Fan Fiction

So Naughty Girls (R)

by Shu_Shing

Chapter 3

Kim Taeyeon + Jessica Jung

This is not an apply but an original one-shot. (: I'll post another apply later. (;
Kim Taeyeon was one of the school's extraordinary nerds. Actually, she IS an extraordinary nerd. She's very attractive but is still able to be the school's smartest person. She was looked up to by most girls and they envied her.

Jessica Jung was your ordinary "popular girl". She was a bitch, mean, cold, and conceited. Girls envied her too, because guys always crawl towards her, blinded by her beauty. But girls also hate her:

Jessica was always nervous about her orientation. She never questioned it until one day, she encountered Taeyeon. When Jessica first saw her, she was stunned. Taeyeon was in the park, reading and feeding birds. Jessica decided to stalk her and see who the real Kim Taeyeon is. Everybody in the school thought she was perfect. And boy were they right..

Ever since then, Jessica hasn't been focusing much in school.

She was sitting in her classroom, listening to her teacher blab on about the history of colors. She got bored so she decided to stare out the window. Her eyes went wide as she saw the familiar figure walking down the street. 'Kim Taeyeon', she thought.

For the rest of the period, Jessica kept shifting in her desk. She craved to have some of Taeyeon. She couldn't manage to stay still until Jessica shot her hand up. "Can I go to the bathroom?" The teacher nodded and released Jessica with a restroom pass. As soon as Jessica got into in the bathroom, she went into one of the stalls farthest away from the exit. She shut the stall door, leaned against it, and sighed.

Her POV:
That Taeyeon is driving me insane.
Those beautiful eyes..
that hot ass..
those c-cup boobs..
the skinny and perfect, slender body..

I can't take it anymore! I want her so bad! I want her to be in the same stall as me, fucking me senseless on the toilet. I want to play with her and have her juices all over my mouth.
~End of POV~

Jessica has never really masturbated before but she was willing to try. She needed to do something to let her feelings out. She looked down at her pants and gently peeled them down. She took them off and hung it on a hook on the stall door. She looked at her panties, looked up, and sighed in shame. 'I must do this.'
She touched her panties, feeling it wet and moist. She rubbed her pussy lips through her wet piece of clothing that is covering her sweet spot. Sweet and soft moans escaped from her mouth as she took off all her clothes, getting impatient.

She rubbed her boobs and pinched her nipples. 'B-cup', she thought. 'Not good enough.'
She spread her legs apart and her hand slowly went across her wet pussy. She started teasing herself. A finger slipped into her vagina as she slowly slipped it in and out. She starts moaning, resisting on moaning Taeyeon's name.

'Damn you Taeyeon! You got me so wet and horny just by one glance at you!'

She stuck more fingers in herself, thrusting in and out really fast. Moans were echoing in the bathroom. Jessica froze after she heard someone come in. 'Oh shit...'

"Hello? Is anybody in here? Is someone hurt?"

Jessica tried to keep still. Her heart started beating faster as the person's footsteps got closer and stopped at her stall. The person gently knocked. "Is everything okay in here?"

Jessica put on her "ice princess" voice. "Who is it?", she asked coldly.
"I'm Taeyeon. Kim Taeyeon."
Jessica froze. Her dream girl was standing right in front of her stall. She quickly opened the stall door, pulled Taeyeon in, and shut the door again. When she turned around, she could see Taeyeon looking at her with a shocked look. "Why are you naked?", Taeyeon asked her.

Jessica smirked. "It's all because of you."
Taeyeon looked at her confused. "Huh? What did I do?"
"You're too sexy!"
Taeyeon's eyes became wide. "I gotta go." She turned to walk out but Jessica pinned her to the wall and started kissing her roughly. Taeyeon squirmed and tried to break free. Her eyes went wide as Jessica's fingers were entering her vagina from under her miniskirt. She started moaning but pulled away. "Look, whoever you are-"
"Jessica Jung."
"Whatever. I can't do this. I have a good reputation and I don't want to ruin it."
Jessica kissed her again. "We can do this privately... where no one would know." Taeyeon thought about it. She did kinda enjoy what Jessica was doing to her but she wanted to stay straight. "Ok."
Jessica smiled as she caresses Taeyeon's cheek. "I've always been thinking about you." She took off Taeyeon's shirt and bra. "Wow Taeyeon.. these things are... all mine."
Taeyeon raised an eyebrow. "All yours? What do yo-"
Jessica sucked on her nipples. She nibbled on them, bit them, sucked on them and twisted them. Taeyeon couldn't help but moan. "Jessica~", Taeyeon moaned her name and she smiled. "Good girl."

Jessica got down to Taeyeon's spot and pulled her skirt and panties down. She looked at the wet spot and smiled. 'Dreams really do come true', Jessica thought. She took out something from her bag. "What are you doing, Jessica?" Jessica took out a vibrator. Taeyeon's eyes went wide as she backed up a little. "You better get that thing away from me.." Jessica crawled closer. Taeyeon kept on backing away until Jessica grabbed her by the leg, pulled her closer, and jammed the vibrator deep inside Taeyeon. She turned the vibrator up maximum power as she thrusted it in and out hard. Taeyeon arched her back and moaned (or more like screaming). "AHHH JESSICA!"

'Virgin pussy', Jessica thought to herself. She reached inside her bag for another vibrator. It was bigger than the other one. She turned it on full power and forcefully shoves it in Taeyeon's small hole. Taeyeon starts screaming but Jessica shuts her up by kissing her. "Shh baby.. they'll hear us." Taeyeon nods and tries to hold in her moans and screams as a medium and x-large vibrator, both turned on max power, were stuck inside her hole. "It hurts! Jessica! Please! I-I... I... ahh!" Jessica smirked as she continued pushing the vibrators in. "Baby, you're so tight.." She sat back and watched you squirming and arching your back. Taeyeon then pulled the vibrators out and dropped to the floor. "Taeyeon?"

Taeyeon looked up and jumped on Jessica and started kissing her roughly. Jessica was shocked but she returns the kiss. Taeyeon squeezed her breasts and bit them hard. Jessica's soft moans were heard. Taeyeon moved down and stuffed the wet and glistening vibrators deep inside of Jessica. She threw her head back and arched her back. "Yah! Taeyeon-ah!" Taeyeon looked through Jessica's bag and pulled out a dildo. She stuffed one end of the dildo in Jessica's asshole and stuffed the other end in herself and she starts humping it. Jessica grabbed the vibrators and thrusted them in deeper as she humps the dildo.

They were both about to climax.
They both came.. Jessica weakly took the vibrators and dildo out of her. Taeyeon was also weak but the dildo still remained inside her. Jessica didn't get one part of the dream yet. She smirked as she pounded the dildo into the oversensitive-Taeyeon's vagina. "No! Jessica! S-Stop! I-it hurts! I-I.. I'm gonna b-burst again!" Taeyeon flung her hips in the air as Jessica yanked the dildo out and Taeyeon's juices sprayed out everywhere. She laid there, weak, tired, and breathing heavily. As they regained their strength, Taeyeon got up and put her clothes back on. "That was nice, Jessica." She was about to leave when Jessica pulled her back.

"Wait, do you want to be with me?"
Taeyeon looked at her. "I'm sorry hun but I'm straight. I liked our sex but I'm not gonna go any farther."
Jessica became depressed. "But... I love you."
Taeyeon stopped and turned around. "What?"
"Taeyeon, I fell in love with you. You were the reason why I came out here and started masturbating. I had a dream that you and I did it and it came true. Taeyeon, please be with me. I really love you." She looked at the shortie with pleading sincere eyes.

Taeyeon thought about it and smiled. "Sure. I love you too. But don't tell ANYONE about this. I still have a reputation."
Jessica nodded and gave Taeyeon a passionate kiss before heading back to class.
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This isn't an apply. This is an ORIGINAL one-shot. Maybe it's a little bit too much. xD It's rated R to the max! >.<


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