Fan Fiction

l o v e ★ c o m

by m i c h e l l e e w t f


[ - - title ; l o v e ★ c o m
[ - - author ; m i c h e l l e e w t f
[ - - cast ; kpop and nongasoos
[ - - rating ; pg-16 to r
[ - - genre ; romance drama
[ - - disclaimer ; I don't own any of the idols it's for their own protection.


"He gives me the kind of feeling people write novels about."


[ - - cast ;

Cho So Hee
Han Sang Joon
Michelle Younge
Cho Jae Lee
Yong Ami Lee
Jessica Han

Jung Jinwoon
Park Jaebeom
Ok Taecyeon
Choi Seunghyun
Kang Daesung
Im Seulong

Lee Changmin
Jo Kwon
Nichkhun Horvejkul
Jang Wooyoung
Lee Junho
Hwang Chansung
Dong Youngbae
Kwon Jiyong
Lee Seungri


[ - - lovenote ;

I've got my girls and it wasn't easy. I was only going to pick 2 (plus me) so that there could be one boy from each group but there was so many great and intresting applications, I had to add three more. So to make it even I chose two guys from each group and the rest as cameos. Thanks again to all the girl who applied and sorry if you weren't chosen, but I assure you this won't me my only apply fic. And congragulations to the chosen girl, don't forget to keep up with the fic and leave cute comment for me to read (I love long comments).


[ - - mood ; Excited
[ - - music, love and inspiration ; Find Your Love by Drake (The MV was sad. Bitch, you don't play Drake like that. What's wrong with you?!)