Fan Fiction

lust (yuri and rated one shots) [complete]

by jaetaecchan

Chapter 5

ur getting boring, but u come here...yuri jaejoong

I fucked taec every other night since the night i tricked him. He was hot, nice body, big dick, strong but no passion! And besides he was getting boring, he was stuck doing doggy style and if you want to fuck me and my sweet ass we need to change positsions! I was already known for being the neighborhood slut, slut yes but i wasnt easy, i dont sleep with anyone, i like to have fun and you gotta be hot to tap this!

Taec and I have had orgys with his friends and my friends and we decided to have another this weekend at his place, it was a pool/sex party.
walking out to the pool i wore a white bikini top with a matching white gstring, of course all the boys looked and all the girls were jealous. There were about 15 people here.

"yuri, come here" i hear taec. I walk over and he grabs my ass and whispers, i saved the master bed room for us. I move away from him and smirk.

"babe, i cant always be your partner, was fun but its time to switch...maybe next week, k?" he stood there shocked at my remark. Andlike that i walked away.
I get into the hot tub with 4 other people....chansung with taeyeon and this girl named amber talking to this pretty boy. I scoot over to the guy and pull him away locking lips, our tongue danced, sucking faces. By the time we stoped amber was gone....good

"hey wats ur name?"i asked rubbing his chest.

"jae joong but call me jae....but i noe who you are, the finest bitch here." he whispered he started kissing my neck finding my sweet spot. I sat inbetween his legs.

"jae, you know how to turn a girl on" i take both is hands, placing the left one on my breast and the other on top of my pussy. He knew what to do then. His fingers slipped under my gtring and drew circles. He pinched my nipple and massaged my D cup boobs. I opend my eyes to see chansung starring, i smile and lick my lips. Then i felt a finger go into my ass.


"tonight its just gonna be you and me" jae said noticing my actions towards chansung.

"yes master" i turn my head to meet his lips, stuck my tongue our for him to suck.
taecs house had like 6 rooms, so i picked an empty one and took it.

I was already naked by the time we got in. He put me on the bed and i motioned for him to sit. i got off and was on my knees inbetween his legs. I start kissing his inner thigh till i couldnt go any farther cause of his shorts. I look up and smile.

"its time to get naked jae." he stands up for me to pull down his shorts. Immediately his dick jumps out....wasnt as big as taec's but had a curve to it like a bananna. I tug at it a few times before licking the tip. Licking downwards i get to his sack and start to suck....

"damn yuri, taec always said you knew how to fuck but damn ur better than what i imagined"

"talk dirty to me babe"

"you like that dont you, you slut, cock sucker!"

"yeah, i like your big cock, i want you to fuck my pussy." i say jacking him off...going so fast his eyes started to roll. I get up and lay down. Spreading my legs i motioned him to come closer.

"now lets see how you compare to taecyeon"

he teases me licking and giving me hickes on my inner thighs and my pussy lips but not my clit.

"uhhh stop and eat me, i knoe you want to see me cum" i whimpered

"heh, you ready?"


"call me master"

"yes master, i want you to finger fuck me, i want to feel your hot tongue against my clit.--AHHH!" he parted my pussy lips with is tongue and with his thumb he ticked my clit. He moved soo fast i could barely breathed.

"AH AH AH..YEAH.. Keep...on...right...there!" my leg was shaking, and i lifted my self up so his tongue could go deeper.
I sit up and pull his hair forcing him to kiss me. Licking his face i could taste my drippings and his spit.

"umm no wonder u wouldnt stop, my pussy tastes swee!" i force him down and straddle his cock. No need to start slow, i was at the peak of heat...his curved penis hit my gspot perfectly! I lowered down, my breast on top of his chest and stared sucking the nape of his neck....he was different from taec, he loved to moan.


"OoOoOoO your cock is so big, it feels soo good inside me, grab my ass and stick your finger in my ass" ohh the feeling of both holes being full was amazing! The pleasure was building soo much i sat back up with my tits bouncing up and down! I was moving back and forth every half a sec, rolling my hips.

He started to move his hips up and down, like we were jumping on the bed!

"AH AH AHHHH....MY PUSSY, MY PUSSY ITS HOT! " he then flipped me over with one leg over his shoulder and one around his waist.

"slut am i better than taec?!" he yelled.

"yes...yes..yes..." i panted.

"yell it! Loud"



"FUCK. FUCK. FUCK!............yeah..." i breath and release, i was exausted but jae was still fucking my pussy.....he took out his red cock and squirted on my stomach.

he hovered over and licked his own cum up my body till he reached my lips and i quickly grabbed him and passionately kissed him, his sperm was salty, a nice treat.

"your soo fuckin hot!" he said pulling away.

"you can have me monday wed and fridays" i said out of breath

"wat about tues and thursdays?" he asked

"taec's days"

"the weekend?"

"thats for seohyun and yoonah"

"what a slut"

yuri strikes again