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[NC-17] Collection of Yuri(GirlxGirl) Oneshots

by chinkyywinkyy

Chapter 4

Tootsie Roll (TaecYul+YulSic)

Title: Tootsie Roll
Genre: Smut/Comedy(?)
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: TaecYul, YulSic
Author's Note: I know it's not all YURI but still Ahaha here's another fail smut, first time writing boyxgirl smut lol xDD I find it more easier to write that now that i thought about it lol. At first I wrote it for someone *coughcough* to make fun of him haha

-Tootsie Roll-

"Hey Yuri babe." Taecyeon said as he walked up to his worn out girlfriend practicing in the dance studio, she was shocked to see him and quickly walked over to the boombox to turn off the music. She smiled as he pulled her in for a embrace.

"Hi Taeckie.. the great, what made you come here?" She told you, softly laughing.

"I just want to see you practice that's all, and hey! Don't call me that!" He said, pretending to be mad, crossing his arms.

" are...really great." She told Taecyeon before leaning in to whisper in his ears, "In bed."

"Ohhohoho" He gave out a naughty cackle, she planted a soft kiss on his cheek and began to unbutton his shirt.

"I'm so tired from practicing the dance for the new album, I need something else to relax me." She smiled, tracing her fingers around his chest.

"I wonder what that it?" Taecyeon said to her, pretending to be oblivious to her needs.

"I want your big dick inside of me...right now." She pushed pushed down onto the dance floor, causing him to grunt in pain as he fell flat on his back. She quickly straddled him and leaned down to give him a kiss, her tongue exploring his mouth and his tongue doing the same back.

Taecyeon broke the kiss, smirking "Whoa babe, why so rough?"

"Ughh I just want you inside me, right now..soo bad.." She said to him, rubbing his bulge outside his pants.

"Then take me inside of you."

"As much as I want you right now, I need to make you feel good first." Yuri smirked, unstraddling him. She took hold of the zipper of his pants and quickly unzip them, taking Taec's hard erect rod out.

"Yum." Yuri smiled before taking down his full length.

"Unf..ohh..Yuri.." Taecyeon moaned. She began moving her head up and down his dick, the inside of her warm mouth felt like heaven to him and using her tongue, she drove beasty Taec crazy. He could feel himself cumming, "Yuri..I'm almost..."

She suddenly stopped and stood up, wiping her mouth away.

"What are you doing?!" Taecyeon asked, iritated that she stopped when it was almost time for him to cum.

"You're saving that cum for me, I want it inside of me...remember?." She said, beginning to take her clothes off while he were still on the floor.

"You'll get pregnant!" Taecyeon told her worriedly although...making Kwon Yuri of Girls Generation pregnant would be an interesting feat to do and achieve.

"I've been taking birth control pills, for you. I want to feel your hot sticky cum inside of me."

Taecyeon smirked as Yuri began to reach over to him again, he held up his still hard manhood and she slowly bend down, enveloping his dick into her folds. You can see her scrunch her face as her pussy completely swallowed his shaft.

"Oh..Taec..your dick feels so big..inside of me.." She moaned as she straddled him at first slowly, but began to increase the speed. Taecyeon reached up his hands and pinched her nipples, ecliciting a gasp from her as she rode him harder and faster.

"I'm..I'm cumming Taec..I'm cumming!" She yelled out, not stopping her ride.

"Me too..unff..oohh FUCK.." He yelled out with her, beginning to thrust his hips to push more of his length into her. She tightened around his dick and her juices began to flow down, just then he exploded inside of her causing her to gasp as she felt Taec's hot sticky liquid flow inside of her, she shuddered at the feeling.

She slowly fell down ontop of him, resting her head on his chest, not bothering to remove him inside of her. The door to the dance studio flew open and wide eyes began to open at the sight of the two lovers.

"WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING?" Jessica yelled out, Taecyeon and Yuri quickly opened their eyes and looked towards the direction of the voice.

"Jessica!" Yuri stood up and picked up a shirt trying to cover herself, "Please don't tell anyone!"

Jessica smirked, "If you guys let me join in on the fun then maybe I won't."

Both Taecyeon and Yuri started to grin widely, nodding at the deal.

"Not you Taec, I want Yuri. You all know I'm lesbian." Jessica laughed.

"You should deffinitely try Taec..he's an expert." Yuri winked to him before looking at Jessica.

"Awww yeah come on! Try me, you'll like it." He gave out a sleazy smile.

"No thanks, I like pussy not dicks." Jessica began to walk over to the naked Yuri, kissing her gently on her lips before pushing her tongue in. As the girls made out, Taecyeon had no choice but to keep himself company with his hands. Using his hands he began to jack himself off, sliding his hands up and down his shaft as he watch the erotic sight of 2 girls in front of him.

Jessica caressed Yuri's..breasts and reached down to nibble on it. "Dammit." Taecyeon thought, Yuri's body was trembling more at the touch of Jessica than him.

Jessica slid her hands down to Yuri's pussy and began to finger fuck her, 1 finger...then 2...then finally 3 causing her to moan louder at the pleasure than she was with him.

"Lie down." Jessica ordered Yuri and she quickly followed that order. Flashing him a smile as Taec kept himself busy with his hands.

Jessica spreaded Yuri's legs apart and dove in, tasting Taecyeon and Yuri's leftover juices. She licked Yuri's clit, twirled her togue around teasing her and began to suck on it, "Ohh...oh...Jess..ica.." Taecyeon heard Yuri moaned.

Jessica stuck her tongue in and it was not long before Yuri cummed again, for the second time tonight.
Jessica smiled, taking in all of Yuri's juices and planted a kiss on her pussy before getting up.

"What the hell?" Taecyeon thought, it took her faster to cum when Jessica fucked her than when he did with his dick.

"Taeckie..?" Yuri began to breath heavily.

"What is it babe?" Taecyeon asked, feeling himself closer.

"To be honest, your dick is like a tootsie roll... bite sized. Jessica pleasures me better.."

"You got that right hun." Jessica reached down and planted another kiss on Yuri's pussy, causing her to shudder once more.

"What?!" He yelled out as he exploded, shooting some bits of cum into the air from his small tootsie roll sized dick.

Jessica and Yuri laughed at Taecyeon and they both held hands, walking towards the door.

On the other hand,

"H-O-L-Y CRAP" Sooyoung muttered as she witness the sight from the door crack, "I am so telling the manager.."


Okay lol not GIRLxGIRL wholey but it still has some elements lol

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