Fan Fiction

Huan Zhu Ge Ge 3 [Completed]

by LitoIceKrystal

Chapter 13

Blaming on Xiao Yan Zi

~*Qian Long & Ling Feiís Room*~

The horrified commotion was still going on in Qian Long and Ling Feiís room. The terrible news is that the old woman has Ling Fei in her hands, and a dagger is placed pinned beneath her throat. Qian Long couldnít stand there watching Ling Fei in her hands, but he wanted to go right to the old woman and grab Ling Fei. Everyone stopped him from doing it in case he might get injured from the old woman.

Er Kang: Stop it! What do you want from us?!

Old Woman: Revenge! Revenge is what I want from this imperial family! Qian Long Huang Shang, if you want your wife to be alive, then you better sacrifice your life for her! One of you is dying, and thatís it I am giving out your chance! *take a few steps back*

Qian Long: No! No! No! Wait! Donít hurt her! *Holding his hand out*

Ling Fei: Huang Shang, donít worry about meÖworry about yourself before you are going to get hurtÖ

Old Woman: Shut up, young woman! *Shouts to Ling Fei*

Xiao Yan Zi: Lao Tai Tai! You are being cruel! How can you do this to me after I helped you bashed up those men? *Hurts with tears*

Steeped with an immense ponderous anger, Xiao Yan Zi can never take these kinds of things solemnly. She decides to let out her ponderous quantity of anger and explodes it out for everyone. Xiao Yan Zi uses her martial arts even though they were not really amended, but she manages to assault the cruel old woman. The old woman turns her head and faces when she saw Xiao Yan Zi coming in front of her. She briskly tries to dodge away from Xiao Yan Zi by heaving Ling Fei to another area where she bumps into a wall.

Ling Fei: *gasps* Huang Shang, help me! Save me!

The entire family gasps in consternation when they saw their beloved Ling Fei Niang Niang was hurt on the forehead from the cruel old woman. They soon started dueling with the old woman when she uses her fingers, places in her mouth, and blew out a whistle. The whistle sent a signal from outside of the house. A group of men in blacks came charging in suddenly at the right moment once they heard the fleshy whistle.

Er Tai: *shocked* Oh my god! More enemies are here! *turns to Er Kang*
Ge! You go protect Huang Shang, Ling Fei, Lao Fu Ye, and Huang Ho! Sai Ya, come and help me fight with these men!

Sai Ya: Right! *flies over to Er Tai*

The guys were dueling with every men in black while Xiao Yan Zi and Yong Qi were going opposite the old woman. Qian Long is taking care of Ling Fei. Screaming, terrifying, and sounds of attacks were heard everywhere. An icy chill went down Qian Longís back when he saw his kin tortured to battle to release him. He felt wicked for letting them doing this, but he wished he could defendthem. Incautiously, he picks up Ling Fei who was injured on her forehead and tries to get out of the room.

The old woman is still dueling with Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi. Once she flashes her eyes on Qian Long trying to run away, she abruptly leaps over to the door where Qian Long is about to get out. Yong Qi and Xiao Yan Zi speedily went to the old woman before she can give a gash on their best liked Huang Ah Ma.

Old Woman: Youíre not going anywhere, Qian Long! *raises her dagger*

Xiao Yan Zi: Lao Tai Tai! Stay where you are! Donít try to hurt my Huang Ah Ma!

Qian Long turns back and saw the old womanís dagger going to wound him. He went dodging from her frightening dagger while hauling his favorite wife, Ling Fei in his arms. The dagger went swiping from left to right. The old woman missed her chance of destroying Qian Long when Yong Qi gave her a kick, which sent her soaring out of the room and smashes the brown wooden table into pieces.

Yong Qi: Lao Ye, hurry and take Ling Fei Niang Niang into hiding. Here has Er Chen (son) and Xiao Yan Zi will take care of the business!

Qian Long: Hao! (good) *runs off into another room*

The old woman knew she lost her chance of getting her revenge. Facing towards the exit of the house, she dashed away promptly. While she passed the room where Xiao Yan Zi, Zi Wei, Liu Hong, Sai Ya, and Meng Y were staying, she bursts into the room to see who is inside. Fearing to death, Zi Wei and Meng Ya snuggled into each others arms. The old woman went in grabs behind Zi Wei and Meng Yaís neck. She is pressurizing their neck without letting them breathe if she canít get her revenge.

~*Girlís Room*~

Xiao Yan Zi came in and was shocked to see her sister in the old womanís hands.

Xiao Yan Zi: Lao Tai Tai! Let them go! Let my sister go!

Old Woman: NO way! If I canít get my revenge from your Huang Ah Ma, these two girls are going with me!

Xiao Yan Zi charges right to the old woman, but she missed when the old woman floated across the air using her martial arts. Xiao Yan Zi fell and bumps her hand on a chair. Once she looks back, the old woman was gone with Zi Wei and Meng Ya. She tries rummaging for them outside of the house in the dark. There was no sign of them or either the old woman.
Soon the men in blacks were gone too when the old woman vanished. The group came out and saw nothingness, but Xiao Yan Ziís figure standing in the dark.

~*Outside of the House*~

Yong Qi, Er Kang, and Liu Hong rush to her and asked what happen. The find no respond, but Xiao Yan Zi grumbles tersely on her soft, remorse tone.

Yong Qi: Xiao Yan Zi, whereís Zi Wei and Meng Ya? *looks back and forth*

Er Kang: Xiao Yan Zi! Look at me! Whereís Zi Wei? Where is she? *holds her shoulders tightly*

Liu Hong: Xiao Yan Zi! Say something! Donít be like this! Tell us, what happened to Zi Wei and Meng Ya? *tears streaming down*

Xiao Yan Zi: Sheís goneÖshe got taken awayÖ*looks like a zombie*

Er Kang: Xiao Yan Zi!!! How could you? If you saw the old woman is taking Zi Wei away with her, you should come and stop her! She took our child away too!! *extremely angry*

Er Tai came to Er Kang to calm him down when he saw his own brother being so frustrated. Er Kang is once again going to hate Xiao Yan Zi even more. He remembers the last time when Zi Wei got blind, and she lets go of her being kidnapped. And now she didnít even care for her by letting the old woman took Zi Wei and his child away.

Er Tai: Ge! Donít be upset with Xiao Yan Zi! At least she was trying to help and save them!

Sai Ya: Er Tai! Iím so scared of what the old woman will do to Meng Ya too. Sheís my sister and we always stick with each other safely.

Er Kang couldnít take his anger seeing Zi Wei was gone and taken away. He was about to raise his hand and wanted to slap Xiao Yan Ziís face. Before he can touch Xiao Yan Zi, Yong Qi drags her back and Er Tai with Sai Ya and Liu Hong were stopping him.

Yong Qi: *points at Er Kang* Stop being like this, Fu Er Kang! You know itís not Xiao Yan Ziís fault! She WAS going to help Zi Wei out before she got taken away! It was your fault too! You couldnít even handle your own wife with your child!

Er Kang: *tears* My fault? *nods his head* Yes, itís my fault right? You were in the room, Xiao Yan Zi! I saw you went into the room where Zi Wei was staying with you! I trusted you once, but I will never again! Some sister like you can even take care of your own sister!

Xiao Yan Zi: Yes! Itís my fault then! Iím horrible! Iím useless! Iím useless out of everything! *faces Yong Qi* Yong Qi! I canít live here anymore! All I do is provoke difficulty for the family! Itís good if I run away! Bye! *scurries off*

Yong Qi: Xiao Yan Zi! Wait! I didnít say I donít want you anymore! I need you! Come back! *chases after her*

Er Tai: Er Kang, look at you! Look what you have done now! You yelled at Xiao Yan Zi, and now she ran off too! Donít you ever thought of how Zi Wei and Yong Qi might feel in their hearts when she is gone? She is Huang Shangís kai xin guo!

Er Kang: I donít care what she is! I want is Zi Wei! I want her being safely and sound with front of me!

Liu Hong: Er Kang! Itís hopeless if you kept being in this kind of behavior. The most important thing is to find Zi Wei and also Meng Ya!

The group went back into the house with fear in the hearts. They never know if the old woman will come back or not. No one even knew where were Zi Wei and Meng Ya. Hu Tai was in the room applying medicines and trying to help to cure Ling Feiís injured. Qian Long was worried about Ling Fei and Zi Wei. One is his wife and the other is daughter. He weeps a little to see Zi Wei got taken away. Mostly is Er Kang who can never take his anger when Zi Wei vanished from his heart.
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