Fan Fiction

Denying Love [Completed]

by Patricia


H E B E ' S H O U S E.

"Hebe! Your going to get married to the Yan's." Hebe's mom said happily.

Hebe dropped down her fork and knife nosily down on her plate.

"Mom, stop playing!" Hebe laughed nervously.

"Hebe, this is no joke..." Mrs. Tian replied looking serious.

"But, I'm only 18!!!" Hebe protested.

"Hebe, getting married to the Yan's will do us very good for our Tian's Company." Hebe's dad said.

"So????" Hebe asked getting up her seat.

"Hebe Tian Fu Zhen!! Is this a way to talk to her parents??" Mr. Tian yelled pounding a fist on the dinner table making the servants shocked.

Hebe started crying, not once in her life had her parents ever yelled at her.

"Do whatever what you want then, your not giving me a choice, you don't care how I feel!!!!" Hebe screamed and ran upstairs to her room.

A A R O N ' S H O U S E.

"Aaron honey, I have great news for you!" Mrs. Yan, Aaron's mom said.

"What is it?" Aaron asked smiling.

"Your getting married!" Mrs. Yan said.

Aaron's face went from smiling to a mad face.

"What!! No I'm not!" Aaron yelled.

"I know this is a sudden but, her parents already agreed to this marriage..." Mrs. Yan said softly.

Aaron didn't say anything he only continued listening to his mom.

"And if you don't want to, the Yan Company will have a bad reputation from now on..." Mrs. Yan continued talking.

"The Yan's generations have always had the Yan Company and if we lose some money and others, it's all your fault, how could you look at your ancestors and your hard working dad?" Mrs. Yan looked outside the window.

"I guess... I guess I have no other choice then say yes, don't I?" Aaron asked without looking at his mom.

"Aaron, I really hope you'll agree." Mrs. Yan forced a smile.

"Okay..." Aaron answered in a forceful tone.

"That's great! I'll go call your dad now." Mrs. Yan clapped in excitement.


Patricia is proudly to present to you;

Denying Love


-Aaron Yan Ya Lun

-Hebe Tian Fu Zhen


-Selina Ren

-Ella Chen

-Rainie Yang

-Ariel Lin

-Jiro Wang

-Wu Zun (Chun)

-Calvin Chen

-Danson Tang

-Jay Chou

-Show Luo

Story Started; o7.31.o7
Story Completed; o9.o2.o7
Hehe, Hi everybody! Yeah I decided to start a new story =D
I got 2 other stories to finish tho -____-
Hebe's Love Diary is still in process... so no worries...
Shattered Love is on hiatus. so yeahh.
anyways hope you guys will enjoy this story as much as my other ones! Comments are greatly appreciated ^^
I`ll start writing as soon as my poster is here,
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