!detxenyangBIGBANG, jeong ryeo won, jang geun seok, hyori lee23 Dec 2008
Time to Heal [Completed]LittleBloomyMingDao, QiaoEn, Jacky, WeiRu, ShaoWei, XiaoQiao23 Dec 2008
Beauty and the Geek [=Completed=]Yan (AKA Nic)Danson Tang, Ella Chen, Selina Ren, Jiro Wang23 Dec 2008
M.U. (one-shot) -- Completedd' alkemiztKim Chiu Gerald Anderson KIMERALD23 Dec 2008
Winter's Unwanted Gift [Completed]Perplexing SoulEdison Chen & Gillian Chung23 Dec 2008
Crush [Dedicated to Pacifica] one-shot COMPLETEDChristAineXtineWu Chun and Ella Chen23 Dec 2008
♥♥My First Romance . . . [ COMPLETED ]starryheart♥KIMERALD♥ && ♥MATTMEL♥22 Dec 2008
__$ My Millionaire Husband $__ [Sequel Completed]mystical_aznS.H.E, Fahrenheit, Rainie & more...22 Dec 2008
Love That was Never Found in the Heart (Complete)xXLoveXx 22 Dec 2008
In Love Again... [YAOI] [COMPLETED]Eternal_DreamSuper Junior [Kyuhyun, Sungmin] {YAOI}22 Dec 2008
Destine to be Yours [COMPLETED] *_*LeilaJoe Cheung, Ariel Lin Yi Chen Annie Yi, Baron Chen22 Dec 2008
What Has Become of Us [One-Shot] [Completed]purpleheartsYunjae22 Dec 2008
爱情来了 *Completed*S.M鬼鬼,炎亚纶,小薰,小鬼22 Dec 2008
The Jocks VS Barbie Dolls(completed)teriyaki18Micky and DBSK, fictional girls22 Dec 2008
Love like Diamond - The X'mas Special [Completed]xiaoxiKim Junsu and Jang Ri In22 Dec 2008
Unrequited Love~His Angel [Completed]CHOI_JinyoAaron Yan21 Dec 2008
Will you love me as I love you?(Complete)Jenny ThaoJaeJoong and Yoon Rin21 Dec 2008
Saving Grace - Christmas Special [Completed]hanistar [edited by Maira Yeo]Louis Koo and Jessica Hsuan21 Dec 2008
You Know You Love Me Sequel *Complete*Ming MingBig Bang & 5 Girls21 Dec 2008
Let's Try (Completed)sunflowersSo Hee and Ji Yong21 Dec 2008
Trying To Catch The Rain (Complete)Jenny ThaoDBSK and OC20 Dec 2008
Tarnished [W-M Challenge] (Completed)SleepiiDreamerKim Jae Joong and Kwon BoA20 Dec 2008
Love Affair With My Boss (Completed)SigiLoversSEUL GI, ERU, SIWON, AYUMI, JAEJOONG20 Dec 2008
If Only You Knew {M-M Challenge} -Completed-lil_selinaCalvin Chen and Selina Ren20 Dec 2008
I shout out loud *Completed*EriiSHINee ! *Yaoi*20 Dec 2008
t he b r i d e s g r o o m [COMPLETED]ACEYOU, TVXQ, & SUJU (SOME)20 Dec 2008
=_BestFriend=L.O.V.E_= (COMPLETED)VanessaYuto Nakajima. Yamada Ryosuke, Yaotome Hikaru20 Dec 2008
Vanilla Love - Completed -Silver Dreams On Golden WingsOnew & Key (Onkey!)20 Dec 2008
Who's Hebe? Who's Aaron? (Completed)Chic 101 x YellowgurlHebe Tien Aaron Yan19 Dec 2008
Summer Holiday [R] - One Shot *completed*Blue_HeartJang Ri In, Shim Changmin, Kwon BoA19 Dec 2008
Endless Love Adventure COMPLETEDzyeeeeeeWu Chun & Ella Chen19 Dec 2008
Because of him, I met you. (One-Shot) COMPLETEzyeeeeeeWu Chun Ella Chen Joe Cheng19 Dec 2008
If Only You Knew {M-M Challenge}[completed]iBite:]Taeyang && Sunye19 Dec 2008
Beware: the green eye of envy (one-shot)[complete]dreamy.inspirationJaejin and fictional characters (or you, depends)19 Dec 2008
Remember: Step By Step (Completed)Micah_Micky Park YOOCHUN__♥__Xiah Kim JUNSU_18 Dec 2008
Elemental (completed)star_dust*SHINee, Fictional girls and DBSK17 Dec 2008
All for you (COMPLETED)aznlollypopRainie Yang, Mike He, minors17 Dec 2008
Vampire Slayer ~*Completed*~Kiki 17 Dec 2008
Young Love (COMPLETED!)Lovely 17 Dec 2008
How to Deal with a Weeks Suspension ~Completed~RoseandEd1224Ayumi H. Bi Rain Sowelu Crystal Kay BoA Namie16 Dec 2008
.:sLamBooK:.(completed)starbuckshebe tien and arron yan16 Dec 2008
My brother is a star[completed]AndraDBSK,Ft Island16 Dec 2008
Junsu bdaytribute-Yoochun's Silly Junsu[completed]new_moonJunsu, Yoochun16 Dec 2008
[Completed]My First and Last -oneshot-CarynKim Jaejoong & Jeong Yunho of DBSK16 Dec 2008
As of Yesterday {COMPLETED}~nee-chanKim Jae Joong & Fictional Character16 Dec 2008
Love like Diamond (COMPLETED)xiaoxiKim Junsu and Jang Ri In15 Dec 2008
"I'll Find Your Heart"-[Completed]chunnie_chennyWu zhun, Ella Chen, Tony Sun, Esther Liu, Ah Sa15 Dec 2008
Trust You To Trust Me (Completed)Kay_MelliKey and Ae Sook(Fiction)15 Dec 2008
~★~ If Only Y♥u Knew ~★~ (M-M Challenge) COMPLETE*♫* AnGeLiNa *♫**♥* Kim Jaejoong *♥*15 Dec 2008
Ten Things I Hate About Me[COMPLETE]SongPuGuangXiKen Zhu/Stella Huang - Yuu/Guang Xi15 Dec 2008
Mr. Perfect - CompletedSimconRaymond, Charmaine, Myolie, Ron15 Dec 2008
Contract Girlfriend (Completed)LeilaJoe Cheung, Angela Chang, Ruby Lin15 Dec 2008
Always On Your Side *COMPLETED*Lady WakefieldKim Chiu, Gerald Anderson (Kimerald)15 Dec 2008
I'm on Duty *COMPLETED*chiisaiAyumi, Jae, Kibum and many others...15 Dec 2008
Trainee (Complete)Ming MingBig Bang, Ming Ming & SooMi15 Dec 2008
Vanilla Love (completed)xdorkyxSHINee- Onew (oders r minors) and fics girls15 Dec 2008
99 Paper Hearts(W-M Challenge) *COMPLETED*smile_angel*Jiro & Selina*14 Dec 2008
On December 15th.... (Completed)SeventhStarKim Junsu with the rest of DBSK14 Dec 2008
Nightmare 악몽 [COMPLETE]DBSKBoADBSK, BoA, & some Super Junior members14 Dec 2008
Regrets [BP challenge] ~Completed~takahashi_kanaKyuhyun (Super Junior) Xiao Xun (Hey Girl)14 Dec 2008
This Time I'll be Sweeter (One-Shot) ^_^V COMPLETECrybabyChun and Ella14 Dec 2008
Is It All A Lie or True Love? [ Completed ]JennyDBSK & Me and Girl Fictionals13 Dec 2008
♥~Just a Make Believe~♥ [Completed]me_again~*Rayver Cruz♥Maja Salvador*~13 Dec 2008
THEY'RE UNDER MY SPELL (completed)Sapphire SkaterDBSK13 Dec 2008
The Masquerade [one-shot] [complete]prinnèJaejoong Yeonhee12 Dec 2008
MY FRIEND'S OLDER BROTHER R completed...jaehoYunho and Jaejoong.12 Dec 2008
.:I Hated Mr. Arrogance [COMPLETE]:.duuckkiieeArron Yan and Hebe Tian [BeBu!]12 Dec 2008
Best Friends With Best Benefits (R) *COMPLETED*bestkeptsecretKim JaeJoong and Ueto Aya12 Dec 2008
C H O N G D O K [complete]Jang HanaEeTeuk and fictional12 Dec 2008
DBSK Christmas 동방신기 크리스마스 [COMPLETE]DBSKBoADBSK, BoA, & some SuJu11 Dec 2008
I Love My Neighbor…(one-shot)/completedLalala meSunye/Taeyang/Sohee11 Dec 2008
Various Yunjae Oneshots!! (Y.A.O.I ) completedYunjaeHolicYunjae Jaeho10 Dec 2008
My Baby Daddy (COMPLETED)Cheng26Joe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Ella, Chun10 Dec 2008
Secret Admirer [One-Shot][FF Contest] [Completed]xherodbskxWu Zun, OC10 Dec 2008
Love to Love [ COMPLETED ]Seungmi`DongBangShinee & You ( Reader )10 Dec 2008
When it's started with a camera...[[COMPLETE]]xxxjunsulover189xxxHero, fictional girl, dbsk and other9 Dec 2008
I Choose... (Completed)Micah_Micky Park YOOCHUN__♥__Xiah Kim JUNSU_9 Dec 2008
Forbidden Love (Completed)Micaela GamezCharlene, Gillian, Stephy, Theresa, Big Bang8 Dec 2008
Valentine's Day 발렌타인 데이 [COMPLETE]DBSKBoABoA, Jaejoong, Yunho, Changmin, Yoochun, & Junsu8 Dec 2008
Take A Chance pt1 COMPLETEDsaranghaeDSBig Bang8 Dec 2008
Words to Heaven (completed)EveDanson Tang (one-shot)8 Dec 2008
After The Loving - [COMPLETED]Mii SunYunJae - Kim Jaejoong & Jung Yunho8 Dec 2008
~*~Amidst the Rain of Autumn~*~ COMPLETED*Lavender Jade*S.H.E, Jerry Huang, Joe Zheng, David Chen8 Dec 2008
Mars VS Venus - completedJoeslineMike He & Rainie Yang7 Dec 2008
我不想忘记你 *Completed*Zenfic敖犬 小杰 虚构人物7 Dec 2008
Darkness Eyes [Partially rated] (COMPLETED)Her Royal RandomnessKim Jaejoong, Roy Chiu, Takeshi Kaneshiro7 Dec 2008
Want You (One Shot RATED) COMPLETEDGDzPinay85Youngbae7 Dec 2008
highschool? Sux!!! (YAOI)RATED R *COMPLETED*babyblue and tippanykorenajaejoong + Yunho the rest of DBSK6 Dec 2008
Vous Serez Toujours A Mon Couer (complete)stillmine17Yamada Ryosuke, OC , Nakajima Yuto6 Dec 2008
"Happily Never After" (completed)Momo_TwinzGo ah Ra, changmin, JongHyun, JaeJin and Minho6 Dec 2008
I Love The Wedding Planner [COMPLETE]~cupid’s angel~S.H.E.A Fahrenheit Danson Mike Rainie6 Dec 2008
Do You Believe In Second Chances? [COMPLETE]*mwuah*^_^ posted by:~cupid's angel~S.H.E.A & Fahrenheit6 Dec 2008
With a Cherry on Top[Completed]Ice QueenArron&Hebe(BeBu)6 Dec 2008
An Inconvenient Truth (Completed)SleepiiDreamerWu, Chun ;; Chen, Ella6 Dec 2008
We Belong Together [Completed]Ice QueenGui Gui & Wang Zi Ft. Arron Yan6 Dec 2008
Who Are They Really?( Completed )Zapper47Yamaki, Erika Toda and Kame Kazuya6 Dec 2008
幸福的脸 One Shot (Completed)Estee and AdelineCalvin 辰亦儒, Genie 卓文萱6 Dec 2008
Saving Forever For You (Completed)mimay018KIMERALD Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu5 Dec 2008
If Tomorrow Never Comes [ Completed ]mickys_minnieYoochun and Mika [ Fictional ]5 Dec 2008
Tormented by your Love! (Complete!)Cry BabyWu Chun and Ella Chen5 Dec 2008
Trust (One-shot) [Completed]ILikeCheese <3Hebe Tian and Arron Yan5 Dec 2008
Fated Love (Completed)NikiBosco Wong & Tavia Yeung5 Dec 2008
Just A Little Love (shorts) COMPLETEDLil DaisyJapanese and Korean Entertainers5 Dec 2008
Love Is Not As Simple As You Might Think[complete]QT_pieMAIN: Jirlina Minor: Bebu & CE4 Dec 2008
In love with my teacher?...[R] *COMPLETED*Vanilla_bloodAyumi Lee, Wu Chun etc...4 Dec 2008
International Agent Association (Completed)aw.shinJaejoong& Sunye, Yoochun& Junsu, Taeyeon& Yunho4 Dec 2008
When Love Strikes "completed"PigSoilSonija K Michael T Raymond L Linda C Bosco W Tavia4 Dec 2008
You Idiot! I Love You!! NC-17::COMPLETED::blackheartJunsu, Yoochun. YOOSU(YAOI)3 Dec 2008
Friends Meet Again (One-Shot) [Completed]ikangYunho, Jaejoong (non-yaoi)3 Dec 2008
Orang Kiss[oneshot] *completed*nadeshiko16Taeyeon and Junsu, a little bit of Sunny3 Dec 2008
Baby Bliss (Completed)chunamieInoue Mao & Matsumoto Jun3 Dec 2008
Love Box (completed)snowArron & Hebe2 Dec 2008
To Be Loved By Evil (Completed)KrazyannaYunJae YooSu SuJu couples2 Dec 2008
the unimaginable truth.. (one-shot) completedice babymicky and you and su and chunnie and minnie n all!1 Dec 2008
If It Was You[oneshot] *completed*nadeshiko16Tiffany and Seungri1 Dec 2008
"Right Back At Ya!" {Completed}_*J^^*DBSK mainly JaeJoong, Ayumi, Boa, Seven, SuJu1 Dec 2008
HEAVEN [FFF Chall. #1] One Shot -=COMPLETE=-MACBig Bang: Tae Yang, Wonder Girls: Ahn So Hee1 Dec 2008
Themed Series [DBSK YAOI] - COMPLETEDCool_1312/enchanted1312DBSK YAOI - Various Pairings1 Dec 2008
The Hush Sound [COMPLETED]HeviDBSK, Fictional30 Nov 2008
~Obsessions of a Fan~ Completed_*J^^*Jonas Brothers, Miley Cyrus, Alice (Fic)30 Nov 2008
Butterfly's Touch [completed]choco_yummyZhang Li Yin Kim Junsu30 Nov 2008
J Dean [Sequel 2] [COMPLETED]Ms J DeanJejung (Tohoshinki) & Fictional Girl30 Nov 2008
-picture perfect love(completed)-munchkinmike he, ariel lin, rainie yang30 Nov 2008
The one who made me fall... (completed)silent_writer / stalecookieFLH (Calvin, Arron, Chun and Jiro)30 Nov 2008
What's Love? [Completed]Sohae KimHeechul, Kibum, Kangin, Donghae, Sungmin, Eunhyuk29 Nov 2008
That's The Way Love Goes(completed)minimenameKIMERALD Gerald Anderson and Kim Chiu29 Nov 2008
The Amazing Race ~One Shot ~ *Completed*LexyLuvSuju AKA Park Lie YingSuper Junior , Dong Bang Shin Ki and Fics29 Nov 2008
A Love Robbery. [Complete.]teddiebearKim Jaejoong & Boa Kwon29 Nov 2008
We Will Be Together [COMPLETED!]tkanimeloverFahrenheit, GuiGui, S.H.E29 Nov 2008
Once, It Was Sunny. __onshot.completed*baoKim Jaejoong and Original Character28 Nov 2008
The Trouble with Shige (completed)snk_havenNEWS- mainly Shige, Fictional characters28 Nov 2008
I Want You [Complete]YuEnBig Bang, Ji Eun(fictional)27 Nov 2008
When The Rain Falls To The Ground (B.P Challenge)Death GodJay + Jolin , Danson + Ella (Completed)27 Nov 2008
My Prince Changmin [oneshot] -completed-YunjaeSarangShim Changmin & girl26 Nov 2008
Incest In Love [Complete]RuweeChun & Ella26 Nov 2008
Sweetest Revenge (Completed)Air_BenderKim Junsu & Jang Ri In26 Nov 2008
Your Song Presents...(Completed)QiaoKeLiWu Chun & Ella Chen26 Nov 2008
Changes (completed) ^__^white_lilyNakajima Yuto ღ Fictional Character25 Nov 2008
Only You {~Completed~}Silver Dreams on Golden WingsSHINee (OnKey!)25 Nov 2008
Letters from me.*Completed*whenpigsflyArron Yan...and...psst...its Hebe Tien!25 Nov 2008
记爱 [completed]addelay小傑,小煜,虚构人物25 Nov 2008
Just Shut up -short oneshot- [completed]mimiJiro / Ella25 Nov 2008
Never puppy love [COMPLETED]vanessa, cheralynzac efron, vanessa ann hudgens, ashley tisdale25 Nov 2008
Poems (Completed)Hae-Gi 24 Nov 2008
My beautiful jock [Completed]NatashaJaejoong and Yunho...YunJae (Yaoi)24 Nov 2008
We Can't Be Together [Completed]Sharonbig bang & fictional character/me24 Nov 2008
Lost in Love [ Completed ]purplemonster101 and angelgalninzWu Chun and Ella Chen24 Nov 2008
Lovin' You [Completed]idolzfreakJaejoong BoA Yunho Seulgi TVXQ24 Nov 2008
Mystery Phonecalls * CoMpLeTeD *SHINeeFOReverSHINee, fictionals23 Nov 2008
Yesterday,Today & Tomorrow- CompletedAnneJiro Wang & Hebe Tian23 Nov 2008
Big Bang Heaven [Completed]SlimJinBig Bang's TOP & SeungRi + EunJoo (fictional)22 Nov 2008
Prince Charming in Disguise-MMChallenge[Completed]Creative Minds.Gui Gui & Wang Zi22 Nov 2008
Twin Sword Warrior (COMPLETED!)WootnessAriel Lin, Joe Cheng, Mike He, Rainie Yang22 Nov 2008
All For You [One-Shot] (Completed)SleepiiDreamerJiro Wang, Genie Zhuo, Danson Tang22 Nov 2008
Friends to the End 끝에 친구 [COMPLETE!!!]DBSKBoABoA, Yunho, Changmin, Junsu, Jaejoong, & Yoochun22 Nov 2008
I've Fallen For You (One Shot)completedEulyn Jill a.k.a JiershinazeChun and Ella22 Nov 2008
Incomplete Happy Ending~~One Shot- [completed]OdazzlingOHebe and Arron (minors: Fahrenheit and S.H.E)22 Nov 2008
PrinceCharmingLookingForHisOneTrueLove !Completed!bobbyjackHebe_Ella_Selina_Rainie-Calvin_Jiro_Chun_Aaron22 Nov 2008
Lost Memories *COMPLETED*yummikiwiArron, Hebe, Calvin, Angela21 Nov 2008
Why me? Out of all the girls why me?(COMPLETED)mai mouayunho, ayumi, woo hyuk, hye bin, ki bum21 Nov 2008
Best of the Best (One Shot) [Completed]ikangChangmin, DBSK, fic21 Nov 2008
Starry Love ~ A Star's Tale [Completed]Hime ChamaYamashita Tomohisa, (horikita maki), Lee Min Woo21 Nov 2008
A Secret I Would Die For [complete]RuweeElla Chen21 Nov 2008
The first kiss. [One-shot] [Completed].ShwetaAriel Lin.20 Nov 2008
The Major Arcana *completed*Lil DaisyYamashita Tomohisa, Toda Erika, Horikita Maki etc20 Nov 2008
The Girl Is Mine [One-Shot] [Completed]Hime ChamaKim Jaejoong, Kim Hyunjoong, Fictional20 Nov 2008
My love is for you... (COMPLETED)bright eyesDBSK and fictional characters20 Nov 2008
When The Stars Go Blue (Completed)xcthaoKim Jaejoong, Fictional18 Nov 2008
Heart Locket *COMPLETE*DawnbreakerDBSK *Yaoi*18 Nov 2008
DARE ME!! COMPLETEDmekim chiu and gerald anderson18 Nov 2008
Stranger [One-Shot] CompletedlikeloversKey (SHINee), Gu Hara (Kara)18 Nov 2008
my solace - (completed)hunny a.k.a. anne1011kim chiu and gerald anderson18 Nov 2008
A Hidden Sentiment *One Shot* [Completed]darkxgrlxdevilBae Seul Gi Jung Yunho Jeon HyeBin17 Nov 2008
Heaven [FFF Challenge #1] [Completed]StupidityBig Bang16 Nov 2008
Forever Forlife ~completed~ms.fastfoodchainKim Chiu & Gerald Anderson16 Nov 2008
Soul Mate [complete]XaraCHUNJAE = [KimJaejoong] + [MickyPark]16 Nov 2008
纪念品 *COMPLETE*小鬼琳*王子*鬼鬼*16 Nov 2008
My bestfriend's fiancée (completed)aznlollypopRainie Yang, Mike He, Vic Zhou16 Nov 2008
TOKYO no HANA (COMPLETED)zuttonatsuToda Erika, Yamapi, Nishikido Ryo15 Nov 2008
Our_Revenge [COMPLETED]Eternal_DreamDBSK and Super Junior15 Nov 2008
You're the Key to my Heart [COMPLETE]*mwuah*^_^ posted by:~cupid's angel~S.H.E & Fahrenheit15 Nov 2008
Immortal by His Touch (R) [Completed]MujahidaJaejoong, Fictional15 Nov 2008
Super Hardcore Anti-Fan! [Completed]XiaosiTVXQ ; Jaejoong - Yeonhee15 Nov 2008
When Wishes Come True (Completed)DTLCTZhang Shao Han, Lu Ting Wei, Shi Jing Jing, & misc15 Nov 2008
listen(completed)fahrenheits.h.e4everjiro wang and ella chen15 Nov 2008
::Mend My Heart::{two-shots}[completed]VictoriaKim Kibum, DongHae, G Dragon, fic.15 Nov 2008
Endless Love 2: Love Conquers all..completedEulyn Jill a.k.a. JiershinazeAll SHE and fahrenheit members and Angela Zhang15 Nov 2008
[SHORT STORY] Beneath the Pretty Face-COMPLETEDLackingMoonD E N N I S O H & L I N A ( C S J H)14 Nov 2008
My Yakuza Prince [completed]WalinYunJae, YooSu, and Changmin14 Nov 2008
Love and Instinct [Completed]RinJaeJoong , Maki, Yunho,Yamapi14 Nov 2008
[One-Shot]The Monkey Who Threw a Banana *Completedxherodbskx 13 Nov 2008
나무 Our tree *Completed*AutumndreamerYunJae rest DBSK (some Suju)13 Nov 2008
Bargain With The Devil [Completed]jigglypuff726Calvin Chen & Selina Ren13 Nov 2008
Melodies of Love ( Completed )Beng/DarbyRainie Yang and Mike He13 Nov 2008
In Hiding <3 [[COMPLETED!!]]tcoobiePark Yoo Chun -- Jang Ri In12 Nov 2008
Randomness [one-shot] *Completed*whenpigsflyHebe,Arron,Calvin12 Nov 2008
Phoenix Feathers [Completed]MusicMelodyKylie & James12 Nov 2008
Lessons Of Love (Completed)MikoGui gui & Wang Zi12 Nov 2008
VACATION II( COMPLETED)AyumiDBSK, Hye Bin,Ri In, Seulgi etc..11 Nov 2008
No Regrets ~COMPLETED~MRnumbaDOSJang Ri in & Xiah Junsu11 Nov 2008
Choices: The Struggle Within (Completed)StarlightMistHebe and Arron (Bebu)11 Nov 2008
7 D e a d l y S i n s [COMPLETED]ACEDSBK (Some) SUJU(Some) & YOU (closed)11 Nov 2008
If You Could Remember [COMPLETE]damagedheartGui Gui, Ao Quan, Wang Zi ---> ft. HSH & BBT11 Nov 2008
False Identity - CompletedSimconRaymond, Charmaine, Bosco, Sharon, Ron11 Nov 2008
Tainted (Completed)ningJiro Wang & Hebe Tian11 Nov 2008
Is this Love?-CompletedAnneJiro Wang & Selina Ren11 Nov 2008
[Complete] Never Had A Dream Come True ღDBSK_LollipopDBSK, Ri In, Taeyeon, Hankyung, Yeon Hee, others10 Nov 2008
With Coffee. [Completed]Creative Minds.Hebe Tian Fu Zhen & Arron Yan Ya Lun10 Nov 2008
Anti-fan of Cinderella /completed/[[Ah^bEe]]Micky YooChun10 Nov 2008
Everything .COMPLETEstarscollide .Aaron Yan + Hebe Tian10 Nov 2008
Over a thousand years of love (COMPLETE!) re-postChoon-hee aka YUNNIEJaeho couple of course!!!!9 Nov 2008
God was Jealous. ___onshot.completed*bao*Bae Seul gi; Jung Yunho*9 Nov 2008
The Exciting Night At Work (One-Shot) COMPLETEDcindyngG-Ri Love (GD and SeungRi) Yaoi/NC-179 Nov 2008
This Love Story ; completed*baoBae Seul Gi; Jung Yunho; Boa Kwon9 Nov 2008
The Phantom Thief ~COMPLETED~Sallyfictional characters9 Nov 2008
ICE CREAM PRINCESS [COMPLETED]little_smilesGuiWang BeBu JiLina9 Nov 2008
The Cool vs The Pretty(Completed)wonderyana5SNSD Yuri & FT Island Jae Jin9 Nov 2008
Black and White (COMPLETED)Victoria White & Zillian BlackPenelope; Clark (Fictional characters)8 Nov 2008
I Love you ..... What a Lie [COMPLETED]AznGiyoungSeul gi Yunho Donghae Stephanie Sungmin etc.8 Nov 2008
Demons(completed)star_dust*SHINee, Sunye, Sohee, Sunmi and fictionals7 Nov 2008
unfaithful [completed]silverdream (park yeong-ji)^^YunJae/JaeChun7 Nov 2008
Where i stand (completed)MsTiPeXSuJu DbSk SnSd & Fictional7 Nov 2008
Perfect World-CompletedAnneJiro Wang,Hebe Tian & Selina Ren7 Nov 2008
終極對決: 銀時空 (Completed)Xue---_----Qing飛輪海 唐禹哲 脩 寒 黃小柔 卓文萱 王子 鬼鬼 終極一家演員7 Nov 2008
Heaven #1 [fff challenge] -COMPLETE-KeepeachesSeunghyun, Seungri6 Nov 2008
Promised Christmas[complete]brokenaznangelYunjae, minor- yoosu and keimin6 Nov 2008
KO Class {Completed}angelheartEDPeople from KO One6 Nov 2008
MIROTIC ~ My Erotic Mirror (One Shot) [Completed]PhoPhoKim Jaejoong and other DBSK members5 Nov 2008
Wonderful Journey "completed"winter_princessFahrenheit and S.H.E.5 Nov 2008
Yume no naka *Completed*ViNaKyuhyun [SUJU] & fictionals5 Nov 2008
An Incestuous Love (R) (Completed)NoRulezLee Hongki, Kim Yoobin (Short Story)4 Nov 2008
HANDLESS (Completed)aZLeeNaaAaron Yan Ya Lun & Danson Tang Yu Zhe4 Nov 2008
Fiancee Problems*CONTINUOUS* +COMPLETED+aSiAnS0uLx3JayJay (FIC) YoungBae JinHo(FIC)4 Nov 2008
As Long As He's Happy [one-shot][completed]sadnessHebe Arron4 Nov 2008
Dont promise a promise you cant promise~Completed~bubble8Aaron&Hebe, Jiro, Calvin, Selina, Rainie4 Nov 2008
Vacillation (Completed)SleepiiDreamerElla Chen ;; Danson Tang ;; Chun Wu4 Nov 2008
[转贴] 沉寂 *COMPLETED*小樱桃,浅川岚脩,寒4 Nov 2008
First Cut *COMPLETED*DawnbreakerJaeho/Yunjae (DBSK)3 Nov 2008
-i am just a girl (completed)-munchkinrobi domingo, rona libby3 Nov 2008
Even If (COMPLETED)PoodleChristian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go3 Nov 2008
Heaven [one-shot] *completed* (FFF Challenge)jiyongloverKwon Jiyong and Kim Yoobin3 Nov 2008
.:My Guardian Angel:. {Completed}~*Starlight*~Arron Hebe2 Nov 2008
.:My 'Girlfriend':. {Completed}~*Starlight*~Arron Hebe2 Nov 2008
Tears Within Temptation (Completed)DebbieLeilaTong BoscoWong TaviaYeung RaymondLam RonNg2 Nov 2008
[ H e a v e n ] =completed=HaniiBIG BANG & FIC.2 Nov 2008
Never Known ~*~ Completed ~*~LotusTavia, Raymond, Bosco, Bernice, Linda and Frankie2 Nov 2008
Deep Inside, I Love You [Completed]EunHanaKim Junsu; Jang Ri In2 Nov 2008
Knight of Shining Armour (COMPLETE)MinrinaDbsk, Suju, fictional additions2 Nov 2008
奇迹 Miracle (One Shot) [Completed]EsteeGuigui 鬼鬼and Aaron 亚纶2 Nov 2008
Hope is a Paper Boat... [ COMPLETED ]iHeartHankyungTablo, BoA + Minors1 Nov 2008
My Shizuka (completed)Purple_4everSHINee Key, Lee Jae Hin(fict) and minor1 Nov 2008
The Inconvenient Betrayal (Completed)SeventhStarWu Chun, Ella Chen [added a silly trailer]1 Nov 2008
I Give My AllcompletedEulyn JillChun and Ella1 Nov 2008
Take Care Of My Heart..I Lefted It With You..[CMP]Changmin's wifeyKim Junsu, Jang Ri In [COMPLETED]31 Oct 2008
When You Can't Love Him "Completed"PigSoilNatalie Tong, Matthew Ko, Charles Szeto and more31 Oct 2008
The Unloved COMPLETEDJtoasnLeeteuk Super Junior minor Fictional31 Oct 2008
H A V E L O S T A P P R E C I A T E [completed]h u e i _ R A YRaymond L, Tavia Y, Linda C, Bosco W, Fala C31 Oct 2008
Feeling New About You (completed)Tammi LeeDBSK and fictionals31 Oct 2008
[转贴]熟悉的旋律*COMPLETED*小樱桃, 裴纤罗脩,寒。。。。31 Oct 2008
As long as you love me...[completed]VictoriaBig Bang and YOU!!! ^__^31 Oct 2008
Hair [one-shot]*Completed*whenpigsflyHebe Tien and a little of Arron Yan^^31 Oct 2008
Miss Cinderella - a short story [ complete]Nicole a.k.a Blue AngelArron Yan. Hebe Tian30 Oct 2008
I Lost Her... {one-shot} [completed]heartbrokenAaron Yan, Hebe Tian30 Oct 2008
Oon Myeong 운명[COMPLETE]신비 최권지용/빅뱅/최 신비30 Oct 2008
[NEVER] [EVER] [SAY] [GOODBYE] (completed)--x3-StarJiro Selina30 Oct 2008
The Train Ride COMPLETE ONE-SHOTJtoasnFor KiSS THe RAdIO Challange.29 Oct 2008
Cheater(One-shot)==CompletedKimigadaisukidesuHebe Tian Arron Yan29 Oct 2008
The Game Of Death [M-M Challenge] - kuranMaki & Yamapi28 Oct 2008
Colours Of Love [Completed]AiynHebe Tian, Arron Yan, Jiro Wang, Selina Ren28 Oct 2008
When the sunsets. (short)(COMPLETE)A_storytellerJiYong & Fictional.28 Oct 2008
Just When Everything Was Perfect...[Completed]Kiwi-liciousKim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho (YAOI)27 Oct 2008
Death Do Us Apart [COMPLETED]nya'moekim junsu, zhang li yin27 Oct 2008
Becoming a Mother at age 16 ~*completed*~Feeling OrangeLee Yeonhee : Lee Donghae27 Oct 2008
P.S. I Love You [C-M Challenge] (Completed)Miss SinisterJung Yunho, Bae Seul Gi26 Oct 2008
I'm Sorry for Everything [Completed!]- EditedDante..Vergito and YunJiYoolJung Yunho, Fictional, Park Yoochun26 Oct 2008
"Bittersweet Reunion" (completed)shattered teardropsJung Yunho, BoA Kwon & Kim Jae Joong26 Oct 2008
I'm Sorry (One-Shot) CompletedlikeloversChoi Minho (SHINee), Ayumi Lee25 Oct 2008
Unknown {one-shots} [complete]RuweeChun&Ella25 Oct 2008
Their Story and Their Sacrifice (Completed)Air_BenderKim Junsu, Jang Ri In, Bae Seul Gi25 Oct 2008
My Gay Bestfriend (Complete)flipsofRESHAaron Yan & Hebe Tien25 Oct 2008
A Cliche Love Story(one-shot) *completed*kylemaleenAaron Yan & Jam25 Oct 2008
A different love [one-shot]*Completed*whenpigsflyArron Yan and Hebe Tien25 Oct 2008
happily ever after?!!! ~~~Completed~~~~rina~~~~dbsk and you (Apply Closed) ~~~24 Oct 2008
Yamaki & NEWS [Completed]missjadeCollection of Oneshots24 Oct 2008
Girls have to be strong...[Completed]Karinn-chanHorikita Maki,Yamashita Tomohisa,Various24 Oct 2008
Cherish for Eternity [C-E Challenge] {Completed}angelheartEDChun & Ella24 Oct 2008
Under My Skin [R] (completed oneshot)skittlesKim Junsu, Kim Taeyeon24 Oct 2008
My Only Love (Lovin' U II) *Completed*AutumndreamerYunJae (rest DBSK)24 Oct 2008
ONE MORE TIME (Complete)MIDNIGHTBLUEmeteor garden cast23 Oct 2008
Forever as one *Sequel for Scl* [Completed]NatashaYunho && Jaejoong..YunJae (Yaoi)23 Oct 2008
Chasing After Love [COMPLETE]afterloveMei Mei, Xiao Yu --> ft. HSH and BBT23 Oct 2008
One Leap (Completed)SleepiiDreamerOne-Shot23 Oct 2008
saranghae -- oneshot (completed)detrimentalinstinctkim jaejoong and fic girl23 Oct 2008
Staring into sakura blossoms [completed]momoMaki Horikita Ikuta Toma Yamashita Tomohisa21 Oct 2008
Secret Admirer "completed"winter_princessKelvin, Husnelisza, Mark Jhufel21 Oct 2008
Love Is In The Air "Completed"PigSoilRoger Kwok, Christine Ng, Ron Ng, Leila Tong etc21 Oct 2008
剪不断的缘分 (G-G Challenge) *Completed*xiaojun黑Girl:詹雅文(丫头),东方神起:郑允浩20 Oct 2008
Heart and Soul *Completed*Lady Wakefield (Sharonje927)Kimerald, Kim Chiu, Gerald Anderson20 Oct 2008
I Once Had A Dream (under reconstr.) [Completed]ChristineJLDBSK, fictionals. [Comedy/Romance/Drama)20 Oct 2008
best friends don't tell each other ...COMPLETED :(jennsannggggBIG BANG's DAESUNG ~20 Oct 2008
Micky Rabbit (Completed)Micah_Micky Park YOOCHUN__♥__Xiah Kim JUNSU_20 Oct 2008
My Perfect Boyfriend [COMPLETED]Brown EyesKIMERALD, Kim Chiu and Gerald Anderson20 Oct 2008
Born For You Completedmeteor1Barbie Xu & the F420 Oct 2008
smiling hopes COMPLETEKeepeaches 20 Oct 2008
Falling in luv *COMPLETED*ShoShu76Big Bang, Wonder Girls. DBSK, Suju. SNSD19 Oct 2008
I love you, but I don't even know you.[Completed]D_orkableChangmin and Fictional19 Oct 2008
Abyss [COMPLETED]MaltezersGillian Chung & Kim Jae Joong19 Oct 2008
Our Love Hatred (Completed)Crestfallen_@ngelJay Chou, Jolin Tsai19 Oct 2008
17th Summer ~*COMPLETED*~mzlil~Yamapi...Erika Toda...~19 Oct 2008
When Blossoms Blooms....(Complete)JThao&NVangJaeJoong......19 Oct 2008
my slave YAOI *completed*starburstyunho and jaejoong18 Oct 2008
The Pink Dork I Fell In Love With(COMPLETED)TheKatsu!!Sungmin, Cindy (fictional/best friend), Eeteuk, SJ18 Oct 2008
Complex {Complete}DreamerBig Bang + Fictional Characters18 Oct 2008
Two Different Languages 1 Strong Feeling CompletedIsaSHINee, and OC ^_^18 Oct 2008
You SHINee Brighter Than Anyone Else CompletedIsaKey, SHINee, and OC.18 Oct 2008
Why did i end up fall in love with you?-completedHan_Na_RaDbsk and non-fictional girls18 Oct 2008
Can You Stand the Rain? {one-shot} ^completed^Rinzi_16Chun&Ella17 Oct 2008
Two Different Worlds...ll [COMPLETED]leslie232Seung Ri/Jae Eun (fictional)17 Oct 2008
-_ A P O S T L E _ - [complete]WickedLee Yeonhee Choi Seunghyun Han Kyung and others17 Oct 2008
MyCuteLover (completed)snowHebe, Arron17 Oct 2008
Hidden Desires [R] (Completed)blackberrycattJAEJOONG-LEE YEON HEE-YUNHO17 Oct 2008
Mr Nerd VS. Miss Popular *Completed*Kikiou4ever and luv_arronArron Yan ♥ Hebe Tian16 Oct 2008
You Are the One---COMPLETEDminimulanHankyung and Ayumi Lee16 Oct 2008
★ The Stars Next Door ★ [Completed]xLouiseRAWRDBSK + Fictional16 Oct 2008
One Type Of Love I Can't Hide (REPOST) -Completed-CookieJR aka iLuvCandyxDLee Donghae And Fictional Girl16 Oct 2008
色彩恋人 Colourful Lovers [Completed]猪泥 Pig Soil黄宗泽、胡杏儿、杨怡、黎诺懿16 Oct 2008
One Touch (Completed)Im_JoanerzDBSK, Juno (fictional)16 Oct 2008
Awake and Dreaming [Completed]ice kuranHebe & Aaron16 Oct 2008
Dance Off (Completed)AngelaBig Bang, fictional, (other artists as minor)16 Oct 2008
Sweet Melodies of a Breaking Heart *COMPLETED*s2puddingkim junsu, jang ri in, kim inhwan16 Oct 2008
100% True Love *Completed*Kikiou4everHebe and Arron15 Oct 2008
Goodbye To You (One Shot) [Completed]PhoPhoChangmin and other DBSK members15 Oct 2008
Clumsy Little Goddess [COMPLETED]teriyaki18Xiah(dbsk) and Soo Jin15 Oct 2008
THE REGRET [Completed]PhoPhoDee (fictional), DBSK (mainly Yunho and Yoochun)15 Oct 2008
[Completed] All I Want...minifantasyAaron & Selina (Danson, Sun Mi, & more)14 Oct 2008
岔口 (MT Writing Challenge) *Completed*Zaire陈嘉桦 汪东城14 Oct 2008
My Fiance's Best Friend [Completed]Ice QueenArron Yan, Hebe Tian, Calvin Chen13 Oct 2008
End of a Dream ((Completed))Hae-GiMaki Horikita + Yamapi13 Oct 2008
Adieu [A Birthday Gift for Jollin] [1/S][Complete}arcencielChun and Ella13 Oct 2008
Our Destiny (one-shots collection) [COMPLETE]CrystalPrincessChun Wu & Ella Chen13 Oct 2008
The One For Me♥{Complete}Tea-ChanSuJu + Applicants~13 Oct 2008
Trials Of Love [Complete]Ice QueenArron & Hebe ft Fahrenheit & SHE13 Oct 2008
Tame Me, My Slave (Rated) (Completed)NoRulezKim JaeJoong, Choi Siwon, Park HanByul13 Oct 2008
MyStepBro'sWeirdo/psyco/jerk/bastard(R)(completed)NoRulezKim JaeJoong, Song HyeKyo etc13 Oct 2008
VirGiNiTy CRiSis (RaTeD) (Completed)NoRulezJung Yunho, Kim JaeJoong, Han Ga In13 Oct 2008
Behind Fame, Glory And e Smiling Faces(Completed)NoRulezDBSK/TVXQ/THSK/DBSG13 Oct 2008
Vampire's Pet (Rated) (completed)NoRulezKim Jae Joong, Ayumi Lee, Xiah Junsu13 Oct 2008
Love's Puzzle Pieces (completed)wildfireArron&Hebe(:12 Oct 2008
Donghae Addicted! {Completed}NiiaChaanDonghae & Lee Ayumi12 Oct 2008
The Girl Who Lost Her Smile [Completed]ChristineJLBae Seul Gi, Changmin, Yunho.12 Oct 2008
..~Angels Brought Me Here~..(completed)ella_arron4ever~Fahrenheit SHE kimerald Guiwang etc12 Oct 2008
Destined Part 2 (completed)star_dust*SHINee and fictionals12 Oct 2008
~*MISSING CELEBRITY*~ [COMPLETED]AznGiyoungDBSK (jaejoong) bae seul ki and others12 Oct 2008
The Note (One-Shot & Completed)PhuongCharmaine Sheh and Raymond Lam12 Oct 2008
The Race [[COMPLETED]]a.noRainie Yang, along with Wu Ji Zun and Aaron Yan11 Oct 2008
My Name Is Kangin ~*Completed*~Herrin Jou (posted by AsiianLovexx)Lina(fic,) Kangin(Suju)11 Oct 2008
Come Back To Me [ Completed ]Dreamerx33G-Ye, SunYe and JiYong11 Oct 2008
Perpetual Love [Complete]Amy (EJvictorian)Raymond Lam and Tavia Yeung and Ron Ng + Minors.11 Oct 2008
把爱放开 *Completed*LilYun小煜 小薰 敖犬 彤彤11 Oct 2008
Scars [Completed]OllieRaymond / Kevin / Tavia / Linda +11 Oct 2008
in love with a pure heart ~~complete~~qiinqiiinyamaki-yampi & maki10 Oct 2008
Forgive Me [One-shot-Complete]Kim EunmiKim Heechul10 Oct 2008
~The Touch of Fate~ (Complete)TaiwangirlHebe Tian, Arron Yan10 Oct 2008
The Stupid Accidental One Night Stand[completed]Changmin's wifeyJunsu, Jang Ri In, Yoochun10 Oct 2008
Let the love begin TcompletedTJhOiiE_iZt_VIP aka miisz_yunjaeloverKim Jaejoong && Jung Yunho and the rest of DBSK10 Oct 2008
Only U [One Shot] [Completed]hotaruChiriGolf & Kwan10 Oct 2008
A Very Special Love (Complete)ChinhChae Yeon and Junsu10 Oct 2008
A GirL's ♥ is HeR DiaRy.....{Completed!}YOUstoriesYOU(reader) Kibum Donghae9 Oct 2008
[completed one shot] Table for Twobechedor79Zhang Li Yin, Bae Seul Gi, Kim Junsu8 Oct 2008
The Pain of Being Invisible(M) [Complete]JessiFahrenheit & Fictional Character8 Oct 2008
Truth or Dare *COMPLETED*yummikiwiS.H.E & Fahrenheit7 Oct 2008
T I M E L E S S (Completed)Air_BenderJang Ri In & Kim Junsu7 Oct 2008
I'm Yours(COMPLETED)MallicaDBSK and mallica APPLY!!7 Oct 2008
Just Too Beautiful [COMPLETED]lAZY_aNGEL05Ella Chen, Aaron Yan, Danson Tang7 Oct 2008
My Hurtful Heart (complete)iloveshinee^^Key (shinee) & Christine (Fan Faction Girl)7 Oct 2008
No #2 [Shounen-Ai] COMPLETEDpf~YunJae~7 Oct 2008
Thank You (Complete)APM 6 Oct 2008
From Misunderstanding Comes Happiness [Completed]VivienneDBSK/TVXQ and fictional characters6 Oct 2008
A New Hope (Completed)LemsaineYun Ho & Jae Joong (YunJae)6 Oct 2008
It All Started With An Article (completed)minimenameKIMERALD Gerald Anderson-Kim Chiu5 Oct 2008
Plan: To DESTROY your LIFE! (Completed)joopWOOPF.T Island5 Oct 2008
Lights - completedKnick KnacksAAA5 Oct 2008
Love Revenge *Completed*Purple_4everMinho SHINee , Han Ji Sun (Fictional), Key SHINee5 Oct 2008
What's Hard on Being a Husband? [[COMPLETED]]Mrs. Jung Yun HoTVXQ! [more on YunHo]5 Oct 2008
What More Can I Lose? *COMPLETED*octavianBig Bang4 Oct 2008
ForBitten Love ♥ [Completed]Christine & MichelleDong Bang Shin Ki & Us :P4 Oct 2008
Couldn't Hide *Completed*LotusTavia Bernice Raymond Bosco Ron4 Oct 2008
〖┱◎〗玫瑰套餐〖◎┱〗***COMPLETED***Jinni小煜 MeiMei 王子 丫頭4 Oct 2008
Nobody but You (Completed)peaches00aYunJae, YooSu, and Changmin4 Oct 2008
克罗地亚的天空=completed佳灵王子,小熏4 Oct 2008
Fox Rain( Complete)KristaMicky Yoochun, TVXQ, Fictional4 Oct 2008
The Shape (Completed)dunno_you♥ Hebe & Arron ♥3 Oct 2008
Goodbye... [COMPLETED]HotaruHoneyYooChun(DBSK), fictional girl3 Oct 2008
Big Bang Comedy(Complete)AminaBig Bang! N fic girls3 Oct 2008
DARKNESS RIM - completedJoeslineJoe Ariel Rainie Mike Cyndi2 Oct 2008
I gave my heart to you *COMPLETED*DarkAngelHebe.Aaron.Jiro.Selina2 Oct 2008
Insane [oneshot] *COMPLETE*AllisonBig Bang and fictional1 Oct 2008
Liberation. { one-shot & completed}deltaAriel Lin Yi Chen & Mike He Jun Xiang1 Oct 2008
It's Over [one-shot] (completed)ChristAineXtineAriel Lin Yi Chen ; Wu Ji Zun ; Ella Chen Jia Hua1 Oct 2008
Forever Love [One-Shot] [Completed]luvingfrhArron & Hebe1 Oct 2008
A Debt To Pay (COMPLETED)--shultz---Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho, Choi Siwon and others30 Sep 2008
better together (COMPLETED)zuttonatsuOguri Shun, Inoue Mao, etc30 Sep 2008
ICE CREAM PRINCE [COMPLETED]little_smliesWang Zi, Gui Gui, Jiro, Selina, Arron, Hebe30 Sep 2008
Love Sick Part 2 [COMPLETED]iloveshinee^^Sohee, Sunmi, Taemin, Key, Shinee & Minors30 Sep 2008
it's not how I planned it [[[ completed ]]]Jung Jae-hee / anNYunHo, Jae-hee, Rain... TVXQ :)30 Sep 2008
Birthday Wish [Completed]ann_horXi Men & Xiao You30 Sep 2008
" The Barney Song " ( completed )butterscotch ( riku )aaron & hebe30 Sep 2008
MY COUSIN RATED R. completedjaehoYunho and Jaejoong. and dbsk member.30 Sep 2008
Coffee Obsession [ complete ]Blue Angel (a.k.a. Nicole)Hebe Tian. Arron Yan. Jiro Wang.29 Sep 2008
期待爱*completed*Zenfic棒棒堂男孩 奇迹 黑涩会美眉29 Sep 2008
Destined (completed)star_dust*SHINee and fictionals29 Sep 2008
You're the Only Place in My Heart-CompletedAnneJiro Wang,Hebe Tian29 Sep 2008
Yunho, the (Unwilling) Wish Granter! [Completed]FilaphieraYunho (DBSK)29 Sep 2008
Lovers in Darkness [Completed]NatashaJaejoong && Yunho..YunJae (Yaoi)28 Sep 2008
Again. [Completed]SLEEPiiDREAMERAlex Fong & Stephy Tang28 Sep 2008
Le Frais Gourmet [Completed]iheartleeteukLeeteuk, Taeyeon, Tiffany28 Sep 2008
Borrowed Time (Completed)SleepiiDreamerOne-Shot28 Sep 2008
Holding Hands -- COMPLETEDMikk1Jung Yunho, TVXQ, and Fictionals28 Sep 2008
I Met You At The Hospital {Complete}ILikeCheese <3Main: Arron & Hebe Minors: CE & JiLina ^^28 Sep 2008
Taking off the Mask &Completed&Asiianlovexx and LinaBig Bang, SNSD, MinJi(Fictional)27 Sep 2008
Wishing on a Star [completed]Mai Li FanTVXQ and my friends27 Sep 2008
Finding My Sweet Prince... [[complete <3]]DBsujuBBftiSHINee<3rDonghae~Fictional girl~Suju27 Sep 2008
The princecharmingOfMyschool=myhusband [completed]emilyXxKim Jaejoong, boA Kwon27 Sep 2008
My Seat Partner is SO weird!{completed}*perfect princess*Big Bang, some WG and fics27 Sep 2008
Yearning for love *Completed*Suki ChanBosco Wong, Leila Tong, Tavia Yeung, Raymond Lam27 Sep 2008
Angel in Disguise+ [Completed]EastwindTVXQ couples26 Sep 2008
Chocolate Lovers (One-Shot) [Completed]x_chloe_xBEBU <3.26 Sep 2008
Memories of the Past [C-M Challenge] [Completed]EunHanaKim Junsu, Jang Ri In25 Sep 2008
Reality Bites-CompletedAnneJiro Wang & Selina Ren25 Sep 2008
世界上最遥远的距离(Completed)冰雪 25 Sep 2008
My Lil Gangster *Complete*SaraniHye Bin, Seul Gi, Yunho,JaeJoong24 Sep 2008
Hate To Love You {Completed}JustNiki{ Ella & Hebe }24 Sep 2008
Naibun no Ai (Secret Affection) [COMPLETED]ryosukedaisukiYamada Ryosuke, Nakajima Yuto24 Sep 2008
Sakura Kiss - COMPLETED -too_cuteDBSK~! Jaejoong~! Fictional~!24 Sep 2008
~The Hardest relationship ever~ [Completed]Sharon @ Simply TVB[Raymond Linda] ♥ [Sammul Selena]23 Sep 2008
MaId 2 hOnOr (COMPLETED)GurenChunnie and Ella23 Sep 2008
沒那麼愛他 {Completed}Ka Ying鬼鬼 亞綸 王子 小薰22 Sep 2008
I Hate you!....I think. *COMPLETE* (finally XD)iFrikinRuleHero Jaejoong, Angel Locsin as Aiza22 Sep 2008
Changing Destiny {Completed}Xiao Yin HuaArron, Hebe22 Sep 2008
Last Chance ++COMPLETED++Ryukkii_shiiYoochun, Junsu, Jae Joong (LAST BOW 2)22 Sep 2008
Cold but Warm (completed)star_dust*SHINee and fictionals22 Sep 2008
[转载] 不爱 (Chinese & English) *Completed*xiaojun (Original story: 璐宝儿 & tianaki)朴有天 (Park Yoochun),张力尹 (Jang Riin),金俊秀(Kim Junsu)22 Sep 2008
Oxymoron [completed]CheesyYunho & Jaejoong-- YunJae YAOI & YooSu22 Sep 2008
Amorous Lust [COMPLETED]walinJung Yunho + Kim JaeJoong22 Sep 2008
Biggest Jerk in School!! *COMPLETED*my love kyuhyunLee Donghae. Lee Yeonhee. Go Ara. Cho Kyuhyun21 Sep 2008
The Toughest Decision ++completed++kon_konYAMAKI21 Sep 2008
Crossroad of Love [Completed]ann_horXi Men & Xiao You21 Sep 2008
Meant To Be… or NOT? [Completed]ann_horXi Men, Xiao You & Meteor Garden casts21 Sep 2008
The Simian Line [Completed]ann_horXi Men & Xiao You21 Sep 2008
Broken Happiness(Broken Mirrors)COMPLETEDheawon/xiahlvr/dbsklvrSHINEE, DBSK, SUJU, AND FICS!20 Sep 2008
记得吗(Completed)珊瑚虚构人物20 Sep 2008
Angel We Have Found (completed)suju4everluv (or Hyojin)Donghae, Eunhyuk, Leeteuk, Heechul, Seulgi20 Sep 2008
Am I Falling for a Nerd or a Chic? [Completed]shallowgurlArron Yan.::::.Hebe Tian20 Sep 2008
that summer. (COMPLETED)zuttonatsuoguri shun, maki horikita, yamapi, masami20 Sep 2008
Waterhouse - COMPLETEDcatNhatSelina Ren, Jiro Wang19 Sep 2008
Crazy Love (COMPLETED..)ella-arron4everella chen,arron yan,wu chun and jiro wang19 Sep 2008
Only Have Feelings for you(COMPLETED)..ella_arron4everella chen,arron yan,jiro wang and calvin chen19 Sep 2008
Brimful Of Sinfulness (Completed)DebbieLeila Bosco Tavia Raymond Michelle Charmaine18 Sep 2008
Death Race (One-Shot)(Complete)TaiwangirlArron Yan and Hebe Tian18 Sep 2008
Always Beside You +completed+Lil DaisySakurai Sho, Kuroki Meisa, Toda Erika, Arashi18 Sep 2008
In the Blink of an Eye [Complete]SidMaronYunJae18 Sep 2008
Taken Away (COMPLETED)a.noCalvin Chen and Aaron Yan with Rainie Yang18 Sep 2008
Finale (One-Shot) (Complete)TaiwangirlArron and Hebe aka BeBu18 Sep 2008
Fatal Deception (completed)AryesisFictional17 Sep 2008
Tryst (One Shot) (Complete)HellfireDBSK, Yunho17 Sep 2008
And They Call It Puppy Love COMPLETEDIsabel DeezonMarc, Bella, (fictional), Big Bang, OC16 Sep 2008
Love Sick [COMPLETED]iloveshinee^^Shinee,Soohee,Sunmi,Yoona16 Sep 2008
♥Sweet N' Sour High School Students♥ **COMPLETED**ChaoFahrenheit & S.H.E16 Sep 2008
Crazy Fun (completed)star_dust*SHINee and fictionals16 Sep 2008
(One-Shot) Melancholy (Complete)blissreverieNobody in particular16 Sep 2008
Neighbors - [Complete]lucifer (ice cube/cubey)Gui Gui, Wang Zi, Xiao Jie², Ya Tou, Ah Wei etc16 Sep 2008
Come across `*LOVE*`. [COMPLETE.]teddiebearKim Jaejoong, Sunday (CSJH), Bae Seul Gi15 Sep 2008
Undercover Nerd {Completed}angelheartEDArron Yan and Hebe Tien15 Sep 2008
Just For You [COMPLETED]hanaNishikido Ryo and Sawajiri Erika15 Sep 2008
Doll [completed]FluffyNuffKibum x Donghae of SuJu15 Sep 2008
St Elmo's Fire (Completed)MonzaWu Chun & Ella Chen14 Sep 2008
~Monstrous Blood Ties~ (Complete!!!)TaiwangirlArron~Hebe~Jiro~Selina14 Sep 2008
I love you (Yaoi) CompletechangminXmcDbsk members14 Sep 2008
10 Lessons of Marriage (Completed)Air_BenderKim Junsu & Jang Ri In14 Sep 2008
【轉貼】[改編故事] 偷心♥小惡魔[COMPLETE~完結篇po了﹗][文章 by babiii000][轉貼 done by 冰心]周怡君(大牙)x莊豪全(敖犬) and 楊奇煜(小煜) + 幾位虚构人物14 Sep 2008
【轉貼】我在遠處愛你 (絕對悲) 必看!! [COMPLETE~完結篇po了﹗][文章 by sylvia_1314 (S姐)][轉貼 done by 冰心]周怡君(大牙)x莊豪全(敖犬)+黃瑋婷(apple)x楊奇煜(小煜)+詹雅文(丫頭)x劉俊偉(阿緯)14 Sep 2008
My Mission [One Shot] (Completed)shallowgurlThe Famous BeBu ~ arron yan*hebe tian13 Sep 2008
Our First & Last [Completed]501stExileJiro Wang & Selina13 Sep 2008
{one-shot Fanfic} A FanGirl Story *COMPLETED*JaehwanXiahTVXQ, fanfictional characters,& me!12 Sep 2008
Love in Different Languages [complete]RuweeWu Chun & Ella Chen12 Sep 2008
Again. (Completed)SleepiiDreamerOne-Shot12 Sep 2008
Young Love Part 2(completed)star_dust*SHINee and fictionals12 Sep 2008
Number One in My Heart (Completed)FioranoElla Chen & Wu Chun12 Sep 2008
Truly Escaped? *Completed *ZaireAriel Lin Calvin Chen12 Sep 2008
Two different worlds..... COMPLETED :Dleslie232Seung RI and Jae eun (fic)12 Sep 2008
Loving You~COMPLETED!~AdA-iZm78Suju, WG, minor Big Bang11 Sep 2008
Crossing The Destiny Of Fate (Completed)DebbieLinda Chung Bosco Wong Raymond Lam Tavia Yeung11 Sep 2008
Royal Battles (R) (Complete)Alex (Alex1906)DBSK, fic, some minor char from different bands11 Sep 2008
Everlasting love[complete]Andra ^^Shim Changmin, Oh Hyemin(fictional)11 Sep 2008
Her Most Memorable Night [one-shot's]*COMPLETED*Emo GirlElla Chen and Wu Chun11 Sep 2008
Dear Diary [Dedicated to Teppi!] [Completed]angeLLinaChoi Si Won and Lee Ayumi11 Sep 2008 (One-shot) *completed*Treble Clef and 5AsMicky Park Yoochun, Lee Miyeon (fic girl)10 Sep 2008
我心里只有你 (*Completed*)Carrie*5敖犬❤大牙 ( 客串 :小蛮 ,王子❤鬼鬼 )10 Sep 2008
A Page Of Our Life ~Completed~Hime ChamaOguri Shun, Ikuta Toma, Yamashita Tomohisa10 Sep 2008
Don't Leave Me! {One-shot} *Complete!*Cry BabyWu Chun and Ella Chen10 Sep 2008
Will you forgive me?(Complete)默默KENNY & CHARLENE + minors8 Sep 2008
Documented Love.[Completed]Shweta.Rainie Yang, Joe Cheung, Ariel Lin.8 Sep 2008
Enfinitia - Completedice kuranChun & Ella7 Sep 2008
It's not your fault [complete]NeyJunsu and Fiction7 Sep 2008
Teardrops on my guitar =completed=Pokiwiki~Jiro + Selina7 Sep 2008
__love at first sight; (oneshot; completed)c.miyoungieBig Bang + Fictional6 Sep 2008
Bittersweet Promise (Completed)Air_BenderKim Junsu & Jang Ri In6 Sep 2008
520 Days of Heaven (COMPLETE)PANDiiEKwon Jiyong + Min SunYe6 Sep 2008
Encounter in Paris (Completed)xAkireixDonghae & fictional character6 Sep 2008
Unrequited [Completed]MoLteaserAnh Minh/Evan L/Le Nguyen/ CTH and DBSK6 Sep 2008
★泡泡偶像劇★ •••命中注定你爱我••• *COMPLETED*泡泡阮经天 陈乔恩 & more!6 Sep 2008
A heart full of sorrow (COMPLETE)babyblueG.dragon (fictional girl syutari) and big bang6 Sep 2008
Always There... [One-Shot] CompletedlikeloversShim Changmin (DBSK) & Go Ara5 Sep 2008
A Flicker of Light (Completed)Miss SinisterKim Junsu, Jang Ri In (Zhang Li Yin)5 Sep 2008
Dare to Dream (Completed)nina_mElla, Chun, Leehom5 Sep 2008
Young Love (completed)star_dust*SHINee and fictional girl5 Sep 2008
The Veil Before My Tears {COMPLETE}EastwindJaeHo [yaoi] ❤Changmin.4 Sep 2008
L a s t D e s p a i r [oneshot] (completed)babywingz aka lixyunjae (Yaoi)4 Sep 2008
Star-Crossed lovers [Completed]NatashaJaejoong and Yunho..YunJae/Jaeho (Yaoi)4 Sep 2008
lies made love <3 COMPLETE <3seul_gi_loverbae seul gi,DBSK,super juniors, more4 Sep 2008
I Turn to You (COMPLETED)Sweet, Sugar and SpiceChristian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go4 Sep 2008
Bye` My love [one shot] {COMPLETED}luv_arronGuigui, Wangzi, Yatou3 Sep 2008
This Is Who I Am {COMPLETE} dedicated to Estee (:luv_arron [winter sunshine]Arron,GuiGui3 Sep 2008
** Help Me! ** [COMPLETED]3k5_RebelliousLoveCalvin Chen & Genie Zhuo (ft. Fahrenheit + S.H.E)3 Sep 2008
Wishing You Were Here [completed]`J E N N E/ J E N N I ETaefany/Taeny + Yusica/Yulsic2 Sep 2008
This is your Life (Complete)KICKS4EVERAkanishi Jin, and Fictional (Mae)2 Sep 2008
Can I Be Your Princess? - completedJoeslinejolinTSAI & jayCHOU2 Sep 2008
Carpe Diem (Completed)KireinaGaiAriel,Rainie,Arron, Joe,Mike1 Sep 2008
愿意再爱你。{Completed}angelheartED鬼王当道。1 Sep 2008
"Missing Pieces" (completed)Fruit_PieKim Junsu (xiah) & Jang RI1 Sep 2008
Red Rimmed Glasses [ one-shot ] [ complete ]EssJay(:Lee TaeMin1 Sep 2008
Here I Go [COMPLETE]sophia__chunFt. Daesung & BB (Fictional girl chracter)1 Sep 2008
Day After Day [Completed]ACEBIG BANG & Park Min Young1 Sep 2008
I'm Sorry -OneShot- (Completed)BlueMelonKey (SHINee) & fic.1 Sep 2008
He Really Loves Me...[one shot] (COMPLETE)luv_arronArron Yan x Hebe Tian1 Sep 2008
I r o n i c - Completed -JAYleneSelina Ren' & Jiro Wang'1 Sep 2008
...Beyond Eternity...*Completed*-Z'167-+YunJae+1 Sep 2008
Last Bow (COMPLETE)Ryukkii_shiiDBSK, mainly Junsu, Yoochun and Jae Joong1 Sep 2008
Orenji No Taiyou {completed}Totchi-kunChiyu x Toshiya31 Aug 2008
Last Snow Note [Completed]EunHanaJaejoong [Note: I accidentally deleted this]31 Aug 2008
Sweet As A Strawberry { COMPLETED}Lil_Pwincess_GAaron&Hebe31 Aug 2008
..Allow Me To Love You.. (One-shot) [completed]~InBox~Wu Chun, Ella Chen n minors30 Aug 2008
We're Back and Making an Impact (COMPLETED)Island_DivaBig Bang and ANGEL (Fictional)30 Aug 2008
Because Of YOU (BOY) **COMPLETED**chibi_greenYunho & DBSK30 Aug 2008
WiSh...** [CoMpLeTe!!]**chibi_greenDBSK (Junsu & Yunho)30 Aug 2008
a night in the castle. or is it?[COMPLETE]Chang_GurlDBSK SUPER JUNIOR +M, Chosen Fics30 Aug 2008
KO II (completed)purplepinkorangeDa dong, Anqi, Ya Se, Wu Xiong, Xiao Yu, Hebe30 Aug 2008
Changing Destiny (Completed)SheeverChun and Ella29 Aug 2008
My BFF ( best friend forever) ¨****Completed*****keikoMaki TOma YamaP Mokomichi Oguri Shun29 Aug 2008
Maki's Diary (Completed)MistMaki, Yamapi, Mokomichi, Masami, Yui, Shun, Toma29 Aug 2008
Bloodthirsty Vampire fic(COMPLETED)Sallyfictional characters28 Aug 2008
Superstar *Completed*xiaojunDanson Tang, Genie Zhuo, Calvin Chen (FLH)28 Aug 2008
Don't Think I'll Fall For You [completed]ctineh0.BIGBANG! + Ficti0nal(:27 Aug 2008
The Hero (Completed)©Greene InkGillian - Charlene - Edison - Lee-hom - Wu Zun27 Aug 2008
I Wish You Couldn't [COMPLETE]JennyMaki, Toma, Yamapi, Shun, Kame& minors27 Aug 2008
~dREAMING tOGETHER~ [Complete]lAZY_aNGEL05dONG bANG sHIN kI27 Aug 2008
Lovin' U *Completed*AutumndreamerJaejoong, Yunho, Changmin, (Jaeho/Jaemin)26 Aug 2008
My Unreasonable Princess - COMPLETED -celestine blueYunho//Seul Gi//Jaejoong//Ayumi26 Aug 2008
My Love;Mr Arrogant(M-M CHALLENGE) [COMPLETED]Baby CloverUncommon Pairings : Selina,Hebe, Mike He & Lee Wei26 Aug 2008
[one-shot] Prisoner of Love ~Completed~purrple_loverG♥Ye: JiYong & SunYe (WonderBang)26 Aug 2008
A Fan Inlove (Complete)prettyloveella,wu chun (selina hebe aaron jiro calvin)26 Aug 2008
Family Meeting -completed-stateofmind_xxYunjae/Jaeho26 Aug 2008
Your Brother Is A Jerk (Completed)Wookie'sWifeyXiah Junsu and Jang Ri In25 Aug 2008
Keys to my Heart *Completed*jiyongloverSeungyeon from Kara and GDYB from Big Bang25 Aug 2008
♥ ♂ Foolish Pranks ♀ ♥ [COMPLETED]Tan Xue Lei♥ F.T. Island [&&] SHINee ♥25 Aug 2008
I'll Never Love This Way Again [complete]Farzunsuyoosu,hosu and the rest of dbsk25 Aug 2008
Memories of the Past {C-M Challenge} -Completed-giggle-muchKim Junsu and Jang Ri In24 Aug 2008
Tomorrow, the weather will be fine [completed]YunjaeLoveYoochun and Junsu / Yoosu (slash)24 Aug 2008
Silence. [Completed]Rin.Aaron & Hebe.24 Aug 2008
You're my forever (completed)Nubb23Ayumi Lee, Choi si won, Bae seul gi and Donghae24 Aug 2008
Far Away [complete]Secret... :PChunderella & a bit of Baron23 Aug 2008
OnCe AnD aLwAyS - Completed ('_' )GurenChunnie and Ella23 Aug 2008
Fatty's Love Story *Completed*xiaojunDBSK Xiah Junsu23 Aug 2008
Behind the Picture (One-shots) ~Completed~Sharpay21Wu Chun, Ella Chen23 Aug 2008
me & my bets *sigh*...again [completed]ⓑⓤⓑⓑⓛⓔⓩ & co-writer // AnGeLiNaHebe Tian & Aaron Yan23 Aug 2008
My First and Final Love [HappyOneShots][complete]Kikiou4everArron Yan & Hebe Tian22 Aug 2008
HNS~My first & Last Goodbye- {Completed}HiddenxDBSK - Fictional Characters.22 Aug 2008
The Girl Who Hates Me (Completed)Kiroro-chanArron Yan <3 Hebe Tian22 Aug 2008
Tisbury Lane (Completed)SharonEunhyuk, Few Suju & DBSK mem.22 Aug 2008
Once Upon A Trainee ~*~Complete~*~crashedANGELdonghae, fictional character22 Aug 2008
If You Love Me, Let Me Go~COMPLETED~KrazyannaJaeWon YunJae22 Aug 2008
7 Things [Completed]TyaYamaPi, Keiko, Ryo, Maki, Erika22 Aug 2008
My Lover Is A Dorky*Completed*wonderyanaSNSD,FT Island22 Aug 2008
Gangster's angeL [COMPLETED]chiisaiJaejoong, Kibum, Donghae22 Aug 2008
[[wHat iS LoVe?]] (COMPLETED)FeLiCiAElla, Hebe, Selina, Wu Zun and some minor22 Aug 2008
Love And Magic(Completed)LoveInSnowDBSK, Suju, and Girls22 Aug 2008
Fast Love...!? ღ♥ღ~Completed~ღ♥ღMary1803Micky Yoochun (DBSK), Marlie21 Aug 2008
To seal the deal(one shot)*COMPLETE*crazy_azn_girlWang zi Gui Gui21 Aug 2008
I Wish You Didn't [COMPLETE]JennyMaki, Yamapi, Toma, Kame, Shun & other minors21 Aug 2008
Admirer Next Door (One-shot) [Completed]501stExileAaron Yan & Hebe Tian21 Aug 2008
Backup (Yaoi) *Completed*-MinAh-DBSK- JaeMin, YooSu, one sided JaeHo21 Aug 2008
愛的主旋律 之 《梁山伯與茱麗葉》 ONESHOT (completed)Vangie 情心弦SELINA . 任家萱 * JIRO . 汪東城 (trad. chin * eng trans)21 Aug 2008
Music is life [Complete. )Me.YOU CHOOSE.20 Aug 2008
Ephemeral Moments - CompletedJustine a.k.a. tin2marieAndy & Solbi20 Aug 2008
I wished you loved me[ complete )TiffanyDiana && Taemin20 Aug 2008
Wedding Daze (Completed)discotequeMatsumoto Jun, Inoue Mao etc.19 Aug 2008
The Kid That Claims To Be My Daughter (Completed)flipsofRESHAaron Yan. Hebe Tian. Xiao Mai(Jung Da Bin).19 Aug 2008
最配的情侣 (Completed)viviantan王子,毛弟,鬼鬼,丫头19 Aug 2008
I Love You ,Do You Love Me?[one-shot]{completed}luv_arronArron Yan x Hebe Tian19 Aug 2008
Calla Lilies & Foxtail Roses COMPLETEDLil DaisyKamenashi Kazuya, Toda Erika19 Aug 2008
★泡泡偶像劇★ •••你的爱情我在对面••• *COMPLETED*泡泡吴尊 ELLA 阿SA & MORE!19 Aug 2008
Killing Me Sweetly [With Love] (Complete)N U L IShiNee and a fictional girl18 Aug 2008
Love&Pain[COMPLETE]detxenyang (but posted by Ka)!B.i.G. B.a.N.G!18 Aug 2008
Letters to You; From Me, Your Cousin [Completed]mellow and lAZY_aNGEL05DBSK, SUJU, AND MANY MORE [Comedy]18 Aug 2008
Our Love [Happy One Shot][*Complete*]Kikiou4everArron Yan & Hebe Tian18 Aug 2008
I'm sorry, I love you: (One shot - COMPLETE)kiMii♥waffles/kim.anneEunmiRead forewords.18 Aug 2008
Shadow of Love (Completed)Kiroro-chan~BeBuLove Fanfic Challenge~Arron Yan. Hebe Tian. Jiro Wang.18 Aug 2008
My Imperfect Girl (Completed)yamapiggyYamashita Tomohisa & Inoue Mao18 Aug 2008
Unexpected Journey +COMPLETED+ChunElla4everChun, Ella and A girl18 Aug 2008
Tainted By You - DBSK YAOI - NC-17 [COMPLETED]Cool_1312 and aronist_edDBSK YAOI - YooSu, JaeHo, KeiMin and JunHwan18 Aug 2008
§¤§¤§ Everything for Love §¤§¤§ [COMPLETED]Devonaire_FallusElla Chen - Wu Chun18 Aug 2008
I Chose Love But Was That a Mistake? Completeisabel deezonSeungRi heejin(fictional) Big Bang, OC18 Aug 2008
Disguised for Revenge, But I Found Love! COMPLETECry babyElla Chen+Wu Chun17 Aug 2008
愛的主旋律 * 《SUPERWOMAN》ONESHOT (completed)Vangie 情心弦田馥甄 Hebe * Arron 炎亞綸 (trad. chin + eng trans)17 Aug 2008
They can never have yesterday [COMPLETED]AlexaDBSKKim JaeJoong, Ayumi Lee and some minor characters17 Aug 2008
Contemporary Romance (Completed)ningJiro Wang & Hebe Tian17 Aug 2008
Men are also helpless(one shots)[COMPLETED]Sharlene BuenoJaeHo17 Aug 2008
It Started With Pockys (completed)[[Rain]]Qiao En + Ming Dao16 Aug 2008
No, I love you: One-Shot [COMPLETE]kim.anneEunmi/KiMii♥wafflesKim Heechul and fictional16 Aug 2008
The Clay-mate Master(R)completedSTD & stupidtrinityChun Wu-ohoo, Ella Che-eh-n & genie in the bottle16 Aug 2008
The Prima Ballerina (completed)bedazzledJerry Yan and Barbie Hsu (JnB)16 Aug 2008
Nonchalant Rush *Complete*shycapri8 & walin + YUNJAEx3 [ toni ]JaeJoong, Yunho, and DBSK [YAOI]16 Aug 2008
Something Called Love (completed)SnowHebe Tien , Arron Yan16 Aug 2008
Love: Once Again *COMPLETED*cessS.H.E. && Fei Lun Hai16 Aug 2008
Useless. [One Shot] (Completed)likeloversKEY, ONEW, Go Ara, Lee Hyori, Jung Yunho, Taeyang16 Aug 2008
Closer Than You Think (Complete)LaiYamashita Tomohisa and Maki Horikita15 Aug 2008
[COMPLETED] Dumb and DumberSeoHyun*YuRiEunhyuk-SeoHyun--Kyuhyun-Yuri--Donghae-Taeyeon15 Aug 2008
should i leave you?[COMPLETE[Chang_gurl[vampires]DBSK SUJU+M15 Aug 2008
"Without Trace" (completed)Fruit_PieT.O.P & Jolin Tsai15 Aug 2008
Once Hurt But, Now Happy[one-shot]*complete*kylemaleenElla Chen and Aaron Yan15 Aug 2008
[COMPLETED] Am I TheThird Wheel?SeoHyun*YuRiSunny (SNSD) Sungmin (SUJU) SooYoung (SNSD)14 Aug 2008
P.S. I love you (C-M Challenge/One Shot/Complete)Ju Young >.<Jung Yunho x Bae Seul Gi (with other DBSK minors)14 Aug 2008
Christmas Wish (~Complete~)Hae-GiYamashite Tomohisa (Yamapi) + Maki Horikita14 Aug 2008
Our Letter (One-shot-Completed)MistYamapi, Maki^^14 Aug 2008
YeSung and SungMin's loVe (completed)sandyYeSung and SungMin (minor's r other suju members)13 Aug 2008
Anyone but you. Ded 2 nimmi.magna,zoey [completed]Shweta.Wu zun, Ella Chen.13 Aug 2008
Looking for love.[Completed.]Shweta.Joe,Ariel,Wu zun,Ella,Jiro Wang and Tiffany Xu.13 Aug 2008
Camp of Horror / Comedy Romance. [COMPLETED]Cuppycake :)DBSK & 5 girls :)13 Aug 2008
Last Ticket (Completed)Panda BearS.H.E && Fahrenheit && much more12 Aug 2008
What If. *~*COMPLETED*~*theconfusedlife & InsanityChildKerri, Frankie, and various characters I made up12 Aug 2008
[one-shot] Lover's Rhapsody ~Completed~purrple_loverG♥Ye: JiYong & SunYe (WonderBang)12 Aug 2008
Rhythm of my Heart [completed]walinYunho + JaeJoong11 Aug 2008
The protection of love (complete)LB 11 Aug 2008
The unforgettable memories and feelings(completed)LBYamapi, Koyama, Masuda, Nishikido, Kato etc11 Aug 2008
Wish you were here: One-shot (cOmplete)kiMii♥waffles/kim.anneEunmiKim Jaejoong + fictional11 Aug 2008
[complete][oneshot] And IonigiriTaengsic/Taesica11 Aug 2008
The Broken Mirror [ Completed ]Blue AngelHebe. Selina. Ella. Arron. Calvin. Chun. Jiro10 Aug 2008
love in the air [completed]iheartleeteukBae Seul Gi , Choi Si Won , Park Soo Jin , Ayumi10 Aug 2008
My Boyfriend And His Brother (Completed)heechullvrKimHeeChul, Fictional, DBSK, Suju, Fictionals10 Aug 2008
Green Forest [COMPLETED]Baby CloverRon, Leila, Bosco, Raymond, Tavia10 Aug 2008
Ms Incomplete♥♥♥Saranghae♥♥♥♥Leeteuk ♥ Ayumi♥10 Aug 2008
CompleteonigiriSNSD, mostly Taesica/Taengsic. Other SM artists.10 Aug 2008
The Last Dance: A Short Story [completed]miss scarlettSuper Junior's Hangeng & Kibum10 Aug 2008
Loving You (Completed)heechullvrSuper Junior+DBSK+SHINee+Fictionals10 Aug 2008
The Dream You Showed Me (completed) *oneshot*Lil DaisyEita, Ai Otsuka10 Aug 2008
A Lily in a Promise [Completed]SeventhStarElla Chen & Wu Chun9 Aug 2008
- I s l a n d - [ COMPLETE ]southkorealove[ B i g B a n g . )9 Aug 2008
Impostor [COMPLETED]KikiMyolie Wu, Raymond Lam9 Aug 2008
Deep in my heart **Yaoi** [Completed]Joongie<3Jaejoong && Yunho (Yaoi)9 Aug 2008
Forever With You (COMPLETE)jenny_456Kim Yoo Bin & T.O.P. & BIG BANG & WG9 Aug 2008
Cake Baking. [HAPPY BELATED LUCIFER!] {COMPLETED}stephy_Lollipop Bang Bang Tang9 Aug 2008
Let's Have Some Fun 2 (Complete)ziuzijinFT Island, Big Bang, Kim Heechul and other pplz8 Aug 2008
2 men plus 1 woman equal 1 baby (COMPLETE)MinaBig Bang, Wonder girl, DBSK8 Aug 2008
Mad About You [COMPLETEDleslie232Big Bang/ Donghae8 Aug 2008
My Only Angel (One- Shot/Completed)mushroom18Wu Chun and Ella Chen8 Aug 2008
If Only... [COMPLETED]nya'moekim junsu, zhang li yin7 Aug 2008
Prince, Whatever! (Completed)Teukie4everChoi Siwon & Bae Seulgi7 Aug 2008
Inevitable [ COMPLETED ]KayKay&WhyBeeBig Bang && some.7 Aug 2008
~ _Insatiable _~ [COMPLETE]Moonlight_in_her_eyesDonghae Jaejoong SeulGi Yunho fictional and others7 Aug 2008
G o o d B y e [o n e s h o t] COMPLETEMeloveUAyumi, Kibum, Choi Shiwon, Bae Seulgi7 Aug 2008
Déjà Vu [ M-T Challenge ] CompletedWingsChen Qiao En, Lin Ming Dao6 Aug 2008
Music brought us together[COMPLETE]msz.sam :).BigBang&FeiLunHai.6 Aug 2008
Ray of Love [OneShot/Completed]ZoharielMatsumoto Jun and Inoue Mao6 Aug 2008
the marble-eyes prince (COMPLETED)zuttonatsuHanazawa Rui6 Aug 2008
Departure - MT Challenge [Completed]SushiKim Jeong Hoon.Charlene Choi : Arron Yan.Jiro Wang6 Aug 2008
黑糖牛奶 [completed]小雅棒棒堂和黑澀會妹妹6 Aug 2008
Fool [Completed]minifantasyJiro and Selina6 Aug 2008
~♥• BORACAY LOVE •♥~ *COMPLETED*JoyKim & Gerald (KIMERALD) Matt & Mel (MATTMEL)5 Aug 2008
Finding a way to true love [COMPLETE]AvelineJinJang Ri In & Kim Junsu5 Aug 2008
If I knew.. (Completed)KiwiBae Seul Gi, Siwon, Etc..4 Aug 2008
The Devil's Broken Vow {completed}FRH4everyamapi, maki, jaejoong, masami, ryo4 Aug 2008
Sabihin Mo Na*completed*JessikaGerald Anderson and Kim Chiu ( Kimerald )4 Aug 2008
If you are happy...would i be?[one-shot]*CompletedmushiromigalHebe Tien.Arron Yan.4 Aug 2008
Blood & Snow [Completed]Eirallina D'AmicoAriel Lin Yi Chen4 Aug 2008
My Secret Love[COMPLETED]/Let The Love BeginSelineAngeline,JoselleMae,MalditangXantaHebe+Calvin/Aaron Yan,Helga Krapf,Danson Tang4 Aug 2008
Within 4 Years... -Completed-UgaUgaHero Jaejoong, Somewhat including DBSK4 Aug 2008
Lives behind the Camera-- DBSK CompletedAutumndreamerYunjae/Jaeho, Yoosu (YAOI)4 Aug 2008
Good-Bye To You (Completed)Thuy-TienJames, Leanne3 Aug 2008
Why *COMPLETED*yummikiwiJiro Wang Selina Ren3 Aug 2008
Starts With A Goodbye (Completed!!!}bobbyjackAaronYanHebeTian EllaChenWuZun JiroWangSelinaRen3 Aug 2008
I Knew You [Completed]YuEnBig Bang3 Aug 2008
Wishing Stairs [COMPLETED]XIAOSIEeteuk (SuperJunior) ; XiahJunsu (TVXQ) ; FicChar3 Aug 2008
Eternal family love affair(COMPLETED)NAABAABYBIGBANG/NB IDOLZ2 Aug 2008
The Curse of Hee Bon (Completed)Miss SinisterXiah Junsu, Park Hee Bon, Jung Yunho1 Aug 2008
No Need To Be Perfect *COMPLETE*RukesCharmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam1 Aug 2008
~Departure~ M-T Challenge *COMPLETE*Albino_Coconut23Ella Chen & Mike He <31 Aug 2008
Move On [Completed]TyaJoe Jonas && AJ Michalka1 Aug 2008
ミ The Crying Sky (One-Shot // Completed)LingLingChoi Siwon & Fictional Character1 Aug 2008
The Thug in my Life [SHORT STORY]=COMPLETED=msz.sam :).BigBang.31 Jul 2008
The Pain of One-sided Love[Short Story]=COMPLETED=msz.sam :).BigBang & SUJU.31 Jul 2008
Love between Mr.Hotguy & Ms.Queenbee [COMPLETE]msz.sam :)Bigbang&Fictional girls31 Jul 2008
[M-T Challenge] Departure (Completed)ShootingStarXAyumi Lee & Kim KiBum31 Jul 2008
It's A Dream Come True... [D-M Challenge] Complete501stExileAaron Yan & Hebe Tian31 Jul 2008
D e p a r t u r E ::M-T ChaLLenGe:: [Completed OS]501stExileAaron Yan & Hebe Tian31 Jul 2008
Dance of Love(completed)jackie_1Myolie Wu, Bosco Wong30 Jul 2008
Loveless (for now...) *COMPLETE*octavianBig Bang, Kwon MiYoung(fiction)30 Jul 2008
Complexity of Love[rated] COMPLETEDDistinguishElla & Hebe30 Jul 2008
"Why did i fall for you,Jerk? *completed*MallicaJaejin,DBSK,Siwon,and30 Jul 2008
Did You Know..? *COMPLETED*KirishunBOYLOVE mainly DBSK members and some SUJU...30 Jul 2008
我的野蛮恶少(Viva Teamo Challenge) *Complete*Lamer_Mike He & Rainie Yang30 Jul 2008
Facing Reality, Learning To Dream [Complete]dreamscanfly (Buju) (S-K Challenge)Jiro Wang & Hebe Tian30 Jul 2008
The Dead Rose (One Shot) -COMPLETED-RinJaeJoong x YunHo x Changmin x fictional30 Jul 2008
Come Back To Me [COMPLETED]keroPIRaymond Lam + Charmaine Sheh29 Jul 2008
I Promised - Oneshot (Completed)CoconutPunchYoona, Donghae29 Jul 2008
Twisted Circumstances(COMPLETE)Hersheys65SeulGi,Yunho,Ayumi,Kibum29 Jul 2008
HOUKI BOUSHI~ My Shooting Star in-{complete}Yui.Dong Bang Shin Ki/DBSK/TVXQ + others27 Jul 2008
Eternal Beauty ~{Completed}~Hae-GiJoe Cheng + fictional27 Jul 2008
Silent Lovestory *COMPLETE*asakusaKyuhyun and a girl27 Jul 2008
Your Voice My Soul -Completed-M.Pi__FT Island [WonBin]27 Jul 2008
a school romance (COMPLETED)aggychunella26 Jul 2008
Let’s Start the Love Engine [Completed]SeventhStarElla Chen & Wu Chun (Baron Chen + F1 people)25 Jul 2008
Enters and Exits (complete)A super Jiro FanHebe&Arron Selina&Jiro Ella&Chun25 Jul 2008
Together Forever *COMPLETE*lilvietgirl aka WithoutasolAnh Minh ~ Evan ~ Trish ~ Christine Thuy Huong25 Jul 2008
Why did i end up falling for you? (COMPLETE)lAZY_aNGEL05T V X Q25 Jul 2008
SHINee in NARNIA! [COMPLETE]miss.onkeyKey, Onew, SHINee, Aslan and fics25 Jul 2008
The Jinxed Cinderella (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryHwang Tiffany & Lee Donghae24 Jul 2008
I Walk Alone [M-M Challenge] (Completed)D. Fizzlefictional (one-shot)24 Jul 2008
Love Awakening-CompletedAnneJiro Wang,Rainie Yang,Arron Yan,Hebe Tian,24 Jul 2008
Killing Them Softly (Completed)ningYamashita Tomohisa and Aragaki Yui24 Jul 2008
Bashful love triangle(COMPLETED)NAABAABYseung ri/g-dragon/ilean24 Jul 2008
Before You Go, [COMPLETE]Da HyunOnew && Fictional.23 Jul 2008
Crescent moon [One shot] ~*Completed*~Donghae4everJaejoong && Ayumi23 Jul 2008
How Important is Time? (COMPLETED)Miss SinisterJung Yunho, Bae Seul Gi, and Moon Bin23 Jul 2008
Clash ~ Completed~KaylaDBSK22 Jul 2008
Journey To Motherhood ``Completed.Ikusagimik a.k.a Kimigasuki`` Aaron Yan & Hebe Tian22 Jul 2008
The Dare(Rated R) //COMPLETED//Zapper47Yamashita Tomohisa and Maki Horikita22 Jul 2008
LOVE IN THE ICE (InMyEyesThereIsOnlyU) *COMPLETE*Nari-chaNYunjae/Jaeho (YooSu&KiMin)22 Jul 2008
[COMPLETE]My boyfriend is my soon tobe stepbrotheriLYxjaejoongSHINee,DBSJ+M, Big Bang, Hisu (FF)21 Jul 2008
If i didn't have you **Yaoi** [Completed]Joongie<3Jaejoong, Changmin, Yunho, Etc (Yaoi)21 Jul 2008
To Love Again COMPLETEDtvxq_luvr1DBSK21 Jul 2008
You STILL love me?[COMPLETED]octavianBig Bang, Kwon MiYoung(fiction)21 Jul 2008
My Tutor 2 : A Married Life [Completed]Blue Angel / Co-writer: TaiwangirlHebe Tian. Arron Yan.21 Jul 2008
无限的电影(One-shot) **Completed**lildragongurl~ aka devilishgiirl炎亚伦,Hebe21 Jul 2008
Spoonful of Sugar (NC-17 at CH12) *Completed*iheartdbsjjaeho/yunjae, jaechul, yoosu (slight)21 Jul 2008
♥ In Love We Trust ♥ [Completed]coOkiesChun ♥ Ella20 Jul 2008
HUH??U and ME??? ~*Completed*~Mallica&StephanieSHINee,BB,SUJU,DBSK,and girls!!20 Jul 2008
Fight For Eternal Love [Completed]shallowgurl........arron yan.....hebe tian.....20 Jul 2008
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Maid in Tokyo (Completed)discotequeJun & Mao, Shun, Toma, Yuta etc.17 Jul 2008
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Between Love & Not Love [COMPLETED]Baby PinkSpecial Short Story for BoTa ( Bosco & Tavia) fans17 Jul 2008
So Much Love [completed]apbear568Leila, Raymond, Tavia, Ron17 Jul 2008
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(Oneshot) Under Wraps. (Completed)heartsongChun, Ella.15 Jul 2008
Compatible (Completed)mushroom_bananaElla Chen, Wu Zun15 Jul 2008
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Promise~*completed*~JaehwanXiahTVXQ,SUJU and other fanfictional characters15 Jul 2008
Thank You for Living (completed)[[Ah^bEe]]Hee Chul15 Jul 2008
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We're all in Love With the Same Person (Complete)ElizabethHye Bin, Yunho, JaeJoong, YooChun.Junsu,ChangMin14 Jul 2008
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Meeting a gangster or an angel (complete)LB 13 Jul 2008
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X Family sequel *COMPLETED*leeyxCast of X Family and Feng11 Jul 2008
An Unwanted Marriage *.::COMPLETE::.*chibijenAaron and Hebe and Calvin Chen11 Jul 2008
Til love do us apart(R Yuri)completedSTDRainie Yang VS Hebe Tian11 Jul 2008
Catching My Breath ~Completed~mustard_loveMatt Evans & Melissa Ricks [feat. KimRald]11 Jul 2008
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(^V^) A Night in Lotte (^V^) {Completed}Snowie CupidXiah N TVXQ11 Jul 2008
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July (One-Shot) (Completed)ningJaeJoong and Ayumi10 Jul 2008
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r e a l . L O V E . s t o r y . [ COMPLETE ]A r r o n l u v e rf i c t i o n a l s6 Jul 2008
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ღ Midnight Wishes ღ [ One-Shot ] [ Completed ]xXSkyliteXxHebe Tien & Arron Yan6 Jul 2008
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Im yours for free (Yaoi)*Completed*xOlivaaxChangmin, JaeJoong, Yoochun, Yunho, Junsu3 Jul 2008
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[Lies Hurt More Than Truth] *Completed*Lovie =D [dedicated to kompoko, iCe_aNgEl, maira]Arron Hebe2 Jul 2008
Goodbye[one-shot]*Completed*mushiromigalHebe Tien.Arron Yan.2 Jul 2008
戀愛之石 (Completed ~)Jinni棒棒堂 & 莫些黑澀會美眉2 Jul 2008
I.m.possible V1:Departure.[MTChallenge](Completed)FayelynnYoga Lin, Amber Guo & Angela Zhang2 Jul 2008
♥♥♥My LaDy♥♥♥(part2) [CoMpLeTe]detxenyangbig bang, ayumi lee, chae yeon...ect30 Jun 2008
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Moments In Between (Completed)xcthaoKim Kibum, Fictional Girl, Super Junior30 Jun 2008
{1SHOT} Return of Donghae's Dad [Completed]miss.onkeyDonghae, SHINee30 Jun 2008
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Blind Date [Completed]ramimiElla Chen, Wu Zun, and others29 Jun 2008
{1SHOT} ONKEY [Complete]miss.onkeyJinki/Onew, Key, SHINee29 Jun 2008
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仅一天 [M-T writting challenge # 010] * CompleteD *dark shadowfahrenheit except chun & s.h.e29 Jun 2008
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The First Boy[s] (Completed)KanginsFutureGFBae Seul Gi, Choi Siwon, Jung Yunho, Kim Jung Hoon28 Jun 2008
***LoViNg ThE JeRk!!!*** (COMPLETED)babyblueDong youngbae and Kwon Sue-min (fictional girl)28 Jun 2008
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(轉)[改編故事]掛名夫妻 (COMPLETED)ella_370020牙犬 (^^*27 Jun 2008
The Rose With Many Answer [COMPLETE]SRSMing Dao Qiao En26 Jun 2008
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[ AV Ficlets ] [Completed]HMSChocolateAlec Su, Vicki Zhao26 Jun 2008
Mom at 20 ♥ [COMPLETED]hotwatergirlMicky Yoochun and Fictionals25 Jun 2008
Living His Shadow [Complete]KIM+Kim Jaejoong Jung Yunho25 Jun 2008
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When You Said You Loved Me *COMPLETE*XaraJAEMIN soulfighter! - JaeJoong & Changmin23 Jun 2008
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His Vow vs. His Loyalty // Complete.usagichanGolf Mike, fic. girl22 Jun 2008
_Tough Love_ [.COMPLETED.]Eternal_DreamSuper Junior [Ryeowook, Kyuhyun] {YAOI}22 Jun 2008
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My Beautiful Girl (Completed )miss CharmingChae Yeon & Lee Jun Ki21 Jun 2008
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A Star For A Star (COMPLETE)EmerhelienaXiah & other DBSK members21 Jun 2008
.: [ Unfogging the Past ] :. .: [ Completed ] :.HMSChocolateHZGG cast + original characters21 Jun 2008
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The New BigBang Member(Complete)Yuri KimSunye Kim and Jiyoung Kwon20 Jun 2008
说你爱我, 一辈子 (english) *completed!*娜娜王子 鬼鬼 黑澀會美眉 & 棒棒堂20 Jun 2008
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The Courage Of My Heart [COMPLETE]miraPark Yoo Chun, BoA, Chang Min, Lee Teuk, etc.20 Jun 2008
In His Gallery [One-Shot] *Completed*tofuuHebe Tian, Jiro Wang, Arron Yan20 Jun 2008
so close far.[one-shot]*completed*whenpigsflyHebe!!Arron!!!!20 Jun 2008
I will always love you (Completed)AutumndreamerYunho, Jaejoong, Junsu, Yoochun19 Jun 2008
Colorful Raindrops (雨。再见) - *completed*jenannselSteven Cheung, Gillian Chung19 Jun 2008
Catch Me If You Can (COMPLETE)krista_123SUJU M and Fics19 Jun 2008
Love's Direction (What is Love? 2) [COMPLETED]iHeartHankyung※Same as What is Love?※18 Jun 2008
---> The [ l i m e l i g h t ] (COMPLETE)southkorealoveSeungri / Seunghyun / JiYong / Youngbae / Daesung18 Jun 2008
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Confession [One-shot & Completed]iris_jade13`Arron `Hebe17 Jun 2008
Lost in Time (completed)anniemin hyo rin, park yoochun17 Jun 2008
幸福 *Short Story* =Completed=xiaojun炎亚纶16 Jun 2008
i think i'm in love (completed)annielee jaejin, lee ayumi, choi jong hun16 Jun 2008
~★~ *L♥ve's L♥yalty* ~★~ (2-shot... CoMpLeTe??)*♫* AnGeLiNa *♫*Hebe Tian ❤ Aaron Yan16 Jun 2008
都是命运惹的'祸' - 夏紫 (Complete)♥Bananzasmoothie♥Mainly Jiro Wang, rest of FLH, and fictionals15 Jun 2008
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You're Famous? So? -complete-ArabelBig Bang & fictional14 Jun 2008
My Bodyguardian Angel(PG13)-CompletesailortrinityElla and Chun13 Jun 2008
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{ . Fate . } - Completedyanting`` Lee DONGHAE, Lee EUNHYUK & Kim KIBUM [YAOI]13 Jun 2008
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Déjà Vu [(M-T Challenge)] (Completed)EleVeNSeung Ri13 Jun 2008
Sweet Vengeance [Completed]angeLLinaKim Ki Bum, Lee Ayumi, Choi Si Won12 Jun 2008
Heartless *COMPLETED*yummikiwiArron Yan Hebe Tian12 Jun 2008
Matchmaker Sam.*one shot*[Completed]Cupid_101Sam and fictional.12 Jun 2008
♥Your Sweet Kisses Melt Me♥ {COMPLETED}ako_ay_ako♥Joross Gamboa & Roxanne Guinoo♥ Jo♥Rox12 Jun 2008
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T w i s t e d F a t e [Completed]simply miracleDBSK11 Jun 2008
Too Late [One-Shot] [Completed]xXSkyliteXxHebe Tien & Arron Yan11 Jun 2008
When Darkness Falls [ Completed ]xXSkyliteXxHebe Tien & Arron Yan11 Jun 2008
Smiling For Eternity [ One-Shot ] [ Completed ]xXSkyliteXx [ Dedicated To xdefiine ]Hebe Tien & Arron Yan11 Jun 2008
Her [ Dedicated to Autumn_Snow ] [ Completed ]xXSkyliteXx [ One-Shot ]Hebe & Arron11 Jun 2008
A Secret Deal Between God and Me (Completed)aggyElla Chen and Wu Chun11 Jun 2008
你给的幸福 (Completed)ShigemiSinhuey Junyang11 Jun 2008
Undeclared Love,Prayed for Her Happiness(Complete)SeventhStarWu Chun - Ella Chen11 Jun 2008
The Ending of My 10 Years Career (Completed)SeventhStarElla Chen and Wu Chun11 Jun 2008
Love you, not long, just a lifetime {Completed}Lun4everAaron & Hebe11 Jun 2008
霹雳社团 (Completed)S.M炎亚纶,鬼鬼,小鬼,陆廷威,范范10 Jun 2008
Our Ten Seconds [ONE-SHOT] [COMPLETED]MyxmusicHebe Tian and Aaron Yan10 Jun 2008
***My 5 Billion Dollars***[Complete]TaiwangirlArron and Hebe10 Jun 2008
~* Yes! i love you 2 *~ (completed)salapao_nuchS.H.E (Selina,Hebe,Ella) + other10 Jun 2008
***Got to Believe*** - Completed - ^_^~bayabas~Christian Bautista & Rachelle Ann Go9 Jun 2008
Witch Lyka?(Completed)teriyaki18Shin Hye Sung (Shinhwa), Lyka9 Jun 2008
All Humans Need Friends (Completed)rei_ryochanYamadaryosuke AriokaDaiki YamamotoRei HamanoChiaki8 Jun 2008
Out of Control [One-shot] (COMPLETED)hebe_lover14 aka scattered_dreamsHebe Tien. Mike He8 Jun 2008
永远守护着你的天使♥ (Completed) 终结版★Ðark Ρrinčė★飞轮海, S H E♥, Danson, Others...8 Jun 2008
If Only.. I hadn't met You..♥ ~Completed~☆Ðark Ρrinčė☆Fahrenheit, Danson★, S.H.E and others...8 Jun 2008
Martyrdom ~♥~CompLeTeD~♥~ladycane 8 Jun 2008
"The scent of your smile" (completed)anniejaejoong, hyo joo, seung hyun7 Jun 2008
Chorus of the Sky (Completed)MisoSoupOfKpopDBSK/TVXQ and Fictionals7 Jun 2008
Together *Completed*Justine and RichellinKim Chiu and Gerald Anderson (Kimerald)7 Jun 2008
That Forever Lasting Rainbow (ONE-SHOT&COMPLETED)princess cherrie.genie zhuo wen xuan ; danson tang yu zhe7 Jun 2008
♥ My Last Serenade ♥ COMPLETEDcoOkiesChun ♥ Ella ♥ Calvin ♥ ??7 Jun 2008
If It Was To Be [completed]anotherDanson, Hebe, Jiro7 Jun 2008
Story in Story *Complete*LotusTavia, Raymond, Bernice6 Jun 2008
Who can it be? [REPOST] (COMPLETE)Ger LorEun-Su EunHyuk Maicy Henry6 Jun 2008
A heart of pure, cold Ice {COMPLETED!}mzma-arteArron Yan & Hebe Tian ♥5 Jun 2008
Me & My Regrets, Me & My Happiness (Completed)Shades of GreenOriginal Casts5 Jun 2008
Different World (Complete)KiwiFarenheit, SHE, Wu zhun, Hama Chisaki, many more..4 Jun 2008
~~Married at 16~~(Complete)TaiwangirlHebe & Arron4 Jun 2008
Déjà Vu [M-T Challenge] [Completed]Kiwi & StrawberryAyumi Lee4 Jun 2008
Existing, Forever. [Completed]halkyArron Yan && Hebe Tien4 Jun 2008
A New Life *Completed*jiyongloverBig Bang, Kim Yoobin, and more3 Jun 2008
Never Again!(Completed)teriyaki18junjin(shinhwa) , rhianne2 Jun 2008
Prince Charming? (Completed)AnyLoveKim Junsu and Zhang Li Yin2 Jun 2008
My 'What Ifs' ~ COMPLETEDiknownotDong Bang Shin Ki, fictional characters2 Jun 2008
Tricky Love. A Vampire Story [R] -COMPLETED-snowflakes065Kim Jaejoong, Kwon BoA2 Jun 2008
♣ My Life ♣ (Incomplete)xx_Janice_xxJanice, Kiki, Cora, Carolyn, Rea, Anne and etc...2 Jun 2008
Only in Time (Part 3) CompletedhaileeRay, Myolie, Ron, Bosco, Tavia1 Jun 2008
Queen Of Speed Race.(COMPLETE)A_storytellerBigBang + SoHee + Fictional1 Jun 2008
[Completed] Miracle.&st4rs;Kim Jaejoong.1 Jun 2008
美味爱恋 *completed*ZenFic [爱甫云]棒棒堂男孩 黑涩会美媚 虚构人物1 Jun 2008
The Bond between Us [COMPLETED]Cool_1312 and Exquisite1081DBSK YAOI -- Kim Jaejoong and Jung Yunho (JaeHo)31 May 2008
Lost [completed]nienaSiNae KyuHyun DongHae YoungHee JaeJoong EunHyuk31 May 2008
終極愛情 (Completed)Xue---_----Qing飛輪海、唐禹哲、Selina、Hebe、黃小柔、脩、五熊 終極一班演員31 May 2008
Somewhere to Lay My Head continues...**COMPLETE**B-happiAV31 May 2008
crush (COMPLETED)amyKwon BoA and Lee Sungmin30 May 2008
~FATE~ (One Shot - Completed)SeventhStarWu Chun and Ella Chen29 May 2008
(oneshot) ALIENS! (completed)eternal_promiseEunhae, Kyumin(cameos): Hangeg, Heechul29 May 2008
an innocent innocent luv (Completed)azn_pimpDBSK(Kim Junsu) n fictional girl29 May 2008
Mr. Egotistic Jacked My Pencil! (COMPLETED)cheese~cakeDBSK (xiah junsu) and jang ri in29 May 2008
RAIN *COMPLETE*shycapri8Jaeho , dbsk29 May 2008
Fate (Oneshot) Complete -jannahper-per aka jannahChun and Ella29 May 2008
Fire Flies COMPLETED!KlorKim Ki Bum and Fic29 May 2008
Stay with me (Completed)biniBningPunkistaInoue Mao and Ikuta Toma28 May 2008
Sing From Your Heart ~Complete~juicy_lemonHebe Tian ~ Aaron Yan28 May 2008
Fate...[COMPLETE]i_luv_donghaedonghae, BoA28 May 2008
Switched!!! ~*~Complete~*~crashedANGELdonghae,fictional,leeteuk28 May 2008
Not YOU Again! --^^COMPLETED^^--tcoobieLee JunKi -- Nam Sang Mi28 May 2008
Hana Kimi: nakatsu wins!!! [completed]chappy bunnyIkuta Toma ,Maki Horikita28 May 2008
Love of my life COMPLETEdetxenyangSHINee....ect27 May 2008
mars in pisces (completed)feytha girl and a boy27 May 2008
When an Old Flame is Revived [Completed]Kitsie-chanCalvin Chen, Arron Yan, Fictional.27 May 2008
Online Now (COMPLETE)EmerhelienaMax & other DBSK members26 May 2008
there's no one .. *COMPLETED* PLEASE READ LAST A/Nasianpridex3jayjay(fic)youngbae minhwan (fics)26 May 2008
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Eyes Closed Tight ~~ Completed~~JoeAnnEdison Gillian Jay Charlene26 May 2008
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Time to Move On {Complete}Silent_TearsFarenheit & S.H.E3 Apr 2008
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23rd March.... *completed*jas__ ` LOST ©= Hebe & Arron =31 Mar 2008
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Coffee Thief (One-Shot/Completed)chocodreamerNishikido Ryo and ?28 Mar 2008
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Holding Back the Tears (completed)donna_xDjunsu, yoochun,jang ri in, hankyung ,dbsk25 Mar 2008
IT WAS FORESEEN BY THE THIRD EYE *COMPLETED*shycapri8suju (five of the members) and fictional.24 Mar 2008
Angel (Completed)yamapiggyInoue Mao & Matsumoto Jun24 Mar 2008
I'm A Hmong Girl Who Went To Korea![complete]jthao and nvangKim JaeJoong Hanna(fiction) DBSK24 Mar 2008
Welcome to My World (Completed)Angel15Jay Chou , Jolin Tsai , Show Luo24 Mar 2008
Inside Every Girl There Is A Boy {Completed!}bobbyjackHebe+Aaron Ella+Chun Selina+Jiro Rainie+Calvin24 Mar 2008
Pursuit of CompletenessElinovyMaki Horikita and Yamashita Tomohisa24 Mar 2008
On December 27th (completed)atlantis-xKwon BoA and fictional23 Mar 2008
Agent J(my version)(one shot, completed)NarcissusJolin, Show23 Mar 2008
因为你,我不再寂寞 *completed*xxxgeniexxx炎亚纶、田馥甄、唐禹哲23 Mar 2008
My Love Cannot Be Without You~ {Completed}CrazyGal1314Arron + Hebe22 Mar 2008
My Life (Edited){Completed}EmmaRobinson16Me, My twin Bro Darrell, Ethan, and more22 Mar 2008
Special To Me completedLornickDenise Laurel and Joross Gamboa and others21 Mar 2008
Can't without you[YAOI] (Completed)thebestSungMin,YeSung(SuJu)21 Mar 2008
Persevering Love [Completed]FionaAkanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya, Xiao Zhu, Xiao Gui21 Mar 2008
My Numb Heart[Complete]HarukoKim JaeJoong, Lee Ayumi20 Mar 2008
~.:*(Lavender Star)*:.~ (COMPLETED)TeppiChoi Siwon and Ayumi Lee20 Mar 2008
Secret Affections { COMPLETE }SeasonsChangeFahrenheit and S.H.E.R20 Mar 2008
You Don't Own Me -complete-iluvaznmenKim Jaejoong + Anne Hathaway20 Mar 2008
Let me Love U (Complete)sweet-anneJaejoong, Ayumi, Yoona & Donghae20 Mar 2008
Mistakes *ONE SHOT* (Completed)RachettoArron Yan and anyone you want.20 Mar 2008
Go on...And I'll meet you halfway there.(Complete)KeleosLee Hom, Hebe (short story)20 Mar 2008
Kidnap my Heart ~completed~Click FiverThe Click Five,Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Tisdale20 Mar 2008
the complicated sequel to x-family*COMPLETED*mushiromigalcast of zhong ji yi jia,zhong ji yi ban etc20 Mar 2008
Perfect for you [complete]Happy&RandomKim, Jaejoong & rest of DBSK20 Mar 2008
you are my strength.. COMPLETEDiluvaznmenJo jung rin and Jo kye hyung19 Mar 2008
Rumors Created By Fantasy *One-Shot* -Completed-CoOkies & MilkDedicated to Yunjae and Yungi- No Love19 Mar 2008
undecided [complete]gerMinHwan, EunHyuk (Hyuk Jae), Mary, Maicy19 Mar 2008
In Your wOrld ****completed****Kei HojoMaki Erika Toda Yamapi Kame Oguri Shun Aya19 Mar 2008
WITH YOU (completed)mymyx2Jang Ri In // Kim Jun Su18 Mar 2008
Unconditional Love (Completed)Angel15Jolin Tsai & Show Luo18 Mar 2008
Never Let You Go - oneshot (completed)tara{sumon asago}{munakata kai} - tokyo crazy paradise18 Mar 2008
Your Birthday Present(complete)LingeuhJunsu and Jang Ri In17 Mar 2008
White Christmas - A Christmas Special [Completed]xJaNxArronYan DansonTang CalvinChen JiroWang&Fictionals17 Mar 2008
Yunho is My What?! [COMPLETED]mellowDBSK fictional character16 Mar 2008
纯。爱[completed]mysterymaodi and fict girl.16 Mar 2008
Here in the shadows...[Completed!!]ILikeGrapesArron Yan and Hebe Tian16 Mar 2008
Love (completed)WhateverJaeho15 Mar 2008
huh?! Im a superstar gf's?! COMPLETEDcreampieDBSK (micky yoochun) and fictionals15 Mar 2008
Things can happen in WEIRD ways...(Completed)MiNhWaN_Fan xD DoNgHaE_FaN Has a new name!Super Junior ,SNSD, Sugar...blah blah15 Mar 2008
Mr. Wrong [completed]xxAaronxxHebe, Aaron && Rainie15 Mar 2008
Yes I am the devil, but you are my angel*CompletedJunsulover92Kim Junsu wit DBSK & Fictional girl15 Mar 2008
Baby You-CompletedKaylaDBSK14 Mar 2008
~My Cousin is a Pop Star?! 2~(Completed)fob4everChangmin, Donghae, Kari(BoA)14 Mar 2008
Do I Love Him? [Completed]CherishJunsu and Li Yin Fictional and DBSK including BSG13 Mar 2008
Our Love Story (completed)winter_loveElla Chen, Wu Chun, Selina, Fahrenheit13 Mar 2008
The First Snowflake *completed*Bliss & xxxgeniexxxArron Yan, Hebe Tien13 Mar 2008 [Complete]`~怕羞妹Gillian Charlene Edison Nicholas 13 Mar 2008
Would you still love me after the midnight bell?kompokoElla Chen, Jiro Wang (complete)12 Mar 2008
Perfect Guy On Christmas (One Shot) -Completed-CoOkies & MilkDonghae... EunMi11 Mar 2008
Forgive Her (complete)AmberJunsu, Zhang LiYin10 Mar 2008
♫ School Love ♫ (COMPLETE)xx_Janice_xxAaron, Hebe, Gui Gui & Wang Zi10 Mar 2008
The Vampire King 1½: This Is Reality (Complete)lavender_cupidKim Jaejoong & me(Lee Yoohee)10 Mar 2008
12+12=1 (COMPLETED)PararaeDBSK (YAOI)9 Mar 2008
Missing Diary... *COMPLETED*♥Kyuhyun♥Aaron Yan-Selina Ren--Calvin-Rainie--Hebe9 Mar 2008
love love love [COMPLETED]loveloveloveKangin (Suju).Chaeyeon.Yunho U-Know.9 Mar 2008
But I Love You x/3 [[Complete]]basically me [:Micky YooChun // GDragon // Me // Mandy8 Mar 2008
What is Love? [COMPLETED]iHeartHankyungHankyung Siwon Kibum Seulgi ChaeYeon Jang Ri In8 Mar 2008
.Rigor Mortis. [Completed]SheepolingAssorted Taiwanese Actors/Actresses8 Mar 2008
Our Love Contract (Completed)Crestfallen_@ngelJay CHOU, Jolin TSAI8 Mar 2008
Love is All I Need [Completed]idolzfreak and friend(s)TVXQ/DBSK,BoA,Bae Seulgi,Super Junior,Heebon,Bomi8 Mar 2008
Secrets of the Heart (Complete)xyaytrayceeFahrenheit, Tank, Danson, & Fictional7 Mar 2008
*♥* SpeLL BoUnD *♥* ~❤COMPLETE❤~*♫* AnGeLiNa *♫**Hebe Tian, Aaron Yan* (S.H.E. and Fahrenheit)7 Mar 2008
Memories of Love (Completed)StephieEdison and Gillian6 Mar 2008
Be mine... [Completed]Justine ZamoraDenise Laurel and Joross Gamboa6 Mar 2008
The Vampire King 1: His Real First Love (Complete)lavender_cupidKim Jaejoong & me(Lee Yoohee)6 Mar 2008
Time [completed]shardauneiIkuta Toma & Kurose Manami6 Mar 2008
The Pain...[incompleted]xxFanficxxVarious Artists6 Mar 2008
December 25(Complete)lingeuhjunsu and fictional5 Mar 2008
If I Could turn Back the Hands of Time(COMPLETED)vannieA Y U M I & K I B U M5 Mar 2008
My 3rd Love [complete!]Jenny ThaoJaeJoong, Jenny,and more....5 Mar 2008
what is love?(COMPLETE^^)dbsklvrbae seul gi, donghae, and minors5 Mar 2008
美妙路程 [completed]mysteryAndy哥和自创女孩.5 Mar 2008
☆The Art of Photography☆*complete*FelichanMain:Loan Felisha(me) G-Dragon Minor: Hebe, LeeHom5 Mar 2008
My Feelings For You (poem)~complete~FelichanMandy & Andrew5 Mar 2008
A Crappy Fairytale (Completed)PatriciaArron Yan + Hebe Tian4 Mar 2008
Are you the one? *COMPLETED*PoodleChristian Bautista and Rachelle Ann Go4 Mar 2008
Unfortunate Love *One Shot* (Completed)AmIChristieTVXQ *one shot*3 Mar 2008
The Slightest Distance (completed)Machi!xxYamashita Tomohisa & Horikita Maki3 Mar 2008
Key of Life (One Shot) [Complete]CalliopeNakamaru Yuichi (w/KAT-TU and guest)3 Mar 2008
MaybE It's LovE?? *Complete*IneLuvPink87Chun Ella Aaron etc etc etc3 Mar 2008
~*Beauty*~ [Completed]FayelynnArron Yan and Hebe Tien [P.S.Challenge#2]3 Mar 2008
Band-age (MT Challenge)Keleos (Complete)Fahrenheit3 Mar 2008
Bonding Like You're Super Glue (Completed)KanginsFutureGFLeeteuk, Soojin, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Ayumi2 Mar 2008
Eternity[One.Shot] [Completed]JessicaDonghae[Super Junior] and Tiffany[SNSD]2 Mar 2008
just don't cry -completed-iluvaznmenKangin, Leeteuk + fic chick2 Mar 2008
Fate Made The Right Choice (completed)suju4everluvLee Sungmin, Bae Seulgi, k-pop singers~2 Mar 2008
束缚 (Completed)施雨惟hebe ella2 Mar 2008
s2 [Love gives us a fairytale] COMPLETEDs2.miChDonghae, Kibum, Bae Seul Gi, Hero, Ayumi2 Mar 2008
From, Anonymous[Completed] [One-shot]sn0wiie [ffaddicts challenge]Danson, Hebe2 Mar 2008
rescue me from this frozen abyss... [completed]theres'a tranp.s. challenge entries :]2 Mar 2008
Never Letting Go [Completed]Bunny (aka Wendy >_<)Edison Chen and Gillian Chung1 Mar 2008
My Love With a Super Star 2(completed)Amy&AnnieJiro,Arron,Wu Chun,Hebe,fictionnal1 Mar 2008
He & She (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryJessica Jung & Donghae Lee1 Mar 2008
My Memories...(Completed)MiNhWaN_Fan xD DoNgHaE_FaN Has a new name!Super Junior,SnSd, Random characters....Ayumi.....1 Mar 2008
My only wish *One shot* [completed]xxAaronxxHebe Tian & Aaron Yan1 Mar 2008
11 Roses (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryKim HyungJoon & Lee Ayumi1 Mar 2008
*Crane Affinity* [Completed]Lovie =DElla Jiro Chun and other minors1 Mar 2008
心的形狀 [Shape of the Heart] (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang1 Mar 2008
My Love With a Super Star(completed)A Super Jiro FanJiro,Chun,Arron,S.H.E.29 Feb 2008
Love is in The Air (Complete)mitchykimerald with mattmel and sharay29 Feb 2008
认识爱 [completed]mystery敖犬[bbt]29 Feb 2008
xx. Le M A L E Desperado .xx [ Completed ]fairyytale__xx && `__broken reminiscenceJ. Chou . x x . J. Tsai29 Feb 2008
Be My Lady (completed)annakimerald28 Feb 2008
My Ultimate Loveteam*~COMPLETED~*simply_me*Rayver & Shaina* *John & Maja *28 Feb 2008
Hurt By Love...[[Completed]]Im A FishHebe Tian, Aaron Yan27 Feb 2008
Hot Chocolate [A Christmas Special] (Completed)blackisprettyArron & Hebe27 Feb 2008
♥Nobody, But You. The One I Love♥(COMPLETED)u_know_whoJoRox Roxanne & Joross27 Feb 2008
LOVE IS BLIND *COMPLETED*shycapri8Yoochun and Changmin; DBSK27 Feb 2008
情人节的礼物 (Completed)0088~*Show 罗志祥 任家萱 Selina*26 Feb 2008
Thats my bitch (completed)feilunhai824Arron Yan and Hebe Tian26 Feb 2008
To Be Loved By A Vampire (Completed)kioko_chanDBSK and some Fictional characters26 Feb 2008
Something In You-COMPLETEDkathpjHero and Sandara26 Feb 2008
From, Anonymous.(FFAddicts VdayChallenge)Completedshoeshin.EHebe &Arron.26 Feb 2008
♥You Mean So Much To Me♥ {COMPLETED}ako_ay_ako♥Joross Gamboa & Roxanne Guinoo♥ Kultong Jo♥Rox26 Feb 2008
Last Breath (One Shot) (Complete)AsianSensation:)Arron Yan, Rainie Yang24 Feb 2008
The Amulet [P.S Challenge #2] [COMPLETE]Xiao XingGo EunA and Jung Yunho plus other minor characters24 Feb 2008
Caring Enough To Shed Tears {Completed}darkxangel8Hebe-&-Aaron24 Feb 2008
From, Anonymous ♥Completed♥Ikayaya_xXxChangmin and fictional girl24 Feb 2008
I Only Saw You, But You Only Saw Him. [complete!]strawberriezHyeGyo, Junsu, Jaejoong, Shin Hye24 Feb 2008
From, Anonymous (One-shot) (Completed)ning (Orij Gnin)Jiro Wang & Hebe Tian24 Feb 2008
最初的真爱 [M-T Writing Challenge #15] COMPLETED;Milkystar(:王子; 鬼鬼24 Feb 2008
Seeking & Running (Adult Contents) (Completed)CCJessica Hsuan, Louis Koo24 Feb 2008
Finding You in Loving Memory♥ [(COMPLETED)]xSIMPLIClTYCharmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam23 Feb 2008
Ever Since I Met My Angel {Completed}CrazyGal1314Fahrenheit + Fictional Characters23 Feb 2008
Wilted Rose [Completed]Fayelynn[P.S. Challenge #2]23 Feb 2008
Love...Something That Can't Be Stop-Completed!-bobbyjackHebe+Aaron Chun+Ella Selina+Jiro Calvin+Rainie23 Feb 2008
Two People. Two Worlds. One Soul. [Complete]1_dreamCharmaine ∙ Raymond23 Feb 2008
Thank You for Your Love (completed)donghae_luvsKiBum, Park Hee Bon, Go Eun Ah, Kang-In22 Feb 2008
Curse of the Black Roses [Completed]KatrinaEdison Chen, Gillian Chung22 Feb 2008
Birds in Spring [P.S. Challenge #2] (completed)BleedLikeMe周杰倫Jay 王心凌Cyndi21 Feb 2008
One in a Million (COMPLETE)meiixliHebe Tian and Arron Yan20 Feb 2008
LOVE WARS PART 2 [COMPLETE]EllenKim Kibum, Ayumi Lee, Bae Seul gi, Brian joo20 Feb 2008
I HATE YOU. And now im falling for you!?[COMPLETE]superjunior is my drugFT Island.. mainly wonbinniee20 Feb 2008
A Valentine's Day Story (one-shot) [completed]Blue AngelWu Chun && Ella Chen19 Feb 2008
Defy Not The Heart (Completed)My Anh NguyenJessica Hsuan & Louis Koo18 Feb 2008
With/Without Changmin (complete)Prince_DongHunDBSK,Super Juni~Or18 Feb 2008
Quitting Doesn't Exist (Completed)KanginsFutureGFSuper Junior (dedicated to suju4everluv)18 Feb 2008
Shattered Memories (Completed)PandaloverBae Seul Gi & Jung Yunho18 Feb 2008
Ain't It a Small World [complete]justwannawriteDBSK18 Feb 2008
CUPID'S SHUFFLE *COMPLETED*shycapri8Yoochun and Junsu of DBSK18 Feb 2008
Love Can Be Such A Miracle (Completed)ChanelBosco Wong & Tavia Yeung18 Feb 2008
The Lie That Led To Love [Completed]MiroKim Jae Joong, Shim Changmin18 Feb 2008
My Cousin is a Pop Star?! (Completed)fob4everDBSK, Super Junior, fictional girl(BoA)18 Feb 2008
Love is Identical [COMPLETED]iHeartHankyungHankyung ★ Ayumi ★ Kibum ★ YoonA17 Feb 2008
The Silver Box ( Completed )hersheybarCharlene Choi, Edison Chen17 Feb 2008
黑糖甜甜圈 *Completed*ZenFic [爱甫云]棒棒堂男孩 黑涩会美媚 虚构人物17 Feb 2008
Valentine Chocolates (complete) - short storyhangook_sonyalee donghae and lee eunsung17 Feb 2008
Waiting for you...~*Completed*~Donghae4everAyumi, Jaejin, Donghae && Sunmi16 Feb 2008
♥Fr0m An0nym0us♥ *✿*COMPLETE*✿**♫* AnGeLiNa *♫*Hebe Tian ♥ Aaron Yan16 Feb 2008
Mister Coward (One-Shot) (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryLee Jaejin & Kim Taeyeon16 Feb 2008
Please be my valentine [completed (: ]asiancloudT.O.P,Ayumi16 Feb 2008
To Tame The Devil *COMPLETED*PeacefulJessica Hsuan & Louis Koo16 Feb 2008
A new family a new life[Complete]Jenny ThaoJaeJoong fiction girl (might change the tittle)15 Feb 2008
Valentine One Shot (completed)teddybear :)Arron and Hebe15 Feb 2008
MY LOVE - CompletedPinkNalgeneLee Seung Gi, Chae Yeon15 Feb 2008
Chatting Until... *Complete*KimberlySHE, Fahrenheit15 Feb 2008
Betrayal At Valentine (One-Shot) (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryAyumi Lee & Kibum Kim14 Feb 2008
Dreams of a Love Song (Completed) A/N updatekawaii_lovesuper junior + fictional characters + big bang14 Feb 2008
high school trouble - - - - - Now completedLeeJunsu, Alice Lee, Yoochun...14 Feb 2008
Valentine's Day[One-shot][Completed]brokenetcKwon Ji Yong and Lee Soon Kyu14 Feb 2008
Love Like No Other (1-shOt) CompletedLazIe_mEKi Bum & fic14 Feb 2008
IThinkI'veFoundWhatI'veBeenLookingFor <3COMPLETE<3tcoobie & xcthaoTOP, Kibum, & made up characters14 Feb 2008
♥Vampire Lover♥(COMPLETED)lambertRoxanne&Joross13 Feb 2008
- Elements of Love - (Completed)SilverDragonFictional [One-Shots]13 Feb 2008
From, Anonymous (Completed)PatriciaArron Yan & Hebe Tian13 Feb 2008
What About Love? (completed)bedazzledJerry Yan and Barbie Hsu (JnB)13 Feb 2008
From, Anonymous [TWO-SHOT] [COMPLETED]RebornLoveYui Aragaki, Haruma Miura13 Feb 2008
Mixed Up [rated] COMPLETEDsixfictional13 Feb 2008
JuSt oNcE ( COMPLETED)kittykenximen-xiao you (with kelly lin and mike he)12 Feb 2008
i hope she knows(COMPLETED)SusanBigbang (mainly seung ri)12 Feb 2008
♦ ♥ ♣ ♠ The Island ♠ ♣ ♥ ♦ (COMPLETE)xx_Janice_xxS.H.E, Fahrenheit11 Feb 2008
From, Anonymous {Short Story} ~*Completed*~azngrl1359Chun & Ella11 Feb 2008
Our Love Story - The Sequel (Completed)Crestfallen_@ngelJay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Juventus Chou (Fictional)11 Feb 2008
Diamond Dust(completed)Rainy123fictional9 Feb 2008
Trust (Completed)KuTiE_sTaRsJiRo SeLiNa HeBe AaRoN etc9 Feb 2008
Rule Breaking *Completed* :DDDDDArtzz (WorstWriter)S.H.E and Fahrenheit8 Feb 2008
One Last Day *Completed*.:Sarangni:.Hye Sung, Minwoo, Ji Sung8 Feb 2008
★ New Years 2008 ★ (COMPLETE)xx_Janice_xxHebe & Arron (S.H.E, Fahrenheit, Angela)8 Feb 2008
Doppleganger (YAOI) (Completed)Ji YulDBSK & Red Crayon Aristocrat (Rule of Rose)8 Feb 2008
The heartaches of friendship ((completed))majojay chou (one shot)8 Feb 2008
Repayment [One- Shot and Completed]MinakoTavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Myolie Wu7 Feb 2008
Let Me Love You [Completed]angeLLinaLee Ayumi, Kim Ki Bum, Kim Jae Joong7 Feb 2008
Once Upon A Curse *Completed*sn0wiieJiroW, GenieZ, DansonT, ArronY, HebeT, JimmyL7 Feb 2008
The Long Wait [Completed]sn0wiieDanson Tang, Fahrenheit, S.H.E, Genie and Angela7 Feb 2008
The Melody(Completed)Kim BunnieJaeHo7 Feb 2008
When Twin Hearts Meet (completed)suju4everluvLee Donghae, Bae Seulgi, other artists6 Feb 2008
..::So Your Roomate`s a Pervert::..[completed!]Sheepoling (Serenity Challenge)Wu Zun & Ella Chen6 Feb 2008
The Sacrifice Of Love (One-Shot and Completed)ratanaArron Yan, Hebe Tian, Calvin Chen6 Feb 2008
I Love You<33 ((finally completed!!))kanginGF418Super Junior<33, other korean celebrities6 Feb 2008
After Kurosagi [OneShot] CompleteFallingWatersYamaki (Yamashita Tomohisa & Maki Horikita)5 Feb 2008
Graduation Day(One-Shot) [Complete]KatrinaEdison Chen, Gillian Chung4 Feb 2008
All Your Lies [One-shot] (Completed)Blue AngelArron Yan && Hebe Tian4 Feb 2008
Rainbow 彩虹 [Completed]专属天使の悪戯なKissKim Jaejoong, Roy Chiu Ze, & fictional girl Jae4 Feb 2008
Invisible `Completed;blissreverie` Hebe && Arron , Rainie3 Feb 2008
180 Degrees (Completed)KanginsFutureGFElaine (fic), Junsu, Kibum (for CoOkies & Milk)3 Feb 2008
The Cheating way completedLornickdenise joross maja jay-r3 Feb 2008
A Tear Drop [COMPLETE]Jenny ThaoJaeJong(don't knw yet)3 Feb 2008
Win Her Heart! [completed]chocolaate_x3Myolie Bosco Raymond Ron3 Feb 2008
Blood Tastes Better with Chocolates (Completed).flavored and The Unholy OneJay Chou, Zha Zha3 Feb 2008
The Day that Never Was [One-Shot][Completed]sn0wiieJiro, Hebe3 Feb 2008
the person i love is my sibling[COMPLETED]Rated Mfeilunhai824Jiro Wang and Hebe Tian2 Feb 2008
beauty is only skin deep. (yaoi) COMPLETED.tsQuarejaeho, TVXQ and maybe more.2 Feb 2008
~Till There Was You~CompletedangelRainie Yang + Mike He + minors2 Feb 2008
The Last Year : CompletedSushiCharlene C. Edison C. John Hoon K. Jiro W.2 Feb 2008
Perfect Boyfriend {complete}AmberZhang LiYin and Junsu1 Feb 2008
Is it possible to Love you? [ COMPLETED]SapphirexblueFictional girl,Kim kibum,Lee Donghae,(MINORS) suju1 Feb 2008
Affinity Unbounded ..::COMPLETED::..SheepolingS.H.E + Fahrenheit1 Feb 2008
Won't Go Home Without You... *Completed*heart_brokenAlex Fong, Stephy Tang1 Feb 2008
When The Time Comes (Completed)~BabyP~Fahrenheit, SHE, Rainie, Jolin1 Feb 2008
My Artsy Boy (Completed)KanginsFutureGFDonghae, Bae Seul Gi (dedicated to Donghae4ever)31 Jan 2008
The Road to Love (Completed)ningJiro Wang & Hebe Tian31 Jan 2008
An Illusional Tale*Completed*GregoryRaymond Lam,Myolie Wu,Charmaine Sheh31 Jan 2008
Sweeter than valentine chocolate [OneShot]CompleteFallingWatersYamaki (Yamashita Tomoshisa + Maki Horikita)31 Jan 2008
COINCIDENCE? Part1: E-mail Friendship [Complete]j___Arron Yan & Fictional31 Jan 2008
The Unknown (Completed)biniBningPunkistaInoue Mao and Eiji Wentz30 Jan 2008
Oops! Wrong Number! *Complete*writing4funHebe and Jiro29 Jan 2008
Leave 2 [COMPLETE]jthao&nvangJaeJoong fiction Linn,Jenny and maybe DBSK28 Jan 2008
No other choice! [completed]pearl_rainLee Hong Gi and Choi Soo Young28 Jan 2008
i really love euu [completed]hahaswadsupeuu n me28 Jan 2008
His True Love(COMPLETE)^^vdbsklvrBae Seul Gi, Junsu, HeeBon, dbsk, and other people27 Jan 2008
Broken Hearted +Completed+TsuzukiAaron and Hebe - S.E and rest of fahrenheit27 Jan 2008
Hip-Hop Princess-complete-A_storytellerBig bang & fictional [:27 Jan 2008
M. V. E. ming dao vs. qiao en [COMPLETED]y3eM I N G E N27 Jan 2008
被禁止的爱情 Forbidden Love♥ (Completed) 终结版★Ðark Ρrinčė★飞轮海, S H E♥, 终极一班/终极一家 Others...27 Jan 2008
[`Cookies&Cream] *Christmas Special* (Completed)tinted_leilaTONG, boscoWONG27 Jan 2008
ღWish For Loveღ *Completed*♥Kyuhyun♥Aaron Yan, Hebe Tian26 Jan 2008
Why me? (completed)curiousChangmin and Hyori26 Jan 2008
Wish Upon A Star (Completed)CoOkies & Milk (use to be known as KiBuM)Ayumi, Donghae (dedicated to Kiwi and Strawberry)26 Jan 2008
Serendipity 奇缘 [Completed]专属天使の悪戯なKiss, TedheadsTVXQ Jaejoong, Junsu & U-Know26 Jan 2008
untitled Completetekktekk12DBSK26 Jan 2008
Forever Love [Rated] *COMPLETED*Her Royal RandomnessJaejoong & fictional character Kim25 Jan 2008
Over Her (COMPLETED)elle_riaBackstreet Boys (yes, AGAIN)25 Jan 2008
纯 Pure innocence 洁[Completed]SheepolingShow and Selina25 Jan 2008
Trainee in love [Complete]rose_is_katTVXQ, SS501, and fictional characters25 Jan 2008
Crushed [completed]/[one-shot]shadz81Oguri Shun and Yamashita Tomohisa24 Jan 2008
~★~ L♥Ve Fulfilled ~★~ .: CoMpLeTe :.*♫* AnGeLiNa *♫*Hebe Tian ♥ Aaron Yan24 Jan 2008
Vampire's Wish [Completed]SweetSJaejoong and me24 Jan 2008
You're My Warrior(complete)cutegirlYuri(snsd),Kyuhyun(suju)23 Jan 2008
.x. * After a Hundred Years * .x. [completed].x. babby melon .x..x. rainie * fahrenheit * she * danson * ariel .x.22 Jan 2008
You Still Have Me [One-Shot & Completed]halkyA r r o n . Y && H e b e .T22 Jan 2008
A drama-ed puppy love {repost} (completed)mzma-arte 21 Jan 2008
Wind It Up {Completed}ladyluckkYoochun, Fictional, Junsu21 Jan 2008
Kissing You (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryDong Hae and Jessica21 Jan 2008
Me, His Maid [Completed]forever_sfhHebe & Aaron21 Jan 2008
Why You? (Completed) Dedicated to KanginsFutureGFSaranghaeXSujuSooyoung, Hongki, FT Island, and SNSD20 Jan 2008
Vampire's Kiss [Completed]Taeyeon<3Kim Junsu & Zhang Li yin20 Jan 2008
Anonymity(Completed)Ida101Charmaine Raymond Jessica Moses Bernice Ron Bosco20 Jan 2008
.:In My High School - The Nerd:. {(COMPLETED)}loloiArron, Hebe, Selina, Show, Jay20 Jan 2008
TIMELESS LOVE(complete)cutegirlDana(The Grace) Kangin(Suju) Jungmin(ss501)20 Jan 2008
xxxLoving mr dolphinxxx(Completed)xxxJunsulover189xxxYoon eun hye,Dbsk,Boa,Bae seul gi, suju19 Jan 2008
•¤•¨º₪ Cursed •¤•¨º₪ (Completed)•Maple•Kim Jeong Hoon, Ella, Wu Zun ++18 Jan 2008
What Can I Do? +completed+TrayC & ravelfield.Ron Ng, Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu, Leila Tong18 Jan 2008
The Love Bird (Complete)Panda BearRuby Lin, Benny Chan, Linda Cheung, Roger Kwok16 Jan 2008
Undenying.Love 2(COMPLETED)yoshi&midnightS.H.E&Fahrenheit16 Jan 2008
Destined 遐想 [Completed]专属天使の悪戯なKiss, TedheadsRoy Chiu, Jun Matsumoto, Show Luo15 Jan 2008
Winter Love [Completed]Sierra-The BlueMoon*-Fictional-*14 Jan 2008
Shattered [Completed]DriftWallace Huo & Michelle Yip/Ye14 Jan 2008
The Bad Girl (COMPLETED)elle_riaKen Zhu & Rainie Yang13 Jan 2008
For Better Or For Worse [Rated M] (Completed)arcencielChun and Ella13 Jan 2008
Smile Again (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryKim Jung Hoon & Ayumi Lee13 Jan 2008
Things are easier said than Done (COMPLETED)meme and my girlfriend.13 Jan 2008
收到你的心,已经太迟了 (completed)another (Viva-Teamo Challenge)Danson, Hebe (one-shot)13 Jan 2008
[One Shot]Friends* (Complete)KimberlyHebe, Aaron13 Jan 2008
Wait for Me, My Love (Completed)KanginsFutureGFAyumi, Kibum (dedicated to bluestar_)12 Jan 2008
[*** The Free-Spirited Princess ***] Completedfairy219[*** Story of royal prince & princess ***]12 Jan 2008
The Contract [Completed]teekaiiiFahrenheit, S.H.E & minors12 Jan 2008
No Problem. 無所為 [Completed]Big GhostCharlene, Steven, Gillian, Shawn12 Jan 2008
The First and Last New Year(completed)LingeuhYoochun; Changmin, Fictional girls11 Jan 2008
Goodbye... Or not (One-shot Completed)Little AngelHebe Tian and Arron Yan11 Jan 2008
Poems (Completed)Sarah2008 11 Jan 2008
Our Love Story (Completed)Crestfallen_@ngelJay Chou, Jolin Tsai11 Jan 2008
爱情来了[completed]影乐王子敖犬鬼鬼丫头毛弟小薰11 Jan 2008
Hidden Affection [Late X-mas Special] +Completed+lil_tigerCharmaine Sheh [佘詩曼] and Raymond Lam [林峯] + Others11 Jan 2008
Love like a fanfic (Completed)Heeko ChanSuper Junior, DBSK, Lee Junki, KiHyun, and more!11 Jan 2008
*~Always Be With You~* .:Completed:.lilvi3tgurl♥ Bosco&Michelle // Ron&Leila ♥10 Jan 2008
The Christmas Touch [COMPLETED]RandomnessRon Ng & Leila Tong10 Jan 2008
Crashed into love ~*~complete~*~crashedANGELleeteuk,fictional character,suju10 Jan 2008
H A E N G B O K[Completed]Sapphire_Blue13SuJu, TVXQ, Jang Ri In, Fic.characters10 Jan 2008
Lost Reflection *FE Challenge* *COMPLETED*frh_rocks!!Hebe Tien+Aaron Yan**Selina Ren+Calvin Chen9 Jan 2008
Sonata De Amour (Completed)MirageHebe Tian, Jay Chou, Arron Yan9 Jan 2008
To the End of this World(complete)TaessicaTaeyeon Jessica(SNSD) Yunho(TVXQ)8 Jan 2008
enternal happiness *COMPLETED*Joongie_luvjaejoong -fictional girl -dbsk8 Jan 2008
Once Upon A Summer (Completed)iknownotDBSK (mainly U-Know Yunho) & fictional girl8 Jan 2008
Underneath the Willow Tree /Completed/TrayCLouis Koo & Jessica Hsuan8 Jan 2008
Waiting For You (Completed)Angel15Show Luo , Jolin Tsai , Jay Chou7 Jan 2008
Right Here Right Now (Completed)Lil DaisyAkanishi Jin, Kim Eugene, Oguri Shun7 Jan 2008
All for two bowls of Ice Cream (Completed)Cheng26Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng, Ella, Wu Zun6 Jan 2008
Ticket To Heaven (COMPLETED)minifantasyJiro & Selina6 Jan 2008
E.N.C.H.A.N.T.E.D -DBSK Y.AOI- -COMPLETED-Cool_1312Kim Junsu and Park Yoochun (DBSK YAOI)6 Jan 2008
invisible love(COMPLETE)dbsklvrjae joong, bae seul gi, and minors6 Jan 2008
hotel horrors ~*~complete~*~crashedANGELdbsk fictional ayumi seulgi5 Jan 2008
I'm willing to {Completed}ShigemiSinHuey JunYang5 Jan 2008
One and only..... who will she love? [Completed]Justine ZamoraDenise Laurel, Joross Gamoba and Joem Bascon4 Jan 2008
Lost LOVE on X-Mas *completed*~CharIsABelle~Edison Chen & Charlene Choi4 Jan 2008
LovE RectanglE *completed*~CharIsABelle~Edison Charlene Nicholas Gillian4 Jan 2008
B I T T E R S W E E T (Completed)KhaiU-Know YunHo, Micky YooChun, fictional girls4 Jan 2008
BATANES RENDEZVOUS (One Shot Only )- COMPLETED-kittykenxiao tian/cheng lin/iza calzado3 Jan 2008
How to Save a Life ~CoMpLEte!!!!Master Baka_chan & DorKaBLeDBSK - Series of ONE-SHOTS [Y.A.O.I]3 Jan 2008
The Life Of...(completed)TaessicaSNSD SUJU3 Jan 2008
Miracle (completed)bedazzledDao Ming Si and San Chai3 Jan 2008
ღOur Story:I`m so sorry but I love youღ[complete]JennyLauGillian;;Edison;;Kenny2 Jan 2008
One Shot - Winter to Spring [[ completed ]]purplepinkorangeCalvin of FLH, fictional2 Jan 2008
ANGEL vs DEVIL (Completed)♥SñØW Ρrinčė♥HEBE&ARRON, Fahrenheit, S.H.E, ALOT OF OTHERS!2 Jan 2008
《親愛的,那不是愛情》 (Completed)阿樂樂她他2 Jan 2008
A Spirit on New Years Day [One - Shot] [completed]Blue AngelHebe Tian. Arron Yan.1 Jan 2008
m y _ l i t t l e _ m u f f i n ((completed))/// lAZY_aNGEL05 ///SUNG MIN and CHAE YEON1 Jan 2008
->Just Beside You<- (Completed)501stExile>.< Arron Yan & Hebe Tian ^_^1 Jan 2008
January 1st completedcutecatYunho and Jaejoong.1 Jan 2008
Over the Rainbow [Complete]JessicaDonghae, Ayumi, Kibum and Others31 Dec 2007
5:20 [Completed]MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang31 Dec 2007
Kiss Me At Midnight ~Complete~mustard_loveMatt Evans & Melissa Ricks31 Dec 2007
大宅【Completed 】sally棒棒堂、飛輪海31 Dec 2007
ღ Our Twisted Story ღ (Completed)NK & JSDBSK & twisted people31 Dec 2007
Loving Hate [Complete]TrayC & ravelfield.Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu & Tavia Yeung30 Dec 2007
Her Tears; His Silence (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryLee Hongki & Ayumi Lee30 Dec 2007
Do You Trust Me? ~~Completed~~JoeAnnFLH SHE RAINIE30 Dec 2007
Tears of a Confessor[One Shot] COMPLETEDClickfiverDraco Malfoy and Hermonie Granger30 Dec 2007
A Lifetime (Repost) (COMPLETED)dramaprincessEdison & Ruby30 Dec 2007
true love (complete)joongie_luvdbsk -fictional girl29 Dec 2007
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Love & Revenge*Completed*GregRonNg RaymondLam TaviaYeung LeilaTong BoscoWong29 Dec 2007
Just. Talk / / CompletedStary_eyesDBSK Jung Yunho; Gillian Chung29 Dec 2007
Rescue Me -COMPLETED-EMDARaine & Mike He28 Dec 2007
MattMel: Just best friends? COMPLETEDSweet_AngelMatt Evans & Melissa Ricks along with Jawe & Erich28 Dec 2007
__{Drogue Amour}__- completed!justm3Danson//Hebe//Arron28 Dec 2007
Beautiful Creatures Within Our World(COMPLETED)dbskangelTVXQ SeulGi Ayumi SuJu Fictonal Characters28 Dec 2007
Last Christmas [One-Shot]- completed!justm3Jiro && Hebe28 Dec 2007
Christmas.Reminisce (completed)anotherDanson, Hebe (one-shot)28 Dec 2007
Writer's Block of Life (Completed)KanginsFutureGFLee Donghae, Bae Seul Gi, Kangin27 Dec 2007
The One Word (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryDong Hae & Ayumi & Leeteuk27 Dec 2007
C h a n g e s [COMPLETED]`ellOHCE,Fahrenheit, SHE...27 Dec 2007
Bestfriends for life CompleteJustine ZamoraDenise Laurel, Maja Salvador and Carla Humphries27 Dec 2007
The Promise - COMPLETEDCutieHero and Sandara27 Dec 2007
MY SWEETIE! {Completed}a-mikaHebe and Arron27 Dec 2007
The Christmas Angel (Dctd to S.H.Ella) [Completed]arcencielChun and Ella26 Dec 2007
In Love with a 15 year old [completed]RF-Gillian Charlene-26 Dec 2007
[One Shot] My Angel *Completed*emilyglhChun Ella26 Dec 2007
Silent Night - A Murder Mystery {COMPLETE}etoileDong Bang Shin Ki26 Dec 2007
Black Halloween[complete]skater_gurl14 26 Dec 2007
Christmas With You [Completed]teekaiiiAaron Yan & Hebe Tian25 Dec 2007
I Think I Love You .(COMPLETE)&& edited.apple_Mike He , Ranie Yang & Kingone Wang25 Dec 2007
Dreams Don't come true *Complete*Jae_LoDBSK25 Dec 2007
Carol of the Bells - Christmas One Shots *COMPLETEJiShinJaeJoong, JunSu, YunHo (TVXQ)25 Dec 2007
My Cherished Moments (complete)michi123*fictional*25 Dec 2007
你最近还好吗 completed2J<3李威 Hebe 唐禹哲25 Dec 2007
灰公子的聖誕 [Cinderfella's Christmas] (Completed)Muggy & MilkyWayAlex Fong & Stephy Tang25 Dec 2007
The Tragic Christmas-Dedicated to vann (completed)PatriciaAaron Yan && Hebe Tian24 Dec 2007
. . ` T r u s t & . . [Completed]yanting东方神起 [YAOI]24 Dec 2007
Under The Snowy Sky (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryDong Hae & Ayumi {A Christmas Special (2nd)}24 Dec 2007
Dismantling of the Heart *COMPLETE*ambermichelle yip, bosco wong, and ron ng24 Dec 2007
The meaning of Christmas (Completed)KeleosLee Hom, Alice Zeng (Xuan)24 Dec 2007
{ i'll spent the xmas with you } COMPLETEDprincess. cherriejolin tsai & show luo <324 Dec 2007
Because of Love - CompletedcheersQiaoen, Mingdao, Xiaoqiao, Shaowei23 Dec 2007
Undenying Hands (Completed)ImpressedArron && Hebe, frh+s.h.e23 Dec 2007
Betrayal at Christmas (Completed)ImpressedArron && Hebe23 Dec 2007
It's That Time (Completed)KanginsFutureGFAyumi, Kibum, Seul Gi, Yunho23 Dec 2007
Just a Simple Wish (One-Shot) [Completed]forever_sfhHebe & Aaron22 Dec 2007
Thank You (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryLeeteuk & Ayumi22 Dec 2007
LOVE WARS {COMPLETED}Ellenkim kibum, Ayumi lee, Bae seul gi,Brian joo22 Dec 2007
Loving you too Late [COMPLETED]Jade♥『Made up anime characters』22 Dec 2007
luv is under the sky (completed)froggie棒棒堂§自创人物22 Dec 2007
Love Story *Completed*EmylissaRM,CJ and AV22 Dec 2007
~♥First Love♥~(completed)CuTe_MiNMiNSuPeR JuNioR & FiCtioNaL ChaRacTeRs21 Dec 2007
The Way Love is [COMPLETED]xSuKiOguri Shun, Ueto Aya ... and more20 Dec 2007
Once A Playboy Always A Playboy {Completed}bobbyjackHebe-Aaron Ella-Chun Selina-Jiro Rainie-Calvin20 Dec 2007
Open your eyes to love (Completed)MichelleDonghae and Yoona20 Dec 2007
Is your love reality?[completed]MickyChansome dbsk members , brian joo and fictional ppl20 Dec 2007
Hopeless [R]omance [COMPLETE]DahliaFictional20 Dec 2007
愿意一辈子在你身旁*Complete*x_myofaithariel aaron hebe jiro selina20 Dec 2007
I Don't Believe In Fairytale Endings (Completed)PChopz333 & FChopz520ArronY CalvinC HebeT JiroW SelinaR RainieY ChunW19 Dec 2007
Love.Unreturned [One-shot] (Completed)hebe_lover14 aka scattered_dreamsHebe Tien. Aaron Yan. Selina Ren.19 Dec 2007
Untitled - One-shot (Completed)seaweedElla Chen, Wu Chun19 Dec 2007
Ouji & Hime (Completed)yamapiggyMatsumoto Jun & Inoue Mao18 Dec 2007
Love Always Finds A way(Reposted)-COMPLETED-daoenfanaticMing Dao,Qiao en,Shao wei,and 183 club and 7f18 Dec 2007
Stealing Stolen Love [Complete]TrayC & ravelfield.Raymond Lam, Bernice Liu & Charmaine Sheh17 Dec 2007
}DARK [a deliri0us challenge] completedHJaaron-yan. hebe-tian17 Dec 2007
She, My Memory's Refrain [COMPLETED]JiShinYunHo, JaeJoong, YooChun, JunSu, ChangMin17 Dec 2007
Wishes Made Under Midnight-Tree [Completed]SheepolingDanson Tang and Hebe Tien17 Dec 2007
High School Agents [Completed]SheepolingSHE+Fahrenheit+Ariel17 Dec 2007
battle of the princesses and princes (completed)vinas.h.e and fahrenheit!16 Dec 2007
Inspiration [Completed]dreamlinkEnergy ( A Di , Kunda)16 Dec 2007
I Like You [ one-shot & COMPLETED. ]EuphoriaArron & Hebe15 Dec 2007
Gangsters Girls vs Hot Guys *completed*~ YM ~SuJu, TVXQ and more15 Dec 2007
By Your Side [Completed]*//pink_macaroon a.k.a. michhJoe, Ariel + more15 Dec 2007
Elimination (Completed)elle_riaF4, Barbie Hsu, & Rainie Yang15 Dec 2007
Cant Tell "i love you" (complete)VampirePrince 14 Dec 2007
My Man in Action [Completed]XD_LolliPops_XDArron Yan, Selina Ren + More14 Dec 2007
School of magic *Completed*EmylissaLeila, Michelle, Tavia & Charmaine14 Dec 2007
Heaven's Silver Lining ~Completed~mustard_loveMatt Evans & Melissa Ricks13 Dec 2007
A simple life (Completed)irrationally_adeptTavia, Raymond, Bosco, Bernice, Ron12 Dec 2007
Apprehension Joyancy - COMPLETEDningJiro Wang & Hebe Tian12 Dec 2007
(M) .I.M.P.E.R.F.E.C.T.I.O.N.(M)(COMPLETE)MoonlitSeul Gi. DBSK. Prt SuJu. Chae Yeon.12 Dec 2007
HAPPY ALWAYS....(COMPLETED)PurpleS.H.E , Feilunhai and xiao mei12 Dec 2007
我的公主 completedxIaojO棒棒堂,飞轮海,S H E, 虚构人物,etc12 Dec 2007
Don't Run Away No More ~*Completed*~~5u54n Ch3n~Hyori, BoA, Shinhwa, F4, Barbie, Rainie11 Dec 2007
My Revenge ~*Completed*~Donghae4everLee Donghae and Ayumi Lee11 Dec 2007
Heartbreaking Love III ~*Completed*~~5u54n Ch3n~Cast of Heartbreaking Love I&2, non gasoo10 Dec 2007
Christmas Gift (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryKi Bum & Ayumi9 Dec 2007
My girl completedlornickJoross And Denise9 Dec 2007
Love You Alot *one shot* +CoMpLeTeD+my_pet_dogAaron Yan and Hebe Tien (dedicated to Milkystar)9 Dec 2007
abstract m e l o d y. {One Shot, Completed}ChristySong Ji Hyo9 Dec 2007
Left Behind, A Short Story [Completed]~Little Sleepy~Charlene Choi8 Dec 2007
Brand New Beat [completed]DaHye && SolkiDBSK, 1TYM & made up characters8 Dec 2007
Radius of Life [COMPLETED]Nab1lah93Ahyoomee Lee - DBSK - Bae Seul Gi & others8 Dec 2007
How have you been[Completed]kazeChun Ella8 Dec 2007
Mistake (Completed)Shades of GreenDong Bang Shin Ki's Kim Jaejoong and Kim Junsu7 Dec 2007
My First Love <3 [COMPLETED]YUNIELKIBUM / CHAEYEON // yunho, ayumi, seul gi, & more7 Dec 2007
Tattoo [Completed]MaltezersGillian Chung & Kim Jae Joong7 Dec 2007
whEn mR. koRea meEts misS taiWan((completed))lAZY_aNGEL05DBSK / S.H.E7 Dec 2007
Please don't love me [.:~*Completed*~:.]FayelynnGui Gui and Wang Zi7 Dec 2007
Woo Me If You Can [Completed]hebe_lover14 aka scattered_dreamsShow Luo Hebe Tien Aaron Yan Jolin Tsai Jay Chou7 Dec 2007
August 10 [Completed]forever_sfhHebe & Aaron6 Dec 2007
H e a r t l e s s Fantasy (COMPLETED)Lito_AngelR.on Ra.y Tav.ia Char.maine6 Dec 2007
You were never mine [COMPLETED]milkystar(:Arron, Jiro, Hebe6 Dec 2007
tHis Love *Complete*magicpandaSelina and Show5 Dec 2007
A love not meant to be ~*Completed*~Donghae4everDonghae and Taeyeon *from SNSD* ^^5 Dec 2007
MAFIA P[R]INCESS [Completed]DahliaFictional5 Dec 2007
Ashes of Yesterday .completedasianweirdoKim Hyun Joong4 Dec 2007
當芋頭遇到青蛙(completed)froggie棒棒堂&自創人物4 Dec 2007
Poisonous 'completed'RainyJiro Wang and Ella Chen4 Dec 2007
.,+*Field of Greens*+,.[complete]MaryFictional characters4 Dec 2007
Will she be loved? (COMPLETED)reneeHebe, Tony, Candyce, Junyang4 Dec 2007
~Behind The Mask~COMPLETEDthere's a tranDBSK and fictional3 Dec 2007
The One She Picks *COMPLETED*Angel_in_pain502 aka TinaCharmaine Sheh, Moses Chan and Raymond Lam3 Dec 2007
You Are Most Important To Me 你對我最重要 (Completed)MegzzAlex Fong & Stephy Tang3 Dec 2007
the best years of my life {completed}majoshinhwa3 Dec 2007
I still believe ~*Completed*~Donghae4everDonghae, Jaejoong, Boa, Ayumi, Yungi, more ^^2 Dec 2007
Unraveled Feelings .completedasianweirdoFT Island's Oh Wonbin2 Dec 2007
La Poursuite{COMPLETED}Purple HazeChun,Ella & More2 Dec 2007
白馬公主 [White Horse Princess] (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang1 Dec 2007
Do you love me?- A MinChae story (completed)PinkNalgeneChae Yeon, Minwoo, Seung Gi, KJK, Eric1 Dec 2007
Micky or Jaejoong?? [COMPLETED]coldTEARSx3DBSK -- Micky and Jaejoong - Ficional girls1 Dec 2007
I R R E P L A C E A B L E [COMPLETED]xxingJ'CHOU & J'TSAI1 Dec 2007
I Love You *Completed*SnowflakeJay Chou, Jolin Tsai, SHE, Show, Wu Zhun, etc30 Nov 2007
UnTitled [Completed]RandomnessLeila Tong & Tavia Yeung & Ron Ng & Raymond Lam30 Nov 2007
I Want to Love You, But I'm Too Scared (Completed)CinRainie Yang & Mike He30 Nov 2007
A Lazy Girl And A Perfect Boy ~~ Completed~~3best_friendsChun & Ella29 Nov 2007
我生命中的过客... (真的只是过客吗?)*Completed*jas__ ` LOST © 29 Nov 2007
COWARD ~complete~JaidaaYoung Saeng SS50128 Nov 2007
Breaks my heart ~*Completed*~Donghae4everDonghae and Jessica *from SNSD* ^^28 Nov 2007
Inside Mole (completed)Jenny TranJulian/Noel/Nick/Gigi/Louis/Jordan/Gillian/Bobby28 Nov 2007
Confession of an ANTI-Timeless Love (COMPLETED)Cha-ChaDBSG(TVXQ), Jang Ri In, and other SM artists28 Nov 2007
Infatuation. You and Me [COMPLETED]Milkystar(:Jiro, Hebe, Arron, Calvin, GuiGui, Apple28 Nov 2007
My Classmate (completed )EileenHebe Ella28 Nov 2007
* What Fairytale Story? * *COMPLETED*SomeONE*HebeArronJiroSelina* SHE & Fahrenheit & Rainie28 Nov 2007
Love.Deviated (completed)anotherWu Chun. Danson. Hebe.27 Nov 2007
A cop and a mugger (complete)CandyRainie and Mike26 Nov 2007
The Wanna Be Lover (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryDong Hae and Ayumi25 Nov 2007
Hide and Seek (Complete)ice cube / cubeyLinda Chung & Raymond Lam25 Nov 2007
When Lightning Strikes [Completed]SilverDragonChun, Selina, Ella, Jiro, Danson25 Nov 2007
* ♥ * InSigNifiCant BeING * ♥ * .: CoMpLeTe:.~* AnGeLiNa *~*Hebe, Aaron* (S.H.E. and Fahrenheit)24 Nov 2007
What You Want [WARNING: Yaoi/NC-17] COMPLETESaki AzukiLee Junki, Kim Jaejoong, Jung Yunho (Solo/DBSK)24 Nov 2007
Why Do We Love? **Completed!**bobbyjackHebe Aaron Selina Jiro Ella Chun Rainie Calvin24 Nov 2007
Narcissistic (One-shot) (Complete)FilaphieraYunho (and some DBSK)23 Nov 2007
Autograph Craze (Completed)[[Rain]]EG + Others.23 Nov 2007
Biggest Regret in Life † Completed †† Not-So-Romantic Guy † 23 Nov 2007
{COMPLETE}::::WhaT waS thaT foR?!::::KaneyMi & CheeZzieDbsG and fictional charActers23 Nov 2007
♥My Lover, My Best Friend♥{CoMpLeTeD}ako_ay_ako♥Roxanne Guinoo & Joross Gamboa♥ Kultong Jo♥Rox23 Nov 2007
First. [ one-shot &completed ]LiingRandom.22 Nov 2007
Jampe ~complete~A.P.M. 22 Nov 2007
Married Unwillingly (complete)CandyRainie and Mike22 Nov 2007
Conceited loser ~*Completed*~Donghae4everDonghae and Ayumi ^^21 Nov 2007
My Sister & I (Completed)CinMike He and Rainie Yang21 Nov 2007
Anna III *~ Life in the Palace~* (Completed)kimmyFictional Characters21 Nov 2007
My messed up life (Completed)PinkNalgeneChae Yeon Lee Minwoo Lee Seung Gi, Fany21 Nov 2007
I'm sorry, I love you -COMPLETED-bright eyesKim Jae Joong, Kim Junsu and Fictional characters21 Nov 2007
A Year with you?! 2: Love Only One [Complete]Miss.Randomist/True_ColorDBSK, Xing, and Fictional Characters20 Nov 2007
Memories in the Rain (ONE-SHOT - COMPLETED)ningMike He & Hebe Tian19 Nov 2007
A Broken Promise (one-shot) -completed-grapevinehermione granger, draco malfoy18 Nov 2007
The 30th of February [Completed]PatriciaAaron Yan && Hebe Tian18 Nov 2007
Is Love Wrong? -Complete-SRSTavia, Bosco, Chris, and Race18 Nov 2007
不伦之恋 ( completed )me凯星,阿信,汉典17 Nov 2007
Me & TheSuperstar Who Stole My Milkshake COMPLETEDCatiieHebe , Arron , Danson Tang Yu Zhe17 Nov 2007
Diamonds and Rust [Completed]arcencielChun and Ella with S, H and Calvin17 Nov 2007
Aishiteru - One Shot (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryKangin & Ayumi (a gift to KangInsFutureGF)17 Nov 2007
一千遍我爱你 *Completed*ZenFic [爱甫云]吴尊。仁甫。Ella。东城。小洁。柯云17 Nov 2007
The Diary of Tessa McKinley**Completed**AngryGothChickFictionals16 Nov 2007
Secret Identity ((completed))majoshinhwa15 Nov 2007
Friendship Or Love(F.O.L) PartI&II [completed]FayelynnJiro&Han + Arron&Fictional Character/you +others15 Nov 2007
Together, Forever *Completed*Y2Dao Ming Si and Shan Cai15 Nov 2007
{*Not So Sweet 16*} -Completed-Sapphire_Blue13SuJu, DBSK,Jang Ri In, Fic.Characters15 Nov 2007
Forbidden Light - One Shot [Completed]WZFictional Characters14 Nov 2007
Love is... (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryLee Dong Hae, Ayumi Lee, Kim Ki Bum.14 Nov 2007
Depth of Sounds (Completed)[* whitish snowflake *]Jay Chou, Stefanie Sun & Gillian Chung14 Nov 2007
t a l k _ p l a y _ l o v e ((completed))lAZY_aNGEL05jun su, boa, tablo, jin bora11 Nov 2007
2 Different Lives, 2 different fates - COMPLETEDFelicia aka Miss shyChun, Ella, Hebe and some minor casts11 Nov 2007
04:01 P.M. (Completed)kimmaBoa Kwan & Micky Park (Yoochun) -- One Shot11 Nov 2007
BloodioandOniet(Completed)Blue JayBloodioandOniet10 Nov 2007
My Turtle Girl ♡ {Completed}S o l i n g ♥♥ DongHae Junsu Yunho Hankyung Kibum Ayumi ♥10 Nov 2007
Love Or Money? [Completed]iLoveDonghae~Bae Seul Gi and Lee Donghae10 Nov 2007
(¯°•._ I'm His Innocent Wife_.•°¯) R--> Completed!Mz. Ella (¯°•._ _.•°¯) Mr. ChunChun ♥♥♥ Ella ---> Completed!!!10 Nov 2007
+My Love My life+~completed~jEn_chunieElla, Chun, other S.H.E & Fahrenheit member10 Nov 2007
you are the one ~CompLeted~jEn_chunieElla & Chun9 Nov 2007
坚持爱你! [completed]mysterybangbangtang and fic girl9 Nov 2007
Kimi Wa Aishitsuzukeru *completed*shattered teardropsShin & Yankumi (Matsumoto Jun & Nakama Yukie)9 Nov 2007
One in a Billion -completed-RainyJae Joong, fictional girl8 Nov 2007
Held-Back~Heart-Beats (one-shot completed)Xi.ah.ngelJunsu and Ri In8 Nov 2007
When The Good Turns Bad [Completed]teekaiiiRainie Yang & Mike He8 Nov 2007
Life is Destined w/ Love or is it? 2! [Completed]darkxgrlxdevilEdison Gillian Shawn Yunho & the Original Cast7 Nov 2007
Condition of your heart*Complete*Sienna FujiokaDongwook, Suju, FF601, lina & steph of CSJH, Junsu7 Nov 2007
[completed] Lies; I'm So Sorry, But I Love You.&st4rs;Kwon Jiyong (권지용)6 Nov 2007
love me or not? (COMPLETE)lil lady preciouskim kibum and ayumi6 Nov 2007
When Winter Melt into Summer (Completed)Xue---_----QingArron Yan Hebe Fahrenheit S.H.E. Genie Zhuo6 Nov 2007
Whispering Hope [Completed]LittleBloomyJacky Zhu, WeiRu, ShaoWei and XiaoQiao5 Nov 2007
To Cherish Love (~Completed~)Lil_selinaShawn Yue~Selina Ren (plus bonus couple Alephy!)5 Nov 2007
Beauty of the Brush (Completed)AvianaFictional (Akemi/Miyu/Hikari/Ms Hitomi/Ms Akane)5 Nov 2007
theUNEXPLAINEDtheory [ completed(: ]&pureADDYCTION``arronYAN``hebeTIAN``5 Nov 2007
Ginza Kids (Completed)yoshikuni rieOguri Shun, Ueto Aya, Yamapi, Horikita Maki, etc.5 Nov 2007
What If? (RATED) **COMPLETED**rikazikutaVic Zhou and Barbie Xu4 Nov 2007
« 電燈膽 // Lightbulb » [Completed]meL0n [Dedicated to XxASxX]Alex Fong [Stephy Tang] Theresa Fu4 Nov 2007
Christmas Wish (Short Story) [Completed]KawaiixxLoveLee Donghae and Song hye kyo4 Nov 2007
If Only You Could See [Completed]JessicaLee Donghae and Bae Seul Gi3 Nov 2007
Reincarnation (Completed)Kiwi & StrawberryEunhyuk (SJ) & Hyo Yeon (SNSD)3 Nov 2007
High School Love ~Complete~drunk_mosquitoHebe, Aaron, Chun, Ella, Selina, Jiro, Calvin3 Nov 2007
Behind the Public (completed)n.Cfts.Lbosco wong - myolie wu2 Nov 2007
Heart Breaker (Complete)CandyNiki and Kevin1 Nov 2007
The Third Wheel (completed)OnlyMeBrian and Im Soo Jung1 Nov 2007
Someday (COMPLETED)inspiredHero & Sandara31 Oct 2007
[YaoI] Love Is Everything(Completed)JaehoyoosuminDBSK31 Oct 2007
Reality Bites **COMPLETED**rikazikutaBarbie Xu, Vic Zhou, Hsu Wei Lun31 Oct 2007
` Screw.that.Rival.Maid!! [ for L.C ] COMPLETED` co0kiiesz&&creaM =DDarron hebe selina jiro31 Oct 2007
Night of the Living TVXQ...!!! (COMPLETED)KiragamiTVXQ/DBSK/DBSG30 Oct 2007
黑白愛情線[[Completed]]iFabien飛輪海﹐小煜﹐小薰﹐寒﹐Ella﹐阿本30 Oct 2007
It Was Unexpected ~*Completed*~~5u54n Ch3n~Shinhwa, Jang Nara, Brian Joo, Hyekyo, non gasoo29 Oct 2007
Fire Light (completed)HibiscusAriel Lin, Wu Chun29 Oct 2007
One Distance Love---Completed---Catie429Lee Ayumi, Kim Kibum28 Oct 2007
My so called best friend ~*Completed*~Donghae4everAyumi, Donghae, Soojin28 Oct 2007
Hear my Silent Cry (Completed)nitpickerS.H.E Vanness Show WuChun28 Oct 2007
Private Emotions :: CompletedKareen.Chun, Ella, Jiro, Angela28 Oct 2007
Please... {one-shot} {Completed}Kiwi & StrawberryHan Kyung & Fictional27 Oct 2007
If I'm Not In Love With You - CompletedCutieHero and Sandara27 Oct 2007
Remember Me [COMPLETED]UNIQUEchiQKim Jae Joong and Bae Seul Gi27 Oct 2007
Circle of Love(completed)blueberrypiejaeho/yoosu26 Oct 2007
Zashley SUCKS! [rated] *Completed*babyXVZac and Vannesa26 Oct 2007
Gang Love ~*Completed*~~5u54n Ch3n~Sechskies, H.O.T, non gasoo25 Oct 2007
==== My Highschool Crush ==== *completedJLUVTJolin , Jay , Patty , Show25 Oct 2007
{ u n - s p o k e n } - completedvannShow Luo * Rainie Yang [FLH SHE]25 Oct 2007
[[ A Story of the Past ]] -Completed-SammieeChun and Ella and many more24 Oct 2007
The Phantom (completed)Unknown.Arron, Hebe24 Oct 2007
Let Me Be Your Guardian Angel (Completed)Angel15Jolin Tsai& Show Luo24 Oct 2007
Chasing the one and only True Love †Completed†† Not-So-Romantic Guy † 24 Oct 2007
Fudge Brownies [One-Shot] [ Completed]Starry_nitezJiro & Selina22 Oct 2007
Loveless [completed]방수리 (Cecelia) & CJTVXQ, Shane etc...21 Oct 2007
Perhaps Love [Completed]CeceliaJae Joong, Suri, etc....21 Oct 2007
Love Letter [COMPLETED]snowflakes065fictional21 Oct 2007
When Angel Meet Devil ~COMPLETED~celestineblueLeila/Ron/Bosco/Ella20 Oct 2007
Incomplete Melody*_silenceWithinLeehom Wang & Evonne Hsu20 Oct 2007
(Completed)Life never closes a door without.......Aaron_FanaticAaron Yan & Hebe Tian20 Oct 2007
Burden of Love"COMPLETED"Angel_in_pain502 aka TinaRon Ng, Niki Chow, Sammul Chan, Nancy Wu...18 Oct 2007
Job Proposition~Completed~4311noQiao En, Shao Wei, Ren Fu18 Oct 2007
Love Injection ++[ Completed ]++lil_tigerCharmaine Sheh, Raymond Lam, Ron, Bosco and Others18 Oct 2007
Trailing Home * Completed *DaniellaJessica Hsuan * Louis Koo18 Oct 2007
Something About You :) -Completed-Rachel (dreamy_gal)Wang Shaowei, Mingdao, QiaoEn18 Oct 2007
[W]illing [N]ot [T]o [L]ove [Y]ou-short[Completed]justm3[A]rron//[H]ebe18 Oct 2007
Addicted to Love Stories *Completed*writing4funHebe and Jiro16 Oct 2007
Final Good-bye [Complete]Pockyy13Mickey (Yoochun)16 Oct 2007
Winter Sonata [Completed]kohana (a.k.a lixiangqingren)Chun, Ella, and minors16 Oct 2007
. Knowing Your Presence, in Silence [ Completed ]Selina [ dedicated to Nix & SimpleSpirit <3 ]. Jolin Tsai ft. Jay Chou16 Oct 2007
Miss Serial Killer [Completed]xXSkyliteXxHebe Tien , Aaron Yan16 Oct 2007
I Knew I Loved You [Completed]idolzfreakKame, Erika, Yamapi, Maki14 Oct 2007
No Regrets On Love (COMPLETE)UnKnownYamashita Tomohisa & Maki Horikita14 Oct 2007
[One-shot] Selina's Birthday Gift (Completed)arcencielFt. Ella and Chun with Selina and Calvin as Cupid14 Oct 2007
.::Rock, Paper, Scissors::. {one-shot} {complete}Kiwi & StrawberryKim Heechul and Ayumi Lee14 Oct 2007
CCBTOTE [COMPLETED]장자인(Dedicated to wacko_o)Xiah Junsu + Jang Ri In, Minors:DBSK Others(Maybe)13 Oct 2007
an angel passing by [COMPLETED]VixenKnR13 Oct 2007
false hope[COMPLETED][M]idnight Girlken zhu and rainie yang13 Oct 2007
For Better, For Worse, Forever ... (Completed)ningJiro Wang & Hebe Tian13 Oct 2007
a thin line between love and hatred [COMPLETED]Achilles AthenaKEN AND RAINIE13 Oct 2007
A Love for Eternity (One-Shot) [COMPLETED]AnonymousKnR13 Oct 2007
..Rainbow in the Night.. [Completed]CatiieKen and Rainie13 Oct 2007
Undenying.Love(COMPLETED)x3_yoshi&midnightS.H.E&Fahrenheit12 Oct 2007
Autumn Leaves (COMPLETED)3k5_rebelliousloveCalvin Chen & Selina Ren12 Oct 2007
Crazy Love 미친 사랑. [COMPLETED]Lisa (Hyun-Jae) Ko [고현재]DBSK!!!! 동방신기!!12 Oct 2007
D. Fizzle Communication (Completed)D. FizzleD Fizzle's awesome words and the souls that follow11 Oct 2007
Luv In Showbiz [CoMpLeTeD]Baby-GWallace Huo Michelle Ye11 Oct 2007
The Perfectionist. {Completed.}p.romise`Arron Yan & Hebe Tien. Chun Wu & Ella Chen.11 Oct 2007
Falling (Completed)thejollybeeKimerald10 Oct 2007
Love and Comedy Between Us !! [ COMPLETED ]XiaoYanzFahrenheit & S.H.E10 Oct 2007
DBSK the world's major Y.A.O.I babes [[COMPLETE]]Master Baka-ChanYunJae 4-lyfe9 Oct 2007
YOU ARE MINE(Completed!)justm3Rayolie9 Oct 2007
Spellbook High (Completed :'( )<3Shin-hye<3Kibum, Ayumi, Seul Gi, Yunho and more9 Oct 2007
Who Will Be My True Love? *COMPLETED*.::.S.I.L.E.N.C.E.D..::.@ STAR IDOL & PSS @ [selected eight]9 Oct 2007
等你約會我 [Waiting for...] (Completed)Muggy & MilkyWayAlex Fong & Stephy Tang8 Oct 2007
~dBsK vS. SuJu~ (cOMPLETED)lAZY_aNGEL05dBsK aNd sUPeR JuNiOr8 Oct 2007
Lovers lost...then found again(Complete)Xiao AiDong Bang Shin Ki and Kim So Ae(made up character)8 Oct 2007
** Unknown ** [COMPLETED]3k5_rebelliousloveCalvin Chen & Hebe Tian7 Oct 2007
Twisted (Sequel of Could We) Repost - CompletedAinikenXimen, Xiao You, Mei Zhuo and Xiao Qiao6 Oct 2007
Working with an IDiOT -completed-Fiona .&. angel_devilEdison Chen .&. Gillian Chung6 Oct 2007
Live for Love. .::completed::.concealed.angelArron Yan & Hebe Tian, Selina and Chun6 Oct 2007
Clutz Who Spills Drinks Reappears*completed*dbskangelDBSK,fictional characters(partially rated R?)6 Oct 2007
KO Family *~*COMPLETED*~*Fei Lun AiRainie, Jiro, Arron, Calvin, Danson, SHE6 Oct 2007
Twins Love [ Completed ]xiaopanzzFahrenheit and S.H.E6 Oct 2007
Memory in Hand [Complete]bakapinkDBSK, Bae Seul gi + Yunho, Hyori, Hye Bin, more+5 Oct 2007
Together, At Last (completed)Y2Daoming Si, Shancai, Ye Sha5 Oct 2007
The Wedding [COMPLETE]Xiao XingYeSung of Super Junior and others4 Oct 2007
The Angel From Above [Completed]teekaiiiMike He & Rainie Yang4 Oct 2007
A Courtesan's Tale ( PG ) (COMPLETED)lil_kissesEdison & Gillian, Jay & Jolin4 Oct 2007
Because of Little Donghae (COMPLETE)~heart~donghae, baeseulgi, hankyung, eunhye4 Oct 2007
Your S.A. (completed)MinF.T Island3 Oct 2007
What happens when I fall in love? (2)(Completed)Aaron_Fanatic_3Fahrenheit & S.H.E3 Oct 2007
Who Stole My Drumstick? (completed)MinF.T Island3 Oct 2007
...D e a r D i a r y... ▲completed▲mylife.hebe tian. .arron yan.2 Oct 2007
Could We (repost) - CompletedAinikenXimen, Xiao You and Mei Zhuo2 Oct 2007
JoRox Love stories {COMPLETED}ako_ay_ako & uknowhoJoross & Roxanne JOROX2 Oct 2007
S.H.E Short Story:爱我[COMPLETED]zhe^lunElla Chen.Jiro Wang2 Oct 2007
~The Next Generation Of A Fairy Tale~ Completedpurrfection~*Jay, Jolin Edison, Gillian*~2 Oct 2007
who will you choose?COMPLETEDbea and chelsidenise laurel1 Oct 2007
Stay By My Side [Highschool fic] ` Completed`!___Missy AnnaaS.H.E ft Rainie- Fahrenheit1 Oct 2007
The Future [Completed]WorstWriterJ-Stars, S.H.E, Fahrenheit and some others.29 Sep 2007
Not the Ordinary Protagonist (Completed)kimmaCharlene Gillian Jolin Ariel Edison Joe29 Sep 2007
Getting out "completed"lornickjoross denise jake roxanne at iba pa29 Sep 2007
Angel In Disguise...~COMPLETED~angelRainie Yang & Mike He (Ariel and Aaron)29 Sep 2007
Fairy [ Complete ]justineJiro, Hebe, Selina, Ella29 Sep 2007
DeaL or LovE?! [complete]michellinDenise Laurel ang Joross Gamboa28 Sep 2007
100分恋人 *COMPLETED*alexinyann郑元畅 林依晨 賀軍翔 楊丞琳 王心凌 張韶涵 吳克群28 Sep 2007
Chemistry, Sex And A Whole Lot More (COMPLETED)Black SkiesWu Zhun, Ella and others28 Sep 2007
Because I Loved You (Completed)sujuloverYuh Jin Suejin Eunhyuk Big Bang Junsu KyuHyun27 Sep 2007
::Sweet Love:: {complete}Kiwi and StrawberrySung Min, Ayumi, Ki Bum and others26 Sep 2007
An Alternate Meteor Garden (completed)JerryOnigiriF4, Barbie26 Sep 2007
Shameless Deceit (Completed)XreyHebe26 Sep 2007
LiViNg the DrEaM [complete]kianeby23FT Island, Hongki, Mimi & friends...^^26 Sep 2007
Clutz Who Spills Drinks(completed)dbskangelDBSK (partially rated R)25 Sep 2007
Prince of Seduction (COMPLETED)cindyyAaron and Hebe (A&H) minors: S.E & Fahrenheit25 Sep 2007
Let Me Dry Your Tears With Love [COMPLETED]<3 JaeKim JaeJoong&&Fictional Girl25 Sep 2007
The Promise [One Shot] [Completed]arcencielChun and Ella25 Sep 2007
Before the Last Leaf Falls [COMPLETED]JiShinYunHo, JaeJoong [YunJae]24 Sep 2007
Holding On(Completed)sandychun & ella24 Sep 2007
Just One Word Away (Completed)Shu YiJiro Wang, Selina Ren, Wu Zun24 Sep 2007
好朋友 [Nautical Challenge] 《Completed》~Betty~ [Simplified Chinese]任家宣 罗志祥23 Sep 2007
Distance [ONE SHOT] *COMPLETED.Ffx 23 Sep 2007
mY fUCkeD uP fAirYtAlE LiFe?(completed)dbskangelDBSK BoA SuJu random fictional+more people22 Sep 2007
First Love(Completed)minilight1020Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens22 Sep 2007
It's all for her..lilahmieShinhwa, fictional girls ((completed))21 Sep 2007
THE AWAKENING DREAM (completed)KellyEG, leila tong19 Sep 2007
Heart of Greed [Completed][L i t o_A n g e l][R o n][B o s c o][T a v i a][L e i l a]19 Sep 2007
My Autumn Story (Completed)PChopz333 & FChopz520Hebe Tian, Arron Yan, Jiro Wang, Selina Ren19 Sep 2007
Rain or Shine --- completedreginaKim Chiu and Gerald Anderson19 Sep 2007
Mine only //COMPLETED//ZapperYamashita Tomohisa and Maki Horikita19 Sep 2007
FOREVER IN MY HEART (completed)yunhoswiffy12Yunho_Micky_DBSK_Yoon Eun_Bea Seul19 Sep 2007
The Love Before Me *completed*Lil DaisyEugene, Wu Chun, Shao Wei18 Sep 2007
A Ghra Mo Chroi - Love Of My Heart (Completed)FifieVic Zhou and Vicki Zhao18 Sep 2007
My life with you (COMPLETED)Susanbig bang and fictional16 Sep 2007
I Hate You, But I Love You!♥ [COMPLETED!]Jade♥»YAOI«『Made up anime characters』16 Sep 2007
Scattered in the Wind [COMPLETED]JiShinYooChun, JunSu [YooSu]16 Sep 2007
~M e A n d Y o u~ (Completed)FeiyinXiah Junsu [TVXQ] . Jang Fi (Fictional)15 Sep 2007
::: Date and Dump ::: COMPLETED :::Bunny Ears & Nhu. ARIEL LIN . JOE CHENG .15 Sep 2007
爱情之画 [COMPLETED]mystery棒棒糖15 Sep 2007
My Destiny (COMPLETED)snowflakes065Park Yoochun and Kwon BoA15 Sep 2007
Baby - CompleteddngzkyDenise Laurel, Joross Gamboa, Sam Milby15 Sep 2007
Summer Time (Complete)3NVi3SuJu14 Sep 2007
Hebe's Love Line [Dedicated 2 Patricia] `Completed`!___Missy AnnaaHebe&&Arron + more14 Sep 2007
The way to true love(Completed)Seunghee KimSeunghee Youngbae(bigbang) Jessica(SNSD) Hongki13 Sep 2007
Teacher's Pet [COMPLETED]xTEARSxDBSK13 Sep 2007
Sorry, I Love You - I'm Pregnant. [Complete]lil' gurLDBSK [Feat. JaeJoong]12 Sep 2007
Just Around The Corner [Completed]teekaiiiRainie Yang & Mike He12 Sep 2007
Bed Of Roses (completed)LiviXimen & Xiao You12 Sep 2007
StrandeD IslanD *completed*~CharIsABelle~Edison & Charlene12 Sep 2007
♥***Pain is Love***♥ [Completed]AlyM37*SHINHWA*,Freda Kim(fictional girl)11 Sep 2007
--The Two of Us-- [completed]RFCharlene Choi Gillian Chung11 Sep 2007
Life is Destined with Love...or is it? [Completed]darkxgrlxdevilEdisonKennyAlexNicShawn GillianCharStephyRuby11 Sep 2007
-::The last lilac::- [ COMPLETED ]:::DreAm WriTeRs:::DBSK, Jae Joong, Lenn, Mickey,Lee Hyori10 Sep 2007
Recipe for Life [Completed]True_ColorDBSK & Fictional Character10 Sep 2007
My Teacher Impostor (Complete)AkayameUeto Aya, Akanishi Jin, Kamenashi Kazuya9 Sep 2007
From First Glance. [[Completed]]LaLaLa_Love_You12DBSK.. Fictional. ;♥ mostly Yoochun.9 Sep 2007
My Love Was Made For You (Completed)sweetangelqt ft. lazybuttfaceedison&gillian___charlene&nicholas___jay&jolin8 Sep 2007
Tower(Completed)Ida101Raymond Charmaine Kevin Jessica Moses Ron Tavia8 Sep 2007
My Little Princess(completed)dbskangelDBSK,EG,SHE,+more characters7 Sep 2007
Completed -If Only Fate Can Bring Us 2gether AgainWhittyVicky and Vic7 Sep 2007
Beautiful Seed [Completed]rumblefaeryBosco Wong & Myolie Wu6 Sep 2007
L O V E Struck[COMPLETED]Mei_and_Kiara <33Big Bang, Mei, Kiara5 Sep 2007
Him, Her, and Them [Completed]bandi138138 5 Sep 2007
终极一班2 [只爱你] (COMPLETED)Mel0dyMusic终极一班的演员5 Sep 2007
~*~ Rebel Without A Cause~*~ COMPLETEDetoileDBSK - Yoochun4 Sep 2007
\\::::Touch of Love::::// [:::COMPLETED:::]yeE^^Yoo Chun & Charlene & Hee Chul4 Sep 2007
Forever... As Promised [ complete ]`` uoyevoliHeechul and Heebon3 Sep 2007
The unforgiven risk (completed)KellyGILLIAN, EDISON, CHARLENE3 Sep 2007
Denying Love [Completed]PatriciaAaron Yan && Hebe Tian3 Sep 2007
Why do i love you?(COMPLETE)~heart~poem ^o^ ^-^3 Sep 2007
愛你不後悔((Complete))iFabien棒棒堂﹐黑澀會美眉3 Sep 2007
A Forgetful Love Story [ Complete ]ForgetfulHeechul & Seul Gi. Kibum & Ayumi.3 Sep 2007
Tainted in Tears [completed]avjkcdJaejoong <3 Bae Seul Gi3 Sep 2007
Super Love [Completed]GreyRazrKiBum, SiWon, Ayumi, BoA2 Sep 2007
Don't Change [Completed]True_ColorJaejoong & Fictional Character2 Sep 2007
Love in Japan (Completed)PinkNalgeneChae Yeon, Lee Seung Gi, Kim Hee Chul2 Sep 2007
The Former Tenant is a Jackass! [COMPLETED]JiShinDong Bang Shin Ki, Eugene Kim, Shin MinAh2 Sep 2007
The Lost Puppy [Completed One-Shot]SilverDragonFeat. Danson Tang2 Sep 2007
im in love with a stripper(complete)landyjung yunho, jeon hye bin, kim ryeo wook1 Sep 2007
my dangerous life (complete)ddstarlaedison chen and gillian chung1 Sep 2007
天在為誰哭泣 ( Completed )Milk Chocolate a.k.a MCCharlene Choi and Gillian Chung1 Sep 2007
Da Xiao Ai Chi - Vic Special (english) [completed]Sour OrangeVic Zhou Barbie Hsu Dee Hsu1 Sep 2007
A Hand In Need.. [COMPLETED]KatrinaGillian Chung, Edison Chen1 Sep 2007
Cryptographic Dance [Completed]daiisukiiCalvin Chen, Arron Yan, Jiro Wang, Wu Zun-Fictiona1 Sep 2007
A Year With You?! [Completed]True_ColorDBSK1 Sep 2007
The person I can't LOVE (Complete)xIaojO (dedicated to -ris)Chun, Ella, Jiro, Hebe, Aaron31 Aug 2007
Hatsukoi (First Love) //COMPLETED//ZapperMaki Horikita and Yamashita Tomohisa31 Aug 2007
:**-Kare-first love-**:[ ComPleteD]:::DreAm WriTeRs:::Jae Joong, Isa( fictional character)30 Aug 2007
The Right One *COMPLETED*sorrowfilled_soulShinhwa, fictional29 Aug 2007
Unicorn's Pledge *Completed*Sierra-The BlueMoon*/-Fictional-\*29 Aug 2007
Concealed Secrets [COMPLETED]<3 JaeJaeJoong&OC29 Aug 2007
Watching over //COMPLETED//ZapperYamaki, Sayuri Iwata,Kanata Hongo and Ochiai Motok28 Aug 2007
My Girlfriend's Best Friend *completed*~CharIsABelle~Edison & Charlene28 Aug 2007
When Ice Meets Summer [Completed]WeyQiao en, Chun, Wallace,Penny and more28 Aug 2007
Of Hearts and Shields *COMPLETED*queenahemsXimen, Xiao You28 Aug 2007
~~~mY sTuBbOrN yOuNg bRiDe~~~ [Completed]~Betty~ ~~~Viva Teamo Challenge~~~~~~Wu Chun& Ella Chen~~~28 Aug 2007
~ * E & H forever * ~ (Completed)salapao_nuchElla & Hebe28 Aug 2007
Is it you?completedlornickDenise Laurel Joross Gamboa27 Aug 2007
Why? (completed)donghaeloverSome Super Junior members and you and maybe more!27 Aug 2007
Loves after Loves [COMPLETED]Baby PinkSpecial For Boscolie fans!!! ( SHORT STORIES)27 Aug 2007
Love s2 Letters [Complete]mystical_aznHebe & Aaron27 Aug 2007
I'll Only Sing For You *completed*NeptuneJerry Yan and Barbie Hsu26 Aug 2007
Gamble With Love (Completed)EveeHebe Tian. Arron Yan . Lee Hom Wang.26 Aug 2007
A Matchmaker's mistake (Completed)ImpressedArron&&hebe, s.h.e & fahrenheit26 Aug 2007
I promised..™-COMPLETED-blackheart™jaejoong,yunho(YAOI)25 Aug 2007
♥Faded love 2♥ (Completed)ImpressedArron and Hebe, fah+s.h.e25 Aug 2007
Torete (Completed)JessieKimerald25 Aug 2007
tennis lovers(Completed)xrainynightsJoe Cheng, Ariel Lin, Mike He, Rainie Yang & minor24 Aug 2007
As We Die [COMPLETED]W_A_T (Eiimi)DBSK (Kim Jae-Joong)24 Aug 2007
It's Not Fair [COMPLETED]<3 JaeKim JaeJoong&&Fictional Girl24 Aug 2007
Love Story ~Completed~KittyRainie Yang and Fahrenheit23 Aug 2007
Rising Gods of the East [one-shot]fatsokoDong Bang Shin Ki (complete)23 Aug 2007
♥You Are The Reason♥{CoMpLeTeD}♥ako_ay_ako♥♥Roxanne Guinoo & Joross Gamboa♥{KULTONG JOROX}23 Aug 2007
Guardian Angel -Complete-Ayah DiamonRaziel[Kim] Chaste[Ayumi]and Angel Ahliel[Ariel]22 Aug 2007
'.We are family.' [Completed]ARD fanaticsRainie, Danson, Ariel, Fahrenheit, S.H.E22 Aug 2007
Start of Something New [Completed]ARD fanaticsRainie Yang, Danson Tang, Fahrenheit, S.H.E22 Aug 2007
ღ Our Story: The 6 - way love ღ [completed]JennyLauS.H.E && Fehrenheit22 Aug 2007
Our Rainbow Will Never End [Completed]rumblefaeryBosco Wong, Myolie Wu, Ron Ng, Tavia Yeung22 Aug 2007
-MAKE a WISH-*completed*justm3Boscolie22 Aug 2007
! I F O N L Y ; {COMPLETED}weird - dedicated to DEAR Dead_Soul, a GREAT jeh-JIRO HEBE ARRON WUZUN22 Aug 2007
Fool for Love [COMPLETED]ilikedbskDBSK ; Seul Gi21 Aug 2007
A Journey to Find Her (Completed)hersheybarCharlene Choi, Edison Chen, Shawn Yue21 Aug 2007
Unavoidable (Completed)LittleLouis, Gigi, Roger, Pinky, Julian21 Aug 2007
.P.h.o.t.o.g.r.a.p.h. *Completed*peachySong Hyekyo, Shinhwa21 Aug 2007
~~~一切都从一封情书开始~~~ [Completed]~Betty~hEbE & aArOn21 Aug 2007
♥Ikaw Pa Rin Ang Mamahalin Ko♥ [COMPLETED]♥ako_ay_ako♥♥Jake ♥ Roxanne♥ {JAKEXANNE}with Joross21 Aug 2007
So, Your Roomate's a PERVERT?! [ COMPLETED ]fanTasy_gUrL (A SERENITY CHALLENGE)featuring the lovely Ella Chen & the sexy Wu Zun21 Aug 2007
You Are the Only One I Have : Part 2 ( completed )kibum_loverF.T. Island and fictional20 Aug 2007
ღForbidden Loveღ [COMPLETED!]Jade♥『Anime & Manga Characters』20 Aug 2007
When Did It Begin? (Completed)MegzzAlex Fong & Stephy Tang19 Aug 2007
盲目的心 [Blind Heart] (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang19 Aug 2007
(COMPLETED) What I Did For LoveMelissaTavia, Raymond, Ron, Charmaine, etc19 Aug 2007
Before Valentine´s Day ~[COMPLETED]~little_starsGuiGui XiaoXun(HeiSeHui) WangZi WeiLian(Lollipop)19 Aug 2007
勇敢去爱 [完成-completed]Mystery棒棒糖&自创人物19 Aug 2007
Mr Cheapo is My Boyfriend! [completed]Monkey GirlHebe + Arron19 Aug 2007
Repentant (completed)Humble_ducklingFictional characters(contains an imp msg inside)19 Aug 2007
~*Crane Affinity*~ [Completed]Lovie =DElla Jiro Chun18 Aug 2007
You Don't Know The Half Of It (Complete)FeiyinJessica From Girl Generation17 Aug 2007
Illusions of the Heart [completed]T.nguyenHu Ge and Fictional Girl17 Aug 2007
Once Upon A Time. . . . (Complete)FeiyinYuri From Girl Generation17 Aug 2007
These Dreams - CompletedCutieHero and Sandara17 Aug 2007
Every Heart Has A Wish (Complete)FeiyinTiffany from Girl Generation Oneshot17 Aug 2007
A Kiss From J *COMPLETED*xxingJay & Jolin17 Aug 2007
Quixotic Affairs (Completed)ningRainie Yang, Mike He, Arron Yan17 Aug 2007
The Mpreg Trilogy (COMPLETED)Cool_1312DBSK YAOI JaeHo YooSu Max17 Aug 2007
Looking For Your Love [COMPLETED]Baby PinkShort Stories for RL Fans ( Ron Ng and Leila Tong)16 Aug 2007
Bo Go Ship Da (Complete)FeiyinChangmin Oneshot16 Aug 2007
You Only Love (Complete)FeiyinYoochun Oneshot16 Aug 2007
Our Promise (Complete)FeiyinYunho Oneshot16 Aug 2007
One Date (Complete)FeiyinJunsu Oneshot16 Aug 2007
Last Chance (Completed)FeiyinJaejoong Oneshot16 Aug 2007
Unordinary Girls [COMPLETED]Shimer*Dong Bang Shin Ki//Tong Vfang Xien Qi [东方神起]16 Aug 2007
我的人生 [ completed ]me晴雅,恒风16 Aug 2007
What I Never Had The Chance To Say [completed]xtina.edison.charlene.gillian. & other minors.15 Aug 2007
*~ My Sweet Little Bunny ~* Completedpinkstar_AcrossGillian Chung&& Edison Chen15 Aug 2007
Spring Love *Completed*ryeogoonMing Dao, Qiao En15 Aug 2007
~~Unknown Love~~ **Completed**lildragongurl~Bosco Leila Ray Michelle Ron Nancy Matt Tavia15 Aug 2007
Shadows and Dreams (COMPLETE)*OCEAN BLUE*Ella, Hebe, Jay Gang, Uncle Chow15 Aug 2007
Empty Chairs At Empty Tables ~*~Completed~*~MiYukiRemembering Ishi Kor15 Aug 2007
Lust [&] Hatred {Completed}SammieeChun and Ella15 Aug 2007
DBSK YAOI -- KeiMin -- COMPLETEDCool_1312DBSK YAOI Max Changmin n Furuya Keita15 Aug 2007
.:YooSu:. COMPLETEDCool_1312.:DBSK YAOI: YooSu-Micky YooChun and Xiah Junsu14 Aug 2007
Tears of Mistaken Joy = CompleteJohnDong Bang Shin Ki14 Aug 2007
JaeHo ----COMPLETED---Cool_1312(DBSK YAOI) Hero JaeJoong, Jung YunHo14 Aug 2007
Love's Witness (Completed)hangook_sonyaBae Seul Gi, Jae Joong, Yunho14 Aug 2007
Fall To Pieces (completed)Mrs. Bridget Vreeland-RichmanReuniting: Joseph Bitangcol and Michelle Madrigal13 Aug 2007
FOREVER?[completed]+y-i-n-g->.x3ARRON+HEBE13 Aug 2007
Things Gained Things Lost(complete)love2write loveAyumi, Kim Kibum, Bae Seul Gi, Yunho etc.13 Aug 2007
Back Someday [Complete]elmoRaymond Lam . Bosco Wong . Myolie Wu13 Aug 2007
{ONCE upon A time}+Completed+justm3RaymondLam MyolieWu BoscoWong ShirleyYueng13 Aug 2007
Love Knows No Boundaries [Completed]snowangel157S.H.E and other artises13 Aug 2007
How Far Apart Are We? [Complete]AkayameTegoMass,Akayame12 Aug 2007
REGRET ( COMPLETED)FeliciaS.H.E, Fahrenheit and some minor casts12 Aug 2007
Do you remember me? [completed]sarang23Kim Kibum,Lee Ayumi,Lee Donghae,Kim Heechul11 Aug 2007
Before you Know it [Completed]True_ColorKim, Jaejoong and the rest of the DBSK11 Aug 2007
Sinful Words -completed-loveljLouis Koo and Jessica Hsuan10 Aug 2007
Smitten Twice - Completed -loveljLouis Koo and Jessica Hsuan10 Aug 2007
> Queer_ Love < (Completed)hebellaHebe & Ella10 Aug 2007
We Are More Than Just GoOd Friends ~*Completed*~purrfectionJay Chou, Jolin Tsai, Edison Chen, Gillian Chung10 Aug 2007
A father's curse *completed*KJA_gurl1TYM, TAebin, Baek Kyoung, Teddy, Jin Hwan9 Aug 2007
My Prince Charming[complete]JessicaKim Ki Bum + Ayumi&&Sungmin9 Aug 2007
My Nuna, My Forbidden love (Complete)PinkNalgeneChae Yeon Lee Seung Gi Xman9 Aug 2007
Pagibigan o Pagkakaibigan? COMPLETEDMattMel & KimErald FanaticMatt, Melissa, Kim, & Gerald8 Aug 2007
==== The Wrong MR Q ==== *completedJLUVT [ A JOLIN GALAXY CHALLENGE]Jolin Tsai, Jay Chou & Whoo Hoo8 Aug 2007
World's Finest- The Saga Continues (COMPLETED)Shortie703Wallace Huo, Michelle Ye , Li Ya Peng, Gigi Lai, +7 Aug 2007
~Love or Friendship~ [complete]JessicaBae Seul Gi, Jung Yunho, and BoA + Xiah7 Aug 2007
/ / R e tarted W ife + + CompletedStary_eyesTVXQ/DBSK members Changmin/Gillian Chung6 Aug 2007
Waiting for your love ~*Completed*~wish_makerShinhwa6 Aug 2007
THE ONE YOU LOVE (completed)kittykenximen - xiao you6 Aug 2007
Targeted [h o r r o r] {Completed}AmalicioussFahrenheit, Rainie Yang, SHE, guests5 Aug 2007
Mishaps of Love *Completed*AmalicioussFahrenheit, Rainie Yang, & S.H.E.5 Aug 2007
at last..COMPLETEDpau-pauHERO AND SANDARA5 Aug 2007
SWEET ROMANCE (Completed)Cheng26Edison, Crystal, Angela, Ambrose, Wu Zun, Jiro W5 Aug 2007
Bang Bang Tang Sequel [COMPLETED]FionaLollipop Bang Bang Tang (棒棒堂)4 Aug 2007
最後一滴淚 [Last Drop of Tear] (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang4 Aug 2007
' ' H o b o Love'n // - CompletedStary_eyesTVXQ/DBSK members Yunho/Gillian Chung4 Aug 2007
A Song Without Its Words (Completed)DebbieTavia Yeung, Bosco Wong, Raymond Lam4 Aug 2007
The Pain Of Love (Completed)mei meiFahrenheit and SHE4 Aug 2007
JADED[COMPLETED]+y-i-n-g->.x3minwoo+jina3 Aug 2007
Sacrifice [Completed]Autumn_MemoriesLee Minwoo, Jeon Ji Hyun3 Aug 2007
Competition of Love *Completed*cgrl80Ming Dao vs. Qiao En vs. Ruby Lin3 Aug 2007
History of Yellow Roses (Completed)cgrl80Ming Dao, Qiao En, Wallace, Xiao Qiao, Xing Shu3 Aug 2007
The Roses Left Behind (COMPLETE)Kissable_deathElla, Jiro, Selina3 Aug 2007
love's a game (COMPLETED!!)alephy4evaSTephy TAng& ALex FOng3 Aug 2007
contract marriage (completed)angelHyun Bin & Jang Nara, Edison Chen3 Aug 2007
~~~mY eIgHtEeN yEaR oLd sTePmOtHeR~~~[Completed]~Betty~Chun & Ella (Mainly)3 Aug 2007
B. L. I. S. S (R.E.P.O.S.T) [COMPLETED]fanTasy_gUrL/ Dedicated to Imaginationss, XiaoHuiC.H.O.U/ T S A I C H U N G/C H E N3 Aug 2007
the lucky orphan girl(complete!)landyjaejoong, seulgi, changmin3 Aug 2007
Suffocating DepthsMistariaPotterEdward CullenXBella Swan(Twilight-S Meyer)Complete3 Aug 2007
Sweetie Pie[complete]<3_seul_giBae Seul Gi, Yunho, JaeJoong and more....2 Aug 2007
KAT-TUN [COMPLETED]FionaKAT-TUN (Jin, Kame, Junno, Koki, Ueda, Maru)2 Aug 2007
Golden Confidence (One-Shot and Completed)SophiaEdison Chen2 Aug 2007
It Started With A Babyc(completed)Farenheit FanaticEdison, Gillian and the Baby2 Aug 2007
You Are Mine... -COMPLETED-Cool_1312=DBSK YAOI= YooMin--Changmin & Yoochun with HoSu2 Aug 2007
DBSK Drabble (Y.A.O.I.) - COMPLETEDCool_1312YooSu2 Aug 2007
Blue Rose ~Completed~cute_janeRainie Yang and Mike He2 Aug 2007
My girlfriend is a ganster(COMPLETE)jenny n lovelyEdison Nichlas Charlene Gillian1 Aug 2007
The Invisibles completedDragonFly 1 Aug 2007
*Conquer My Love...* *征服我的爱...* [COMPLETED]yee^^TVXQ & TWINS1 Aug 2007
~高中生之戀 ~[Completed]iFabien小煜﹐王子﹐禹哲﹐亞綸﹐小薰﹐鬼鬼﹐許慧欣﹐丞琳1 Aug 2007
You Are the Only One I Have (completed)kibum_loverF.T. Island and fictionals31 Jul 2007
JUSTICE FOR LOVE Completedmeteor1JnB and F331 Jul 2007
Prince Charming *CompletedDaniellaJessica Hsuan * Louis Koo31 Jul 2007
Against Tide (Completed)lazyartWu Chun • Ella Chen31 Jul 2007
My Vampire Prince [completed]suju501Kim Ki Bum, Ayumi Lee, and suju30 Jul 2007
S e x y Perverted Dolphin 'CompletedStary_eyesTVXQ/DBSK members Junsu/Gillian Chung30 Jul 2007
You;re The One [COMPLETED]Baby CloverRaymond Lam, Bosco Wong, Michelle Yip and Ron Ng29 Jul 2007
Bounded By Your Love [Complete]elmoWong Hei . Raymond Lam . Bosco Wong . Myolie Wu29 Jul 2007
THE MIRACLE ( COMPLETED)FeliciaS.H.E, Fahrenheit, Joe Cheng29 Jul 2007
dont gamble with my heart !(complete!)landykim jae joong bae seul gi (tvxq)29 Jul 2007
DOn'T KnOw!i [COMPLETE]transdbskstoryDBSK29 Jul 2007
藍鞋子 [Blue Shoes] (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang28 Jul 2007
Perfect Match [completed]T.nguyenHu Ge Ady An28 Jul 2007
Until Your Last Breath[COMPLETE]transdbskstoryMax Changmin(DBSK)27 Jul 2007
Your Last Image[COMPLETE]transdbskstoryMicky Yoochun(DBSK)27 Jul 2007
One-Shot: As We Live (Completed)MiKyoung KimPark Yoochun, Kim Junsu (from TVXQ)26 Jul 2007
The Gangster That Loved Me -COMPLETE-lil'gurLDong Bang Shin Ki [ft. Kim JaeJoong]26 Jul 2007
Forever Feelings (COMPLETED)demon_eyes12DBSK25 Jul 2007
A Little Piece of Paradise ~Completed~mustard_loveMatt Evans and Melissa Ricks25 Jul 2007
/ / ` S i lent `` Tou c h - CompletedStary_eyesTVXQ/DBSK members Jaejoong Gillian Chung24 Jul 2007
Omitted Complete`irwarRainie Y. Jolin T. Aaron Y. Darren K.24 Jul 2007
BARKADA KAMI! completedLornickjoross angelica sharay roxanne jake23 Jul 2007
Angel VS Devil --Complete--SRSRainie Yang Mike He23 Jul 2007
I Love You Forever [Completed]PatriciaAaron Yan and Hebe Tian23 Jul 2007
Giving Poems Another Try(completed)Amy T.........^_^.......hehe!23 Jul 2007
♥Ichigo!♥ [COMPLETE]Jade♥[some made up anime characters]23 Jul 2007
Time of Death;12:01 AM.Cause:Edison Chen COMPLETEDxx_`alicee -- dedicated to KATRINAGILLIAN ♥ EDISON -- no matter what.22 Jul 2007
Maybe This Time - COMPLETEDCutieHero and Sandara22 Jul 2007
Summer Love (Completed)SwayYamapi, Viviane (fictional), Nishikido Ryo22 Jul 2007
.:Holding Back the Tears:. [Complete]JessicaYunho, Bae Seul Gi, Jang Woo Hyuk21 Jul 2007
simply complicated(COMPLETE!)landybae seul gi, jung yunho, tvxq21 Jul 2007
You? Vampire? [completed]suju501Ki Bum & Ayumi & others.19 Jul 2007
The mistaken love ~completed~bubble8Alec su, Vicki zhao plus minor casts19 Jul 2007
Gift from Our Love [COMPLETED]Baby PinkFor all BosLei( BL fans)= Short stories!!19 Jul 2007
[completed] ChoicesspringDBSK ::: Lee Yeonhee ::: Other SM Artists18 Jul 2007
Key to My Heart(COMPLETED)Susan1tym18 Jul 2007
this song, I write for you...[completed]pandabearS.H.E18 Jul 2007
Nothing but Hate (Completed)Alone.Jay Chou, Stefanie Sun18 Jul 2007
Hidden Secrets [ completed ]xiao_yun87BoA TVXQ Dana18 Jul 2007
The lost of Friendship (Completed)JellokittyDBSK (Mostly Xiah Junsu) + fictional characters17 Jul 2007
Umbrella [Completed]Florence-Flower PetalsFictional Characters15 Jul 2007
Exposed Imperfections: The Life After [completed]t r a n g [dedicated to 0MG_Stephhh]Edison&Gillian+Chun&Ella+Jiro&Selina14 Jul 2007
Blind Love [COMPLETED]persephoneKim Dong Wan13 Jul 2007
What Love Means (Completed)DebbieLeila Tong and Bosco Wong13 Jul 2007
I will stand by you 2 [Completed]WeyMingdao, Qiao en13 Jul 2007
Birthday . Suprise [Rated M--Completed]Nina_SakuraJung Yunho . Bae Seul Gi13 Jul 2007
Dangerous ;; M i n d +` ` CompletedStary_eyesDBSK ft. Gillian Chung13 Jul 2007
Promises-COMPLETEhaha08Myolie Wu and Raymond Lam12 Jul 2007
I Never Knew [complete]VampirePrincemade up people12 Jul 2007
I Hate Myself For Loving You[complete]VampirePrincemade up people12 Jul 2007
Just My Weird Family[complete]VampirePrincemade up people12 Jul 2007
Mission Accomplish? [COMPLETE]VampirePrincemade up people12 Jul 2007
The Gates of Eternity (COMPLETED)Jenny TranNoel Leung/Nick Cheung/Julian Cheung/Joyce T, etc12 Jul 2007
The MessengerfatsokoOriginal (Complete--simplicity challenge)12 Jul 2007
This Is Our Destiny (completed)JewelVicki Zhao and Alec Su12 Jul 2007
Trevi Wishes [COMPLETED!!!]H PandaRainie, Mike, Edison, Gillian, Charlene, Nicholas12 Jul 2007
Come Back My Prince - One Shot [COMPLETED]<3 JaeXiah Junsu&&Fictional Girl12 Jul 2007
Tree, Leaf and Wind ~~COMPLETED~~lil_kissesJay, Jolin, Show12 Jul 2007
情況混亂 [Snafu] (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang12 Jul 2007
The Wrong Princess To Throne(COMPLETED)moonlitHa Ji-Won, Lee Jun Ki, park Yoochun, Lim Soo-Jung11 Jul 2007
With This Rose....@~~~ (COMPLETE)EnchantressX*Mingen* ~Lin Mingdao, Chen Qiaoen and other Casts11 Jul 2007
Key to My Heart [One.Shot][Completed]JessicaHebe Tian&&Aaron Yan10 Jul 2007
The Trevi Wish (Dedicated to Mala) [COMPLETED!]H PandaS.H.E., Fahrenheit (minus Calvin)10 Jul 2007
~*Love-Hard-Happy-Sad-Helpful*~CompleteSRS7 Flowers && 556610 Jul 2007
Cause He's different { One-Shot & Completed }pinkite :]Chun Wu & Ella Chen10 Jul 2007
bLiNDed By lOve (Completed)rizgalJung Yunho, Bae Seul Gi and many more10 Jul 2007
So Your Roomate's a PERVERT (Completed)xIaojO (Serenity Challenges)chun wu and ella chen9 Jul 2007
.:Second Chance in Love:.COMPLETED.:Cool_1312DBSK YAOI--YooSu and JaeHo with Changminnie8 Jul 2007
Eternal Flame ~Completed~cute_jane....Xiao You(rainie Yang),Lei,and the rest of MG8 Jul 2007
Tuesday (Completed)HibiscusMike He, Ariel Lin, Joe Cheng8 Jul 2007
Thank You For Your Gentleness [COMPLETED!]H PandaHebe, Aaron, Jiro, Selina8 Jul 2007
Silent Words completed ` anonymous.C`hou & T`sai7 Jul 2007
So Your Roomate`s a Pervert [Completed.]imaginationss [SERENITY challenge]Wu Zun && Ella Chen7 Jul 2007
[ ~ 不可不信緣 ~ ] COMPLETEDm i n t z z y~ . e l l a c h u n j i r o . ~7 Jul 2007
Finding Her Mr. Right [Completed]p.romise` and dreamer (:Edison. Charlene. Kenny. Gillian.6 Jul 2007
[Completed] Holding Back The Tears&st4rs;Kim JaeJoong (김재중)6 Jul 2007
Defining Love [Completed]HeronEdison.Chen Gillian.Chung6 Jul 2007
'Choosing a Bride???'[completed]Monkey GirlFahrenheit and many girls!!6 Jul 2007
Fooled By The Heart (COMPLETED)azn_mediaJoo Ji Hoon:Yoon Eun Hye6 Jul 2007
Stuffed With Love --- CompletedasianweirdoJay Chou && Jolin Tsai5 Jul 2007
English Story: 谢谢你的温柔 (For Flora) [COMPLETED!]H PandaHebe (田馥甄), Kame (亀梨和也), Jin (赤西仁), Selina (任家萱)5 Jul 2007
W-inds. in Gakuen +COMPLETE+ryoheijiw-inds., Ryohei, Keita, Ryuichi5 Jul 2007
L.O.V.E [completed]toshiakiMIHORead dis PLS??5 Jul 2007
Love Never Ends (Completed)YeeYeeRainie Yang,Kim Jung Hoon4 Jul 2007
A Drama-ed Puppy love {completed}ga88y 4 Jul 2007
No one but you - completedakLouis Koo, Jessica Hsuan4 Jul 2007
To Have & To Hold - CompletedjanielHero & Sandara4 Jul 2007
xXx [143] ; Fate - Completed xXxcupidzMike//Joe//Ethan//Rainie//Ariel//Esther4 Jul 2007
~Operation: Death~ Completedlil_selinaShawn Yue~Vanness Wu~Selina Ren~ Anthony Wong3 Jul 2007
Murder Of Love[complete]VampirePrincemake up people3 Jul 2007
Tank-音乐爱情故事 (Completed)WindTANK3 Jul 2007
==== S t i n g y Y o u ! ==== *completed*JLUVTJ a y A N D J o l i n2 Jul 2007
P.romises` . {Sequel} -COMPLETED-p.romise` & m.emories` .All Stars. Currently;; Wang Ren Fu & Zeng Zhi Qiao2 Jul 2007
Unexpected Turn of Events (Completed)hanistarLouis Koo and Jessica Hsuan1 Jul 2007
A Bet Gone Wrong (Completed)True_ColorsHebe T,Arron Y,Selina R,Calvin C,Jiro W,DBSK/TVXQ30 Jun 2007
Until The Last Rose Dies (Completed)PChopz333 & FChopz520Wu Chun, Hebe Tian, Jiro Wang30 Jun 2007
Possiblities are Very Unlikely (Completed)Fan Fic Challange: Amy T. & True_ColorsKim Jae Joong/Hero, Hebe Tian, Arron Yan30 Jun 2007
The Perfect First Kiss (completed)Christina RainBarbie Xu & Jerry Yan30 Jun 2007
Eternal Sunrise *COMPLETED*PyunggieDBSK30 Jun 2007
Abducted [completed]CalypsoS.H.E. Rainie Yang & Fahrenheit29 Jun 2007
Sorry...I've got no choice... [completed]Nhu TranMicky Yoochun, Xiah Junsu, BaeSeul Gi and others29 Jun 2007
*ChAsing ThE RainBow* [COMPLETED]candiieXDFAHRENHEIT & SHE29 Jun 2007
*ChAsing ThE RainBow* [COMPLETED]candiieXDFAHRENHEIT & SHE29 Jun 2007
As Long As We Had Feelings *COMPLETED*izzleyippeeAlec Su, Vicki Zhao29 Jun 2007
Measure Of Love *Completed*JessMichelle Tavia Myolie Raymond Ron Bosco29 Jun 2007
A New Beginning Starts Here *Complete*stesengS.H.E, Fahrenheit, and possible additions later.29 Jun 2007
Dancing Compassion [Completed]1_dreamCharmaine ∙ Julian ∙ Raymond ∙ Tavia28 Jun 2007
Darkness and Light =COMPLETED=ZapperYamapi and Maki28 Jun 2007
The Forbidden Fruit [Completed]sparrowDraco Malfoy,. Hermione Granger28 Jun 2007
Love Symptoms . [ Completed ]E l l eKim Jae Joong & Gillian Chung27 Jun 2007
As an Angel Smiles ~Completed~mustard_loveMattMelSeph~MaJohn~KimRald27 Jun 2007
缘份 -=Completed=-xiaojun王绍伟27 Jun 2007
You? like me?CompletedpaymentChangmin and Younha26 Jun 2007
StrAwBerrieS (Complete)DeigratiaXiao You .N. Ximen26 Jun 2007
Angel of Death [Completed]KikiMyolie Wu, Raymond Lam, Nancy Wu26 Jun 2007
Don't give up on us (repost) - CompletedChary and CorazonKen Zhu and Rainie Yang26 Jun 2007
Everthing Is Over...Completed...gillie_eddieEdison Chen&Gillian Chung&Charlene Choi26 Jun 2007
I SEE Ghosts (COMPLETED)lil_kissesJay & Jolin26 Jun 2007
A Fairytale In the Making [Completed]sparrowFictional ---> Allie and Jin26 Jun 2007
My Baby (reposted) - CompletedKeishaAlec and Vicki25 Jun 2007
Forgotton [ Completed ]Vi3tgrlMichelle Yip, Raymond Lam, Ron Ng, Leila Tong25 Jun 2007
A Crystal Love [Completed]H PandaAaron, Hebe25 Jun 2007
The Crystal Love [Completed]H PandaMike, Rainie25 Jun 2007
Crystal Love [Completed]H PandaEdison, Gillian25 Jun 2007
Reflection *Completed*AmalicioussGo Ah Ra, Kim Ki bum, Jae Joong, Ayumi Lee, others25 Jun 2007
Exposed Imperfections [completed]Trang...feels good (:Edison&Gillian, Chun&Ella, Jiro&Selina + many MORE25 Jun 2007
Surreptitious Lies (repost) *Completed*azn_lvndMichelle Yip, Raymond Lam & Kenneth Ma24 Jun 2007
戀愛大過天 之 短篇小說 *COMPLETED*alexinyann蔡卓妍 陳冠希 田馥甄 炎亞倫 陳嘉樺 吳尊 鐘欣桐 方力申24 Jun 2007
[About Face] (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang23 Jun 2007
Taken for Granted *COMPLETED*roonieKim Jung Hoon & Sung Yuri23 Jun 2007
Me&You [Complete]Lucky*Raymond L., Ron N., Bosco W., Leila T., Tavia Y.23 Jun 2007
Everything illegal from drugs to rape (completed)Purplestar1991Edison, Gillian, Charlene, Nic....etc..23 Jun 2007
The Mysterious Voice Online *Completed*Liu Wai Kai & Wu Yu XiaLiu Wai Kai, Wu Yu Xia, Gillian Chung, & more23 Jun 2007
Illusion *Completed*AxelaTavia and Ron23 Jun 2007
Love Triangle - CompletedNicola ItaliaJess Louis23 Jun 2007
Without You - CompletedRunaway Soul 23 Jun 2007
DBSK Just For You Collection -Completed-Cool_1312--DBSK YAOI-- .:YooSu:. YooChun n JunSu23 Jun 2007
~* Yes! i love you *~ (completed)salapao_nuchS.H.E ( Ella, Hebe,Selina ) + Rainie22 Jun 2007
Pure Coincidence [Completed]PeekabooiseefrhFahrenheit, SHE, and some other characters.22 Jun 2007
The Name of the Game (One-shot) [Completed]hebe_lover14 aka scattered_dreamsHebe Tien Xiao Qiao Aaron Yan22 Jun 2007
BaNg BaNg TaNg [Completed]FionaLollipop Bang Bang Tang (棒棒堂)22 Jun 2007
My Lucky Star *~Completed~*AnnycosmoEdison Chen & Gillian Chung21 Jun 2007
Untamed Passion (Complete) & Other Short Storiesfrozen flameYAOI and Normal FICS ft. Super Junior21 Jun 2007
` blϋë.bεaя™ ~ [dedicated 2 Monkey Girl] COMPLETED` co0kiiesz&&creaM =DDFei.Lun.Hai S.H.E RainieYang MikeHe JolinTsai21 Jun 2007
~ 五月天 ~ [ completed ]呆子 dedicated to 學雯ChunElla21 Jun 2007
Forever, For Always (COMPLETED)kittykenximen and xiao you20 Jun 2007
Love Me, Brother-In-Law *Complete*lil' gurLDong Bang Shin Ki [ft.YunHo]19 Jun 2007
Snow Fleece //COMPLETED//JazkyYamapi & Maki19 Jun 2007
What Can Happen in a Week*completed*xxingJayHebe(EC,SS,EC)18 Jun 2007
Short Story:淘汰[COMPLETED]._ZheLun._Next Story:Gillian[Twins]Calvin[FeiLunHai]18 Jun 2007
Six Reasons Trilogy (COMPLETED)Cool_1312-DBSK YAOI- JaeMin, YooSu and HoChul18 Jun 2007
Do I Love Him?(rated R)(COMPLETED)dbskangelDBSK,fictional,random16 Jun 2007
Unknown EndingMe 16 Jun 2007
Wurjima, na saranghaeyo (Completed)a-kimMicky Yoo Chun of DBSK and a fictional character16 Jun 2007
My Destiny (Completed)snowflakes065Micky Park and Kwon BoA16 Jun 2007
Not Because I Don't Love You *Completed*ryeogoonMing Dao, Qiao En16 Jun 2007
Our Story by the Sea [COMPLETED]JiShinJunSu [DBSK]16 Jun 2007
~~~和你在一起~~~[Completed]~Betty~吴尊,ELLA,汪东城, 辰亦儒,炎亚纶, SELINA, HEBE。。。 AND OTHER。。。16 Jun 2007
==== Slayer's Memories ==== *completed*JLUVTJ a y A N D J o l i n16 Jun 2007
The School Trilogy - DBSK YAOI (COMPLETED)Cool_1312JaeHo, YooSu and KeiMin15 Jun 2007
自編自導自戀 (Completed)MilkyWayAlex Fong _♥_ Stephy Tang14 Jun 2007
It's Just A Business Transaction * Completed*MythranaLouis, Jessica14 Jun 2007
I'm Holding Back the Tears -RDR II [completed[akuma kawaii kawaiiJung Yunho and Linda Lin13 Jun 2007
Impersonating Michelle *Completed*HLDLouis Koo * Jessica Hsuan13 Jun 2007
*~*Season Of Love*~* [