Fan Fiction

I am NOT gay (YAOI)

by QQ


hi everyone! I am new here! My name is QQ, and yes, I am a boy...

hm... i hope to make friends with everyone.

I will post up the forward first, and then we can all get to know each other throughout the story! ^^


"We must put an end to the campus within the gay atmosphere!! Men should love woman ONLY !!!!!!!!" outraged tone. . . Clenched fists. . . Declared how much the current speaker hate the word "gay"..

"President 。。。。。" To stop this cold and frozen atmosphere created by the new president’s speech. . . the Vice President KEY was forced to open his mouth..

"What?" The new president turned around and asked with an emotionless face..

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Our new president – Student Lee Onew- Glanced his subordinates sitting in the audience seats..

"BL College" = =.. so this name proofs a point about this school.. as gay as it sounds.. it is a ALL BOY school…

So… since he transferred to the University, since he transferred to become a student president, then he must be sure to put an end to the emergence of GAY! ! ! ! ! ! !

Everyone stopped talking, because they are all regretting this stupid decision just because they thought he had a cute smile, and he looked like tofu, and he is so good looking…

AHHHHHH….. regretting more…..

"BL College" is a all boy school, and gay is around all corners filling up this whole school…

When Onew just came to this school, everybody fall in love with his bright smile, and thought he was one of them… but… but…. Regrets….

“The announcement will be put up tomorrow, if anyone has seen any gay actions, there will be serious punishments. Period!!” Onew spoke with force and then walked out from the Student Union Office.

"KEY ah...WAE? I just got together with my baby yesterday, I can’t break up with him!! Wahhhhhh!!!” A crying voice break through right after Onew walked out, and a body hanged onto KEY’s arm.

“Yea, you know we are in a boy school, and that means there are obvious gays here!! I want my wiffy too. KEY ah, you have to do something about it!” Another body hanged onto KEY’s other arm.

“I… don’t know… what to do either…” KEY felt hopeless, because he is… also.. GAY!!

AHHH… headache….

Aish… this Lee Onew, which mental illness hospital did he just came out from??

Onew walking out from the classroom thinking: I must end this gay atmosphere around me, its disgusting just to think about it!

He remembered accidentally walked into a friend’s room and seeing his friend was on top of another boy.. NAKED…XXOOing…. EWWWWW!!!

Onew ran back home and vomited for three days.. he swears on his beloved chicken he will never let a gay come in front of his eyes.

The society needs to develop and grow, if all guys become guy then there will be no more reproduction cycle equals NO MORE BABIES!!!

He promised himself, if he turned gay, then his punishment would be to never have a baby ever again!!!! (Q walks by: - - so what’s the difference?)