Fan Fiction

I am NOT gay (YAOI)

by QQ

Chapter 1

First day in BL college

The dorms for BL college is four people per room, but since onew’s family is rich and he is the student president so he gets to live in the VIP dorm drooms. ( = =.. yes people that’s how reality works, so.. BE RICH that’s the KEY. Key: who said my name?)

Onew’s room is a two people’s room includes built in bathrooms, showerhead, and kitchen.. each person gets his single room..

So although Onew is only a second year in college, but he knows he needs to study well, since he transferred back from America to Korea because his parents want to open another company in Korea for even more money, so there is definitely no time for him to date anyone, especially not homosexual ones!!!!

So as for a straight A student in America, Onew learned ten different instruments and six different languages, so because of all these, he became the student president as a new transfer.. of course.. but that is just what he thinks from his logic.

Onew doesn’t know how his roommate looks likes, so he is a little nervous, because, despite how genius he is academically, but he is a real life idiot, its not like he can’t tie his show laces by himself or something, but without a restaurant he might just starve himself to death..

Onew of course knows that himself, but he is afraid that others might know and that is just very embarrassing. But, his mom did teach him how to live by himself so… he thinks he should be fine… yea.. as long as he doesn’t do chores then he will be safe..

When Onew was still worried about his clumsiness, there was a bright sound coming from the front door..

“Yes, coming!” Onew answered and run toward the door.

“Hi, I am your new roommate, Kim Jonghyun.”

“Hello.” Onew looks at Jonghyun up and down.

“I am not gay, I’m straight!” Jonghyun obviously knows our new student president’s rules.

“Good!” Onew suddenly smiled brightly.

“You look really cute when you smile.” Jonghyun walked in and put his bags down.

“You.. you.. No! Don’t even think about it! I know I am hot and all, but you can’t turn gay on me, you have to stay calm and straight like that pole outside the window.” Onew pointed at the Jonghyun and yelled.

Jonghyun rolled his eyes and picked up his bags walked into a bedroom..


The next morning, Onew was awaken by the tasty smell coming from the kitchen…

Yammy… yammy..

Onew rubs his eyes and walks out from the bedroom door.. then he saw Jonghyun walking around in the kitchen making food as he sings..

“WAHHH!!! Jonghyun ah, you know how to cook!!” Onew was so happy because now he doesn’t have to worry about starvation.

“Hm.. yea..” Jonghyun answered and then turned around, “PUHHHHHH!!!”

That was not a poking sound, but was a shocked sound.. and really shocked.. usually Jonghyun wouldn’t be shocked so easily with his calm personality, but this time.. he was so shocked..

It’s too early in the morning to see the new student president standing in front of him with puffy hair, hello kitty sleepwear, and a green frog in his arms, also a pair of frog slippers..

Is this really the Lee Onew.. the new student president.. the one that was shouting and screaming on the stage??

“That’s perfect! Kim Jonghyun! I love you so much, you are responsible for my food from now on! HAHAHAHAHA!!!” Onew laughed like an idiot.

“Go wash up!” Jonghyun with his high EQ made sure this person is really onew by looking at him up and down three times, then went back to his normal calm face.

“Oh.. oh.. right.. haha.. I almost forgot..” Onew backed out from the kitchen.

“Kim Jonyhyun! Do you know what time is it now? Hurry up! I am starving!!!”

With a loud voice coming from the front door, the door was kicked open by our vice- president Key who walked into the room with big steps as if this is his own dorm.

Key sat down by the dinning table and drinks milk from the cup Jonghyun placed in front of him..

“Almost done.” Jonghyun said without looking at key.

“Key, why are you in our dorm?” Onew walked into the kitchen after washing up with a pony tail on top of his head for the bangs.

“You!” Key opened his mouth and looked at this stupid looking person who seems to be their president.

“Are you close with Jonghyun?” Onew suddenly changed his expression.

“We are just friends.” Jonghyun turned over and answered.

“Okay, that’s good! Haha..” Onew showed his bright smile again.

“I.. I.. I am used to Jonghyun cook for me everyday..” Key explained.

“Oh, okay, then let’s eat together.” Onew said without thinking much.

“This is my new lunchbox, isn’t it cute?” Key took out a cute little pink lunchbox.

“Yea.” Jonghyun took over the lunchbox and started to pack for key.

Onew looked at the lunchbox but didn’t say anything..

“President, Key and I have something to do, we have to leave now, can you wash the plates?” Key said.

“Sure! Sure!” Onew nodded, only four plates, it’s going to be nothing.. even though.. he has never washed plates before..


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