Fan Fiction

My Fake Girlfriend

by iamaninjadude




That fangirl awkward moment when Onew asks you to be his girlfriend...


I N T R O D U C T I O N *

Did it ever happen to you, when you suddenly get a phone call from your mom who's working in America telling you you're getting married to her friend's daughter? Oh, then you told her that you already have a girlfriend, but the fact is you're the type of man who doesn't get involved in serious relationships. So you were like, omma I'm already in a serious, long relationship but she was like oh my son I know you're not, what girl in her stable mind will ever agree to go out with you? She might be my mother but I swear she treats me like I'm some crap.

Anyway, now I'm home going through my phonebook and searching for the perfect fake girl to date.

Wait... -looks at you- You're perfect! Can you be my fake girlfriend?

C H A R A C T E R S *

Hwang ______ (you, reader) - Virgin, relationship status is a rollercoaster ride with you always fighting with your superb, movie star boyfriend. Older brother is confined in the hospital, deceased mom, dad ran away because he can't pay your family's debts. You're on your own to earn money to pay for rent, food and your brother's hospital bills. Caring, looks innocent, inexperienced on bed but she knows how to be intimate and passionate. Hard working and smart, you were coincidentally reading my story when Onew suddenly asked you to be his girlfriend.

Lee Jinki / Onew - Enjoys one-night stands, longest relationship with a girl is three days. Mommy's little boy, daddy is a known gigolo in Seoul but he has no idea it's his own father. He earns money from his family's bank account. Grandfather is very popular in Seoul's industry and owns several companies. Fun-loving, carefree and a man who just wants to have fun. Proud of his XL size dubulge and knows his way on bed. His mom just called and demanded to prove that he is dating someone, so he asked you to be his fake girlfriend.

Choi Minho - Had his share of relationships but none of them were serious until he started dating you. He thinks he finally found the one when he met you, but his acting career is on the way. Big movie star and super charismatic, he loves you more than anything else in the world. He wants to help you with your debts but you didn't want to bother him. Handsome, intelligent and again, oh-so charismatic. You or his career? It's still undecided, but he's sure he wants you to be his bride someday.

minor characters -

Hwang Chansung - your older brother, confined in the hospital, paralyzed.
Kim Jonghyun and Kim Kibum / Key - Onew's best buds.
Lee Taemin - younger, your neighbor and has a crush on you.
Park Jaebeom - your well-toned, six-packed stalker.
Park Sunyoung / Luna - the annoying girl that will become your rival later.
Jung Jessica - another annoying girl that will oppose you later.
Onew's mom / Mrs. Lee - Onew's... mom.

Others, will be revealed later.


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