Fan Fiction

12+12=1 (COMPLETED)

by Pararae

Chapter 15

Changmin wake up due to a weird feeling he has. He is in the bedroom with Yunho sleeping cozily beside him. His stomach feels pain like Yunho just kick him 30 times and he feel like vomiting. He quickly jump off the bed and run to the restroom. He vomits out at the sink add to the dizziness his head cost, he feel like the world is spinning in a blurry vision and he fall on the cold floor. Yunho rush in hearing the loud noise from the bedroom.

“Are you ok?” Yunho ask while holding the Changmin to support his weight.

“Is it just me or this room is spinning?” Changmin said in weak tone. Yunho notice that the sink is full with waste fluid and Yunho went panic.

“OMG! Changmin! What’s wrong with you?” Yunho carry Changmin in bridal style and bring him out of the toilet to their bed before he call Yoochun, Jaejoong and 5 royal expert doctors that he could get his finger dial on. Soon, they all gather in Homin’s room while the doctors check Changmin from head to toe.

“Well?!” Yunho shout impatience-ly at the doctors ignoring Yoochun who’s trying to calm him down.

“Congratulation…Your wife is pregnant,” one of the doctors said and give a reassuring smile that everything is fine.

“WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Changmin shout at the top of his lung and THUD! Changmin faint with his mouth wide open.

“YAH! CHANGMIN!” Yunho run to get his Changmin and shook his body roughly.

“MINNIE!!!!!” Jaejoong push the doctors away and shake Changmin’s still body.

“WAKE UP BABO!!!!” Yoochun kick the doctors away and join Yunho and Jaejoong shaking Changmin uncontrollably. The room fulls with their shouting and screaming….and the sound of bed cracking O.o?

“STOP! You may injure the baby!!!” One of the doctors shouts and tries to pull Yunho away from hurting both Changmin and the baby.

“GET AWAY FROM ME! CHANGMIN!!!” Yunho flying kick the doctor away and continue shaking Changmin’s body.

“Please, everyone calm down!” another doctor try to calm the situation down but to no vail, no one listening to them. The doctors try to pull Yunho, Jaejoong and Yoochun away from Changmin and soon, the screaming, the shouting, the shaking plus the pulling game begin for a few minutes despite that their unbearable noise cost a few sweepers to stop their work and peek into the room plus with the employee.

“Should we help them or what?” One of the sweepers asks while enjoying the show from the tiny hole at the door.

“We should just enjoy the show,” the employee said and shares her popcorn with her friends while enjoying the free show…


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